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As the country lurches toward Election Day, activists, right-wing militants, racial justice organizations, and everyday voters have been preparing themselves for the possibility of widespread and violent civil unrest. Spurred by a year of historic tumult, they’re constructing their own bulletproof vests, stockpiling food, buying guns for the first time, and planning escape routes to safe spaces off the grid.

Ryan Nichols, a military veteran, Republican, and citizen search and rescue operator, said he no longer trusts that the nation’s institutions will be able to keep the peace.

“What is really happening right now is people want weapons to defend themselves,” he said. “Everybody feels this way in my circles. I don’t trust my government, and that’s coming from me as a Republican, a veteran. I don’t trust the country. I don’t trust people at all levels of government who are overseeing me to do right by me. I trust people like myself.”

– Brianna Sacks in They Don’t Trust The Government Or The Police To Protect Them After The Election, So They’re Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands

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  1. Just like a natural disaster. Food, lots of water and security via firearms and friendly likeminded neighbors! Can’t say enough how important water is. Been through too many hurricanes.

    • We live in at the edge of a remarkably liberal city. Our “neighbors” are mostly (not all) LIBERAL (yes, all caps). I wouldn’t count on them for anything. Period. Like, nothin’.

      Many years ago now, yoga mom X was in our house and saw our pantry just off the kitchen (not the main stash).

      She said, “Oh look at all this food. I know where we’ll come if something goes wrong.”


      Nice try. Thanks for playing. Can I measure you to see how big a soup pot we will need?

      • “Nice try. Thanks for playing. Can I measure you to see how big a soup pot we will need?”

        No, no, no.

        Leftists make lousy stew. Better to turn them into nutritious jerky for your guard dogs… 🙂

      • Some of my coworkers at a previous job said the same thing, only they said they’d all show up at my house for protection because I was the only one in the writing and design groups that owned guns.

        I told them that’s the sort of thing I had guns to prevent.

        But since they were so shocked, I did relent just a bit and admit that since I knew them, I might be willing to send them out with a spare firearm and a single bullet, and then if they came back with more guns/bullets/food than they left with, they could stay.

        They said they were just joking, and I said so was I. But for some reason, they didn’t appreciate mine.

  2. Sad reality, but true. Just in the past few days, several of my friends and neighbors have mentioned they now have preparations for their defense, in case the “mostly peaceful” protesters choose to come into town.

    Myself included. Wish things weren’t this way, but the Left has willingly brought this upon us. May cooler heads prevail…

    • ” May cooler heads prevail…”

      I’d hate to live in areas where Leftists tolerate bullshit. If they think they car run amok in the saner areas, they could be in for a rude surprise.

      Tomorrow night, hang on…

      • Relax, American lefties aren’t the running amuck type. Your fears are purely imaginary. When you wake on November 4 and you see that lefties have done nothing but the right wing people have hurt peaceful citizens & their property, I hope you’ll reconsider feeling so provoked.

        • yeah so much precedent for that these last 4 years. Damn right wingers burning down buildings, accosting people in their cars and work places, and beating randoms in the street over criminals getting killed by the police doing criminal stuff.

        • Thanks for the editorial CNN!
          Now back to our regularly scheduled TTAG comment section.
          Armed responsible citizens will NOT be going out looking for OR instigating violence.
          They WILL be responding to acts of aggression deemed as life threatening that are BROUGHT upon them, and neutralize those threatening life, and in some instances personal property (Texas FTW).
          Trump/Pence 2020

        • Not feeling provoked at all.

          Theses mostly peaceful demonstrations where property has been looted, set fire too, and the rest of the mischief wasn’t from the right, and you say it is not from the left. Was it the Amish?

        • Oh, so you’re back, Turyn.

          Did you forget what it was like to get your ass handed to you by people who have a better grasp of facts, logic, and reality? Or did you enjoy the humiliation so much you wanted a second helping?

        • “When you wake on November 4 and you see that lefties have done nothing but the right wing people have hurt peaceful citizens & their property,…”

          When Leftists lose elections, they riot, loot, and burn.

