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A Florida man — no, not that Florida Man — was released after posting a whopping $355 bond in Orange County after shooting into four vehicles in separate road rage incidents in the past couple of months. He’s back on the street after nearly killing people over anger management issues for less than the price of a good coffee maker.

Cops had been looking for him since December in the shots-fired incidents where he tried to kill fellow drivers and their passengers.

Cops finally caught up with them earlier this week.

But thanks to the “bail reform” movement that’s sweeping the nation, Emanuel Bullard only needed to post $355 to get out of jail and back on the road.

Fox News had the details from the various incidents, but Law Enforcement Today had news of his obscenely low bail amount.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office alleges that Bullard has been the trigger man in a violent series of incidents dating back to December of 2021.

Yet, despite the series of violent actions Bullard is accused of, the first appearance judge assigned the low bond of $3,550 which meant he only had to come up with $355 to be released through a bondsman.

Bullard was able to do so and was released just after 2 am on the 15th.

On one hand Bullard is a lucky man. In Florida, with over 2.4 million carry licenses in circulation, he rolled the dice, taking the ambient temperature challenge not once, not twice, but four times without one of his intended victims returning fire. What’s more, nobody knows how many more incidents may have taken place that didn’t get reported to the police.

Regardless, he’s now back out on the streets of Orange County.  Time will tell if number five proves to be his not-so-lucky number. Or some other driver’s.

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    • I have a few of those. Have you seen the wait time if you order one from the factory?
      Have a few in the queue too.

      • Leigh, you have to have an in. I seldom wait more than six months. Call Randall direct, five years.

      • Depending on how Florida bail reform is (didn’t know they went that route) the judge may have over charged him for bail.

      • I would like to see a crime–applicable to all government employees–called “breach of the public trust” that could result in anywhere from a slap on the wrist all the way to huge fines and life in prison.

  1. According to the local news, he back in jail with no bond after the fifth reported shooting. The State Attorney is blame the miscommunication between her office and law enforcement for the low bail. Yeah right.

  2. Maybe he turned himself in for the $1000 reward and got $645 to buy extra guns for when they catch him and (maybe?) take them away:(

  3. I’m convinced that some don’t understand the difference between reality and fantasies. I say take him out back and put a .45 in his buttocks from side to side, or maybe a 12ga.

    I’m old enough to have taken drivers ed in high school and the movies like ‘blood on the highway’ , or what ever it was called, showed someone’s brains being scraped up with a snow shovel. I’m almost 59 and I still remember it. It had a impact on my driving for my entire life.

    That being said, I’m convinced that some think being shot is as easy as hitting a reset button with no consequences.

    • The hs VD movies were worse😦! Emanuel means “god with us”. I guess his baby momma was hoping. Bring back chain gangs and real punishment. That bail is absurd…

      • “The hs VD movies were worse😦!”

        Like ‘Hansel and Re-Grettal’?

        (Stolen from M*A*S*H…;) )

    • Back in the day at my drivers ed class, they showed “Signal 30″…. can still remember the truck driver that didn’t secure his load too well – had a half bundle of rerod come through the back of the cab, then his head, then the windshield. The poor bastard that showed up in the tow truck had to free the victim with a cutting torch. I bet dinner was quiet that evening.

    • ‘I’m convinced that some don’t understand the difference between reality and fantasies.’

      I’m convinced that some know exactly what they’re doing and it’s intentional. They actively want as many people to be as miserable as possible because happy, well fed middle class citizens won’t support a revolution. Communism 101. These people are evil and Mr. Bullard is what Lenin called a ‘useful idiot’s.

      • Governor Le Petomane is RIGHT on the money.

        I really wish that society would stop giving the Ruling Class the benefit-of-the-doubt for their unending “blunders”. An occasional “blunder” here or there could obviously be bona-fide incompetence or laziness. This many “blunders” of this magnitude are NOT incompetent nor lazy screw-ups: they are intentional with malicious intent.

      • “They actively want as many people to be as miserable as possible because happy, well fed middle class citizens won’t support a revolution. Communism 101.”

        On Tuesday, a magnitude 10.0 political earthquake struck San Fransisco.

        This fascinating article popped up today on the Leftist Scum-run ‘Atlantic’, of all places, about that event :

        “San Francisco’s recall campaign drew national attention because it was seen as a trial of racialized left-wing politics. What does it mean that voters in one of the most liberal cities in the country decisively repudiated a board that last academic year marched proudly under the banner of racial equity and social justice, while making no effort to open its schools?

