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Police have identified the shooter in the Aurora “Batman massacre”: 21-year-old James Holmes. Needless to say, thousands of amateur sleuths are scouring the web for info on the killer (he was a neuroscience Ph.D candidate at UC-Denver). NBC reports that Holmes used a Remington 870 shotgun, Smith & Wesson AR15, Glock .40 cal and a second Glock (unknown caliber) to claim 12 innocent lives. Thank God the major networks are on the job, adding their expertise to the hunt. Excepting ABC, who decided to run with a story describing Holmes as a Tea Party activist. Uh, no. “The Colorado Tea Party Patriots and the Tea Party Patriots are saddened to hear of the death and wounding of theater goers in Aurora, Colorado. The member of the Colorado Tea Party Patriots, Jim Holmes, age 52 is not the same person who has been identified as the shooter. The attempts of some media organizations to characterize the shooter as a Tea Party member without having made any effort to contact our organization are shameless and reprehensible.”

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  1. I hate how the media gives these S.O.B.s so much attention. It can encourage more loons to do the same damn thing for publicity purposes.

  2. …” Excepting ABC, who decided to run with a story describing Holmes as a Tea Party activist. Uh, no. “The Colorado Tea Party Patriots and the Tea Party Patriots are saddened to hear of the death and wounding of theater goers in Aurora, Colorado. The member of the Colorado Tea Party Patriots, Jim Holmes, age 52 is not the same person who has been identified as the shooter. The attempts of some media organizations to characterize the shooter as a Tea Party member without having made any effort to contact our organization are shameless and reprehensible.”

    But entirely predictable. After all, this is the progressive media, right? Lying and trying to destroy the reputation of conservatives is their JOB!

    Since the shooter was a PhD candidate in “neuroscience”, anyone want to bet which end of the political spectrum he will land on? Hey, liberal universities like UC-Denver aren’t likely to let some conservative undergrad get into a PhD program unless it’s engineering or some other hard science. You will know immeditely that he is an Obama supporter if this story disappears over the weekend.

      • Bill Warner(?) is neither a journalist nor a public official.

        Excusing a major news organization like ABC News for its reprehensibly unprofessional conduct, because you found some obscure, right-wing blogger-dude doing the same thing is retarded.

        But you’re better than that. Or maybe you aren’t.

    • Geez, now we have to pick our careers based on our political party? I never knew. And just FYI, neuroscience is a hard science–it is mostly biochemistry and biology.

    • Reputation of conservatives??? What a joke. The party of the rich, for the rich, and lying to every redneck out there to get their uninformed vote. Yeah, that’s a rep to be proud of.

      • LOL…yeah, people are so dumb they don’t know they’re being lied to..blah blah. As a marxist you can’t understand people who don’t care about how much money other people have. For people who are not marxists, it’s all about freedom/liberty, (we don’t look at the rich as evil). Freedom to be rich or poor. It’s about equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome. If it weren’t for the rich, this country would be in a world of hurt. If you don’t believe me, just have the “evil” rich shut down their businesses and lay off their employees for one year.

        As Lincoln said: don’t tear down your neighbor’s house, because he has one and you don’t, but rather use his example and build your own house.

        Democrappers/leftists are experts at exploiting the human predisposition to be jealous and greedy. Religion is what mitigates this intrinsic greed and jealousy. Not surprisingly, most, if not all, marxists are atheists.

    • “Hey, liberal universities like UC-Denver aren’t likely to let some conservative undergrad get into a PhD program unless it’s engineering or some other hard science.”

      Oh, except Condi Rice. She got her undergrad in Political Science there. Then went to that liberal bastion of Stanford for graduate school. Yep, liberals, keeping out them conservatives from a good education. 😉

  3. Why so many guns? You’d think it would be more efficient to trade that dead weight for more ammo. Or did his Glock jam so much that he needed a redundant one?

      • Yeah, I can’t understand how this could have happened in a Gun Free Zone. I mean, doesn’t the theater management guarantee that there will be no gun violence in their building by denying the right of armed self defense inside that theater? Isn’t the theater management liable for any harm that befalls their disarmed patrons?