          When right-wingers lose elections, they go home…

    • I Haz a Question,

      I have a tiny bit of work yet to be fully prepared. I loaned my primary battle rifle to my father and grabbed his for function testing and sighting-in last weekend. Due a proverbial “calamity of errors”, I was not able to complete that task. Looks like I will have to settle for laser bore-sighting on my father’s primary battle rifle for now.

      • A potentially helpful tip about laser bore-sighting:

        Manufacturers design/build inexpensive bore-sighting lasers to “get you on paper” at the target range — and you still have to dial-in precise sight alignment on paper the old-fashioned way.

        In a pinch (which I am in right now), I have a technique that I believe will produce acceptable accuracy until I can verify/finalize sighting-in at a target range. My technique is simple: insert my bore-sighting laser into a rifle that is already sighted-in. Determine and/or mark the “top” of the bore-sighting laser. Rigidly mount my rifle on a sturdy surface and turn on the laser. Finally, look through the sights/scope on that rifle and note the relative position of the laser dot in the sight picture. (For example the laser dot might be three inches left of the point-of-aim.) Now that I know where the laser points, I can insert my bore-sighting laser into another rifle on the same rigid surface — making sure to keep the “top” of the laser facing up — and dial-in the sights/scope on this new rifle to match the same sight-picture on the previous rifle. In my example the laser dot was three inches left of the point-of-aim in a known rifle that I already sighted-in. Thus I would adjust the sights/scope on this new rifle until the laser dot was again three inches to the left of the point-of-aim.

        That technique is not perfect. Differences in exact sight/scope height above the bore axis from one rifle to the next will probably introduce the greatest error. (There are other potential sources of error as well.) If you have similar sight/scope heights above both rifle’s bore axes, you should be pretty close to sighted in accurately. In theory that is.

        • Or just use QD mounts. All my optics are on SPUHR and American Defense Manufacturing QDs.
          A few of my rifles have 3 optics (plus BUIS), all optics repeat sub-MOA when removed and installed.
          Don’t be a Fudd, equip your hardware as if your life depends on it. Because it just might.
          Trump/Pence 2020.

        • My bayonet doesn’t need sights.

          I don’t forsee engagements beyond 25m. Centering the sites on any battle rifle should have you close enough if you haven’t done a zero.

          Hopefully they will stick to their own neighborhoods and not go out of the way to be stupid. Hopefully they are all talk and will do nothing beyond a few chants and have some filmed screaming breakdowns.

        • Agree with Paratrooper. My MBRs are optimized out to 50 yds, though can easily be used at 100 yds with precision. Anything beyond that can be taken care of with a quality deer rifle.

          Most likely scenario would be a group (or more likely, a carload) of Antifa-types rolling up our residential streets at 0-dark-thirty with Molotovs, looking to scoot through the area and leave cars burned out. However (and this may be the same case in your state), Molotovs or any incendiary are considered to be Destructive Devices, a big no-no by both State and Federal standards. Here in CA, you may respond with deadly force if anyone approached your home (residence) with a Molotov. As soon</b as it is lit, it becomes a functionable deadly weapon in the hands of an adversary, and you may perform the necessary double tap to stop the threat. The container might even burst upon impact on the ground when released, taking care of the quickly-expiring assailant and (hopefully) deterring any his/her comrades from attempting anything further in your neighborhood. If you’ve exercised foresight, you’ll already have video of the confrontation to provide for your defense.

          I got a GoPro knockoff cam with a headband accessory (looks like a spelunker’s cam gear) that will record my POV everywhere I look.

        • I Haz a Question,

          Thankfully, I have a couple advantages in my neighborhood.

          First of all, all homes are on one acre (give-or-take) lots. That means homes are set back off the road quite a ways (about 120 feet on average) and bad actors have to walk a relatively long way before being able to hurl an incendiary device at/into someone’s car or home.

          Second, my neighborhood is situated just beyond the population centers where bad actors are most likely to ply their trade. Hopefully, no one actually ventures this far out “into the sticks”.

