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Blame: Dad blames everyone but his own son for getting shot while menacing others with knives

Earlier this week, Logan Clark, a 14-year-old part-time student at Hug High School in Reno got himself shot while rampaging with a pair of butcher knives in a busy school courtyard, threatening his fellow students. A school resource officer came upon the scene, skipped the hugs and repeatedly ordered young Logan to drop the knives and get back. When asking nicely failed, the officer applied some ballistic intervention ending Logan’s run.

The student’s father then casts blame on everyone except his son’s behavior for the son getting shot.

That’s right – let the blame game begin. Little Logan’s daddy got on Facebook within hours and cast blame upon everyone except his son for what happened. Daddy Clark blames the cop for not using a “Tazzer” first. He blames the school because his son was a victim of bullying. He’s claims he’s gong to file suit against the Reno PD.

After watching the video clips, it looks to me that Logan’s menacing behavior with those knives wasn’t one bit defensive. The videos are embedded at the bottom of this page.

Blame knife

Here’s dad Justin Clark’s first post, since deleted from his Facebook page, with warts and all:

My son was shot today by the school police at hug high school.  Please go to his page and tell if u can y the officer pulled his side arm and not his tazzer his name is Logan Clark he is the one with the red hat and red shirt in his profile pic.  The video is not hard to find but hard to watch.  I would like some public support in the battle with the city that’s sure to come from this.  My son was a a superior athlete and has lost part of his lung , with alot more things that will b known over the next few days especially tomorrow.  Now he won’t have the ability that he had before,so he won’t have the chance to go to college or any other way to use this gift.  Cuz it’s gone , so the Reno police department needs to b held accountable.  Thank you for reading this and if u watch the video and agree that nonlethal force could have been used.  Leave a comment there is also a different angle at a website called Mic I was advised not to look at this video so as of now I have not

It would seem dear Dad didn’t get the response he had hoped for. A few minutes later, Mr. Clark posted this not so veiled threat:

To idiots that think Logan was wrong know he was being bullied he is not the kind to back down.  He brought the knives because he was gonna b jumped and he was the school knew of this and failed to act so before u run ur mouth know the facts don’t speak.  And if anyone has such opinion so strong that they would like to share it me please hit me on messenger I’ll b bald to discuss it with u personally in person

Inquiring minds checked out Logan’s Facebook page which turned out to be loaded with jewels. Ordinarily, due to privacy laws, we’d never know about Logan’s recent history of time spent in juvenile lockup. But thanks to the magic of social media we know that the kid was a regular there and hence a “part-time student”.

On April 20 he posted that he was “getting out on May 21”. On September 21 he posted that he was going to jail “rn” (right now).  The next day:  “they let me go but i got court today”.  And on October 16th, he posted:  “dam going back to jail tmmr for at least a year”, but they let him out on November 22, per another post.

It also appears that he used Facebook to fence stolen merchandise. The day after they let him out in November, he began an advertising campaign to sell some nice high-end merchandise. He was asking $100 each for Fendi belts. He also had MCM wallets and pouches as well as Gucci backpacks for sale. Earlier in the year, he had True Religion jean shortsAnd Hilfiger watches. “HMU” (hit me up) he posted.

By all appearances, this kid was (and remains) a menace to society. Dad’s protestations to the contrary, he was never going to college for his superior athletics. Running from the police isn’t a collegiate sport. Neither is slashing innocent students. The blame for Logan Clark getting shot lays right at Logan Clark’s feet.

Caution: Not safe for work. Language and violence.






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  1. That kid was pretty close to everyone with those knives. I don’t see why there is any controversy. But what do I know? Now they are protesting the shooting of the Ohio State massacre promulgator. Six months ago, black people getting shot by police was the issue. Now it seems that any police shooting, whatever the circumstances, is bad. What is going here?

    • All police shootings are bad. But sometimes the consequences of police not shooting (e.g. a bunch of innocent teenagers getting stabbed) are worse.

    • Except for those in control, like the police, everyone in America is oppressed. This young man could have had a promising future. Obviously he was so intensely frustrated that, even at such an early stage in his life, he felt he had no choice but to try and act-out his disappointment and anger. He was crying tor help and nobody cared. Now he’ll never get a chance to get his life together. Couldn’t somebody have at least tried to understand where he was coming from before shooting him? //SARC//

    • To be fair, the name “Hug” comes from Proctor Hug, the benefactor the school is named after, a fairly high profile attorney in town. It’s not as bad as it sounds… that being said, it’s also known as “Thug high” here locally.

      • Proctor Hug Jr. was a Washoe school administrator, then a NV state senator, and then (last I knew) was appointed to the Ninth Circus Court of Appeals. Sorta a big wheel in NV politics.

        • I could argue that Judge Hug is bigger cheese than Reid. After all, he’s a judge appointed to a circuit court, not a senator who has to run for re-election every six years, and the 9th Circuit Court’s decisions cover many more people than Reid’s state of Nevada.

        • Harry Effing Reid doesn’t get regularly slapped by SCOTUS, so he has that going for him, anyway.

  2. His father seems like a real piece of sh-t, which answers every question I might have had about where this kid went wrong.

    • Watched an interview with the dad and he clearly had a Juggalo hatchet man tattoo on his right forearm. That right there spoke volumes to this kids upbringing.

  3. The kid needed a hard lesson, lucky for him he survived. Judging by the language of his father he is partially to blame for his son’s criminal behavior. Most likely a classic enabler.

    • Yeah, that dad seems like a real piece of work. Kid lost part of his lung? The kid’s incredibly lucky to be alive. Jesus, several major lessons on what not to do.

      • “The kid is lucky to be alive”. That is what I thought. The kid, and the dad, should be thanking God for mercifully sparing this little creep’s life. The officer showed restraint in only firing only once, rather than lighting him up with a full magazine (like sometimes happens).

        I hope the boy learns a lessen here, and straightens up.