        Not surprisingly, interpretation of the results has depended on politics. Conservatives including Mike Pence, Bill Kristol, and the chair of the California Republican Party have claimed that the vote was another piece of evidence, on top of the Virginia gubernatorial race, that the Democratic Party is out of step not just with Republicans, but with its own constituents. Progressives rejected such conclusions, insisting that the recall was simply about competence and was driven by an only-in-San-Francisco set of circumstances.

        The truth lies somewhere in between, but closer to the conservative view. At a minimum, the recall demonstrates that “woke” racial politics have their limits, even in one of the wokest cities in the country.”

        Is it possible peak ‘Woke’ just happened in a highly Leftist Scum-run city? 🙂

    • Bond is 10% of the bail amount, so yep, out of pocket to get cut loose was $350 plus a $5 syrcharge apparently.

  4. This “poor” black man driving a Mercedes is a victim of institutional racism and should have even been arrested in the first place. In fact the people he was shooting at need to be arrested for causing him upset and anger. As a result, the charges should be dropped because he didn’t hit or kill anyone. That is how Democrat controlled Orange County Liberals think as do their like minded brethren in every democrat controlled State and city!! I wonder what would have happened to him had he shot at or even shot one of the Judge’s family members or even the family members of the liberal County Commissioners?! Another location of that thinks that all people of color are consciously and even unconsciously discriminated against. Afterall it wasn’t his fault he was shooting at people but rather it was racism’s fault!!

    • What’s your complaint? He hasn’t shot at anyone (perhaps) for almost TWO MONTHS. Hater.

      Where is the Mercedes/whom did he steal it from?

  5. For three years. I worked in a Chaplaincy for a New Jersey county jail. Part of my job was to identify inmates who had potential to be rehabilitated. Theoretically, these would be first-time offenders who had simply ‘made a mistake’.

    I was terrible at this; all of my selections earned a 100% recidivism rate. In one instance, I helped a young man get a janitorial job as a condition of his parole. During his second week on the job, the maintenance supervisor called me to say my protege’ had smashed every vending machine in the building, took all the money (and some candy) and disappeared. Needless to say, that was the end of my relationship with that employer.

    Thankfully, my predecessor had the same average failure rate as me.

    My point: Yes, some criminals may look like victims; they actually be victims. But their victimhood does not make them less dangerous. It does not make them easier to help. Leftists seem to think that victimhood is a.license to commit crime, just like being elected to government office.

    My experience as a jail chaplain has hardened me, somewhat. And that’s OK.

  6. I’m outraged, how does this hooligan get away with appropriating Amish culture with his neck beard.

    • @ Central Virginian….. that’s because he is 19 years old and being Amish “as we all can plainly see” this young Amish brother is just practicing Rumspringa…..For Amish youth, the Rumspringa normally begins around the age of 14 to 16 and ends when a youth chooses baptism within the Amish church, or instead leaves the community. For Wenger Mennonites , Rumspringa occurs between ages 16 and 21. The majority choose baptism and remain in the church. Some, on the other hand become quite rebellious and partake in the practice of fornication, wearing non-traditional clothing and hair styles (referred to as “dressing English”), driving vehicles (Mercedes Benz C250) without a whip….. other than horse-drawn vehicles (for communities that eschew motor vehicles), not attending home prayer, along with “heavy drinking of acholic beverages, and using other recreational drugs!

    • Amish drive-by … clip clop, clip clop, clip clop, bang bang bang bang, clip clop, clop clop….

    • I had a great answerer that I posted to you right after your post, but the “powers to be” were to chicken chyet to let it go through…..

    • or…

      maybe it was ‘right wing extremists’


      maybe it was a firearms manufacturer


      maybe it was the states with supposedly lax gun laws


      maybe it was … lets see, what day of the week is this…

      Its always someone/something else or a firearm that did it, and never the one that did it because magically in the make believe land of anti-gun the existence of firearms makes it happen.

  7. Obviously, this young black male is a victim of systemic, institutional racism, as evidenced by being forced by racist white people to purchase a Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

    • avatar Geoff "A day without an obsessed, apparently brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey) is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

      He was simply using the Benz as a symbol of ‘white supremacy’ reparations.

      What a shame he didn’t cap my obsessed, apparently brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey)…

      • Ah, but he’s a lot closer to Perry, FL though. Maybe he’ll drop by your hovel once he gets out (and he will get out soon, Geoff, so you’d better be ready). One can dream!

