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Someone needs to introduce our Julie to the concept of center mass.

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  1. Great PR for women and guns – as for Center Mass – they stated early on in the vid that zombies have to be shot in the head…

  2. Is Blair Herter, the guy in the video, related to the now defunct Herter’s of Waseca, MN?
    Back in the 60’s and early 70’s I bought a LOT of merchandise from them, including reloading equipment that was the best.

    I occasionally see cheap Russian made ammo with the Herter’s logo, but the original Herter’s “Tenacious for Quality” family concept would have never let their name be used on the low grade Russian ammo.

  3. I want, I want, I want, and any of the guns would be nice as well.
    Do have to say that this whole zombie thing is getting kind of old and was always off the wall silly though.

  4. the g4 guy was a mook but katie is good looking and she didn’t seem nervous about the uzi, “give ’em another burst, they’re still twitching.”

  5. What is she famous for?????????? I wouldn’t want either of those morons around if the feces should hit the fan. On the flip side it is good to see she didn’t play the stupid little girl, and pee her panties, at just the thought of firing an Uzi.
    Where I shoot, they had a bunch of playboy girls come out to shoot. What a cluster-f_ _k! The most intellegent thing that was said by one was “Dude you rock.”


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