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Road rage happens. Whether you see it in cities or on the Interstates, sometimes people can become agitated for even the slightest of reasons. If you find yourself the object of their ire, do all you can to de-escalate and avoid the situation. That might involve swallowing some pride and allowing them past you, or it might involve calling 9-1-1 if the problem doesn’t resolve itself and they persist.

Road rage situations sometimes escalate to the point of violence. Whether that violence involves smashing one car into another, or physical violence once the cars have stopped, road rage can turn into a defensive gun use or even gunfights pretty quickly. As we all should know, the best way to win a gunfight is to avoid it entirely.

We recently had a personal defense discussion at one of our Guns Save Life meetings in Charleston, Illinois. Melissa Harden, a photographer by day, shares advice with ordinary people in her spare time on how to avoid becoming the victim of violence.

She brought her wealth of information and shared it with our gathering of the faithful that night, discussing road rage. She raised some good points and then did a nice job asking the audience for their own stories about road ragers. After all, we’ve all seen it at one time or another in our lives.

A couple of points made by a professional truck driver really stood out. He said that dash cams are priceless when it comes to driving these days. They tell what happened in living color without emotion or prejudice. If you’re a decent human being who doesn’t drive like an idiot, you need a dash cam to protect yourself (after the fact) from both potential criminals and scammers, as well as liars when it comes to minor traffic incidents.

In his experience, construction areas when traffic merges ahead of a closed lane really tends to bring out driver craziness. Whether it’s aggressive motorists just trying to get around the other cars patiently waiting their turn or road hogs using their car as a blockade to prevent people from trying to pass a long line, sometimes “normal” drivers tend to get stupid.

Practice defensive driving, Melissa Harden recommended. Be aware of your surroundings when behind the wheel — practice good situational awareness — just as you would when you’re out on foot.

Give people the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes people having a bad day get behind the wheel. Resist your urge to take the right-of-way even if it’s clearly yours to avoid those in a hurry. She also noted that when a road rager has passengers, they may want to escalate even more to show off to others in the vehicle.

If you notice a potential angry driver, do whatever it takes to allow the other person to go about their way. The last thing you want is for them to chase you or worse yet, follow you home. And never, ever take them to your home.

There’s always the temptation to practice digital communication. You know, the sort that involves the middle finger. That doesn’t help or accomplish anything and it may bait the wrong person into a confrontation.

Don’t get fired up when inattentive or aggressive drivers cut you off or pull out in front of you. Otherwise you might end up like this guy…

Staying calm and well-centered is your best bet. When another driver is enraged, they aren’t thinking clearly and their judgement is seriously impaired.

If the other driver doesn’t go on their way, make a call to 9-1-1 as soon as possible. Give the dispatcher a quick rundown, telling them you’re the object of a road raging individual.

Share your location and direction of travel. Give them your name and a description of your car and that of the rager’s vehicle. Remember, he who calls 9-1-1 first usually gets to claim victim status. Aggressors seldom call 9-1-1…at least not right away.

Don’t approach a road rager’s vehicle, even to get their license plate number or you might see this, as in Illinois. Screen capture by Boch via Youtube.

Always give yourself the ability to escape if you come to a stop because of construction or traffic signals. If the other driver starts to emerge from their vehicle, make your escape before they can block you in place. By now you should already be on the phone to 9-1-1.  Give them a running narration of what’s happening.

Regardless of whether you’re on the phone to 9-1-1 or if you left your phone at home, if the other driver persists in tailing you, drive to a populated area or better yet, to your local police station. Along the way, if you see a police squad car parked at a convenience store (or a donut shop), pull in and seek help.

If another driver is enraged enough to follow you and ride your bumper, stopping on the side of the road to discuss things won’t work out well for you.

If the other car is occupied by multiple people, be on guard for a potential carjacking. Especially if they bump your car with theirs.

Your car is your best weapon. Use it to escape. If the other driver has escalated to the point of driving you off the road or blocking your only avenue of escape, that’s probably the time to reach for your safety rescue tool.

Try to use your vehicle as cover and do whatever it takes to survive until the police arrive.

I’ve seen a couple of incidents in my time and been the subject of road rage. Once, thirty years ago, I crested a hill to see one driver less than a half-car length behind another car, honking and swerving back and forth. She brake-checked him and he slammed into her car.