        • The parasite attaching it’s feeble mind to real people who produce actual comments is a problem on TTAG. Maybe this one will become self aware at some point and end it’s pathetic existence. One can hope!

      • That’s right Geoff you best not talk back. Give this coward a rap on the beak and he skitters off like the 🐱 he is.

        • Look at the parasite that doesn’t produce anything! It only exists by latching on to the legitimate comments. It should end it’s existence.

        • “That’s right Geoff you best not talk back.”

          Or what?

          What’s a twerp like you gonna do about it, little boy? 😉

  8. With any kind of luck someone in the judge’s family will be next. He doesn’t care about the innocents, I don’t care about him or his.

      • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

        The ‘joke’ is you, little boy.

        Did your daddy touch you in funny places when you were growing up? You know, the places he made you promise not to tell your mom about? 😉

  9. There may be something to be said for low bail. Where’s he more likely to catch a large caliber handgun wound to the head; on the street, or in the CJ? Maybe turning him loose is an answer.

  10. Well in case you haven’t noticed since Biden was elected. Insanity reins throughout much of the world today. These radical Leftist must be wired differently than the rest of us particularly when it comes to common sense, logic, ethics and morality. They clearly don’t get it and when they are the victims, they can’t call a cop fast enough. Go figure?

  11. Bail is there to assure that the arrested person will appear at arraignment. Anyone arrested is innocent until proven guilty. Bail is set and can be changed by the judge based on if he has ever failed to appear, the severity of the crime, and what his lawyer promises.
    Violent crimes should have higher bail, but basic infractions and misdemeanors can be taken care of with a ticket. The bail bond industry is ripe for corruption and is used as a punitive measure(and a way to pay off officials).
    I agree that this bail was too low, unless he is made to wear an anklet so he can go to work and on his off days should be in a cell.

    • I like the ankle bracelet idea. It needs to be attached to a nice heavy chain, with a concrete highway barrier at the other end. Place the barrier close enough to his home that he can get in out of the rain. He can remain free on bail, because we all know where to find him. Oh, I forgot to mention the explosive charge in the bracelet. If it’s tampered with, it blows his foot off. Then we can follow the blood trail to recover his bled-out body.

      • Paul, Oh, yeah, ankle bracelets do a lot of good. Not! they come off with a little bit of grease and effort and back on the same way. “Place a barrier” ? I have a much better idea. Put them in the county jail locked up. There are plenty of barriers there.

    • Yuo really think this guy has a real job? ostl likey fencing stuff or dealing in compounds. At nintett he OWNS a late model Benz?

      I note he is only nineteen. Don’t see that he was charged with underage possession of a handgun, nor of possessing a loaded handgun in a motor vehicle without a state issued Mother May I card. Both are felony busts, if I remember aright. Bail at $3500 for a felony, not to mention two of them? Methinks the Prosecutor is asleep, or bought off.

      Nah, something is rather rotten in this pot of stew.

      • He maybe legally able to have a hangun at 18 in Florida. Know Texas it’s legal. Of course since he abused it if he in possession of any gun sure it’s a crime.

        • “In Florida it is legal to have a firearm in your vehicle without a permit”

          I though if you have no permit it has to be in the glove compartment or other locked box. And I’m pretty sure FIRING AT PEOPLE 4X should have warranted felony charges and held without bail or for high bail.

          Oh wait, it’s Orange County, run by Demmutards..
          Best thing that could happen is if this moron is given the addresses of some top Dems in the area, and tell him “they never lock their doors, they don’t believe in guns, and they love to take drugs.”

  12. Apparently, fifth time is the charm for the Orange County Sheriff and Prosecutor’s offices. The previous four were mere “misunderstandings” compounded by his age and ethnicity.

    They are currently holding him under “no bail”, which is a giant stick in the eye of the BLM “Get Out of Jail Free” program.

    His Dad is a real piece of work! Love his quote…”He needs some help. Drugs, prescription drugs. That’s what he needs…” And here I was thinking that what he needs is a permanent time-out with the assistance of a couple of vitamin Pb’s injected intramuscularly.

    • Upon diagnosis of his “afflicition” ie “unrestrained criminality” a single application of “copper-jacketed lead” behind the right ear will cure all his ills permanently, no need for any “boosters”.

  13. Honestly being in jail may save his neck considering he is in Florida and the odds of him getting plugged are high.

  14. Politically motivated virtue signalling masquerading as empathy is generally dangerous.

    Doubly so when it’s done in a disingenuous manner specifically designed to impair the sense-making capacities of other people for the purpose of maximizing chaos in the nearterm and thereby enable future personal gain through yet more fuckery. Which should be a clue that the people engaged in such behavior are not and never will argue in good faith.