        Can you say “lawsuits”, boys and girls?

        • This is why i boycott amc theaters in texas who prevent concealed carry with 30.06 signs

          I have feared this would happen since 911, the shooter has a massive tactical advantage, only one way in and out of a theater, down and towards the shooter

        • Obviously the theater needs more effective signs. They really need to crack open this guy’s head to see what’s wrong with his wiring.

    • Its not like theyre one of the most widely available and used firearms in the US….

      Fifty years ago, it would have been 38 spec revolvers and 30/30 leverguns

  4. I’ve grown so tired of partisan politics being injected into everything. This is a tragedy regardless of your religion, color, gender or political affiliation

        • That’s BS, moon. That moral relativism crap won’t fly with me. If one side is doing something 80% of the time, and the other side is doing the same thing 20% of the time, you have to be smart enough to recognize that fact. Moral relativism is a prime tactic of the left. When they are backed in a corner, with no more rhetorical arrows left in the quiver, then they throw up their hands and pronounce..well, they’re both doing it.

    • I’ll take partisan politics out of it when gun-grabbers do. But since they hop on every tragedy and try to use it to disarm and kill law-abiding gun owners, it’s an issue. We’re put on the defensive.

      • Absolutely Silver. They want a war, we’ll give’em a fkg war. For 40 years I’ve been engaged in this ‘Culture War’ the left launched on this nation. If it goes hot, so be it.

    • Sorry to be the realist here, but it’s statistically insignificant. Thousands of people die in the US ever day from various causes. Just because 12 (or 14, I keep hearing different numbers) happened in one room doesn’t magically make them important.

  5. In opening may I state I am prepared for the ridicule this will provoke, so give it your best, and don’t hold back.

    Something is rotten in Colorado. Something about the timing of this tragedy is a bit odd. Obviously “high power assault or hunting ” weapons were used if what I heard about wall penetration is true. This happening within a week of the ATT treaty being signed is more than convenient . A Manchurian shooter is not so tin foil an idea when you consider that 1 that this is as anit personal defense administration as we have ever had-2 these are some of the folks who tried the fraudulent Fast and Furious debacle so as to sway national and world attitudes towards gun banning. I would like to see a toxicology report on the shooter looking for psychotropic drugs especial in high dosages. I’m not saying this is so, but psychotropic drugs (especially methylphenidate [Ritalin] have been a factor in a number of public mass shootings. Not saying they are the cause, but possibly a major factor. Some officials regard for human life and honesty was displayed during F&F and currently with the Holder stonewall. And they sign the ATT next week. How many congressmen will stick their finger in the wind and possibly change their decision on whether to ratify it or not depending upon “which will get me more votes come November”, or a sudden “transition of opinion”? These are desperate people facing possible ouster in 3 months. Meanwhile the MSM is trying their damn-est to tie the shooter to the Tea Party. I smell a political pile of BS. Or at the very least “Not letting a crisis to go to waste”.

    But, in an effort to post something more positive this link makes me fell a bit better if it holds.

    • It’s merely coincidental. The government sucks at conspiracies, cover-ups and plots. See F&F. See Bay of Pigs. See a bunch of other stupid crap they got caught doing.

      If I believed in God I would thank him every day that they’re so incompetent, because if they weren’t we’d be seriously screwed by now.

      • I’m not prone to conspiracy, and I don’t think the government would be in on this if indeed this act was perpetrated with the ATT in mind, but I would not be surprised to find out that the gunman was, on his own, trying to influence something to whatever degree he could. I know there are fruity enough people in the anti-gun community to sacrifice themselves for the “cause.” These yahoos are wild-eyed, foaming at the mouth extremists.

    • Sammy: This post is almost identical (I think you added a sentence) to the word-for-word-identical comments you posted here and here. I replied after the second one that crossposting the same comment in multiple places is bad form.

      Please stop posting the same thing over and over.