          On the down side, if seriously motivated bad actors decide to really terrorize our neighborhood, I could easily be looking at engagement ranges of 200 to 400 yards. In the unlikely event that comes to fruition, my personal standard requires stepping up from my primary battle rifle (regardless of how inherently accurate it is or how well the sights/scope are/is zeroed) to big-bore hunting rifles. Fortunately, I have that base covered. In the famous exclamation of the television character Mr. T, “I pity the fool!”

        • Molotovs are IEDs and will be dealt with without hesitation. That is a threat to life.

          The go pro is a good idea. I don’t have, but will look to add. I have security and trail cameras, which are set for a wide view and cover my sectors of fire.

          I do have some mags loaded with the proper mix of tracer and ball. I have zeroed my main weapon, and my reach out and touch someone weapons.

          I was taught to be prepared growing up. My Grandparents survived the depression and instilled the lessons learned. Food, water, defense and knowing how to procure those items is something I learned. Lessons reinforced by Jungle School (Panama version), winter and desert warfare schools and deployments where that knowledge base was put to use. I hope for sake of humanity this blows over and is a bunch of nothing, I really do. Many of us here have been to places where society has broken down and understand what the reality is. It’s not pretty romantic or even sane. It is ugly, immoral and depraved.

  3. Always been my own first responder. Grew up in a time when Law Enforcement was not minutes away, but many times hours away. Learned from an early age if you can’t take care of business yourself waiting for someone else to do it can/will be a long painful experience. Remember the Police for all the work they do are an after action response organization. It’s up to you to handle everything until they arrive. Be Safe Out There Maintain OP SEC and as always Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • Media response when it doesn’t fit the narrative: “We may never know the motive…”

      Media response when a black criminal is shot while resisting arrest with zero evidence of racism: “SYSTEMIC INSTITUTIONAL SYSTEMATIC WHITE SUPREMACIST RACISM!!!”

  4. I live in the sane part of the country, and even then off the beaten path so I’m not worried. Regardless, it’s best to be prepared.

  5. Tomorrow morning my daughter and her husband will join my wife and I and drive to the polls. Not expecting trouble in this area, and the guns will stay behind in the car to comply with the law. I will be wearing my Gadsden flag t-shirt, and anyone who objects will be asked “which candidate doesn’t support the 2nd Amendment?”

    • I’ll be seriously interested to learn how that goes for you, whether a poll worker would consider the T-shirt electioneering. Even though it’s not specifically promoting a candidate or political party, I would be surprised if you were allowed in wearing it. Keep us updated please.

      • All he has to do is keep a less-controversial shirt in his vehicle. He will still vote…

        • Or take it off, turn it inside out and put it back on.
          One advantage we males have, that’s not considered obscene.
          On the other hand maybe a few might gag at some of the well marbled physiques.
          I’m skinny so they might kick sand at me.

        • Just to be safe: carry the shirt/coat with you.
          The lines may be astoundingly long. Don’t want to stand in one twice.

  6. “activists, right-wing militants, racial justice organizations”

    Right wing people are militants, left wing are activists, racial justice protestors. The labels are set so you can be treated like a “Kyle” if you dare to hurt or kill any of the peaceful protestors as they seek justice and peace this week. If they beat you, threaten you, fire bomb your car, business, or house, shoot at you, it’s ok, they are just peacefully supporting justice for the down trodden. If you resist their demands, don’t join in saying names with them or raising your fist in defiance of the nation, you are a right wing militant. How dare you! You are not allowed to disagree with them or even to be silent or have no opinion, convert or die, either literally, or in public shaming or cancelling.

      • Peaceful freedom fighters for the American dream is how the media describes them in glowing reviews.

        Until they turn on them eventually. It will be too late then.

        • Media will be considered by the revolutionaries to be intellectual bourgeoisie who are either co-opted or executed as spies and counter-revolutionaries.

    • Yep, this is how it goes. If you’re not politically aligned with Lenin, you’re a militant or an agitator. If you’re a leftist, you’re an activist or a protestor.

      Be prepared, because if you do stand up for yourself and this nation in the coming violence, like Kyle Rittenhouse (who should be walking free as the hero he is), you WILL figure as the bad guy in all the official narratives.