    In a lot of regards it’s similar to management of a cult or a cartel which exists for the benefit of its leadership explicitly at the expense of everyone else including lower ranking members.

    Which is a lot of words saying that the people who engage in all of this nonsense while blathering on about colonization, dominance hierarchies and exploitation and extractive paternalism are engaged in exactly the behaviors which they themselves claim are evil.

    And, if I’m being honest about it I really don’t think that most people engage in this behavior because they understand what they’re doing. They’re caught up in a lower level of a game [in terms of game theoretics] which they don’t really understand because they’re not very well educated in the things that actually matter for tuning their sense-making capabilities. Resulting in people who know something’s wrong but can’t put their finger on it or articulate what they’re really seeing very well at a level deeper than superficial.

    Such a situation, in which most of the public has been ensnared in such a ruse, makes even those who are several standard deviations less gullible than the average fairly easy to inveigle through a combination of propaganda, bullying and intentional water-muddying.

    Dumb shit like this is the real-world result. But I guess it shouldn’t be particularly surprising since basically no one is trying to counter the system that’s at the heart of the problem. A process which would start with asking what the people driving this kind of policy actually want in the medium to long term.

      • I would suggest that we need to look at the people driving this whole thing as, at minimum, two distinct groups.

        For simplicity’s sake, call them “leaders” and “followers”.

        The leaders mostly probably fall within the “power hungry”, as you suggest, but the followers are a different kettle of fish.

        The reason I said that they’re caught up in a lower level of a game in terms of Game Theory is because they, IMHO, are stuck in a system where they’re shortchanging themselves without realizing it because they’re choosing a very short term and fleeting benefit (perceived social gain) over longer term stability of the system in which they exist (society).

        It’s not a form of cutting off their nose to spite their face. It’s that they are unaware of the overarching situation and therefore grab at whatever seems to be the best choice directly in front of them without considering downstream consequences of choosing that path. In some regards they’re like someone who’s drowning and ends up drowning their own rescuer. And, really, that’s not far off because all fear starts in the amygdala and much of the propaganda you see geared towards just about any political position, uses fear to stimulate the amygdala as the jumping off point for the propaganda cracking open the emotional door through which a manipulator wishes to push some sort of information.

        This is something that I, personally, see here on TTAG with the way people deal with trolls. Some will tell you that they’re somehow saving TTAG from being overrun by trolls but I’ve presented the stats on various threads many times. It is, in fact, generally the people responding to the trolls that are making the TTAG comment section less valuable to the point of near unreadability. These are not bad people, nor are they stupid, they’re simply not thinking in a longer term manner in this regard.

        And many of them are older and experienced folks, so how can this be? Clearly they know how to make sure they can pay the bills at the end of the month or save for retirement, so why can’t they deal with this? That gets into all sorts of issues surrounding novelty, faux-novelty and the ways that this can essentially be used to game basic features of our brain, particularly the fear and anxiety pathways. Often without us even noticing the jump from anxiety to annoyance or anger.

        Which, circling back like a red headed propagandist, is also why so many people vote against their own interests in many ways, a topic I’ve been banging away at here for years to no avail.

        • strych9,

          The underlying psychology (which enables the “leaders” to readily manipulate the “followers” in your example) is actually quite simple. There are three factors at play in “followers”:

          1) “Followers” desperately fear being “alone” or “on the outside looking in”–in other words “cancelled”. Their fear is so intense that they will do pretty much anything to avoid being “cancelled”. If that means arguing vehemently that the sky is purple with white polka dots, they will do it.

          2) Emotion is the dominant force in the brains of “followers”. As soon as a strong emotion kicks-in, facts and reality cease to be relevant.

          3) “Followers” refuse to accept responsibility for anything. Failures are always someone else’s fault. This enables them to play the victim card which provides gains (empathy from their peers) at the expense of moving past failure and succeeding.

          Thus, anyone who is willing to “look behind the curtain” will see that the Ruling Class is constantly exploiting/manipulating those three factors in the populace.

        • Uncommon:

          I would argue two points superficially here because getting into them on a deeper level is a great many pages.