      • Sorry about the cross postings. There was a post about a Mr Scott for being shot dead in his own house for holding a legal gun by police searching for a murder suspect for questioning. 2 questions from me then I have to run out for some more tin foil, today I’m getting the good stuff, Reynolds Wrap. Why wasn’t the theater perp shot dead? Did he surrender? And how did he get, not just 2 concealable glocks into the theater, but 2 long guns as well? A Remington 870 and an ar15? Nothing even a bit teensy curious about this? And speaking of tin foil, did you catch M. Bloomberg’s anti gun rant? Only the beginning folks. Yea, but I’m nutz.

  6. Where does a broke, graduate school drop-out get the ‘scratch’ for nice guns like that? I was 35 before I could buy a collection that nice.

    • Curious, isn’t it? And all hot-button guns, like the evil Glocks used to shoot Giffords, and scary black rifles. Makes one think.

    • If he’s in grad school, he’s got money, either from his folks, or financial aid. they typically loan you more than your books and courses cost, leaving you with a little disposable income…I had class mates buy cars with their student loans.

      • yeah, he’s a single man with no dependents. probably doesn’t have much of a social life, these guys usually are loners. it’s not hard for him to build his arsenal. hell, i’m an old fart with kids and grandkids and a wife and i’ve got so many guns i’d have to make repeated trips to the car to load them all up. and he could’ve bought used. maybe the glocks were police trade ins.

    • It isnt that hard, my handgun cost more than his collection, i’m broke/unemployed and only 3 years older than him. Just because someone is presently broke doesnt mean that they were always that way.

      A S&W MP15 is what, about $700? A Remmington 870 is another $300-400, the two glocks were probably $600 each.

      My handgun is a FNP-45T which cost $1000, a 3.5 MOA Doctor MRDS is about $300, a Surefire x400 costs $600, a EFK Firedragon barrel which was $200, 4 extra magazines and +3 extensions and Wolff springs for all adding a extra $300, and a set of ISMI guide rods/springs for another $300. Don’t get my started on whats bolted on my to RFB.

  7. i love the credit some people give the government and their ability to pull off complex conspiracies. i worked at one level or another, military, federal and local, for more than thirty years before i retired. including a year as a state prison employee(yi-uck). my most flattering description of these agencies is the title from the jimmy breslin book. the gang that couldn’t shoot straight. they just ain’t up to it.

  8. UPDATE. From the news conference. Shooter threw one, maybe two irritant/smoke devices. In addition to his weapons, he had a gas mask, ballistic helmet, body armor, throat protector, groin protector and leg armor. He reloaded several times during his spree. He was dressed all in black. Did he think he was Batman?
    With all that protection, I think the average CCW holder would have been unlikely to stop him.

    • you’re probably right about not being able to stop him if he was wearing all that. but it would be nice to have the option to try. and maybe people you care about can get clear while you’re engaging him.

      • If some movie goers were armed…they still would likely have had time with some visibility and a few shots towards the head/neck would have done the trick.

    • IF all that is true I still would’ve shot at him. From what I’ve read, it doesn’t feel pleasant being shot at or getting hit by rounds even when you’re wearing kevlar.

      Since I don’t go to movies alone and usually go with my friends, a hail of 9mm and .40 S&W would’ve rained down on this psychotic S.O.B. (provided we weren’t killed right off the bat).

    • it might ve knocked him down or something to hinder him. Probably a ccl holder wouldn’t be totally useless

    • I still think the shock of being shot would have discouraged him a little. My uncle was hit when he was deployed to Iraq. He said that it hurt like heck and knocked him down. Granted he was hit by an AK not a pistol, but still. If I was being shot while armored, I would probably beat te heck out of there, rather than risk my armor fail. All in all, it probably comes down to the psychological impact of being hit.

  9. Batman shooter James Holmes is a registered Democrat

    So does that mean Democrats should not have guns?
    George Stephanopoulos lied to say he was a tea party person.
    What they also do not say it that it’s a gun free zone, which means if you follow the law you can not carry a gun to defend yourself against people that do not follow the law. People seem to miss that irony which they ignore, and let it keep happening. If it was not a gun a mental person would have used something else like a homemade bomb.

