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Notice the hose quote marks around the words “nice racks” above. That’s ’cause it’s ironic. OK, it’s more of the sexist celebration of the female form that occasionally mings with TTAG’s mantra. But . . . uh . . . that’s also a direct quote from the linking email sent by a member of our Armed Intelligentsia. Whose name will go unmentioned—discretion being the better part of valor and all. As you were, Airmen. Air people? Whatevs . . .

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  1. All Air Force members are called “Airman” regardless of gender. I watched the video and can see no room for complaint. These are the same rules and regulations that were in effect the last time I was issued a weapon from the armory.

    • Better looking by far than the armorer at my base. It’s a shame AF Reg 35-10 mandates the hair styles women can wear in uniform, it limits the options.

  2. I’m a good sport, but at some point, if we are serious about extending the acceptance and appreciation of the 2nd amendment, this “hubba-hubba” BS has got to go.

      • Nothing wrong with hubba hubba. I like hubba hubba. But, thinking that women are only good for hubba hubba is puerile nonsense. Asking for women to join us in the support of the second amendment while treating them like walking vaginas, is nonsense. Disrespecting the service of a woman in the USAF is uncalled for. This is supposed to the “The Truth About Guns,” not “The Truth About 12-year-olds.”

      • Yeah, this is really not something that needs to be here. Just another person doing their job, there should be absolutely no snickering or puerile remarks related to their gender.

        You want acceptance from the other 50% of the population? Act like a respectable person and cut this stuff out. Want to encourage misandry? Keep on heading in this direction. I love this blog, but this stuff shouldn’t see the light of day.

        • Recently, I read about a Middle-Eastern expression: ‘women want fried ice’. Women are almost never satisfied, fulfilled, and happy no matter what happens for more than a brief period of time. Considering the special-class privileges women have (without being held accountable like men are subject to) in Western Societies I could care less about getting their acceptance.

          Since forever, women have treated men like walking penises, sperm banks, chivalrous fools whose duty it is to give them our seat in a life boat, as providers and protectors, etc. Considering how so many modern women behave in western societies I have no problem with hubba hubba. Maybe not all women are like that (NAWALT) yet many are just like that.

          It’s not surprising that increasing numbers of men are on a marriage strike, deciding not to shack up, and preferring to play video games than dating. Ask yourself why that is happening. Why are large numbers of men choosing to Ghost away from interacting with society, women, and government/politics. Men are choosing to go their own way MGTOW. Ironically, in the long run men will benefit more than women from feminism (though children and society will suffer) since men are learning that we can be more than ‘man-up’ providers, protectors, chivalrous supporting fathers to some queen dom.

          The misandry bubble will pop. Sadly so is western civilization and society.

          • People of either gender can be cruel to those of the opposite gender. Doesn’t take any special set of chromosomes. Humans, by and large, are never happy with what they have. I imagine that if we were, we’d still be living in the stone age.

            There’s unfortunate stereotypes about people who own guns – the ignorant redneck stereotype, the unrefined and uncultured, etc etc.

            Taking cheap shots at a woman doing her job and looking at her as nothing more than a set of boobs is the kind of **** that perpetuates that.

            If a woman goes so far as to view a man as nothing more than a walking wallet with testes for making kids, so be it. That’s her poor choice.

            It’s tougher to be the better person in that situation. I think we can be though. Man up.

      • In defense and support of Robert’s play on words: I would humbly suggest to everyone (Pro- or Anti-) that nothing pairs finer with a respectful awareness of the power of the 2nd Amendment than an equal if not greater respectful awareness (and an honest acknowledgement) of the power of the Female Form. To otherwise do so is foolhardy and disingenuous of Human Nature. Man has engaged in conflict far longer and greater with regard to the latter than he has with regard to (or equipped by the implements of) the former. SrA Sleutel was technically proficient in performing her duty (Mission Accomplishment being Priority 1) and was probably the most pleasant thing to look at (except of course the tricked guns;) in the Armory (Troop Morale being Priority 2). Two great things that go great together! Case(s) in point: How do you think I found this blog in the first place? Look at how many comments/views this entry generated compared to the last 10 before or after it. Nothing said has crossed the line into poor taste, especially in today’s social climate, so I think Robert has successfully increased 2nd Amendment awareness and discussion (his Priority 1). Hear, hear!

    • Sex sells. Always has, always will. I see nothing wrong with a little Hubba Hubba. Or a lot of Hubba Hubba for that matter.

      • Armorer’s build didn’t appear all that special; looked to be well-trained & comfortable in her job though. Good thing too considering our tax $$ bought the racks she’s in charge of, the hardware she’s handing out AND her bed & board while she’s serving us all!

        (I like the idea of the muzzle recepticle thing when clearing a rifle. Be nice to have one in my garage for those – admittedly seldom – times when I’d like to chamber a round without a trip to the closest range.)

    • Right, because treating people equally means ignoring if someone (regardless of gender) is attractive or not.

    • Wrong.

      The political correctness of people who should know better is what has got to go. A woman once called my office asking for the “handsome man who I spoke to last time”, and I didn’t go running to the Sexual Harassment Department.