          A basic explanation of the interplay being ~57 single spaced pages (Ask me how I know. Remember when people wanted me to write a book on this? Yeah, 57 single spaced pages is a brief, barely scratching the surface explanation of how this all functions, the introduction to a set of systems for which a basic understanding is fundamental if you wish to fight back against the weaponization of psychology. This turns into a literal book very, very quickly. Oh, and 57 pages is after two edits for brevity’s sake too. Simple topic, “how your brain works in broad sketches” eh? Which is why Left of Bang the civilian edit of the “you’re a dumb jarhead and here’s what you need to know” book is still 201 pages long).

          1. This isn’t actually “that simple”. It’s actually complex systems analysis writ large because you have a bunch of complex systems playing together (and probably some yet still unidentified).

          You can see just a few of the downstream consequences of it right here in the TTAG comment section, as I pointed out. Were it “so simple” the fairly intelligent people here wouldn’t fall for “simple” traps. Yet they do, constantly. That speaks to the fundamental level that these tactics operate at and that’s before you get into higher level social and psychological levels where you get all sorts of knock-on effects and the interplay of those effects. The actual ways this operates on the larger scales you see today are far more complex and the manipulations are both more cynical and more detailed than most people can imagine.

          There’s a reason that there are about two centuries worth of research on this in various disciplines and why it’s so damned effective. Were it simplistic, countering it would be easy and we would have done it to at least some decent effect. It’s not and we haven’t countered it effectively for this reason.

          If you go through and eliminate the redundancy and overly simplistic shit you still end up with a stack of books about six feet high in paperback. Now you can go through that and start pulling recent research papers and you’ll end up going through, at minimum, several reams of paper to add to that stack.

          Such a pile the sum knowledge accumulated in that stack that’s been weaponized against you by agents with billions and billions of dollars to do it annually, many trillions of dollars over the last century or so. Again, go back and look at what Huxley said about this in 1961.

          Then realize that even the people generating that pile of data and research can spend years lecturing on it and then sum it all up with “All that said, we still don’t really know fuck-all about this because [insert insanely long list of unexplained interpersonal behaviors that are common].

          2. Emotion is the dominant force in EVERYONE’s brain. To say otherwise is to deny what we, in essence. are. Which is a complex a social creature that’s mainly emotional but somehow still capable of complex abstract thought in manners that, honestly, we don’t understand. There are deep evolutionary processes with their roots in brain structure at play here, which is a big part of the reason that secondary, tertiary, quaternary (and beyond) consequences of screwing with these systems is so unpredictable at the individual level, nevermind the societal level.

          That’s why the scientific method exists. To remove these emotional issues and get at real truth. Even to those trained in science this is devilishly difficult to do well. Which is why so much “science” these days, really, isn’t science. It’s using scientific tools in fancy ways and mixing it with hand-waving. That doesn’t mean the derived data is useless but it’s very seductive to call it “science” even for the people doing it when a casual observer should be able to easily spot the fact that science isn’t actually present.

          This is a whole suite of complex systems with ~200 years of serious research on them. Some people have chosen to weaponize what’s known about these system without fully understanding (or caring) how they function, because Game Theory is a damned good model of reality.

          You wanna just, just, just barely even glance at just the surface? Here’s a 4+ hour conversation on the topic between two stupidly well informed individuals.

          Check out the way that Schmachtenberger has some paragraphs in this discussion that sound initially like gobbledygook to 99% of people because he uses a bunch of words most people have never heard of. He’s not using techno-speak to manipulate either, he’s just that much farther down the road than most people. Lex asks what seem like simple questions and he has to go back and unpack the basics before he can spit out an answer people can understand because there’s basically no way most people would know any of the underlying research that’s been going on, again, for like 200 years.

          I mean just consider the entire section there on Girard’s Mimetic Theory of Desire. Just run through that section and then tell me what percentage of the 2A community is prepared for that kind of discussion. The answer is “About none”. Most people have no idea WTAF who Rene Girard was or what the fuck memetics is. But this shit ain’t just hand-waving. It’s damned important to get this shit right going forward.

          And you expect me to believe that people can handle this when most can’t even learn to ignore obvious trolls obviously trolling?

    • “Politically motivated virtue signalling masquerading as empathy is generally dangerous.”

      Heck yeah it’s dangerous. There’s nothing compassionate about modern criminal justice reform. There’s nothing compassionate about many liberal issues. We have the data, or for the trained lefties out there, we can follow the science. The issues that voters have been trained to believe are compassionate are actually hurting, not only the people they think they’re saving, but everyone else as well, unless you’re a super insulated elite.

      • “There’s nothing compassionate about many liberal issues. We have the data…”

        [Let me start this by saying that it’s not intended to offend and while I know that you, Dude, are enough of an adult to get this others may not. Also, apologies for nerding out here. I’ll try to keep it as brief as possible.]

