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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
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Democrats will demagogue the gun control issue from now until the election (and beyond). But the fact is, when they had a shot at luring Trump into a deal on background checks, a red flag bill or both, they decided to open an impeachment inquiry.

They have no one to blame but themselves.

On Wednesday, Barr declared the legislative effort officially dead, while rolling out an operation that aimed to take illegal guns off the streets.

The gun initiative, known as Project Guardian, was among the proposals offered by the Justice Department in September. It amounts to one of the few responses to the mass shootings that the Trump administration has offered.

“Unfortunately, our discussions on the legislative aspects of this have been sidetracked because of the impeachment process on the Hill, and so we are going forward with all the operational steps that we can take that do not require legislative action,” [Attorney General William] Barr said.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives will lead the new Justice Department initiative. A nationwide program, Project Guardian will involve enhanced coordination between federal law enforcement and local policing partners to identify gun crime offenders who could be charged on the federal level, where punishment can be more severe.

The program will also aim to crack down on evasions of the federal background check system, with a special focus on people who are rejected for mental health reasons.

– David Shortell in Barr blames impeachment inquiry for derailing gun legislation efforts 300x250-v2

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  1. I an concerned that this initiative, while having good intentions, can and will be abused like so much other authority given to the feds. ” The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. Who trusts the ATF ?

    • I share concern about emphasizing Federal enforcement of gun laws.

      Clearly, interstate trafficking of guns without an FFL is a federal crime more-so than a state crime.

      Conversely, possession of a gun by a prohibited person is more-so a state crime than federal.

      In my view, the problem with gun crime enforcement is AT the STATE level, not to be solved at the federal level.

      It occurs to me that the FBI might expand its reporting program to call for explicit reporting of police arrests for felon-in-posession, armed-robbery-with-a-gun and the like.

      Police agencies would – I think – be willing to cooperate with such reporting VOLUNTARILY. They would prefer to be providing data showing that they are DOING THEIR jobs by arresting those accused of these crimes.

      Then, the public would have an opportunity to see the difference between the arrest rates and conviction rates for such crimes. If – say – one in ten felon-in-possession charges results in a reported conviction then it will be clear that the other 9 are not being prosecuted, plea-bargained away or not found guilty at trial.

      Public recognition of the problem to be found in the prosecution/adjudication stages would be useful.

      Thereafter, it would be a separate issue to reveal to the public the extent to which concurrent sentences dilute the deterrent effect of the gun-law crimes. A robber sentenced to 4 years for aggravated robbery and 3 or 5 years for felon-in-posession will regard the gun-crime as not-a-deterrent.

      • I could not disagree more. Possession of a firearm by a prohibited person is a totally federal crime, as a “prohibited person” is a federal definition. “Gun crime enforcement” is not only a federal ONLY responsibility, it should be completed in toto by SCOTUS insisting on enforcement of 2A, as there IS NO SUCH THING as “gun crime”, a gun is an inanimate object and cannot commit a crime under any circumstances. What is being passed off as “gun crime” is the possession of a gun. In a country where 2A is 27 words long, really simple to understand, and the mealymouthed bullshit attempting to rationalize that it does not mean what it clearly says fills numerous libraries, being all squishy about “gun crime”, which has no accepted definition which I have ever heard, is unhelpful to those who value any form of freedom.

    • I concur. There are guns. There is crime. Very seldom are there “illegal guns.”
      Straw purchases notwithstanding – laws already exist.

  2. TDS is a serious condition and one the democrats suffer from. It blinds them to what is possible.
    I like gridlock, keeps bad things from being passed.

    • Yeah, I was saying to myself when I saw that “Self, hands-down, that is the most hideous pic of Pelosi yet.”

      The worst part? This – You are looking at a past ‘Miss America’…

      • @Geoff “Run, Bloomie, run!” PR
        “The worst part? This – You are looking at a past ‘Miss America’…”

        You have got to be joking. Nancy Pelosi is NOT a past Miss America. Just to be damn sure, I looked it up under her maiden name (D’Alesandro) as well.

        • There’s probably an old tintype out there of her in her youth. You never know, she might have been hot at one point, long before she was mummified.

        • Nancy D’Alesandro was pretty good looking in her younger days. Surprisingly enough. so was Dianne Goldman Feinstein. Young ugly women rarely succeed in politics. They might get ugly as they age, and their true persona emerges, but they start out nice looking.

        • Dave G., I knew I picked a bad day to quit mainlining Fentanyl.

          For some reason,I thought I remembered reading that somewhere.

          Duh, me…

  3. Dumbass should be avoiding more Federal gun control, not placing blame for lack of it. But then this isn’t a 2A administration.

    • Right? Kind of disappointed that it took 8 comments in before someone pointed this out.

      This goes down with Trump’s tweet aboutt Beto for making it “harder to make a deal on gun control”… there is no deal you muppet! What part of that is so confusing to this lot?

      • Simple. Trump is a con man. He needed the votes and the millions in campaign dollars so he lied his ass off to the NRA and gun owners.

