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As he did following the Jared Lee Loughner massacre in Tuscon, President Obama has addressed the nation regarding the spree killing in Aurora, Colorado. Once again, the President made no mention of guns or gun control. Directly. “We will take every step possible to ensure the safety of our people” could be viewed as a coded message aimed at gun control advocates. Or not. Meanwhile, the Prez’s attempt to show his humanity— telling the audience that “my daughters go to the movies” (1:39)—ignores the obvious fact that his daughters go to the movies protected by the Secret Service. My daughters, and yours, do not. We are their security. All law-abiding Americans should be allowed to protect themselves, their children and their community as armed citizens. When it comes to the Second Amendment, politicians are either for it or against us. Hug that a little tighter tonight.

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  1. Ha, yea his daughters go to the movies…. with no less than five of our nations best trained and equipped personal protection agents. Agents who are armed to the teeth, trained in the art of personal protection to a level that has been achieved no where else on this planet and equipped to call in dozens if not hundreds more similarly armed and trained agents. Good parallel Barry…

    • I’ve been hearing unconfirmed reports that the shooter has Occupy Wall Street sympathies. Who knows at this point?

      • If you read this site, it was obviously a secret Obama plot to discredit the NRA and take our guns. Also, if Cooter and Skeeter had been allowed to carry their shotguns into the theater, it would have stopped the shooter.

        In the real world, if he were a responsible President, he would call on the states to toughen their gun laws.

        • If it were me, I would call on states to require gun licenses that require at least the same level of training as driver’s licenses. I would ask for laws prohibiting the sale of handguns to anyone who does not have a concealed carry permit. I would ban the sale of any magazines over 20 rounds.

          That is just me. Obama is such a wimp that he will do none of these things. Instead, he will call for people to be resolute, to pray for their fellow man, and to observe a moment of silence next week some time.

          As you might guess, I believe guns need to be a lot more carefully controlled. I am somewhat to the “left” of Obama on this one.

  2. “could be viewed as a coded message aimed at gun control advocates.”

    Sounds like the usual political posturing for votes and popularity more than anything. He’ll continue to do what he can when he can against gun ownership and this shooting doesn’t change him. If the political environment changes and he has more political muscle to overcome resistance and not suffer consequences, he’ll act. As before so now.

  3. Obama can achieve all his goals without disarming us. Instead the next dead thug will be his “son” (the one who tries to rape someone’s real daughter). Disarment is a Holder thing. Barack is a practical individual who works through the opinion/taste making apparatus.

  4. MSNBC Today is reporting the shooter used a Remington 870, S&W AR15, Glock .40 cal and a second Glock pistol unknown caliber.

  5. A man who is directly responsible for the collateral damage occurring on a daily basis in the Middle East should shut the hell up about a comparatively miniscule number of (14) homicides.

      • The fact that I’m a slave in the only “free” country on the planet is more offensive than anything I can imagine.

        • have you thought of relocating. I think we scratch up enough for a one way ticket to a destination of your choice. Somewhere you could be more free perhaps? Oh, where would that be?

        • if you feel that you’re a slave, then yes you are. sucks to be you. i on the other hand am a free man. always have been and always will be. even if they put me in a gulag i would still be free.

    • What, you’re not going to make your customary “[hypenated expletive deleted] Obama” comment?

      • I’ll let you have this one Matt. You haven’t been able to get in any good flames lately…haha.

  6. Well, give the guy credit, no knee-jerk inflammatory anti-gun rhetoric. What bothers me is that “We’ll take every step possible” line. Quite simply, it’s not the government’s damn job to take every possible step to baby the public and be nannies. If by “every possible step” he means have police cruisers swing by crowded movie theater parking lots now and then, then fine. But if he means install metal detectors and cameras and ban evil black guns, then no, not fine. And I know exactly which one Barry truly wants.

  7. sounds like old ted kennedy. preach about us not needing guns and his sub machine gun toting body gaurds ran afoul of airport security. at the end of the day i will protect me and mine.

  8. One of B.O’s Better speeches, but there is just no pleasing some people. I suppose now would be the time to interject the obligatory “Haters gonna’ Hate!” He could make a speech about how JBM should be honored as an American Hero and nominate January 23rd as John Browning day, and still someone would be pissy about his speech and write an angry blog about how he is only placating republicans, when he is really trying to grab guns, and instead of JBM it should Gaston Glock day. Sheesh.

    • When a president or any politician gives a speech, it’s more phony than an actor playing a role. Those speeches are carefully crafted to do one thing and one thing only: please the highest amount of voters. Being vague and “heartfelt” like this has proven to be effective. There is never truth to be found in a speech as to what the politician truly believes or intends.

      The only time you’ll ever see truth from a politician is when they misspeak or are caught off-camera.

      So, admittedly, yes, I would never take a political speech at face value. If he did declare JBM Day I’d wonder what his angle is. No matter the spectrum, politicians are liars, opportunists, and thirst for power. Keeping a cautious and distrusting eye on government is every citizen’s duty.

    • He could have a press conference wherein he drops dead. I would have no problem with that.

  9. Well at least he wasn’t like Mr. Bloomberg or Peirce Morgan. I will give him that.
    None the less folks on the left seem to be jumping on banning all sorts of things. At the end of the day I say, there were cops at the movie theater. Why did no one to try and stop him while in process of the crime. Were there no CCW holders in the theater? Why was it only after he exited the building that he was arrested? Seems pretty daft to me.

  10. Trying to make a maybe or maybe not anti gun agenda is really a stupid way to make a crack about his daughters going to the theatre with Secret Service protection.

  11. no, he would look like the 2 young gentleman exiting the cybercafe in florida in such a hurry. they must have realized they were late for daddy’s next speech.

  12. All I see is a right-wing extremist trying to convince everyone that Obama is trying to take their guns when throughout the first term of his presidency no such attempt has been made. He has refused to pursue any such “anti-second amendment” policy regardless of how many shooting sprees in our country occur. You sir, are what’s wrong with this country. You are desperate for something to BLOG about (a disreputable time-waste in and of itself) that to you claim to be able to divine the “secret” messages within the presidents entirely apolitical speech, which was attempting to console the people in Colorado who lost people they loved. Your divisive rhetoric only serves to quicken the decline of this nation. If you want to pretend to be a journalist at least offer facts. Shitty job sir, shitty job.

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