They stopped and as I drove past, I saw him emerge from his car, run up to her door and pull it open. Seeing no other traffic anywhere, I pulled a U-turn and parked behind the two cars while calling 9-1-1. As I did so, the man stopped screaming at the woman and chilled out to some degree. I stayed and talked with the cop and gave him my information and a statement.

A month later I got a call from an insurance company. I chuckled. Yes, I was available to give them a statement, which I did. When I found out it was the aggressor’s insurance company, I suggested they pay the woman everything she wanted and dump their customer because he was, in my opinion, a hotheaded lunatic.

More recently (aside from the attempted hit and run driver who threatened me after he finally stopped) I had a driver upset because I beeped my horn to let him know not to back out into oncoming traffic (me). Moments later, I saw him screaming up behind me and he laid on the horn.

At the next intersection, he swerved around me and back into my lane, missing a collision by inches. At that point, I called 9-1-1. I saw him looking back at me in his rearview and suspect he figured out my phone call wasn’t to my dearly departed mother and he drove away.

That was a happy ending for everyone.

Using force, especially deadly force, should always be your very last resort. Nothing good comes from a defensive gun use except that you will hopefully live another day.

Having written that, you have foot-tons of energy under your right foot if someone — an angry road rager or a common criminal — runs up on your car with a weapon in their hand. Don’t be afraid to make them a hood ornament if circumstances require it for you to escape with your life.

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    • I did. I can still remember the jingle. “It’s so easy with Cellular One. It’s so easy with Cellular One.”

      I was recently involved in a case of road rage. Fortunately, I was able to fake him out and turn onto a side road quickly leaving him stuck in the direction he was traveling. He flashed me half a peace sign, or told me I was number one with the wrong finger. Sweet fella!

    • oh yeah… there were cell phones back then. they weren’t like they are today with smart phones and they were a lot more expensive.

    • “You had a cell phone thirty years ago?”

      They were called ‘bag phones’ back then, weighed nearly 10 pounds, powered by a lead-acid jell battery or cigarette lighter plug. Typically came in a leather satchel of sorts.

      Oh, and calls cost 1 dollar a minute…

    • I had one of the very first “small” ones (that weren’t the huge 1980s type, but actually could be held in the palm of one hand like today’s phones) back in the mid-90s. That was about the time pagers were still ubiquitous and on everyone’s belt.

        • Nice. The Haz “time capsule” tote contains retired specimens of every generation of pager/phone we’ve had since the ’90s. Brick, flip, QWERTY board, smartphone, etc. Plus other devices and bits of nostalgia. It will serve as conversation starters for our grandchildren and their grandchildren.

    • I also had a cell phone 30 years ago. It was about the size of a gun case that would hold two 1911s and a couple extra mags. It weighed like 3 or 4 pounds, maybe 5. Out in the boonies, you put an external antenna on top of the truck, or you got no signal to speak of. There were no “apps” for it – it was a phone, nothing more, and nothing less. And, I often wanted to pitch it out the window while driving over a bridge. I don’t miss that old phone at all.

      The phone I had ~25 years ago would be more familiar to kids today. Ugly stupid feature phone, no Android, no iPhone apps, but it fit into a pocket, and the antenna worked pretty well, eliminating the necessity of an external antenna.

      When I stopped working on the road all the time, I stopped carrying cell phones. They’re a headache, no matter how you look at them.

      I’ve recently purchased my first cellphone in 15 years or so, primarily for medical emergencies. Dear Wife and I are aging, as are several members of the extended family.

      I repeat, cell phones suck. But they can be life savers, so I’ve finally caved in to family demands.

    • So did I. We still have the brick phones and then the first flip phones. I still have a cellular one Antenna pen.

  1. Boch knows all about people road raging. So this is a good lesson for everyone.
    Boch just causes everyone around him to feel road rage. LOL

    • Road rage magnet. I noticed a very sharp uptick in road rage around me when I had a Donald Trump for president sticker on my car

      • You must live in an area that isn’t very accepting and inclusive. They should force diversity by bringing in more Trump supporters. Remember, diversity is our strength!

      • “when I had a Donald Trump for president sticker on my car“

        Patriotic Americans object to their fellow citizens supporting domestic enemies of America. Giving aid and comfort to a domestic enemy is the very definition of treason.

        One would think that Donald Trump’s theft of donations to wounded warriors would be more than enough to prompt American veterans to drop him like a hot rock.

        But I’m sure 95% of the people on this list voted for Traitor Trump in 2020.