        • Shoot until the threat stops, if one round stops, then one round is all he gets. Especially given all the innocents around, you cant be letting off “double taps”. Aim a bit low of “center mass” to ensure bullet headed down in event of a miss or through-n-through (quicker to strike ground and lose legality)

  4. I see the tendency to rubberneck instead of GTFO is still very much alive and well with teens. I think the biggest risk the cop had was the potential to miss the teen with the knives and hit an innocent bystander. This will be good fodder for conversation with my high schooler.

    • In New Jersey, with hollowpoints considered verboten, that bullet would have sailed through and hit the next kid in line. I bet this cop tried to time it as best as conditions allowed, so that he had as clear a shot as possible. Great work, sir.

      • New Jersey cops can carry hollow points. Because they’re better than regular people, you see, and their lives are more valuable than some ordinary schmuck’s.

        • To be fair, it’s not much of an important distinction since it’s not like anyone but cops can carry guns at all in NJ…

  5. Having lived in Reno in the past, I know exactly where this school is.

    It looks to me like an open-n-shut case. Two knifes? He was presenting a clear, reasonable threat of death or great bodily harm to other people, and lethal force could be brought. One shot, he’s down and disarmed. I don’t see a problem anywhere in this.

  6. “That the attacker sustained a ballistic wound is a matter that should have been considered by the injured before he set himself to the task he undertook.”

    – 5DCA, probably

    Play dangerous games, win dangerous prizes. Don’t take a knife to a gun fight.

  7. One hundred percent chance his dad has a gofundme account set up within 24 hours. It’ll have a BS narrative about how great a kid he is and how a trigger-happy “bad cop” ruined his life. All the negative data on his Facebook will be deleted. Hundreds of mindless fools will donate thousands of dollars.

  8. Hey dad, have that little shit come at me with a knife like he did multiple people, see how many shots are fired then. He was threatening multiple people, police had a choice, one shot fired, or multiple knife wounds to other peoples kids, kudos to the nv police for making good judgment on one little shithead.

  9. I’m glad the kid is alive. Would it have been better to taze him? Maybe, who’s to say. He’s just darn lucky that cop didn’t empty the whole magazine into him which would have still been abso-freaking-lutely justifiable.

    • “I’m glad this kid is alive”?

      Are you f***ing nuts? This thing is a criminal gene bearing parasite, it’s irredeemable and you won’t be so “glad” when it’s YOUR daughter he’s mounting at knife-point and rutting upon in a few years.

      Best case scenario here was for the cop to make him “good” right there thus ending this repeat offender’s life of squandering taxpayers dollars and life of crime at the same time. Remember we’re paying for this animal at least twice maybe three times, for his “schooling”, “imprisonment” and I’ll bet “welfare” and “healthcare” too.

    • I am seeing a lot of “oh he should have been tazed!!” Comments on here, really? So you are willing to arm-chair criticize the officer for using a FULLY JUSTIFIED DGU, but when it comes to your concealed carry, hell or high water, from my cold dead hands!!!! WTF? An officer gets to go home safe to his family and live to protect another day, other kids get to go home safe because of the DGU, f__k the little turd perp, and his worthless sperm donor father too.

    • Generally speaking, the use of force continuum suggests using a level of force at or a step higher than the suspect presents, and escalating a step at a time as necessary.

      Suspect at reasonably close range, with knives, is already at deadly force level.

      The only way the officer should have even thought about using a Tazer would have been if he had backup right there, guns ready; even then, the Tazer would only be appropriate if the knife wielder were acting less aggressive.

    • TASERS are appropriate for use to stop resisting arrest unarmed. A gun is always proper when the perp is armed with a knife, gun, hand grenades or Molotov cocktail.

  10. It coulda been a bright sunny day. Lots went wrong. We’ll not know all of what. But Logan ain’t the only one out there, and he’s not even the symptom he’s the presentation of the difficulty. If he’s your kid, it may not be too late.

  11. I was soooo pissed off last night when I saw ABC evening news tease this story on their intro, and had the words “police over reaction????” imposed on the screen (TV was on mute). That’s the FAKE damn news!

  12. The state of Nevada should charge the father for every second his son is in jail. Housing losers like that isn’t cheap!

  13. “Missing part of his lung”?

    I surmise when he returns to his life of crime and attempts to flee police even the fattest, stumpy-limbed EEOC/AA hire “female” officer will be able to catch this former “athlete” within a few steps then again other law enforcement at the scene may have to call two ambulance for both the wheezing out-of-breath cop & robber.

  14. Obviously not a .45ACP, he’s still alive, and possibly still has his soul.

    Did he have plans? Seems every predator class teen has “plans”.

      • It was a one-shot-stop. Why doubletap? He dropped almost immediately upon being shot. Unless we’re talking like a doubletap from an open-division pistol at a USPSA match, the second shot might have sailed over the kid as he dropped. I think he did great!

        • Pwrserge is being a bit of an ass. The cop did a great job. One shot, the thug is down, and the other kids are safe. All is well. The thug even gets a second shot at life. Hopefully he learns his lesson.

          I don’t wish him dead like some people here apparently do.

  15. Hey, dad – how about you taking some of the blame for being so incompetent as to fail at teaching your kid that taking knives to school and threatening others with deadly force is not approved social discourse. Perhaps if, when you were a kid and pulling this kind of bully crap, you had been shot, your “athlete” kid (athletes don’t usually get bullied, as we ALL know) might have been taught by his dad what is acceptable behavior and what is not. You are lucky you still have a kid to teach lessons to – if you’re up to the job.

  16. So a kid running around with two knives lunging at classmates gets shot and people are outraged and surprised by this? There was a very easy way for that kid to not get shot: don’t bring knives to school and attempt to attack people.

    • I don’t know if ‘people’ are outraged. His worthless dad is.

      ‘People’ might be outraged if the skin tone was different, though…

  17. A taser is used to gain control of an uncooperative suspect when verbal commands or simple hands on are insufficient. It’s not an adequate response to an imminent threat of serious injury or death. Had the officer disarmed and subdued the kid hand to hand, his father would be complaining about the cop/bully who beat up his son for no reason.