        Simple as that, we been had!!!!!

        • “Simple as that, we been had!!!!!”

          Being granted cert. on the ‘NY Pistol’ case proves your point is bullshit… 🙂

        • @enuf:
          “Trump is a con man.”
          Maybe so. But, I also suspect that Trump is a FUDD, which would explain his relationship with the NRA.

        • So you voted for Hildebeast, since she never lies and she also would have enforced the shall not be infringed part of the 2A better than Trump?

        • Geoff “Run, Bloomie, run!” PR says:
          November 15, 2019 at 10:42
          “Simple as that, we been had!!!!!”
          Being granted cert. on the ‘NY Pistol’ case proves your point is bullshit…

          Not following you on this one? Trump is not involved in the NY case?

        • Hannibal and the Elephants says:
          November 15, 2019 at 20:22
          So you voted for Hildebeast, since she never lies and she also would have enforced the shall not be infringed part of the 2A better than Trump?

          Are you out of your ever luv’n mind? Could no more have voted for Clinton than I’d of pounded nails in my head.

          In 2016 I voted for Evan McMullin (Republican, former CIA Spook):

          It is very simple. When the big party candidates are both filthy disgusting scum and the polls say one is leading so big in my state there is no hope of changing the outcome, pick a palatable third party or write-in candidate.

        • Dave G. says:
          November 15, 2019 at 11:32
          “Trump is a con man.”
          Maybe so. But, I also suspect that Trump is a FUDD, which would explain his relationship with the NRA.

          Possibly, yeah he could be an Elmer Fudd type.

          I still lean toward him making his love of the SA a complete fabrication. I’ve been paying attention to the man since his early days of being a loud mouth braggart in NYC, as I’ve family roots in the Tri-State area (but I’ve lived in a Free State for decades). So my disgust with the man is founded on a very long history of his bad behaviors.

        • “Not following you on this one? Trump is not involved in the NY case?”

          Trump had *everything* to do with the ‘NT Pistol’ case being granted cert..

          Hillary would have chosen 2 justices with solid ‘Progressive’ leanings, therefore denying the possibility that gun transport case being granted cert..

          You said Trump hasn’t done anything pro-2A. He damn sure has, and they are named Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh…

    • Prosecutors view everything as a crime. They are generally a self-serving type.
      I view cops and politicians in the very same light; those who want the job probably shouldn’t have it.

      • Ruby Ridge began with the ATF. Once they had F_cked it up badly, additional Federal agencies were brought it in to build upon that F_ckup. Thus the cold blooded murder of Vicki Weaver by the FBI.

        Same deal with Waco TX and the Branch Davidians. First, the ATF attacked in Full Stupid Mode. Once they’d incompetently gotten their own killed, in came the FBI to amplify the stupidity and kill more people, men, women and children.

        Think of the ATF as the starter motor for the most massive and bloody disasters in all of Federal law enforcement history.

        • True that but without the comic antics of Ken Berry, Forrest Tucker, Larry Storch and Melody Patterson!!!

          The ATF history of blood soaked incompetence, arrogance, ass covering and punishing those responsible with a wrist slap and a promotion and pay raise goes back to their earliest known mess. The 1971 raid on Ken Ballew’s apartment, when the shot a completely innocent man in the head as he exited his shower, naked, having grabbed a cap and ball black powder revolver for protection against unknown intruders trying to bash in his back door.

          Yes, ATF blood letting goes back all the way to their beginnings!

  4. Um, Bill, you kind of lost me at the beginning there.
    It’s unfortunate that tyranny got sidetracked before it made any progress?

  5. Barr and his overlord Trump are no friends to gun owners or the Second Amendment. There have been absolutely ZERO efforts on pro-gun, anti-infringement legislation. No movement, no action, at all.

    I’d give them some credit for a good effort that failed, for at least trying, had they tried. But so far, nothing.

    As for “Project Guardian”, this sort of thing has been done many times. It never lasts. Some repeat offenders and hard case criminals are put away, but the interest fades and the politicians move on to something else.

    Trump and Barr will do the same.

    • “There have been absolutely ZERO efforts on pro-gun, anti-infringement legislation. No movement, no action, at all.”

      And who gets to define what ‘infringement means, legally?


      Are you now going to seriously claim Hillary’s court pics would have voted to grant cert. on a 2A case dealing with carry outside the home?

      Dude, you have a *problem*…

      • “Who gets to decide what infringement means?”
        I would say, “All the signers of the Constitution.” These very smart people.
        ANY territory that applied for statehood MUST agree with the BOR. ALL OF IT!
        Or else your laws are contradictory to the BOR, therefore null and void.
        Simplistic, I know- that’s the point. Unclear/ unenforceable laws are anarchy/ fascism by beauracracy.

        • “ANY territory that applied for statehood MUST agree with the BOR. ALL OF IT!”

          For the original States, that was the case only insofar as the BOR limited the central government. Those states absorbed after 1868 began to see an inversion of the constitution and the BOR, thus agreeing with imposition of the federal constitution onto the states (little “S”).