        Data really doesn’t matter in this regard IMHO. As far as I’m concerned at this point data is nothing more than water-muddying fuckery. We’re trying to win sprints before we’ve learned to crawl and that’s a stupid waste of time stacked on other stupid wastes of time. I simply can’t bring myself to give any fucks about such behavior (data analysis on this topic) at this point in time because, quite frankly, I don’t perceive that we have much time here and we’ve been going over data for decades to no avail. This isn’t a data issue in the macro sense.

        What I’m attempting to do here is take this back to a somewhat basic level without delving super-deep into the mechanisms of how one reaches that basic level. IOW, I’m skipping a bunch of shit and hoping (probably in vain) that people can come up to speed on their own. So, I’m kinda starting with Game Theory because it predictively models human behavior pretty well in both the forward and reverse time-frames and, generally, that’s a sign that the model is worth your attention.

        Game Theory strongly suggests that the real issue for most “woke” has nothing to do with data or compassion but rather has to do with internal and external dynamics of the game (wokeism) itself. Hence why I eschew the data.

        Wokeism is a construct built for the advantage of those within the group to gain positional dominance within the hierarchy created by the construct itself as well as gain such advantages within the broader society without interacting with that broader society in ways that may impose costs on the player. That is, wokeism is a game of sorts with a set of rules and procedures for determining points, winners, losers etc. while externalizing the costs of the game to society at large so that those costs are not immediately imposed on the players but the *winnings* are immediate. You can see that like celebrity status or being a star NFL player or something. In-game wins can be translated to society-level gains.

        With regard to wokeism this is exceedingly dangerous because of the game-theoretical incentive structure it creates being, in essence, similar to actual head-hunters.

        Wokeism is a game to see who can get ahead (pun alert), just like any other game. Like head-hunting, it’s particularly vicious because most of the cost of the game is externalized to non-players which means it’s “cheap” to play. Meanwhile in-game and out-of-game winnings can be enormous. You can see a potential long-term outcome of this in the Jacobins of Revolutionary France. The fact that they eventually ate themselves didn’t help the people they killed and the lives they destroyed along the way.

        This set of conditions also makes the game of wokeism incredibly short-sighted because the game has evolved under conditions which impose little-to-no cost on the players no matter how “hard” they play the game but also spread the out-group effects over time, thereby disguising the true price of the game for some long-ish period of time. [There’s an NFL pads analogy in there if you care to look.]

        The point being that playing at being woke *harder* than everyone else costs nearly nothing to the *player* because upfront costs are both offloaded to others and back-loaded over time onto society at large. This short-term benefit at long-term expense strategy combined with externalization of cost makes this sort of thing extremely seductive and highly corrosive, particularly when combined with *rich winnings* (ask Ibram X. Kendi or Patrisse Khan-Cullors) in the short term. Those winnings being money, power and fame, in-game which can then be translated to the same thing out-of-game. These are three things our species tends to prize, making this *game* even more dangerous and seductive.

        However, the back-loading of of the cost over time while spreading it across society means that the costs can pile up in such a manner that they go basically unnoticed by the *players* until the camel’s back has long since been broken. In fact, in a large-ish society (like ours) the costs can mostly go unnoticed by the out-group until a similar circumstance is reached (see the current school board battles which should have happened 20 years ago). Everyone’s fucked and it’s too late to fix things by the time the real costs start to become apparent because the fix-time is measured in decades while the damage piles up at an exponentially increasing rate (which I’ve argued that it does). The problems remain largely ignored until the graph goes near-vertical at which point it’s too late to really fix anything.

        And the lack of noticing doesn’t just apply to elites. It applies to most people. Consider the entire Zoom/Laptop cohort in terms of CoV-2 policy, or most people in general in regards to the WoD or GWoT. Ostriching this thing was easy for a long time because the problem was like a slowly metastasizing cancer. This is pretty clear when you consider how woke’s just Politically Correct on steroids and that PC goes back to the 1980’s. It’s just now that we’re seeing it *go exponential* in terms of cost and how *hard* the game is played thanks to diminishing returns.

        From a game-theoretic construct point of view this woke system makes a fuckload of sense and is damned hard to counter because all the incentive structures run in a bad direction and the costs pile up at an increasing rate, usually being noticed after it’s probably too late to fix the underlying systems. Yes, the Woke and the Left will eat each other, they always do. They’ll get they deserve just like the Jacobins drowning each other in the Seine. Unfortunately it’s very likely the rest of us will get to pay the price too.