    • A few other items……
      * Fresh batteries in any optics, lights, comm devices… that use them. (The 1-8×28 Accupower got a fresh one last night).
      * Solar recharge optics topped off. (The Romeo4S RDS is on the window sill as I type this).
      * Spare batteries, battery backups and chargers in a grab bag.
      * Verify the contents of both “getcha” bags. Those who have their gear properly arranged know what I’m talking about. 😀
      1) The “I’m coming to get you” bag. For things like a call from someone needing help with a stranded or stuck vehicle. Or…..
      2) The “I’m comin’ta getcha” bag. When a situation needs to “handled” in a “certain” manner.
      Just like loading mags, the time to sort, stage and pack gear is NOT during a “situation”. Have it in a few different bags/packs/vests, each suited to an individual “task”.


      Trump/Pence 2020

  7. I’ll be there to vote. To cast a ballot in opposition against the hate and insanity from the left. In favor of a man that knows how to succeed. America loves a winner. That’s what Trump is.

    I will not forget Obamas desire to transform this nation into something it isn’t or Pelosi tearing up a presidential speech.

    They will have to kill us to take our guns. Guns are a part of us and our freedom. Some (maybe many) will waiver but we are Americans.

  8. When I was a kid, if someone would have told me what the future held..I would never have believed it..Yet here we are.

    The late 60s and the moon landings had such hope. I thought for sure there would be a base there now….sigh..stupid thoughts of a child.

    Now, we’re on the verge of a internal conflict that is only going to get worse.

    Tomorrow My wife and I vote, standing in line all day if necessary.

    And being prepared for the outcome at all times because no one is coming to help, at least not quickly enough to matter. Everyone must stand on their own now. That’s the future I would have refused to believe as a child.

    • You should check out NASA’s Artemis Program. Your moon base is no child’s dream, and could be on the way sooner than you think. Things look bad now, but we’ve had tough times in this country before and come out stronger than ever.

      • Musk is hinting if NASA doesn’t want or if congress refuses to finance a Moon program, that he may do his own, with his own money…

  9. Memorize:

    * Police have no legal duty to protect individuals.
    * Police have no legal liability when they fail to protect individuals.
    * Police not specifically assigned as bodyguards have virtually no ability to protect individuals.

    The police don’t protect individuals. They draw chalk outlines around individuals unable or unwilling
    to protect themselves.

    If you’re not able and willing to protect YOURSELF, you’re just not going to get protected AT ALL.
    Anybody who tells you different is a LIAR.

    • Some on the left are going to get what they voted for, GOOD AND HARD.
      Just like how the coochie eating prankster leashed monkey trolls like the dongs getting rammed down their throats. GOOD AND HARD!
      Trump/Pence 2020.
      Time to dance leashed chimps. I COMMAND YOU!

        • You’re ‘projecting’ again.

          Now go take your meds and leave the adults alone… 🙂

        • Hey coochie eater.
          Be sure to tie your hair up in a douchebag hardhat (man bun).
          That way, your fellow salad tossing trollfarmers have something to hold while feeding you their “Sandusky sandwiches”. 🍆😮.
          Trump/Pence 2020 ………enjoy the TDS saladtosser🤣

        • Hey, where I’m from a ‘coochie eater’ is a person who likes ro eat a woman’s snizz. I am guilty as charged. I recognize you may not be able to fathom that, as you’ve never had the company of a woman. That’s why you’re such an angry person.

          Trump/Pence 2020

    • Clarification:

      You’re correct, in the sense that municipal police do not, as any City Chief of Police is hired by – and beholden to – that city’s Mayor. In such a case, the police are obligated to protect the interests of the incorporated city and its assets.

      However, County Sheriffs are elected by – and beholden to – the People themselves. Smaller townships understand this and enjoy the loyalty of their Sheriffs. Unfortunately, when a county becomes so large that its Department force grows to obscene size (such as LASD, which has more than 10K uniformed Deputies covering approximately 10 million residents), its Sheriff becomes detached from his people, and is no longer a law enforcement professional as much as a politician.

      Here in Los Angeles County, we wish for a day when a true constitutionalist Sheriff takes office. Not simply a Republican (as our former McDonnell was, before Villanueva), as party affiliation is no guarantee of performance.