  18. Hmm, no police bashers in this post? I can’t say that I miss them.

    Looks clearly justified to me.

    Now, what happens down the line – does this little psycho Dipshit go off the reservation again?

  19. On the basis of little darling Logan’s alleged criminal record, one might speculate that the “bullying” he received was from business associates to whom he owned money and/or merchandise.

    • No, he didn’t “deserve” to get shot; he was a kid acting out who unfortunately acted out in a way that required a quick resolution, and a “ballistic solution” was effective. What’s needed isn’t necessarily what’s deserved.

      • Who does deserve to be shot, then?

        Does someone have to actually slash someone’s neck open first?

        • Even a person who actually harms someone with a knife may not deserve to be shot — only need to be.

          In the videos he could easily have pursued someone and actually attacked, but he didn’t. He was scaring people and chasing them away but didn’t go after any who ran. Thus he didn’t deserve to be shot.

      • If the kid had a gun would he be “acting out”? Why was he so stupid he didn’t put the knives down?

        • “Why was he so stupid” is a question that assumes he was acting in a rational frame of mind. There’s no way he was; this is clearly an adrenaline and testosterone situation at an age where the brain has trouble functioning rationally in the first place.

          It’s too bad the cop didn’t have a net gun, which would have been a better option.

      • Jiminy Christmas, Roymond. Please tell me you don’t own firearms. Please tell me you have adult supervision at all times.

      • If that little piece of excrement had slashed Roymond’s daughter’s throat, would he then have been deserving of a well placed shot to the cerebellum?

        If we’re voting on that one, put me down for a “yes.”

    • From the gofundme: “Student at school got shot. We are trying to help the family pay the bills. Logan is in a critical condition.”

      I say “from” the gofundme but it appears that is, in its entirety, the gofundme campaign. That’s it.

      • 7:50 PM EST, total contributions to the GoFundMe account, 0 dollars and 0 cents.

        And someone left a comment for all to see:

        “Dave Meuchel
        35 mins ago

        For anyone just stumbling across this page and thinking “OMG how terrible”, be fore you donate, be sure you understand this POS was shot because he brought 2 knifes to school and was actively threatening other students and police shot him when he refused to drop the weapons. He WAS NOT the victim here, here was the perpetrator.”

        • Well, he was the victim of a system that couldn’t give the officer a better choice than a gunshot. “Victim” and “perpetrator” are not mutually exclusive; one can be a perpetrator due to being a victim of something else. In this case, as several people have pointed out, the kid was the victim of a lousy dad, if nothing else.

          • Oh, horse hockey. He presented a mortal threat, and therefore gave the police officer no choice but to use deadly force in response, to stop the threat.

            The “system” had nothing to do with it.

            • A net gun would have been a better option. The system didn’t allow the cop that option.

              But he didn’t “present a mortal threat” — he hadn’t actually gone after anyone, just worked at terrifying them. In legal terms, he wasn’t a threat to life, just to limb.

              • A net gun? Seriously? Is Batman moonlighting as an SRO now?

                A knife is a deadly weapon. Fullstop.

              • A weapon he hadn’t attacked anyone with.

                And yes, net guns are available to law enforcement. At schools they’re a good idea. Treating kids with raging hormones as though they’d made a reasoned decision to do something is barbaric.

              • Attack and threat of attack are different actions, but both are considered equally under the law. Should the officer have waited until the latter turned into the former?

                As for the attacker acting in the throes of hormonal pasdion: the premeditation required to take two chef’s knives to school puts the lie to that fiction.

              • 1. Your first paragraph is evidence you’re not paying attention.

                2. You really don’t understand kids. I hope to God you’re not a parent.

              • The guy pushing the net gun in lieu of a firearm admonishes me for not paying attention. How cute.

                Kids don’t act the way this one did in a vacuum, or unexpectedly. My children will never* act the way this one did, because they are raised in a two-parent family, free of physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse.

                * Obviously not “never”, but statistically speaking, close enough. And my children’s parents are involved enough to see, and to intervene in, warning signs long before anything like this would ever happen.

        • A net gun? Is this guy serious?I wasn’t aware that I was in an acme cartoon when I go to work.

          1) He has knives, the natural predator of nets
          2) What happens when the (lone) officer misses with the magical net gun while the kid is charging at him with knives?

          Come back to reality, please.

      • Plainly he wasn’t “trying to murder” anyone — he had chances to pursue and attack, but all he did was keep a space around him clear.

        I get the impression that most here have never worked with kids that age. Most are well-behaved enough they’d never do something like this, but it’s a age of raging hormones that can tip kids out of control. What he really needed was to be brought into submission, and I mean that in the same way that a dog acting crazy needs to be brought into submission; a kid running on hormones isn’t much more rational than a dog. Being shot got him (hopefully) into submission, and it was the officer’s best option given the total situation.

        It’s easy for some to say, “Well, MY kid would never….” But that’s what all parents say — until a kid does, and it happens to be theirs. Unless you’ve had the chance to work with a range of kids at that age, it’s easy to be an arm-chair expert… and thus make foolish pronouncements based on ignorance. Having worked with (far too many) kids that age, I have some perspective. And what I see in the video is unfocused anger he expressed poorly because he had no real target.
        Liberals will blame a number of things, but fail to see that it is their very coddling and feelings-oriented B.S. that they should blame. I’m reminded of the poster that says “Everyone has a right to feel safe”, but if he’d “felt safe” this kid wouldn’t have acted this way — and I blame the conformity-demanding system that refuses to let kids be individuals for him not feeling safe. And that’s ironic, because the very people demanding conformity to their system were raised by people who understood that everyone has a right to be himself or herself, not be forced into a mold. We and all these kids would be better served by a system where duels were allowed — not with guns, but with gloves and rules, where anger can be expressed in an atmosphere that teaches respect. Then we wouldn’t see the escalation to knives.

