A Biden Gun-Grab Is Just a Question of Time and Logistics

Joe Biden

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden shouts, “Don’t forget to vote,” to members of the media as he arrives at New Castle Airport, Monday, Nov. 2, 2020. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

[T]he idea that the AR-15s is a “weapon of war,” or that it is especially dangerous to society, doesn’t stand up to any scrutiny. An AR-15 ban is merely part of the incremental effort to abolish private firearm ownership. Yes, it’s all Democrats support now. But that’s only because it’s all…they can currently get away with. They know that once you can prohibit an AR-15, a rifle with a semi-automatic mechanism, you can ban any gun with a semi-automatic mechanism, which is to say the majority of firearms in the United States.

Democrats have already transformed the constitutional right to bear arms into a government-bequeathed privilege in their states. That is the case in Maryland, New York and many other states, where getting a handgun is already an arduous — and unconstitutional — undertaking. Now they want to confiscate your semi-automatic rifles as well. That’s the goal. It’s just a question of time and logistics.

– David Harsanyi in Biden Makes His Last Appeal to Gun-Grabbers


  1. avatar JP Ruiz says:


    Should that Scumbag STEAL the Election by the CHEATING actions of BALLOT STUFFING (Which they WILL attempt), a Convenient Mass Shooting will occur around Christmas Time, just as one did in December of 2012.

    Then again, a Draconian, National Imposed, COVID19 Lockdown from a Biden/Harris Autocratic Dictatorship could drive someone into going postal, and just snapping outright.

    Never underestimate the evil of the Left..

    1. avatar enuf says:

      Ballot stuffing in this country ended long ago. It does not happen, not even Trump’s people have been able to come up with enough examples of any kind of vote fraud to turn a single race.

      He’s a lying sack of shit and a clear and present danger to the security of the Republic.

      Fuck that traitor and the faux golden escalator he he came down on some four years back to announce his campaign to piss on America and turn the Presidency into a profit making/bankruptcy dodging opportunity for his corrupt and diseased family of thieves.

      1. avatar Dude says:

        You sound unhinged. Is your strategy to win hearts and minds?

        1. avatar Shire-man says:

          I’m not a religious person and always balked at the attachments of evil or righteous being attributed to politics but the left and anti-Trump crowd is changing my mind.

          For the last four years it’s been nothing but hate. No focus, no justification, no reason. Just hate. You ask them why and you get slogans, catch phrases and angry wails.

          Trump might very well be an asshole but his message has been nothing but positive. Love yourself, lover your neighbor, love your country.

          The other side only offers deranged hate for all things. Even themselves. They hate themselves, they hate their neighbors and they hate their country. And they can’t even tell you why.

          Light and dark on display if I ever saw.

        2. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

          “Love yourself, lover your neighbor, love your country.”

          I see what you did there… 😉

          As the old saying goes, “Love thy neighbor, but not your neighbor’s wife, and NEVER your neighbor’s 15 year-old daughter, not even if she could easily pass for 18, and has a good fake ID… 🙂

        3. avatar MADDMAXX says:

          Love thy neighbor, but not your neighbor’s wife, and NEVER your neighbor’s 15 year-old daughter, not even if she could easily pass for 18, and has a good fake ID…

          Does your wisdom know no bounds… Best advice ever

        4. avatar Jospeh says:

          He has BEEN unhinged.

      2. avatar Jimmy Beam says:

        enuf is ready to kneel at the trench in the totalitarianism the left will shackle him with. He’s already given up his freedoms.

      3. avatar Debbie W. says:

        enuf…You are a slanderous, libelous, immoral, self serving little man who came on this forum dedicated to gun rights and boasted about your guns and ammo purchases without one bit of consideration for the fact that your purchases were made possible off the backs of those like me who worked to get DJT elected POTUS.
        You back stabbed the 2A with your vote in 16 for hilliary rotten clintoon and to make matters worse you boasted about your donation to joe biden and your vote for joe biden. In conclusion…Calling you a self serving mealy mouth democRat lint licking pos is way too good for you.