        “Press Releases » December 10th 2019
        Donald J. Trump Pays Court-Ordered $2 Million For Illegally Using Trump Foundation Funds

        Trump Ordered to Pay Eight Separate Charities $250,000 Each

        Remaining $1.8 Million in Trump Foundation Bank Account Disbursed Among Charities

        NEW YORK – New York Attorney General Letitia James today released the following statement after Donald J. Trump was forced to pay more than $2 million in court-ordered damages to eight different charities for illegally misusing charitable funds at the Trump Foundation for political purposes:

        “Not only has the Trump Foundation shut down for its misconduct, but the president has been forced to pay $2 million for misusing charitable funds for his own political gain.“

        And he lied about contributing his salary to charity:

        “Trump tax returns dispute White House claim that he donated salary during Covid
        John Bowden
        Fri, December 30, 2022, 6:17 PM EST

        The picture painted by the documents is crystal clear: Donald Trump claimed zero charitable donations throughout 2020, meaning that his tax burden was not reduced at all (at least in that regard). He would still go on to pay $0 in income tax for the year in total.

        If his returns are accurate, they would directly contradict a statement made by his chief White House press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, in March of 2020 at the heigh of the Covid-19 pandemic’s first wave across America. Stores were beginning to shut down across the country as nonessential businesses were ordered to close in many states.

        At the time, Ms McEnany tweeted: “President @realDonaldTrump made a commitment to donate his salary while in office. Honoring that promise and to further protect the American people, he is donating his 2019 Q4 salary to @HHSGov to support the efforts being undertaken to confront, contain, and combat #Coronavirus.”

        • Now do hunter and joe biden. How did joe become wealthy on a lifetime of civil service employment?

        • “How did joe become wealthy on a lifetime of civil service employment?“

          Joe Biden’s taxes have been public for decades, you may examine every asset and every deduction at your leisure.

          Joe Biden’s taxes have been properly audited every year since he became president, as required by the IRS.

          “Biden releases tax return, reports paying 24.6 percent rate
          The bulk of the Bidens’ earnings came from the president’s salary.

          By BRIAN FALER
          04/15/2022 04:22 PM EDT
          President Joe Biden and his wife paid $150,439 in federal income taxes on $610,702 in 2021 earnings, they said in a tax return released Friday.

          That translates into an effective rate of 24.6 percent.“

          Donald Trump promised repeatedly to release his taxes, all the while lying that he was being audited by the IRS
          The facts now shows that he was lying, he was not under audit by the IRS, his appointee at the IRS refused to audit the president because he was part of his corrupt organization.

          “The IRS failed to pursue mandatory audits of Donald Trump on a timely basis during his presidency, a congressional panel found on Tuesday, raising questions about statements by the former president and leading members of his administration who claimed he could not release his tax filings because of the ongoing reviews.

          The IRS only began to audit Trump’s 2016 tax filings on April 3, 2019, more than two years into Trump’s presidency and just months after Democrats took control of the House. That date coincides with Rep. Richard Neal, the panel chairman, asking the IRS for information related to Trump’s tax returns.“

          “But the revelation about the IRS’s failure to perform the required audit of Trump’s taxes—that it did not happen at all for more than two years, and that, according to the committee, his 2017, 2018, and 2019 tax returns were not even selected for audit until after he left office—deserves yet more scrutiny. The IRS’s own regulations mandate that a president’s taxes must be audited every year. Not only that, but ongoing audits were the purported reason Trump gave for refusing to disclose his tax returns.

          In 2018, he appointed Commissioner Charles Rettig, who had previously defended Trump’s refusal to disclose his tax returns and who makes hundreds of thousands of dollars from renting out units in a Trump-branded property. In 2019, Trump prioritized a longtime associate’s confirmation as the agency’s general counsel.“

  2. The article simply shows why most, if not all European Nations, outlaw the carrying of weapons for self defense because when you put a gun in the hands of a viscous naked ape he or she will use it on his fellow naked apes. This is just another one of the many reasons why European gun control laws have resulted in much lower homicides and mass murders.

    Even the infamous George Zimmerman was almost killed in a shooting road rage incident after his famous shooting of Trayvon Martin.

    • darcydodo…your words are words against you…Correct Zimmerman was almost killed and a firearm saved his life. If left up to democRats like you he would be dead.

      • Wrong Debbie. If Zimmerman had been unarmed he would have never confronted and threatened a man twice his size and he would have obeyed the Cops when they told him to stay in his vehicle until they arrived.