        • I don’t know what kids you work with, but I have worked with youth for over 25 years in the MH system as well as Juvenile Justice. I go into inner city schools that have fights daily and riots monthly. I had the pleasure of meeting a pretty little sociopath (all 105 lbs.) who broke her teachers jaw in a fight cause the teacher tried to intervene. Or the 16 year old with the stolen gun and heroin. Who couldn’t believe he was arrested “the cop shouldn’t have searched my crib, he had no cause!’…the house was on fire at the time, the gun was in plain view.

          We are raising a generation of predators, who have no conscious, no remorse. That’s 85% of the youth I see.

    • F*ck him. He got what was coming to him, and well deserved. Play stupid games in a weapon free zone with a duly authorized defender?-don’t pass go, do not collect pay.

  20. Well the kid WAS gonna get jumped. i do agree he should’ve got tazed.
    if it IS true that he was gonna get jumped by bullies i do wish they got cut up =))))

    • The kid was plainly on an adrenaline high. That’s not a good situation in which a taser is dependably effective. I watched a situation where two cops hit a guy with tasers: the first hit him right in the chest, and he kept coming, so the second one popped him too, and he kept coming. Fortunately for him one of the cops was creative so it didn’t escalate to guns: the cop grabbed a trash can lid and winged at it the guy, and that on top of the two tasers knocked him down — yet even then it took four cops piling on to subdue him. It was all due to adrenaline.

      In this case, with the kid wielding knives, taser plus adrenaline could have been lethal to one of the numerous bystanders. A hit with high-speed lead was more certain to have the desired result.

      So the taser, even if it hit perfectly, may not have ended the threat, while the bullet, if it hit perfectly, was highly likely to. The officer made the right call, and made a good shot.

    • Yeah … no.

      In close quarters, knives even in unskilled hands are at least as dangerous as guns, especially if the wielder is reasonably fast (as one would perhaps expect an “athlete” to be). Tasers aren’t always effective, and their effects stop after the taser shuts off. If he muscle spasmed and threw a knife, that could easily have seriously hurt or killed someone else.

      On the whole bullying thing … I was bullied a lot as a kid, so I know how stressing it can be. Whatever one can say about that, it’s not an excuse for this kind of nonsense. If in fact he did “need” to bring knives to school to protect himself, what’s the excuse for waving the things around?

      • “I was bullied a lot as a kid, so I know how stressing it can be.”

        I was bullied as a kid too until my dad taught me how to fight. The sense of empowerment that comes from knowing, even when you’re a young kid, how to defend yourself—and then beating the crap of a kid who’s a lot bigger than you are and has no idea you can fight—is profoundly life changing.

        • The way I learned was liberating, too: I was taught that people who wanted to fight generally weren’t worth the effort to do so. So when in seventh grade an eighth-grade bully demanded I fight him, I ignored him. When he persisted, I ignored him. When he grabbed me, spun me around, and yelled at me to get my ass out behind the gym, I looked him in the eye, and deliberately turned my back on him.

          I never got picked on again.

        • Well times have changed and now these kids bullied get jumped by a horde sometimes, especially if the victim is white, it makes the prey mroe attractive somehow in our white supremacist America, it is weird I know. Surely not an excuse to bring knives and act like a ninja anyway, you don’t threaten people randomly because you’ve been bullied, you follow your aggressor and take care of the business when nobody else is around. Then you can make videos in your backyard sharing your samurai skills on the interweb.

        • Sometimes I think I’m the only kid who got bullied and just dealt with it without either shooting up a school or learning to fight and having that magical schoolyard fight moment.

          I just graduated middle school and that was pretty much all that was required…

  21. When asking nicely failed, the officer applied some ballistic intervention ending Logan’s run.”

    Bwahahahahaha! Awesome movie reference! I can’t tell if this kid has the light in his hand though.

    As for the dad’s post; it’s no wonder the kid’s got problems when daddy writes like a half-retarded second grader. Seriously, the best medium for that post is underutilized and oft belittled “crayon on wall”. If I recall correctly, that’s where Shakespeare started out. Virgil and Livy too!

    Honestly, if I had Facebook I might just troll the dad for his stupidity.

  22. Wow.

    Where I went to high school, he would have been tackled by teachers or by members of the lettermen’s club if the teachers were slow. Then he would have been taken to the gym and given boxing gloves, where he’d have had the opportunity to box with any student he had an issue with and/or the sophomore biology teacher who’d been in special forces in Vietnam.

    It used to be understood that kids at that age need an outlet for aggression. Forcing everyone to “be nice” all the time is not mentally healthy; without an outlet we’re just manufacturing time bombs that WILL go off.

    Teach boxing in P.E. Teach wrestling. And when kids get aggressive, give them a forum where they can let it out.

    Of course teach other ways to deal with it, but the first step for many is to have a chance to be violent… and see that it doesn’t really get them anywhere. Enforced touchy-feeliness is a failed appraoch.

    • I agree with you 100% except on the boxing.

      The schools already do enough brain damage to children. The last thing we need to add is boxing.

    • Did kids bring two butchers knives to school and swing them around at other kids when/where you went to high school?

      If not, it’s probably not a reasonable comparison.

      • It’s a fair comparison because it looks at the differences in the system: we had a system where aggression and anger weren’t condemned and belittled; instead we were taught that these feelings happen and need to be kept under control. Kids who are coerced into never showing anger or aggression get warped because they’re not allowed to be, well, kids. So instead of fists he stepped up to knives, since fists would have just gotten him shamed again.

        No, we never had anyone with knives, or guns; the closest was a kid who snapped one day and went after some others with a short bar from a weight set. Some of us from the wrestling team tackled him and pinned him — and held him there until he cooled off, and then the coach/teacher made him sit there another fifteen minutes (and after that the guys he’d gone after were given the option of putting on gloves and having at him — fairly and by rules, of course).

