The BBC reports that Queensland parents, educators and politicians are outraged—outraged I tell you!—by outings to a laser gun “school,” photos of same and a reference to “killing fields” posted on the company’s website. “Urban Assault [Skirmish] advertises on its website four schools in Queensland as ideal battlefields.” Auntie Beeb reports with barely concealed righteous indignation. “One school on the Gold Coast, it says, offers the ‘perfect urban assault battlefield’. Long range weapons rule, it goes on, and it’s ‘perfect for setting up killing fields with our Gattling guns’.” And bad. Very very bad. “The head of a Queensland parents association said the photos and advertisement were totally inappropriate and that she was ‘absolutely horrified’. The state education department has asked the company to remove references to schools from its promotional material.” Which, of course, it has. As well as all snaps of ANY children enjoying their laser gun battles [this one was scraped from an unofficial site]. Bottom line: guns are not supposed to be fun for children, and when they are, you’re not supposed to talk about killing people. Noted and logged.


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