      • jwm says:
        November 15, 2019 at 11:58
        He’s a socialist with TDS. Too bad, really. He seems a bright enuf fellow otherwise.

        Again with the Socialism. I keep telling you that Marxist Socialism is evil, and why the anti-gun side is not Marxist, but you refuse to hear it.

        Calling everybody you are opposed to a “Socialist” or a “Commie” is a failure in Enemy Identification. Which in turn damages your strategy against them.

        Ever heard the phrase “Know your enemy”? It’s important advice in any conflict.

        As for me I was for Nixon in ’68, volunteered in Reagan’s first campaign and was caught on TV camera in the crowd when he told that guy to “shut up” and everyone cheered, am a Constitutional Originalist, quit the Republican Party when that moron (but heck of a nice guy) GW Bush became the Republican Nominee and have been an Independent Conservative ever since.

        Capitalism is the best by far of all economic systems. No economic system offers more strength, greater vitality, more upward mobility to the common citizen.

        Representative Democracy, of which there are many forms, is the very best concept yet devised by the mind of man for running a country. The American Republic is so far the very best of the many variants of Representative Democracy, even with all our troubles.

  6. Which is it, folks?

    Enforce the laws already on the books?
    Or, don’t enforce the laws already on the books?

    We are demonstrating schizophrenia among gun owners. Yeah, that’s a winning avenue.

    Or, are we, just like the gun-grabbers, a bunch of bitchy little children?

    • “Or, are we, just like the gun-grabbers, a bunch of bitchy little children?”

      More and more it seems to be the case that we are not very different from the Left in how we act. We just have different pet issues.

        • Fair point.

          It’s the rank hypocrisy that bothers me, not in regards to the human condition, but rather insofar as it hurts us politically.

          Well, that and the way so many people seem to actually look for ways to sow division with the very people they agree with 95% just to virtue signal to the people they agree with slightly more. That’s purely self destructive an obnoxious to boot, especially when it’s done with mindless sloganeering and other assorted jackassery.

        • So let’s just drop the pretense of moral righteousness and fight dirty like the left. Reminds me of when a favorite superhero has his arch nemesis in his grasp and lets him go.

      • I have a theory on this: The super rich (whom own the media and buy the government) have the basic philosophy that you can find a mirror and go fuck yourself. These types write the rules.
        “Look left.”
        “No! Look right!”
        Just don’t look up because that is from where we’re being shat upon. THAT is the long game.

    • Hell yes enforce existing laws. Also focus enforcement efforts and prosecutions on the worst offenders, the repeat offenders. Get the most effective bang for the budget by going after the worst of the worst and work your way down, hitting them with every damned law already on the books. Makes perfect sense.

  7. “They will be cracking down on evasions of the federal registry system”

    Setting up stings against law abiding private gun transferors to try and conflate gun trafficing? Do I hear fast and furious?

    Stop enforcing gun laws…….execute violent criminals…….or AT LEAST STOP LETTING THEM OUT OF PRISON

    • “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”
      The Feds are just surreptitiously warming up for the “Big Confiscation Event,” it is a bipartisan Fed wet dream after all. A lot of infrastructure to start putting into place and a lot of legal test cases to work out, and so little time to do it in… “No time to say hello goodbye, I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!”
      “Everything’s got a moral, if only you can find it.”
      As the cat 🐱 put it most succinctly, “We’re all mad here.”

    • Seriously, it is a tragedy what politics and time do to previously good looking females. There are photos on the web of young Shrillery and Pelosi in their early 20’s. Not movie star or supermodel caliber by any means but darned cute and worth chasing about the college campus for a date with lewd and lascivious intentions.

      Consider the case of Jane Fonda. In 1968 she dead “Barbarella”. A sexy farce where she starts out doing a strip tease in the opening credits, then thru-out the movie keeps falling into sex fantasies. Huge success, could have had a wonderful career. Then in 1972 she did you all know what in North Vietnam. A classic case of politics destroying a good woman, turning her into an offensive idiot.

      Hell of a shame.

  8. Government is good people are bad. Does anyone think criminals consider themselves as such, or, debate which laws they will break, or, even consider they are breaking any laws.
    Unfortunately the way our jurisprudence system is so screwed up there is an abundance of innocent people incarcerated. Ninety percent of the guilty are just like the rest of us there but for the grace of God go i. The other ten percent lost any humanity, if they had any to begin with, long ago, and should be exterminated in the same manner as they did to their victims, and very publicly. If that didn’t deter others it would certainly stop repeat offenders. As for gun laws there should not be any whatsoever period.

  9. Barr, I hope this statement was only to shove their ineptitude in their face, and not lamenting a perceived lack of action. It’s not blame, but CREDIT. Credit them for being as stupid as they are, for admitting that their gun control scheme won’t do anything to save lives, for instead going for all the marbles in their greed for power, and for proving to the world that they are actually worthless! 2 thumbs up, Nancy! Up your wazoo, that is.


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