        Of course back then we lettermen were allowed to have the attitude that we had a responsibility to encourage other students to live up to a code of honor. We believed that badly misbehaving students reflected on the school and thus on us. I doubt today’s kids even have a clue about honor, and students certainly aren’t allowed to correct other students. They’re all supposed to be little conforming automatons marching to the tune played by politically correct puppeteers.

        We are not made to be sheep. When you have an “educational” system that treats kids like sheep, some of them, for various reasons, are going to snap and act like wolves. The sheep system almost guarantees this sort of thing.

    • This kid had plenty of outlets for his aggression. His Facebook page had videos of his street fights. The videos have probably been sanitized by his lawyer, but they were there yesterday. His Facebook page painted a pretty good picture of the type of kid he is. His dad’s Facebook page shines a light on how the kid ended up that way. That family has encountered a lot of police officers in their days.

      • In my experience street fighting is not an outlet for aggression, it’s a magnifier. An outlet is something that reduces the felt need to be aggressive; street fighting either makes a person angrier (if he loses) or ready for more (if he wins).

        Allowed to act like a wolf outside of school, required to be a sheep at school — that fits.

        So while he is 100% responsible for his foolish choice, his parents are responsible for allowing him to be a wolf and the school is to blame for requiring him to be a sheep — and the school gets the bigger blame because they’re supposed to understand kids and know how to teach.

  23. Does anyone else notice the stance and knife positions this kid used? Does that look like someone who is unfamiliar with knife fighting? If it turns out he had formal training, then the prosecutor should just hammer this guy. He was not responding to bullying, he was menacing.

    Given the boy’s history, is it impolite to ask for a look at the backgrounds of the parents?

    And, which school have you ever heard of where “superior athletes” are bullied?

    • Looks can be deceiving. He could be copying stances he’s seen online or on a DVD or something he’s seen a family member (who knows what they’re doing) do and have no formal training at all.

      As for the bullying thing… if true it’s a problem. However, these are not the actions of someone who’s afraid they’re going to get jumped. This is someone totally losing it and attempting to attack anyone who gets too close. I might have some sympathy if he knifed someone who jumped him or walked up to his tormentor(s) and have them a few pokes. There’s no way that entire crowd of people was bullying the kid.

      As for athletes getting bullied. It happens in some schools. It happened in mine. If you didn’t play the “right” sports you were fair game. The football players were untouchable. They could do whatever they wanted. Ditto girls basketball.

      Played something else like hockey, soccer, cross country, boys basketball, swimming? You were fair game for the people who did play the “right” sports. Hell the football players didn’t learn their lesson until they started picking on the martial arts kids (not associated with the school) really, really badly (physically) and one of the kids who’d been in Judo since he was knee-high to a duck put two of them in the hospital. Back then it was called “self defense”.

      • The first thing I saw when I looked at those photos and stances was “this kid watched some dumb ‘commando-knife fighting DIY video’ on youtube and thinks he’s a ninja now.

      • In my school system (which is not small) all the sports teams were stocked with the same kids (football, basketball, baseball, +/- wrestling, and they all sucked and still suck). They cut the hockey team the year before I started high school, so myself and a couple other guys ended up playing for the rival Catholic high school’s hockey team, and then later played late-night adult hockey after the Catholic school cut their club team. Nobody really picked on my friends afaik, and if they did I made sure they got paid back. Hockey players know how to fight better than the other “jocks.”

        • My school was pretty small. Personally I never had any problems after my freshman year but other people I knew did.

          The football kids weren’t into fighting. They’d grab someone 6 v. 1, fold them in half and shove them ass first into a large trashcan and stuff it on a closet where it couldn’t be tipped over. Junior year our “Judo guy” got pissed about some bullying and just went in and threw a couple football kids on the basketball court without warning. That pretty well ended any all the bullying that went on in my school. No serious injuries because he didn’t throw them real hard but it was made clear that screwing with other people would lead to pain you didn’t want to deal with and that serious injury was a real possibility.

          We had knives and guns in school/on school property at the beginning of my high school career (the Columbine happened) and knives throughout the time but no one ever thought to use them as a weapon. We were raised that they were tools.

  24. Too bad dad wasn’t the one waving the knives because it’s only marginally justifiable to shoot someone for atrocious spelling, bad grammar and juvenile journalistic skills.

  25. Seems millennials aren’t the only issue. A little bratty ass kid that surely needed to have his ass kicked. Dad also needs an ass kicking as well for being such a dumbass.

  26. Good shoot. Plenty of 14year olds shooting up Chiraq. Being a “bullied boy” is NO excuse. Logan should have run…”even a child is known by his doings”.

  27. And nothing of value was lost. Heck, if he can advertise bootleg/stolen crap on failbook the way my methhead cousin does, he ought to at least be able to get a Hi-Point or old-style Ring-of-Fire gun.

  28. The cop had no legal obligation to use a Taser. Wielding a knife, as the kid was doing, is a reasonable threat of death or great bodily injury. He was the one who escalated to the use of deadly force, which can legally be met with deadly force, which Taser’s only sometimes are considered. Thus, the father is essentially asserting that the police should have used non-deadly force to meet his kid’s use and threatened use of deadly force. It doesn’t work that way. Which is why it is usually dumb to bring a knife to a gun fight, since both are considered deadly force, and there is no legal requirement to meet a knife with a knife, rather just that using a knife is almost always the use of deadly force, and can be met with deadly force of any type, including a gun.

  29. If he was going to wear white pants, at least he could have bled all over them to add a dramatic flair.
    He rolled around real good though. That was a nice touch.

      • He did? Oh isn’t that just special! Losing control of yourself around all the other kids, getting shot by a cop and pissing your pants! That is a nice start huh!

        • Just think “if” and I repeat “if” he WAS being bullied before can imagine what it will be be like if/when he’s let back in THAT school? I can hear it now “Watch out! Here comes ‘Piss Pants'”, “Don’t Golden Shower me bro!” and “Where’s your diaper?” Good times ahead for this dysfunctional POS, I hope he takes a long walk out into the desert and never comes back.