      • Chris is correct in every sense. It’s not only not partisan; it isn’t political at all – just factual. Not only would a police state that [attempted] preventing all crime make 2020 look like a libertarian paradise, think of the logistics! It would take 5 men to sustainably provide one 24/7 bodyguard. Now consider how little security he’d be against a riot or rooftop sniper – and basically zero against redlight runners, reservoir poisoners, hackers, IED networks; no penal, investigative, corrections, or databasing capability, etc.

        They can’t guarantee perfect security even for the President, and they sure as hell can’t for you or me – nor should they be financially liable for doing so, any more than your doctor if you have a second heart attack, the RAF for every broken window in WWII London, DOT if you skid on the first ice of the morning, or the fire department if your house catches fire. Government services are there to provide general prevention, deterrence, and response, not to categorically replace personal responsibility.

        • The problem with your premise is that ((they)) WILL come after YOU if you attempt to provide your own defense. You see, the “powers that be” DO NOT WANT YOU TO PROVIDE FOR YOUR OWN DEFENSE.
          If and when the SHTF, ((they)) may have to be “dispatched” as well…I don’t want to see that scenario, but if the SHTF, all bets are off…

        • I agree that that is a problem, but it isn’t a problem with my premise – which was to disprove the contention (no personal offense to Haz – I respect and agree with him a great deal) that changing the form of a police organization could provide a level of service that would not only be undesirable, but also mathematically impossible.

        • No offense taken. Mature, robust, respectful differences of opinion make for solid conversations.

      • Try to sue a county sheriff for not protecting you.

        How’s that going for the Marjory Stoneman Douglas survivors and the families of the dead?

        And we know that NONE of the cowards who let it happen will spend a SECOND in prison for their cowardice.

        Want law enforcement to have a LEGAL duty to protect you? Get arrested.

  10. Just another reason I’m proud to be a Marine,,,
    Got trained by the best too survive & protect what’s mine. Improvise & maintain, & ready…
    With the Marine Corps B-Day coming up in a few days , it’ll Be a trip down memory lane,,,
    =================SEMPER FI=================
    =================FREE KYLE=================

  11. Forget before or after the election. I learned a long time ago that when seconds count, the law is minutes to hours away. The last time I called the law in the middle of the night it took 2 hours. I think the average nation wide is about 20 mins. On the other hand, in the middle of the day when my next door neighbor had a medical emergency and was unable to call 911 but I was, EMS was there within 10 mins. Warren vs The District of Columbia back in 1975 established without a doubt that the police have no duty to protect. Given that and despite the 2020 gun and ammo sales boom and attendant drought of same, very few Americans are ready to be their own first responders whether they have decided to or not. One day at the range after buying a wunder 9 or MSR is not gonna cut it if the SHTF.

    • My family called the cops because Richard J. Daley and his pals were trying to burn our neighborhood down.

      That was in 1919 and we’re still waiting.

      My great uncles saw the handwriting on the wall and broke into their National Guard armories and got M1917s and BARs. If they hadn’t, I probably wouldn’t be here to post this.

  12. I ha e to wonder how much of this is the narrative and how much is the feedback loop from the narrative.

    Gun sales are sky high to be sure but… there’s something here I can quite put my finger on. I’ve noticed a very serious shift in the general public response to a number of things with a significant Twisted Sister slant to that response (“We’re not going to take it anymore”). And it’s not just on the web.

    It’s almost like sometime in the past week a ton of people just decided to say “screw the doomporn” or something.

    • “It’s almost like sometime in the past week a ton of people just decided to say “screw the doomporn” or something.”

      Clarification, please?

      I’m concerned most with the intangibles, someone reacting to something else with something unexpected, then that snowballing…

      • So… a few things that rattle around in my head on this topic:

        I deal with a lot of undergrads at a supposedly very liberal university. In my anecdotal experience they are massively anti-Biden because they see him as pro-lockdown and the kids are anti-lockdown. Even the ones who don’t like Trump HATE Biden Boulder clamped down on them hard about this and the response was for most of them to go into hiding off campus or simply flee the area. They are now very angry. I suspect that undergrad enrollment next semester will be at about 1/3rd of normal and that’s going to force the university to reopen next fall because they’ll go bankrupt if they don’t and the state can’t bail them out due to reduced tax revenues yet the state will NOT lose face to the tune of losing a bunch of top-end schools that make them $900 billion in revenue a year normally.