        TRUMP/PENCE 2020

        1. avatar tdiinva says:

          Enuf posts on Disqus as CommonSenseModerate. He uses the same domestic enemy line as enuf and when you challenge him to show how he never answers. Either that or there are multiple actors operating off the same script.

      4. avatar tdiinva says:

        Final proof that enuf is a paid influencer. The Pennsylvania AG has come right out and said that they stole the state for Biden.

        The days of ballot box stuffing have been replaced by ballot harvesting.

        1. avatar tdiinva says:

          Read the news.

        2. avatar Dude says:

          I don’t know about that, but I saw this story yesterday.

          “Here in Pennsylvania, our state supreme court has mandated that a mail-in ballot received up to three days after Election Day must be counted and cannot be rejected merely because it is not postmarked by the statutory Election Day deadline or bears a signature that doesn’t match the one on record for the purported voter.”

          How is it that judges are changing the rules instead of legislators? Why are democrats always loosening voter laws? Do you think they understand that is begging for fraud?

        3. avatar MADDMAXX says:

          ENUF might be PAID but he/she/it is WAY FUCKING FAR from being an INFLUENCER….

        4. avatar tdiinva says:

          An influencer is different from a troll. A troll attempts to disrupt while an influencer presents a message. Enuf is messenging.

        5. avatar Dude says:

          Keep in mind that most democrats continue to believe the Steele Dossier was real, and Trump stole the 2016 election with help from Russia. That’s why they roll with the traitor message. They also believe the recent revelations about the Biden family is a Russian disinformation campaign. In other news, propaganda and censorship works, just ask any authoritarian government ever.

        6. avatar tdiinva says:

          The Democrats say that Trump is a Russian stooge but only the tubes like enuf believe it.

        7. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

          “…our state supreme court has mandated that a mail-in ballot received up to three days after Election Day must be counted and cannot be rejected…”

          Yeah, but that will be challenged in a higher court, and if need be will be taken to the SCOTUS, who has a solid chance of overturning it, thanks to the new court pick, ACB.

          As it is right now, 11:52 PM, with 38 percent of the ballot in, Trump is leading with 56.2 percent and, Biden is at 42.5 percent.

          So far, so good…

        8. avatar MADDMAXX says:

          a mail-in ballot received up to three days after Election Day must be counted and cannot be rejected…”

          But that ballot MUST be post-marked NOV. 3rd

      5. avatar rt66paul says:

        His family of thieves is much better than the Washington D.C. family of thieves. At least he wants Americans to have jobs that can support their families. I am glad that he is not making jobs for workers in other countries at the expense of our own, like democrats and republicans have since Carter.

      6. avatar Jonathan-Houston says:

        By Stephen Dinan – The Washington Times – Thursday, May 21, 2020
        A Philadelphia elections judge and Democratic Party official pleaded guilty Thursday to stuffing ballot boxes in favor of Democratic candidates in elections in 2014, 2015 and 2016, while collecting thousands of dollars in cash to make the changes.

        Prosecutors hinted at an even broader conspiracy by an unnamed “political consultant” who charged his clients “consulting fees” and then used some of the money to pay off multiple Election Board officials.

        You were saying?

        1. avatar GS650G says:

          Philly always has 99% turnout in bombed out neighborhoods and empty lots.

      7. avatar Country Boy says:

        You’re actaully describing Joe Biden…Not POTUS Trump.

      8. avatar Country Boy says:

        You need to google Ilhan Omar’s balot buying scheme. You can watch a video on Project veritas of how it’s done…whle it’s actually being done.

        FWIW you’re a royal uninformed dumbass “China Joe” Biden supporter and you prove it everytime you post.