        • @dacian

          “If Zimmerman had been unarmed he would have never confronted and threatened a man twice his size and he would have obeyed the Cops when they told him to stay in his vehicle until they arrived.”

          Wrong dacian.

          There is no way you can know what Zimmerman might or would have done if he had been unarmed.

        • Yea it’s always those “creepy ass crackers” that are to blame.

          Definitely not a Hispanic…

      • Well, uhhhhmmmm, Zimmerman? Have you failed to notice that Zimmie manages to get in trouble pretty routinely, ever since he killed that kid? Zimmerman is not a “good guy”. In fact, I think Zimmerman was a cowardly puke on the night that made him famous. He failed to talk to the young black man, when he was standing very close to Zimmie’s truck, under a streetlight. Instead, he stalked the strange young man into the darkness, where no cameras could see what happened.

        Let us not hold Zimmerman up as any kind of example.

        • It’s always the wannabe vigilantes too. What annoyed me though was the trial and portrayal of both of them. Zimmerman is Hispanic, and treyvon is NOT some innocent child.

    • Do you even have a driver’s license as we already know you don’t have any guns there Jerry? Either way I would say speak to what you actually know anything about but that would probably prevent you from posting ever again.

    • A viscous naked ape?
      So he had high resistance to flow?
      Did your mommy miss your vocabulary lesson today?

      • You must remember that lil’d has ascended to the higher plane of “New Soviet Man”. The first one in 30 years, although it could be argued the first one in a century.

    • “The article simply shows why most, if not all European Nations, outlaw the carrying of weapons for self defense because when you put a gun in the hands of a viscous naked ape he or she will use it on his fellow naked apes.”

      Except, the exact opposite happened.

      Florida got concealed carry in about 1987. Since 1987, gun murders have dropped about 50 percent…

    • dacian the demented dips***,

      I didn’t realize your monumental ignorance about policy, politics, economics, and firearms also extended to the English language. The word is “vicious” you dolt, not “viscous” (which describes a characteristic usually attributed to liquids and lubricants). You repeatedly misuse this, so it isn’t just a typo, you’re actually so stupid you don’t know the correct word. It is what comes of being an uneducated, Leftist/fascist dolt. Perhaps if you’d actually gone to school, you’d be less ignorant. Nah, you’d have gone to some Leftist/fascist school, and you’d STILL be ignorant . . .but at least you’d have a useless degree (probably in some dips*** ‘discipline’ like Gender Studies). So you could feel good about yourself when you’re asking “would you like fries with that?”.

      P*** off, loser.

  3. Hmm, so, you’re telling me that emotions are antithetical to rational thought? WHO KNEW???

    Gonna be a crushing blow to dacian the demented, MinorLiar, and Prince Albert to hear this. All this time, they’be been convinced their feelz were important. OTOH, it’s not like they had a choice, since thinking is beyond their ability.

    • They have a solution already: Disarm everyone. That’ll solve emotions! Nobody ever gets hurt that way.

  4. just to say congratulations to you gun folks in Alabama….

    Alabama’s permitless carry law went into effect with the start of 2023

  5. Best practice I’ve found to deal with psycho’s in vehicles is an IED. Sticky bombs in particular work miracles…

    Relax, I’m kidding.

    Also, this is why having a stupid fast vehicle that will pull hard on a modified super bikes is not useless dick waving. Don’t really care if they’re road raging a mile or two behind me.

  6. Don’t flip anyone off unless you’re ready to fight. It’s an invitation for many people, especially among the road raging demographic. You’re wasting energy anyway. Laugh it off and move on.

  7. ” Resist your urge to take the right-of-way even if it’s clearly yours”
    Good advice. The right-of-way isn’t yours if the other driver doesn’t yield it to you.
    No one wins in a vehicle wreck and there is little/no comfort in, “I had the right-of-way”.

    • I can’t help but chuckle at the amount of idiots who would rather waste their time and money with potential insurance claims and body work or worse, or just lose value on their vehicle instead of simply driving safer. I’ve even seen people comment that they would rather cause a wreck deliberately rather than yield or simply just avoid it because they want to “prove a point”. Usually though, it’s two road ragers finally meeting each other.

  8. Unfortunately; it is presumed that a road rager is NOT a lethal threat unless they have a gun. As the victims of Waukesha Wisconsin can attest, an automobile can be used as an extremely deadly weapon. While pedestrians seem to be more vulnerable, people who are in automobiles can be killed in collisions. Since it is kinetic energy that kills and the kinetic energy of an automobile rises with velocity squared, your chances of surviving a collision decrease enormously as your speed increases.