        The kids know this. They’ve got the power of the purse and they’re ready to use it. Heck the ones that are the MOST angry all come from Cali, where they’d lynch Newsome if they could.

        I also note what a joke the media has become (as if this is news but people seem to be waking up to it). Colorado had the MAGA Drag the Interstate rally which had thousands of cars in it. The media around here was straight-up laughed at basically universally for saying that this rally of people in their own cars somehow contributed to a rise in CoV-2 cases… in the past. They did the same for UCB *illegal* Halloween parties. Cause yeah, a few hundred cases in Southern Colorado last week is because of a party or drivers this week… I mean it’s not even funny how roasted they got for this. Even Lefties are like “Wow, that’s really dumb to say that”.

        Further, I note that there are relatively strange happenings all over the place. Thousands of cars rallying for Trump shut down the Garden State Parkway and the universal Lefty Twitter response was to call them “terrorists”. Giant boat and car rallies in CA too. Polls are shifting hard in numerous states. The DNC is in full panic mode in at least half a dozen states, including supposedly safe states.

        Trump +7 in Iowa erasing a +5 Biden lead in like four days… PA has unions that have NEVER backed an R now backing Trump. Papers that haven’t endorsed an R in decades are suddenly in favor of the “Orange Nazi”. WTF?

        Heck, the Youth Straw Poll in Iowa was 55-32 Trump. Biden can’t even get 1/3rd of 15-17 year old Midwestern teens to support him…

        Black turnout looks way down for Biden too, as well as support. Just look at Philly. Normal stats should have Biden way ahead based on voting in the Black community but they’re only out to the tune of 25% which has DNC operatives freaking the fuck out. Obama was at 95/96%, a 2% turnout drop and a 4% support drop hurt her badly when only 91% came out for her. BET says Biden’s at 81% tops nationally. Republican registration is through the roof in a lot of places. Miami Dade may well already be lost to Biden.

        It’s all just very, very fucking strange. There’s this very odd Zeitgeist that’s taken over.

        Almost as if an absolute shitton of people are hoping that the election crushes the Left so badly that they can’t rally a violent response or something.

        Again, an entertaining year. Almost makes me wish I still worked in politics. (Almost, but not really.)

        • “Heck, the Youth Straw Poll in Iowa was 55-32 Trump.”

          That’s interesting. In 2016 Hillary had 35% in the real vote here. This year in the state wide mock vote, Biden got 37% and Kanye got 10%. For whatever reason, the local high school here voted for Biden, and I live in a longtime red district.

        • I live in the heart of liberal heaven. The San Francisco bay area. I see no love, absolutely none, for biden. I have seen plenty of support for Trump.

          I’ve said it right along. The dnc never planned to win this election. If they had put any real hope into winning this time they would not have had joe biden/cameltoe hairyass as their candidates.

          I mean, honestly, joe biden? He’s the best they can offer? That’s just sad.

        • “I mean, honestly, joe biden? He’s the best they can offer?”

          This time around, yes. Kamala dropped out so early she was a bad joke until they resurrected her like some sort of slutty Jesus.

          Let’s be honest, if you look at the Democratic Primary what you were watching, and still are to some degree, is a civil war for control of the Party. Progs vs. Normies. Normies didn’t want hardcore progressives but that was what they got except for Biden. Biden didn’t win so much as he managed not to implode while everyone else committed political seppuku.

          And if you think about it this is actually a pretty good metric for how far the Democratic Party has fallen. It’s not a joke to say that on the Left, which is small but vocal and punches above it’s weight class, JFK would be an unacceptable bigot. They’re made the whole thing a purity test that even their favored sons can’t pass.

