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U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is off the fence: letting guns “walk” into Mexico is a bad, bad thing. So . . . why did he allow it? Again, I’m wondering when Holder knew that the ATF’s gun smuggling “sting” operations had slipped from “let them buy the weapons and we’ll follow them and nail the kingpins” to “let my assault rifles go.” Was the walking part of the program official policy right from the git-go? I find that hard to believe. But if it was, Holder had to know about it. Should have known about it. Meanwhile, this halt to the policy is a post equine bolting gate closing effort. There are thousands of ATF-enabled weapons in Mexico, in the hands of people who kill other people without much thought. Just like Attorneys General who authorize ATF ops without much thought, except worse. I think.

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  1. Every one knows for sure how gone handle this now buy being deaf dumb and blind. Ever thing Obama people have done gone buy see no evil hear no evil speak no evil. The wost thing has happen that people in are goverment that heading government law enforcement agency acting blind to what going on in them or know what happening them living in state denyle about it. My favrita refuse except fact that happen spin out that not bad been for cast. The same Attorney General Eric Holder stone wall Senator Charles Grassley who asked for facts about this case is geting them from Atf or from Eric Holder.

  2. Get everyone from the top down in front of Congress. We have to find out who authorized this and they need to be held accountable.

  3. Tap dancing? Holder and his crew have more steps than the JabbaWockeeZ. Maybe when Holder’s political career is over, he can understudy Michael Flatley in the touring company of Riverdance.

    • Xactly.

      I am (pleasantly) surprised that mainstream CBS has given this scandal legs. Usually this shit is the sole province of NPR, meaning all but the cognoscenti don’t even know it happened.

      I was wrong in thinking it would be dead by now. Though it is dying as we speak, CBS has actually held the BATFE’s feet to the fire despite the standard protocol of deny until the newscycle changes.

      Viva la veritas!

  4. Yup, when you don’t believe what you are saying, there are lots of uh, um, stutter, uh, so obviously, uh. Just look at a debate between a Brady member and a pro-rights advocate. When you believe, and understand a subject, you don’t need scripts and uhmmms.

  5. Robert:
    Should that next to last line be “Just like Attorney Generals …”? (Also the plural of Attorney General is Attorneys General (and whether or not ‘anal-retentive’ is hyphenated depends on how it is being used, but wither way, yes I am))

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