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TTAG’s Brad Kozak recently reported on defense contractor and ammo demilitarizer ATK (Why Is Ammo So Expensive? Ask Uncle Sam). In a nutshell, the company stands accused of doing an end-run around a Congressional mandate to release the military’s spent brass to the civilian market. Selling the brass to the bases that created it (for a higher profit), rather than a recycling facility for the general public. While our Jeff Puthuff has responded to the idea that the Obama administration plotted the move to thwart private gun owners’ desire for cheap[er] ammo to reduce gun ownership (Counterpoint: Obama’s Policy on Gun Control Did Not Make Ammo Expensive), ATK has responded to allegations of price gouging and civilian subversion.

ATK is a strong supporter of our armed forces, the shooting sports industry, second amendment rights and all of our customers who choose to reload ammunition.

In fact, ATK is a leader in the reloading market. The dated brochure and presentation have caused confusion in the marketplace and do not reflect the views of our company and will be immediately withdrawn.

As a service to our military customers, we routinely handle demil operations for various munitions and respond to requests from military installations for reclamation and recycling of military items.

Each contract is awarded through the military installation’s procurement process. The installations received fair value for the brass.

ATK fully supports the provision passed by Congress last year to ensure that demilitarized spent brass casings remain available for civilian use.

Amanda Covington
ATK Armament Systems

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