ATK Responds to Ammo Accusations

TTAG’s Brad Kozak recently reported on defense contractor and ammo demilitarizer ATK (Why Is Ammo So Expensive? Ask Uncle Sam). In a nutshell, the company stands accused of doing an end-run around a Congressional mandate to release the military’s spent brass to the civilian market. Selling the brass to the bases that created it (for […]

Counterpoint: Obama Did Not Cause Ban on the Sale of Spent Brass

In a recent article on this blog, Brad Kozak claimed that, in an effort to discourage gun ownership, President Obama directed the Department of Defense (DOD) to stop the sale of spent military casings to remanufacturers who produce civilian ammunition: Then the Obama administration decided that it didn’t want to do anything that would encourage […]

Why Is Ammo So Expensive? Ask Uncle Sam

You’d think at a time of 10 percent unemployment, rising taxes, out-of-control government spending, and deficit spending out the wazoo, you’d think that Uncle Sam would jump at the chance to save a buck or two, by selling off some stuff from their vast, overstocked warehouse. And you’d be wrong.