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K-Var may be best known as the premier American purveyor of all things Kalashnikov, but the Las Vegas-based importer is now taking orders for a special run of custom-built Zastava bolt-action rifles. For southpaws…

The right-handed Zastava .22 boltie, called the MP22R, used to be imported as the Remington Model Five. Foghorn is a man who knows his rifles, and the little Zastava is one of his favorite rifles in the whole world. The left-handed version starts at an incredible $349. The centerfire Zastavas are based on Mauser actions, with controlled round feeding and beefy full-length extractor claws. Prices run from $539 for the .223 Remington, up to $839 for a double-trigger .375 H&H or .458 Winchester Magnum.

From K-Var:

For the 11% of the US population that is left-handed, adapting to different firearms can be a tricky thing to juggle. For that 11%, K-Var is excited to introduce our limited line of Left Handed Zastava firearms.

Just like the original right handed variation, these left handed rifles come directly from the Zastava Arms factory in Serbia. Their world renowned reputation for quality has made them one of the premier firearms manufacturers for over 150 years. Each firearm features superior craftsmanship from barrel to buttstock. These left-handed, bolt-action rifles will be built so that the bolt is on the left side making it easy to use for any lefty gun enthusiast.

There will be 30 calibers/trigger/stock types to choose from.

This is a SPECIAL ORDER ITEM. In order to import these in a timely manner, we ask that you call, e-mail, or place your online order not later than 3:00 PST on February 9th and make your $100 deposit.

Please allow up to 90 days for delivery of these unique firearms.

Only 90 days to order an as-yet-unbuilt rifle from Europe? It takes Kimber longer than that to deliver an already-made handgun from New York.

If you’re interested, email [email protected] or call 1-702-364-8880. And soon.

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  1. As a southpaw, I appreciate the thought. Unfortunately I haven’t felt the need for a bolt gun in, well, forever. When I used to hunt, I used a longbow. If I had an opportunity for a rifle hunt, an old Winchester lever action proved to be an ambidextrous alternative. Still, if the opportunity arises, I’ll keep them in mind.

    What would be more appreciated is handgun manufacturers putting ambi safeties on defensive pistols. I’m a bit tired of looking at shooting irons and realizing that there’s no real way for me to carry them.

    • Some designs are completely ambidextrous, including the SIG/Sauer P250 I’m evaluating. The mag release is reversible and the slide release is mirrored on both sides. And the best part? No manual safety at all.

  2. Actually as a righty I would like this left handed rifle.
    You can operate the bolt without taking your hand away from the controls, faster aiming followup possibly?

  3. Although I’m left handed , for some reason I just can’t shot a left handed Rifle. I’ve tried, but I just like shooting the right handed one better.

  4. I didn’t get here until March 23, 2012. Is there any chance at getting in on the LH Zastava Mausers? Century International Arms was also supposed to be going to import Zastava Mausers. (According to Guns America blog at the SHOT Show interviewing Century personnel) Two e-mails to them and no answer. Ditto from Zastava. Although after the first e-mail their web-site did show up with a notice saying “a large quantity”. The second e-mail was to ask what is a large quantity. No response. I am looking for a long action in 9.3mm X 62mm. Stock or no stock.

    • I have a M70 lh in 6.5x55SE on order from K-Var now. It is nice to have a LH cal. selection other than the old standards offered by the big American co.s. I own several LH bolt actions and currently own a Sav. 110 in 35 whelen/imp. It is a ballistic twin to the 9.3×62 you desire. I shoot a 250gr. spitzer @ 2600fps out of it. It rattles the fillings in your teeth when you touch that load off! If that is what you are looking for, your 9.3×62 will give it to you. As for me, the 6.5×55 will be my fun gun!

  5. PS: to David

    I would suggest that if you are still looking for your 9.3×62 contact Elliott or call 1-702-364-8880. I ordered mine in mid March and was told they had ordered a few more rifles than the orders received in February. It could be that there may be an extra 9.3×62 in the over order which are due in this month. Call him and see. You can’t beat the price!

  6. I had know idea they were still making Zastava left hand rifles. Do they have any rifles left? I’m especially interested in the left hand .223., but I would like to know about any other calibers that they have in stock.


    • For those who may be interested, Dave Gentry ( is still making left hand three position safeties for the Mauser 98. You have to order directly from them though.


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