        But really, this kind of game-theoretic construct applies to most of what the Left and the Right do. Long-term externalized cost for short term gains. The synergistic caustic nature of the synthesis of their behaviors being something that’s probably not possible for society to survive in its current iteration, at least not along the timescale we appear to have to fix this.

        • Did I miss it, or was there no solution given? Obviously people aren’t going to give up their money, power, and victimhood for the betterment of society. As you mentioned, there’s an extremely profitable industry that is currently seeing amazing growth. Public and private sectors are hiring Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity executives with six figure salaries left and right. People aren’t going to willingly give that up. They finally found a way to profit from previously useless majors.

          What’s the strategy for fighting the propaganda machine? It isn’t just the cable news and the newspapers. It’s mainly driven by the tech companies. The libertarian view of build your own google, etc. doesn’t work. Has everyone already forgotten what happened to the uppity little tech company that was suddenly gaining steam and posed a threat to the big boys? They were slapped down like they were nothing, and the “for the little guy” lefties cheered. Most people don’t even know the story because it was barely reported on, and quickly shoved under the rug.

          I can have a conversation with a logical, moral person and layout the facts, and yes, the data. We know what works and what doesn’t. The people in charge like to pretend like it’s complicated and mysterious because they don’t really want to solve problems outside of securing more funding and dividing the country. They’re heavily invested in identity politics so they can bring more into the fold and have a scapegoat. Are they going to suddenly be honest and admit fault for our problems? Obviously, we could elect less crazy people, but that’s only a handful of people. We can’t unelect a CEO, though we could be more cautious about where we spend our money. I’m down with the program. What’s the next step? Or are you saying the next step is to brace for impact?

        • Did I miss it, or was there no solution given?

          You didn’t miss it because none was given. None was given because, at this point, there isn’t a solution. You have no choice but to let this run to its inevitable conclusion. The time to stop it (and a great many other things that plague us) is long past. The way you stop wokesters is the way you end head-hunting. Isolate the group so that they can only predate on each other, internalizing the costs of the game so that they stop playing. Good luck with that.

          If you’re concerned about “solutions” you need to start looking at other problems that are solvable, that is, preventable, now and forget this one. The cold civil war smoldering on our northern border being something I’d pay keen attention to since it’s really a proxy war for the cold civil war going on here in the US, one which, if we are not very careful with either go fully tyranny or go hot.

          Your concerns, IMHO, if you like the 2A or the BoR at all, IMHO, should be focused on tech (not social media) in terms of fiscal, monetary and financial tools as well as intelligence gathering and monitoring tools in the hands of .gov and its allies. These are what’s being weaponized against you right now. The GWoT was the alpha test and Canada is the beta test.

          They just made those “emergency” provisions permanent. I’d look into what they are and how they function. I’ve pointed out for quite some time that this is how they take literally everything you own without firing a shot and that they will use this to strip-mine the retirees and exert a CCP-like fine control over everyone in society.

          What’s the strategy for fighting the propaganda machine?

          They say that you go to war with the army you have. I hope not at this point because we have no army on this front. None. At all. Zero. Honestly we have a bunch of dumbasses who are mostly overweight and 40 years behind the times. I don’t say that to offend, I say it because it’s a fact. Even the 30 year olds are somehow stuck in 1980-style thinking.

          The first step is a detailed understanding of what that machine is is and how it functions. Then you can identify it when you see it without requiring a giant INGSOC insignia to point it out to you. It really is everywhere. I’ve been talking about that for literally years. People here have asked me to write a book about it. I haven’t bothered for a very simple reason, they won’t read it. I know they won’t. I know this for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that they ask me the same questions again and again and again.

          If you want a jumping off point I’ve posted the link to The Rape of the Mind: The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide, and Brainwashing here before. Find it and read it (I believe it was you who said before that you saved the link, read it yet? It has a whole section on how to fight back…). A paper copy is like $12 and can’t be stealth edited. Numerous PDF versions are on the web. You can always print one, though it’s probably actually cheaper to buy a paperback these days with the cost of ink/toner/paper.

          I can have a conversation with a logical, moral person and layout the facts, and yes, the data.

          True. You can have this conversation with a Lefty too. They’ll even agree with you because they can’t argue the point and will seem entirely reasonable and concede your points in many cases.