          And if things work out the way both you and I suspect here in the coming days it will either be the total destruction of the Left, the Democratic Party or both because right now the Party has walked away from most of its long time supporters due to some fever dream that Trump is an Orange Nazi, like a Oompa Loompa Reinhard Heydrich or something.

        • “Almost as if an absolute shitton of people are hoping that the election crushes the Left so badly that they can’t rally a violent response or something.”

          Antifa, et al. will show up to the ‘party’. As for the Democrat party as a whole, (meaning their elite intelligentsia class) –

          They won’t take the hint. They will have *zero* clue as to what really happened, and even if it is explained to them in small words, will reject it outright. Immediately after the 2016 election, the NYT posted a mea culpa of sorts, about how they understood now that they completely missed what was happening in half of the US, and how they were going to do better. They invited people to write in to help them understand things.

          They never did the important thing of hiring writers and contributors who were of the conservative angle. One hire they actually made, Bari Weiss was run out of town on a rail by really nasty personal attacks in internal communications with her NYT peers :

          “I read Bari Weiss’s resignation letter with … well, a sense of resignation. And elation. Resignation because you’re losing a fresh, skeptical voice. Elation because she called you out on your new toxic woke culture and put her money where her mouth is.”

          “I identify as a left-leaning centrist. My education trained me to greet the world with an open mind. I believe in dialogue, not debate. And as a Times reader since college, I can see it plain as day: The Times has largely abandoned dialogue when it comes to cultural issues and ideas. You’ve handed the keys to America’s greatest paper to a strident, new orthodoxy that will not tolerate intellectual diversity. God, how sad.”

          End result, the NYT made no substantial changes, and the employees were allowed to run the asylum. Look what they did to an editor of theirs who *dared* to not have the same opinion as they did, firing him for the crime of printing a conservative viewpoint :

          They went full-fucking Nazi. As far as they are concerned, they aren’t the ones with a problem. Whatever ‘changes’ the democrats make will be a lie, because at their core, they despise anyone not onboard with their ideology. Any changes will be superficial. Democrat socialism will be in charge. They will double-down on stupid.

          Where does that leave us, besides a nice sense of schadenfreude? A potentially treacherous landscape packed to the gills with psychopaths. Not an enviable place, but if we get a headlock on the SCOTUS, not a bad place to be, all-in-all…

  13. Corrected title for this article:

    As Election Day Looms, Americans Have Decided Discovered They Are Their Own First Responders

  14. Mathew, 12:25 And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand:

    The REAL civil war is & will continue to be almost entirely within the democrat party. By definition, socialism is entirely incompatible with free market capitalism and the U.S. Constitution. They simply cannot peacefully co-exist as socialism always devolves to violence in order to FORCE their way upon what they view as merely “ignorant masses”, according to their Marxist ideologies. Thus, we may be witnessing the last of the aging traditional Democratic Capitalists, trying to slow down and hold off the inexorable onslaught of the newer younger Democratic Socialists, who fully intend to tear this country down and fully remake it into something it was never intended to be – all the while remaining obliviously historically clueless as to how they are simply repeating socialism’s tragic history and bringing about their own demise. This is part of why the #BLEXIT and #WalkAway movements are growing by leaps and bounds, as ever growing numbers of traditional more patriotic / capitalist democrat voters (and especially American born minorities who seriously dislike being lectured to by lily white liberals on how they must look / act / think / be / do and believe in order to properly fit within their proper leftist place in the socialist democrat plantation), are increasingly finding themselves without a political party to call home anymore.

    We may be witnessing the last days of the _national_ traditional democratic party, as the ever more violently determined democratic _socialists_ continually work to devour the party like a cancer from within.
    Galatians, 6:7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

    If the republican party can fend off and drive out a sufficient number of all the usual RINO’s from positions of power, it may end up becoming the last real _national_ political party left standing, but only if the party faithful are fully determined to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic, including those from within their own party like wolves in sheep’s clothing. Also, all of those ever increasing numbers of homeless democratic capitalists have to go somewhere, and many will be joining and trying to change the republican party from within well… messy business but fairly easy to predict non-the-less.

    Nothing truly worthwhile is ever easy. 🙂 Eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty.


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