    Here in Yamhill County Oregon, we recently had an accused victim acquitted for shooting a pair of unrelenting road ragers that pursued them at speeds in excess of 80mph with a politically incorrect, AK-47. Ironically; their attorney, Amanda S Marshall, was in the side of justice for a change.

    • Don’t torget Force = mass × acceleration. The more mass a vehicle has the more force it can generate in a impact. Of course less mass = greater acceleration.

  9. It’s not worth it. Just let “the water run off your back”. Something my grandmother use to tell me. It’s safer just to keep any overly emotional people out of your life.

  10. Apartbn from stating the blindingly obvious the real, problem is far too, many people have handguns and far too many people are prepared to use them to stlle minor grievences Anybody and I mean anybody who even threatens with a firearms in such circumstance should be banned from LEGAL ownership for LIFE with no appeal and if caught with an illegal firearm given at least ten years with no appeal

    • You fascists and your draconian punishments. How did that work for the war on drugs? Booze?

    • Perhaps it is a cultural thing of not backing down to appear weak?

      Much like those in jolly little Britain who want to make the country a caliphate or have lots of little caliphates dotted around the country.

      • “Perhaps it is a cultural thing of not backing down to appear weak?”

        I think it’s really a male thing. And it’s really every male everywhere. Until they learn to have self-control. And learn that backing down is not a failure of their manhood. Your not helping your family or yourself if you go to jail. Loose your job. Or get kicked out of school.

        And the person trying to get you to do something foolish, also knows this. And wants to hurt you in the long run this way.

        A smart man understands this. And a father can teach his children this so they don’t get into trouble.

    • “Anybody”… lol ok Karen.

      Numerous times a show of force has deescalated a potential rager. But keep telling yourself that stereotypes are okay…

      Also, what happens in areas where they don’t allow self defense? The helpless victim uses their phone… like it’s going to save them in that instance.

      All it takes is 10 minutes of dashcam videos to know your comments are naive. If an attacker approaches and a firearm send them tucking tail, that firearm possibly just saved a life. Why risk your life hoping someone already unstable will be reasonable while they are road raging?

      Dumbass. I’ve seen too many videos of people helpless in their vehicles blocked off from surrounding traffic with kids in their car being attacked by a road rager to side with some idiot that wants to ban self defense.

    • @Albert L J ‘Karen’ Hall

      “Apartbn from stating the blindingly obvious the real, problem is far too, many people have handguns and far too many people are prepared to use them to stlle minor grievences ”

      Apparently far too many idiots like you think the internet magically makes them seem intelligent.

      There has been road rage for as long as things with wheels have carried people. Heck, the streets of central London in the U.K. were pattered on the Roman chariot paths back when the Romans held that area and if you did not clear a path for a Roman chariot they simply ran you through with a spear. Its not suddenly some new thing because there are guns. In 2022, ~1,300 people daily were criminally attacked with a knife and 132 of those daily were criminal attacks by a road raging attacker and that’s ~48,000 people annually attacked with a knife by a road rager.

      You have road rage in the U.K. too, people get knifed by a road raging brit all the time in road rage incidents in the U.K. but like the U.S. your media also doesn’t report on it unless its sensational enough. Road rage happens all over the world, its not unique to the U.S.

  11. I prefer Non-American visitors who detest our cherished freedoms be jailed for one year without bail, “pending trial”.
    After that they are only released to ICE, who busses them in the middle of the night to a secret airfield. They are then flown in windowless cargo planes to a third world country (Where our government gets a discount on private jail services) and transported in sealed cattle cars to dumps like Britain or Iran. Those poor sods then get to deal with them.
    There, I fixed it!

    • Close but no cigar. While in flight at night, over one of the world’s many oceans, the rear cargo door should open and the wire box container with the 50 – 60 aliens get dumped. You would thick that many could swim to hold the wire box afloat, but then again, maybe not.

    • “transported in sealed cattle cars“

      Wow, the fascists are saying it out loud now.

      Do you want to get the 40/8 cars out of the museum for nostalgia’s sake?

  12. The best way to prevent attracting road rage is to drive friendly. If someone is impatient, let him go ahead of you. He might actually have a good reason so give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Sometimes, even driving friendly isn’t enough. The rager just hates the way you drive. Then, try to get away from the threat even if you have to break traffic laws to do so. Call 911 to request police assistance to get the road rager off your back. Defensive force is your last resort when you are under attack and de-escalation and flight are unsuccessful.