      • Not in any way defending this dummy. He got what he asked for. But getting shot thru the lung qualifies as a “piss your pants” moment.

        At that moment you get a mulligan. It ain’t like you wet yourself cause someone yelled “boo”.

  30. “Daddy Clark blames the cop for not using a ‘Tazzer’ first.”

    I gotta get me one of them there Tazzers. Are they legal under that Caetano case?

  31. Were I the parent of kids attending that high school, my only question would be why it took so long to shoot the punk with the knife.

  32. First of all, the cop may not have had a Taser on him. It’s not standard equipment for every department, and usually you have to qualify with one to carry one – including getting zapped.

    Secondly, there’s that whole bit about a guy with a knife being on you in less than 3 seconds at that range…

    Thirdly, gun shots aren’t necessarily lethal, especially these days. Unless the cop got lucky and the one shot struck a vital, the usual outcome is a (highly) incapacitating wound. Given that this happened at a school and no doubt EMTs were already summoned while the altercation was in progress, the kid will most likely survive.

    Simply put, the kid made potentially lethal advances on both his fellow students and the police officer, and the police officer responded in kind.

    In a citizen DGU, this would be an open-and-shut case. Someone comes at you with a knife, you have every right to use your firearm to defend yourself.

    • A large part of the increased lethality of police shootings is the increased prevalence of high capacity mag dumps.

      It should be noted that the LEO here fired one shot and paused to observe the effect, determining that the threat had stopped after one shot.

      • Interestingly, he hit him in the ‘shoulder’ which takes away the whole “why’d you shoot him in the chest!” argument. Of course, the bullet then tumbled right into his lung, which shows why shooting someone in the shoulder isn’t actually guaranteed to be less lethal…

      • Excellent point. All the newsworthy police-involved shootings, if you look at the post-event paperwork, the officer involved usually shot the assailant multiple times. The incidence of lethality in those cases is high. I think Michael Brown was shot six or seven times. And, in those shootings, at least the justified ones, the assailant presented a direct and aggressive (i.e. rushing, not just dancing around with a knife) threat to the officer.

        Now, from a regular guy perspective, I was taught to fire multiple times at an advancing assailant, to ensure the threat was neutralized. That is to say, the threat is coming right for me, and he presents a clear and present danger to my life.

        I’m armchair-quarterbacking it here, and I’m probably wrong, but in this case, I’m thinking the officer judged that one shot might end the fight. 14 year old kid acting the fool, etc…

  33. The kid is alive so nonlethal force was used. What was the kid wearing? Skin tight white jeans with an Italian shirt? I don’t think kids should be bullied for what they wear, but humans do judge on appearance.

    • A handgun is lethal force whether the person shot dies or not. Just as pepper spray or a taser is less lethal even if the person dies. The class of the weapon is independent of the results of any particular incident.

    • It was lethal force whether the kid lives or not. Please learn the difference because there are legal technicalities involved. You get shot at, or get injured with an edge weapon, it is considered that lethal force was used against you. At one time, bikers in Nevada and California used to carry pinball hammers because they are not considered lethal weapons and therefore when stopped by police they could not be arrested for carrying a lethal weapon. Can you imagine what a 2 lb pinball hammer can do to a human scull or to the breast bone and ribs if yielded by someone that knows how to use one? I know for I have seen it and it is a good offensive / defensive weapon; just an example.

      • I chuckeled when I read your account of “pinball hammers”. I suspect you mean ballpeen hammers, unless I am wrong. I have not heard of the pinball type of hammers , please tell me more.

  34. Yep, seen this before. Decades ago, I was in Civil Air Patrol. I met a kid that was a menace. His father forced him to join Civil Air Patrol thinking that it would tame his deviant ways. I discovered that this father bent over backwards to protect this kid from taking responsibility for the things he did. This kid stole things from everyone. He bragged about planning to commit crimes. He was ambitious about being a criminal. It was almost like this kid was rotten to the core, that no matter what people did for him, he was committed to a life of crime. Fairly quickly, he was kicked out of CAP. After that, people he associated with in CAP reported burglaries, and eventually this kid was identified as the thief. I understand that his father came to his kids defense blaming the owners of the houses he burglarized for his kids actions. I am not sure what happened after that, but I am pretty sure that this kid is either dead or in prison. Like I said, it was almost like this kid was born to be a criminal, that he had no remorse for the people he hurt and no concern about the repercussions.

    • I’ve known a couple of that sort. And it points up a major part of the problem here: his father clearly never taught him to be responsible, and the school system almost certainly never allowed him to know what responsibility even is.

      Maybe a bullet in the lung will wake him up — but if he’s stuck with the same kind of school system and the same father, it isn’t likely; he’ll just get a dose of victim ideation and go on to worse. He’d have a better chance if he were to get what a kid I knew in Miami got: sent to military school to learn self-discipline and honor.

    • Your description of young family enabled knuckleheads is very applicable and they are more prevalent than you imagine.

  35. The kids hanging around are almost as stupid and crazy, good way to take a bullet kids, and let me guess the parents will then also blame the cop? “Why did he miss and shot my child? I watch movies all the time and my son play video games, they never miss!” America is becoming dumb and dumber and it isn’t gun’s fault that’s for sure!

  36. The kid may have lost part of his lung, but it’s pretty clear his piece of trash father lost a large part of his brain at some point.

    Knives or no knives, that punk should’ve caught a bullet just for those pants.

  37. The father of the year has a sweet tattoo of a Juggalo hatchet man on his right forearm, that right there told me all I need to know.

  38. kid was lucky he lives in the wrong neighbor hood where a police man got him instead of a gang banger as the gang banger finger may have stuck on rock and roll. Maybe papa was the silent partner using the kid as his fence. cops aim was off should have shot him lowr so the kid couldn’t help propagate the moronic population!