    • Wow, shameless self promotion. BTW your article never mentions that he was a registered democrat… It merely likes to a breitbart article which says

      Exclusive: Contra ABC News, Dark Knight Aurora, CO Shooting Suspect James Holmes Could Be Registered Democrat

      • “James Holmes for whom records were obtained by Breitbart News registered as a Democrat on June 14, 2011. He registered from an address in La Plata County, Colorado”

        I would like people to do the research to read the links for more info, but since people do not want to look for truth then maybe people should be upset at the news.

        • Update on the Breitbart site:

          Update (12:49 EDT): Newly-released information on the suspect’s birthdate (which, as indicated in our initial report, was a slight mismatch), combined with new details Breitbart News has obtained about the suspect’s likely addresses, together suggest that the suspect may, in fact, not have been registered to vote.

        • Then post a link to the relevant information rather than one to your FLAME DELETED blog. And as DaveL pointed out, your own source states he was not registered to vote…

        • As I said for people to learn to look up the info. Nice to know some are not spoon fed.

          As I also stated on the site: “even with some pieces to the puzzle people should not jump to a conclusion and blame the entire group as the cause”
          All sides should be talks about.

          As I also stated on the site
          “So even some things made here can be wrong”
          Again people should look for more information since stories change. Early reports usually say one thing and then say another. If you want the full facts wait a few months for the investigation to be over which is history.

          If you want news that bring up the likely odds of “probability” based on current information and on others past actions as a pattern, which can be wrong then you read current news, and you have to again investigate to find more info.

          So to say if he was a Democrat, well it could be but the point was not brought up much on the post, since it was irrelevant and for people to understand how to see the news. The info entered before Breitbart update. Almost all late breaking news have errors, and as I said there will be some errors and for people to give an effort to find them more info.

    • Are we to assume from your comments that only democrats can be deranged killers? I didn’t know that psychosis and mental illness was limited to certain political ideologies. Does that mean if I register Republican I will be saved from mental illness? Or am I safe because I am not a member of any political party?

      • Never stated what you assume. Its one piece of the puzzle. Check link for more info.

        The mentality of a person before they choose what party indicated what they think usually. Previous shooting and more crimes are have been distorted for political reasons to pass new laws. Over 20,000 laws are passed a year and do you think this makes everyone safer? Do people know these laws? There is more to this that what you may speculate but if you want more info you can research, but try to put both sides on burner.

        • I will decline that invitation. Illogic makes me ill. While party affiliation does have a relationship with attitude towards gun laws, that does not equate to democrats being the party of deranged mad men, which is exactly what you directly inferred when you (apparently incorrectly) announced that the shooter was a registered democrat. I know democrats who own guns and die hard republicans who do not. And none of this has anything to do with mental health, which is the only issue relevant to this shooter. This shooting was not a political statement, whatever it may be used for by others. So I think we can cut out the irrelevant partisan crap when we are talking about this very sick young man.

  10. Maybe I’m feeling disassociated from reality/humanity because I’ve been doing math all day, but at the moment I am struck that with the notion that an armored shooter with a shotgun, an “assault” rifle, and two “automatic” glock pistols and under the circumstances of a movie theater, this could have easily been double or quadruple the massacre.

    • While I agree this could have been much worse.
      Minor correction. The Glock Pistols were semi automatic, and well assault rifle is a term usually given for a fully automatic calss III rifle, and this was not one of them. sure it was black but it was semi auto. He came armed to bare, and had body armor on. He was a student, why he dropped out and why he went on a rampage will be questions that need to be answered.

      I personally will want to revisit this later, but right now I am focused on the prayers for families and victims.

      I am concerned that this was a gun free zone, and despite having police outside, things went really south fast. Could a CCW holder or multiple CCW holders have prevented this from being worse than it was, I would like to think so.

        • Ok I admit… I am so needing coffee!!!! Sorry about that, I am guessing you are referring to the left media calling it an assault rifle, and automatic pistol LOL.

  11. And back to reality… Who gives a flying f*K what party is he registered, what weapons he used, what laws are or aren’t, who is carrying and who isn’t?