      It is no different in this case. She is quite foxy ,which is a notable achievement for any female wearing Air Force ABU’s. I am a man, and will state plainly when a woman is attractive no matter what uniform or lack thereof may be present.

  3. Brings back memories of checking my CCW into the base armory every time I left and came back to base.

    I was stationed in a state that has CCW, but base procedure mandated that I clear,lock, and trunk store any pistol I carried before entering the gate, after which I was legally mandated under penalty of the UCMJ to drive directly to the armory via the most direct route. (You guys in New Jersey, I can sympathize with what a pain such a policy is).

    At which time, the Airman on duty would verify my weapon was unloaded and store it in their gun safe until I checked it out on my next departure.Catch was if I had to check out my ccw piece and it was during shift change I had to wait until the 40 cops in the station handed over their M9s and M4s and addressed their Air Force firearm paperwork before I could get my own weapon out, so watching people safe and clear their guns 40 times got to be a frequent routine for me.

    One good outcome from all that waiting is that I got to know the clearing procedures by heart without going to any fancy AF training sessions.

      • I was fortunate to be assigned under a Staff Sergeant who owns enough guns to fill a trailer. He had no problem with signing off on my Air Force form to own and store a firearm on base.
        I knew quite a few Airmen who were not as fortunate, being assigned to E-5 supervisors who would sooner eat a poisonous scorpion than authorize a subordinate to own their own gun and store it on base.

        For the uninitiated, military members can’t just buy a gun and cart it onto the base.Whether they live in base housing or enlisted housing, the member has to first complete an Air Force form 1314, which has to be signed by the supervisor of the member and the member’s squadron commander within a week.

        Supervisor is a Brady Foundation supporter? No signature.

        Boss thinks guns are icky? No signature.

        Boss doesn’t like that the Airman hasn’t volunteered for the squadron picnic? No signature

        Supervisor is from NYC and voted for Bloomberg?Fill in the blank.

        And no signature means no gun on base.Period.Dot. Done.This can also happen at the commander’s level, although convincing the immediate supervisor tends to be the largest obstackle.

        Assuming this hurdle is cleared, next the member has to either turn in the completed forms and firearm to the security forces squadron armory -which hopefully will have a unit armorer as hot as that Staff Sergeant in the posted video-or turn in the paperwork and keep the firearms in their home at base housing , unloaded with the ammunition and firearms stored separately from each other in the home.

        If my old boss is to be believed, some places are so nitpicky about firearms that base commanders bar private ownership of firearms entirely on post. So I didn’t sweat the regs when I was in, but am certainly glad I don’t need to hand my baby off to a stranger behind a set of bars every night.

      • @ henry bowman so your saying that we (military members) shouldn’t have guns because of fort hood… Thats like saying you shouldnt have a gun because of (insert any mass shooting). Ignorance…

        • @Shawn – I think he was saying exactly the opposite. In other words I think both of you are in agreement. Disallowing most service members from carrying a loaded weapon on base didn’t stop te Ft. Hood incident, and if more were allowed to carry a loaded weapon it may have been stopped much sooner.

    • I remember reading somewhere that those clearing barrels get quite a bit of use by tired soldiers getting a little confused as to the sequence for clearing their weapons. Click click BOOM!

      Safety first!

  4. I always thought that those railed shelves were cool in libraries but they look even better filled with M4’s.

  5. I couldn’t care less what my armorer looks like. All I want is to need those moving shelves to hold my guns.

    • FYI, not every Air Force base has fancy shelves like that.

      My old duty station sure didn’t, not that having a row of 50 kitted out M4s across an aisle from a row of 100 Berettas on fixed shelves looks any worse. Don’t ask me why, but the old beat up shelves at my last base just complete the theme better than the slick setup Beale has .

  6. Wow. Beale AFB. That was my permanent duty station during my four year government-sponsored vacation spent as an instrument/autopilot field service tech.

  7. I think her hair is out of regs.

    Air Force Instruction 36-2903:

    3.1.3…Hair will end above the bottom edge of collar and any side of an invisible line drawn parallel to the ground. When in doubt, assess correct length of hair with Airman standing in the position of attention.

    • I thought it was 35-10. I agree it’s on the edge of acceptable but not too bad. She could pin it back if a big wig was coming through for an inspection.

      • …and if she did pin it back it would be within the regs, but she didn’t, so it’s not. The right front is longer than the back, which makes it out of reg, unless it was pinned up, which it isn’t. That’s one thing I really *loved* during my 6+ years in the Army, the way NCO’s would look past obvious grooming and uniform gigs on females, but then they’d break out their microscopes on a male Soldier who may have possibly had a stray hair or two touching his ear if he held his head at a certain angle.

        • Look Barstow, my hair is in regs and I know this because I see it every day and you do not. Thank you very much for your concern about how men get treated more unfairly than women in the military but if I was you I would save that argument for something you’re actually right about 🙂

  8. I like how they cleared the rifle chambers, but I didn’t see them clear the grenade launchers!

    And yes, it would be nice if people wouldn’t act like 12 year olds. She was perfectly professional, and not wearing skimpy clothing. Leave her alone.

  9. Wow!!!! That is an amazing video. That girl in the video is pretty hardcore, beautiful, and professional without even having to try. Shes going to be someone very important one day. Make it happen! AIR POWER!!!!

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