  39. I find it difficult to differentiate between father and son’s, um, literary skills.

    Naturally, this is characterized as a shooting at Hug High. In other news, an idiot fumbles with his holsterless LCP in his sock, which “goes off,” at an outdoor graduation at the stadium, and you have another school shooting.

  40. I would never use LTL, like a Taser, against threatened lethal force. The Taser misses or one of the barbs doesn’t take hold and with the 21 foot rule, the cop is dead. Tasers are for LTL threats.

    This was an effed-up kid raised by an effed-up parent who got what he asked for, plain and simple. The cop did the right thing and showed some restraint not double-tapping him.

    What I find amazing about these incidents is here you have a kid swinging two butcher knives and you have a crowd standing around watching him, providing targets at close range, instead of getting away/getting out of the eventual line of fire, like common sense would dictate. Not only that, it seems some significant number were taking videos of it. So people are supposedly concerned about violent crime, but when it happens, they are more concerned about getting it on YouTube?

    • SO many people who love to gawk. It’s like the idiots who gather on a beach to see a tsunami come in.

    • After reading all of these comments I understand how the Marxist gained control of the nations schools. Everyone is commenting and the story had no substance. A little history and background would be nice. I see blood under the kids nose in the photo before the shooting. My guess he was attacked by multiple attackers and the jackasses at this site find that acceptable.

      You beat a dog long enough and eventually it will bite you. This is a classic fake news story. My bet is that multiple males (cowards/bullies) were beating him on a regular basis and the school cop was to big of a coward to stop the behavior.

      The truth will set you free. Our public schools have become indoctrination centers and the parents could care less what garbage is shoved into their kids minds. They have essentially become marxist reeducation camps for children.

  41. This kid is sick and no one around him provided the appropriate care. Now he’s missing a chunk of his lung and his dad is making him into a meme.

  42. When I saw the headline about an officer shooting a student in Reno, I thought they should have specified that:

    1. The officer was, in fact, dressed in black; and

    2. No, it wasn’t just to watch him die.

  43. Cops have been criticized for using tasers, choke holds, guns or batons. Whatever they do, they are always attacked by the media. Stopping a dangerous perpetrator, especially one wielding a lethal weapon, is a difficult task. Those who are brave enough to do it for a living should be admired. The presidential election has exposed the media for what they are. They can take their slanted headlines and shove them up their liberal asses.

  44. Some kids don’t want to be in school. I have to wonder if this future collegiate superstar found that school interfered with his other activities. He had to understand that doing a kung-foo knife demo in campus would get him some more time away from campus.

  45. No mention of “recreational drugs” , though I’m sure young Logan had “experimented” with various substances in his recent past.

  46. Modern schools have Zero Tolerance Policies, Often the kid who fights in self-defense from a bully is punished right along with the kid who is stealing the lunch money from the weaker kid.
    Kids get caught between parents who say “defend yourself” and the school which punishes both kids.
    The result is when the Walter Mitty snaps a deadly weapon is used to threaten. But you can’t count on it stopping with a threat.
    Thirty some years ago in Goddard, KS a kid who was skinny and frail brought his Dad’s M1A rifle to school. The school principal died.
    Schools don’t do “justice” under zero tolerance. The only “innocent person” in this case is the cop who was left with no choice except to shoot..

  47. Justified shoot by any standards that involve the protection of innocent life.

    I guess some like Roymond would prefer to wait until he stabbed some classmates. Because you always know when a screaming, knife-wielding guy is just bluffing.

    Just remember father-of-perforated:
    Whether it’s you or your criminally-inclined child, pulling a weapon and threatening people with it will often be met with lethal force. People can’t read your f****** mind and they have no moral obligation to wait for you to start maiming and killing other people.

  48. Does he have any Gucci backpacks left?
    What size Fendi belts?

    I’ll take 2 of each!

    Do you take checks?

  49. Observe the school system defending their semi-trained pig when they did absolutely nothing to stop a 3-on-1 beatdown of a freshman by three seniors that was announced on social media as a follow-up for a beating which had already taken place the day before, did absolutely nothing to disperse the crowd that had gathered well in advance to film to the fight, did absolutely nothing to stop the beating which had already started by the time the victim pulled out a knife to defend himself.

    But according to TTAG his presumed fencing of stolen goods justifies this government malfeasance. Either that or TTAG is too busy digging up irrelevant social media posts to back the dubious claim of the child “deserving” this kind of treatment.

    If this kid pulled a gun and shot the three seniors assaulting him would TTAG suddenly cheer that as a DGU of the day?

    • What about the fight a week before where he’s voluntarily fighting someone else while being filmed, only to stop when “Grandpa” shows up? Or the fact that the video was posted as “Part 2,” because Part 1 was the day before, where he beat up the same kid.

      Or the posts from others about the day in question that say this kid is NOT being bullied at school.. that he’s a wannabe thug, who regularly gets in fights, and only pulled the knives because he happened to lose that day’s fight?

      Not to mention that if you’re truly worried about being jumped by 3 people, maybe just don’t show up, eh?

      The kid was threatening EVERYONE with those knives, and got less than he deserved for his prize.

      • “only to stop when “Grandpa” shows up”

        What is this? Why do bootlickers always make stuff up when they’re caught judging shootings based on their own social biases instead of facts and defensive context?

        “maybe just don’t show up, eh?”

        There is only one exit out of government daycare.

        Again I ask: if the 14 year old shot the three attackers, is that a DGU of the day on this site?

        • What is this? Why do bootlickers always make stuff up when they’re caught judging shootings based on their own social biases instead of facts and defensive context?

          Not really sure what you’re getting at here. There’s a video on the kids own facebook page of him fighting some other kid. His buddy is filming, and mentions that our precious knife wielder fought (and won) against the same kid the day before. And yes, Grandpa shows up (evidenced by the kid filming saying that Grandpa’s here), and they stop fighting.

          My overall point, though… is that you seem to be taking the side of “Oh, that poor, bullied boy” while taking note of absolutely none of the evidence to the contrary.