    • Yep. Downside is where I live, a lot of areas are no signal. But it’s still worth a quick hit of the mic button the steering wheel and a “call 911” prompt. I would hate to do it but if you are raging that much I’m covering my tracks. 3 dash cams to prove it too (front, rear and interior).

      Never had an issue anywhere else but in town, cities and suburbs. On the highways I try to position myself to let them see more so they can pass by kind of moving over to the right in the upcoming passing zone. Most people know the roads though and will wait for certain areas but there is always that one jackass… always.

      Most people don’t realize that “watching your rear view” can be seen as threatening too. If they are mad already, your acknowledgement of them is kind of provoking. Just ignore them, you know they are there, let them pass or simply just do nothing because no matter what you do they are going to rage.

    • I would still try to avoid breaking traffic laws to get away from a rager if at all possible as you don’t want to cause a accident with a 3rd party or get pulled over and be wrongly accused of being the aggressor. Non LEOs lack lightbars to warn others to get out of the way. Pulling into a police station parking lot is a pretty effective way to lose any ragers.

  13. It’s gotten worse too. Simply going the speed limit can cause it now. Don’t provoke, don’t acknowledge, just ignore the asshole behind you and let them pass. Where I live, people will pass 4 vehicles on a two lane highway in icy conditions before a blind turn just to go 5mph more and arrive 5 minutes earlier. Sad really, especially with gas prices now days.

    Whatever. I’m in no rush. I’ll let you by safely and if I’m the one looking to pass someone, I’ll wait for miles to pass safely and you can go around both of us if you are in that much of a hurry.

    But recently in the valley I was going the speed limit at night clear conditions. Someone got right up to my blind spot but just enough to where their headlights were blinding in the mirror. I slowed down without using the brakes and what worried me was they did too. So then I slow down a bit more and noticed they are definitely pacing me. I have 5% tint all around. I’m not making any gestures or giving someone a reason, so I get back up to the speed limit slowly, then they floor it past me. Some jackass with Idaho plates in a small Ford with hipster hoonigan style exhaust. No idea and I had to watch the dashcam to see wtf… still no clue why they did it. People are just dumb and when they are alone in their vehicles all that rage comes out. They want you to drive their way. Whatever. Bye Felicia. Maybe they were peeping the lifted taco? I doubt it though.

    Then I see them a week later in daytime speeding through traffic with their exhaust popping. That confirmed the asshole theory.

    • You know, not everyone who has a fast ride acts like that. Just the same as assuming all who have a gun are mass murderers.

      Most of us keep it on the track and try and keep it as quiet as possible to avoid the unwarranted attention from the piggies who are often looking for any excuse to harass, incarcerate, or seize steal your vehicle. Ever had your Rights violated being held without charge on the side of the road for 3 hours for just idling though rush hour like everyone else? I have.

      Noise? Below 3100 rpm, even though there’s a giant free flow exhaust, it’s nearly as quiet as a stock vehicle. Mundane even. Above gets real raucous, deafening even when the turbo’s spool up.

      There is no way to just switch off anti-lag, and turbo’s don’t spin down instantly. Especially big ones. The source of the popping as you described. Trust that most don’t have any intent in building their cars to personally victimize anyone, or you in particular. It’s a hobby, and 1542 whp is great for evading rager’s, plus it’s quite amusing, you should try it.

      If you think gas prices are bad, try running pure E85. And I run another 250 wet spooler shot pumping alcohol. To flip that coin you tossed, you sound like a rager. Also the automotive equivalent of a Fudd who doesn’t understand freedom. And chill Montana, I still <3 ya.

    • Sounds like a Ricer showboating around town. Ricers are generally import cars but domestics can also be “riced out.” Not all hotrodders are PITAs but the bad ones sure are.

      In my area its big pickups who often drive like jackasses, especially the diesel guys with their coal rolling tunes.

      • Yeah, some people mistake horsepower for virility, because they’re feeling a deficit if you know what I mean.

        Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

        • Says the person always compensating here. Oh, and how come you spend so much time here, don’t you have any loved ones?

          Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

          Have fun with that self-own the gAyTFE just handed itself shooting themselves in the foot with the official edict stating that AR’s are Common Use.

          No “assault weapon” ban for you, even if the balancing test wasn’t already shot down by Bruen. 😀

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