    Everyone always does the same reprehensible thing whenever some criminal tragedy is perpetrated. Before the victims are in the ground everyone wants to run their corpses up a flag pole for their pet causes to try to get their self-serving tangentially-related rally heard. Is it surprising that killers could be a product of a culture that does this so easily and thoughtlessly?

  12. Obama has cut short his Florida visit to return to the White House, in light of this mass murder incident.
    Is this the same guy whose response to McCain’s suggestion to return to their duties in the Senate when the international financial crisis broke, was that it was not necessary, since he could “multi-task”? Has he lost that ability? Is this a greater crisis, requiring his presense in DC? Just what is he going to do about the situation anyway?
    Maybe he figured it was a good excuse to take a break in a campaign that was not doing very well.

  13. Further update. The shooter bought a ticket and went in for the show. He had strategically parked his car out the back (emergency) exit. When the movie began to roll, he exited, blocking the door open in some fashion to allow his re-entry, while he went to his vehicle to kit up. He walked up the aisle emptying his weapons, shooting particularly at anyone trying to leave the theater, and apparently without speaking. When he ran out of ammo, he exited through the exit door he had entered. He was confronted by police and surrendered. The police were on scene within a minute and a half, primarily because of extra policesecurity for this midnight showing were already present for crowd control.

  14. “Update at 4:24 p.m. ET: A federal law enforcement official tells USA TODAY’s Kevin Johnson that the four weapons were purchased in May, June and July at Denver and Aurora-area gun shops. Investigators have recovered at least one video from a store security camera recording a purchase.

    The assault rifle was traced to a Gander Mountain gun store in Thornton, Colo., and the Remington shotgun and one of the Glock handguns were bought at a Bass Pro Shop in Denver. The second Glock was purchased at Gander Mountain store in Aurora.

    The official, who was not authorized to speak publicly, said a cache of ammunition was recovered in the suspect’s car and used magazines were found discarded in the theater.

    Update at 4:15 p.m. ET: Holmes was armed with an AR-15 assault rifle, a 12 gauge shotgun and a Glock .40 caliber handgun, said Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates. A .40 gauge handgun was found in his car, which was parked just outside the rear entrance to the cinema.

    He bought a ticket to the midnight show, the first for the latest Batman movie, and entered the theater with the crowd, a U.S. law enforcement official tells the Associated Press. Holmes then apparently propped open an exit door after the movie started, donned protective gear and then started shooting.

    Another source tells AP the assault rifle was equipped with a high-capacity, drum-style ammunition clip.”

  15. He had the dreaded black rifle, a shotgun, and a pistol. He was covered in body armor. But when the police found him he gave up. Which makes me think the little chicken-sh*t ahole would have turned and run the first time a concealed carry person popped a cap at him, hit or not.

  16. After I saw the face of this gutless turd, I really, really really want to find his cell and send a few of his smug, smiling teeth down his miserable throat.

  17. I just read some more articles. In the last month JH bought:
    2 Glock 40’s
    An AR
    A Shotgun
    6000 rounds of ammunition
    I would also assume Body Armour-Vest, Neck, Groin, & Leg Protectors, +Gas Mask & Riot Helmet
    We are talking some ‘serious’ coin… or funding?

    In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.
    Franklin D. Roosevelt

    • G2G, this case has every hallmark of a government ops. And to those who claim the government is too “stupid” to do this….that is incredibly short sighted and naive. Perhaps the politicians are too stupid but the shadow government and CIA is certainly not. They have been working on min control since the 60’s. They’ve had 50 years to perfect this.

    • G2G, this case has every hallmark of a government ops. And to those who claim the government is too “stupid” to do this….that is incredibly short sighted and naive. Perhaps the politicians are too stupid but the shadow government and CIA is certainly not. They have been working on min control since the 60’s. They’ve had 50 years to perfect this.

    • I think you can shave the situation with “Occam’s Razor” and assume Holmes paid for all that gear with a credit card. Does anyone use personal checks or cash anymore?
      He could have made minimal payments in June and July, if he wanted to make sure his card(s) would continue to be honored. From his actions, I doubt he ever intended to pay off his balance.


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