        • Note how I never even used the word “bully” or “bullying”. I have been focusing on the failure of the school’s adults to control the children under their charge, and the failure of the school cops to control the situation (or perhaps they allowed it to happen, which would constitute malfeasance).

          Physical confrontations both within and outside the definition of “bullying” should have been dealt with by the adults, especially when they were pre-announced on social media. Hence their immediate attempt at a cover-up and calling the cop a “hero”: they realize their legal culpability. Meanwhile the sheepdog fantasists on this board actually lap up the cover-up because it fits their narrative… quite amusing, really.

          • Oooh, more popcorn please. I love it when it someone comes on to tell like it is, man. Like, man, those pigs are really uncool and keeping us down man. You mad, bro?

    • Contrary to what “More Dead Soldiers” might believe, my white skin color has no bearing on whether or not I believe that little scum sucker should not still be among the living. The worthless little urchin actually “deserved” worse.

      The object of the game should be making bad people dead.

      • “bad people”

        Therein lies the problem: looking at this article and the comments, the ability of many people to determine “bad” is obviously non-existent.

        In this case, simply twist the history and record completely out of context, ignore the fact that the school has completely lost control of the children in their care, ignore that the school cops did nothing to prevent the announced confrontation. No, just call the cop a hero for shooting a child so we can all celebrate the hero protector! The ignorance and hypocrisy is astounding.

        But this is naturally what is expected from wannabe sheepdog fantasists who derive their “morality” from D-grade westerns: hence the obsession of people “deserving” to get shot, and the lies and mental gymnastics to cram every shooting into that world of delusional self-righteousness.

    • Where grown ass men recognize when “children” (he’s 14 years old) with knives can kill other children pretty easily. And will prevent that from happening.

      I’m not a big copper fan. But this guy did it right ethically and legally.

      And you’re a douche. A douchy douche-nozzle of a troll.

  50. The credit on reporting the news goes out to all the young people who video recorded the event…Showing the world that this wasn’t “Fake News”…While in harm’s way…It’s important to get enough video evidence to get a sense of the whole story…This is what the 1st Amendment is all about…In case something was questionable, or out of place…I don’t see that here…Though an independent investigation on why this kid failed some much should be brough to light….

  51. Little Melvin found out guns trump knives. Maybe he traded his Ritalin for crack or something. All these “autistic” kids running wild, we used to call retards.

  52. Bluntly, a white kid threatening his classmates with two knives gets shot and…

    … nobody burns down anything. How does that happen? Shouldn’t someone be protesting about something?

    • What is more disturbing is the number of presumably white people who celebrate this kid getting shot by cops because he “deserved it”.

      Apparently white people love government malfeasance.

      • He did deserve it. He was threatening an entire crowd of fellow students with two very large knives.

        You do not approach deadly force (two very large knives) with non-lethal force (soothing words, hugs and, when all else fails, tazers). You shoot to stop the threat.

        • I do enjoy the false dichotomy of guns vs “soothing words and hugs” as a disingenuous attempt to hide the massive failures of the school system and police which allowed this shooting to occur. All to frame the victim as “deserving it”, in the D-grade western morality of the wannabe sheepdog.

        • I used the “presumably” qualifier, whereas other posters did not. Moreover, I did not bring up race, I only did so as a reply.

          So who is projecting now? Can anyone really expect anything other than total intellectual bankruptcy of the militarist bootlicker? Let’s just ignore the pathetic attempt to guess at political allegiances by the resident village idiot, jwm. Let’s see some actual arguments on why the school system and the cops didn’t fail utterly in this case. 🙂

          • I do have to say that despite MDS sucking his thumb and using the same tired hackneyed progtard lines, he is semi literate and flirts with being entertaining. So that’s something.

        • Oh I see, so holding school administrators accountable for the safety of minors under their charge, holding cops responsible when they fail to disperse a pre-announced gathering for the purpose of filming a fight, and failing to prevent that fight to begin with, these are just “progtard lines”.

          It is like you lot are proud of your ignorance. 🙂

          For your attempted education (and undoubtedly doomed to fail), the first item is a an actual legal responsibility. The second and third are responsibilities that cops always bloviate about shouldering, but actually have zero legal obligation to perform, so it would be best for cops and their bootlicker cheerleaders to stop preaching about how cops protect people.

          • Dance monkey, dance!

            Did someone let Keith Olbermann in here? All I hear is blah, blah, blah, SHEEPDOG! blah blah blah BOOTLICKER!

            Ok, I take back the entertaining part. Now you’re just a colossal bore.

        • “All I hear is”

          Yes, obviously you are oblivious to legal obligations, facts and everything in between, even when they are right in front of your face.

          “Dance monkey, dance!”

          Don’t flatter yourself. 🙂

    • Whatever you say. Feel free to contribute actual logical arguments regarding this incident if and when you have any (keyword when). 🙂

  53. In r.e. “Dead Soldier” and his comments about the responsibility (or Irresponsibility) of the school “authorities” and the outcome by the rent-a-Cop:
    I am not convinced the “authorities” ever or even KNEW about the “scheduled” fight, nor that they knew about the previous altercations. Young persons are notably reticent about sharing ANY information with “adults”, and have managed (with the aid of modern Technology) to find convenient ways to elude the observation of adults and those supposedly responsible for their care and safety.

    To assume the school “system” is somehow responsible for this students actions; by neglecting to properly “supervise”—in light of his previous record and history—is is a case of an obvious anti-authoritarian mind-set.
    To make excuses for this sort of behavior by twisting the facts and neglecting to consider any previous history of violence and aggression (and, I might add, other anti-social behaviors, such as theft), and then laying the responsibility for this behavior on a failure of the school system and teachers is, at best, socially irresponsible. Blaming “the system” for a documented history aberrant behavior (REGARDLESS of “bullying” conditions), is to disregard the current fabric of society.

    Another “government-system” hater should not garner the level of response that has already occured.

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