      9. avatar SAFEupstateFML says:

        The Democrat Machine re Albany: Please tell me how ballot stuffing/harvesting is not a thing for over a century here again. Also take a breath it’s not like you will be on a sealed indictment or anything.

      10. avatar California Kid says:

        I say ENUF to the fascist left. Here in California and other leftist controlled states the over reach of Democratic politicians has been smacked down by judges who see that their leftist Castro like Fascism is a danger to all civil rights. Why do you think that people are leaving the state in drives. The high taxes, extreme homelessness $ 3.50 a gallon gasoline, poor schools, extreme gun laws, rising crime, super high electricity cost, and very high housing costs are driving the middle class out of California. People must say ENUF to all of this and not vote Democratic because the rest of the country is next. We will have no where to go once it turns blue. So I say ENUF do not cast a single vote for Biden and his real President Harris.

    2. avatar Debbie W. says:

      The subhumans who want to disarmed you are murderers, thieves, rapists, kidnappers, tyrants, perverts, bullies, child molesters and Gun Control Zealots. What filth.

      1. avatar Country Boy says:

        100% correct.

    3. avatar Miner49er says:

      Don’t worry, Trump is cutting the overseas military mail in vote, so that should really help the numbers!

      “President Donald Trump on Wednesday said he hoped courts would stop states from counting ballots after Election Day, though it’s a normal and legal part of the electoral process.

      “We’ll see what happens at the end of” Election Day, Trump said at a press conference in Las Vegas.

      “Hopefully, the few states remaining that want to take a lot of time after November 3 to count ballots, that won’t be allowed by the various courts,” he added.”

      1. avatar Matt Richardson says:

        Precisely how is that trying to do away with mil absentee votes? My absentee ballot went out late in 2000 because some desk-riding pog dropped the ball and was thus not counted. Thems both the rules and the breaks.

        There’s a lot to complain about in regards to the President, pick one of those subjects and maybe someone will be willing to have a conversation with you. Throwing oddball nonsense like this out just makes you look a stooge.

        1. avatar LarryinTX says:

          The bride and I voted absentee from overseas military post in ’86, ’88, and ’90, discovered in ’96 that during those years not a single overseas military ballot had been counted. From anywhere. Thanks a heap.

        2. avatar Matt Richardson says:


          Multiple instances would make me homicidal. The bitch of it all is the complete lack of recourse…

    4. avatar Richard Turyn says:

      Gee, that’s how many good Americans think of the angry, resentful right wing with its wild complaints aimed at making decent people afraid of progress. My complaints are about a country where the 1% don’t pay enough taxes and Republicans follow a longtime crook & his ridiculous family on the public tit.

      1. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

        “…wild complaints aimed at making decent people afraid of progress.”

        There’s a funny thing about ‘progress’.

        Cancer is progressive, up to the point it cuts your life short and kills you.

        Keep your ‘progress’, fuckwit…

      2. avatar LarryinTX says:

        Richard, it sounds to me like *you* don’t pay enough taxes. Now that I’ve made you aware, are you going to pitch in an extra 20% in the future? Think about it, and stop talking like an idiot.

  2. avatar Shire-man says:

    It’s okay though.
    After you’ve lost some of your property and paid to register the rest of your property in 10 years the SCOTUS might, assuming it hasn’t been reshaped from its current configuration, agree those things shouldn’t have happened. Sure, you won’t get your property, money or lost time back but at least that mean Tweeter will be gone!

  3. avatar Scooter says:

    Boating accident, anyone?

    1. avatar Simon says:

      When it’s time to lose them, it’s also time to use them.

      1. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

        This !

      2. avatar Country Boy says:


      3. avatar Country Boy says:

        If Joe wins it won’t be American Civil War #2, but rather it’ll be The 2nd American Revolution.

    2. avatar Ross says:

      No, this is a hill that I’m prepared and willing both morally and physically to fight, kill and die over.