          And unless you actually take the measures to basically break their brain a bit, they’ll also revert right back to what they were before that conversation as soon as they’re in the presence of another Lefty. Hence why I’ve talked about the Left’s social reinforcement mechanisms, which are not terribly complicated but are not simplistic either. Short circuiting them is a must. Unfortunately it’s too late to do that for the current situation but it’s something we should carefully consider for the next iteration.

          They’re heavily invested in identity politics so they can bring more into the fold and have a scapegoat.

          Divide and conquer. Fortunately this particular flavor of it has hit the point of diminishing returns. It did manage to shatter Occupy though. Crazy fast too. That started out as like Right wing folks and Libertarians and was taken over by the (well funded) Left in like a week.

          Are they going to suddenly be honest and admit fault for our problems?


          Obviously, we could elect less crazy people…

          They’re not crazy. They’re corrupt. The real power doesn’t rest with them. You want the biggest change you could make in a day? Get Congress to pass a law “term-limiting” Congressional staffers and firing any that have been there more that five years.

          They’re professional mercs who work both sides. Blowcaine Mitch has staffers who used to be Harry Reid’s staffers, for instance.

          While I’m not a fan of the term, the “Deep State” aka the “Professional/Permanent Administrative State” is quite real. It needs to die.

          What’s the next step? Or are you saying the next step is to brace for impact?

          Yes, I’m saying that now’s the time to brace for impact and start thinking about what to do afterwards to prevent this from rebooting and going another cycle. It’s theoretically fixable. But in the way reaching Mars is theoretically doable. If you had the time, resources, likeminded people etc etc all lined up it would be pretty quick. You don’t have ANY of that and you don’t have the time to line them up either.

  15. Bail should only be available to the elderly or those who have steady employment , or drawing unemployment insurance benefits ,or a parent who’s children depend on them for direct care.

  16. In interesting Defensive Gun Use (DGU) news….

    Concealed Carrier Shoots And Kills 1 Of 2 Dogs Attacking Child > (yes, for you anti-gun people that claim it never happens – that’s a black guy employing DGU to save the child.)

    14-Year-Old Draws Gun And Shoots Robber In The Face At Family Business > …. (Yes, 14 years old. In some jurisdictions a 14 year old can carry a firearm if they are employed in a family business at at work at that family business)

    Concealed Carrier Shoots 17-Year-Old During Attempted Robbery In Parking Garage, 3 Others Charged >

    Georgia Man Remains Free After Grand Jury Declines To Indict Him For September Shooting >

    and sadly sometimes people make the wrong decision, for example > Robbery Victim Shoots At Fleeing Suspect, 9-year-old Girl In Passing Vehicle Fatally Wounded > — which serves to illustrate the point that if the bad guy is running away its usually not a good idea to take a shot at them as the threat they posed is no linger imminent, especially if there are others around that can catch a stray shot. So in this case Texas law does allow the use of lethal force against a fleeing suspect of a property crime under very limited circumstances; however, that offers no legal protection to a gun owner who injures or kills anyone other than the suspect. A very important gun safety rule is to know your target and what is beyond it.

    • .40 cal Booger,

      “… if the bad guy is running away its usually not a good idea to take a shot at them as the threat they posed is no linger imminent …”

      That depends on whether the attacker has a firearm and how far away he/she is.

      If the attacker has a knife or club and is less than 20 feet away, many courts and juries will decide that the attacker is still an imminent threat.

      If the attacker has a firearm and is visible, most courts and juries will decide that the attacker is still an imminent threat since the attacker could turn and shoot you at any instant.

      On that last point, notice that I chose the words, “turn and shoot you.” I did not say “turn, shoot at you, and likely miss”, I said “shoot you“. If the attacker has a handgun and is 100 yards away, he could still shoot you and is thus still a credible, imminent threat.

      Disclaimer: the statements above are my personal opinion. I am not an attorney and my statements above are NOT legal advice.

  17. I noticed that the local TV outlets all stated that a judge set his bail ridiculously low, but they all failed to name the judge. When in fact that judge’s name should be mentioned often when they do things like this.

  18. Including a mugshot of this fine young aspiring Florida legislator is “rey-ciss” yo, ize meen heez kud beez mayawr oph Oarlandoze wonz dey meybeez heez eben beezkum duh gobunur ora prezidintz.

  19. Libertarians Liberals and the Left have always wanted bail reform. They got what they wanted. And now the rest of the world is suffering because of it. They are helping to make city life even more frightening.

    • Good for the city dwellers, let ’em suffer within their self-created plantations (prisons), they deserve it just because of whom they voted for.

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