      1. avatar Darkman says:

        Although I posted part of this on the previous story it fits here as well:
        The Anti Freedom/Rights Ideology We see happening in Europe is a cautionary example what the Socialist Liberal Democrats dream of for Our Nation. Another member of “INGSOC” with the Socialist Liberal Leadership and it’s Bureaucracy using BLM, ANTIFA and the SJW as their Minions demanding that the People bend to their Will for the Greater Good of Society. For those who get the “1984” reference. That is because although Orwell wrote “1984” as a cautionary tale it became the “Playbook” of the Socialist liberal Hierarchy. Everything they have attempted and achieved in the last 60 years is a direct reflection on the words of Orwell. What happens over the next days, weeks and months will determine the path Our Nation follows. The question is will “We The People” allow it to devolve into the Darkness that Orwell foretold or will that Darkness be destroyed Once and For All? Their can be No middle ground for as long as those who wish to enslave “We the People” are allowed to remain their Evil will live on as a Ideology for the future. In the end INGSOC was defeated by the weight of it’s own inability to stop Free Thought, but in the interim Millions of lives were destroyed and lost. Our Nation is at the precipice of such a time and choices will have to be made. Keep Your Powder Dry.

        1. avatar Southern Cross says:

          Proof socialists can’t even come up with an original plan. They have to copy what was done before because it is “The Way”.

  4. avatar Stev says:

    So the only thing left is going to be bolt action “sniper rifles” and “assault shotguns” that can shoot hundreds of pellets in a short span of time?

    This is going to be the beginning of the end.

  5. avatar MB (the real MB) says:

    Joe Biden has a better chance of getting pregnant than ever being president….

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      Are you saying that he’s not pregnant?

      1. avatar Country Boy says:

        He might be considering the fucking he’s getting from Omar, Tleib,AOC, Bolshevick Bernie, Nutty Nancy and Chucky Shumer. ROFL !

        1. avatar James Campbell says:

          And there it is folks.
          The best TTAG comment of election day 2020.

  6. avatar AlanInFL says:

    So, he was saying he was going to take the AR-14 away from us by saying the AR-15 is a weapon of war?

    That’s means that the ST-15 is not a weapon of war. Nor the XM177, or OA-15……

  7. avatar Debbie W. says:

    I don’t call him Jim Crow Gun Control democRat joe for nothing.

  8. avatar enuf says:

    A Biden Gun-Grab Is Just a Question of Time and Logistics

    Bullshit. He’ll try, maybe. With near to four dozen major legislative plans on his campaign promise sheet, that claim is a long damned haul to pull off.

    And then there’s the Supreme Court, with it’s five and one half votes going our way on the Second Amendment.


    1. avatar Mercury says:

      Damn straight. The only thing that can save this country is more wars, open borders, lower wages and higher taxes.

      “Any random establishment Democrat for president!”

      1. avatar Dude says:

        “lower wages”

        Democrats aren’t going to stand for that. They’re going to tell employers to double the minimum wage. That means everyone will have more money! I’m sure the guy that worked himself up from $8/hr to $15/hr over years will automatically get a huge raise, right? His buying power totally won’t be diminished due to rising prices, right? In other news, we’re told we have to have cheap illegal labor or prices will go up. Hmm…

    2. avatar tdiinva says:

      Moron, the first order of business should the Democrats take the Senate is to pack the Supreme Court so Harris can rule by decree.

    3. avatar Void says:

      You are very persuasive and you absolutely convinced me to vote Trump.

      Also 20 cents have been deposited to your account.

    4. avatar Ing says:

      And if you’re voting for him, that means you want him to try, right? And you’re willing to live with it if he succeeds?

    5. avatar LarryinTX says:

      Hopefully Biden is stupid enough to try some half-assed gun control with a SCOTUS which is actually functional, so they can set a precedent which will last several hundred years, but I bet some sleazeball will be awake enough to prevent that

  9. avatar DerryM says:

    Only if the Left takes away our semi-automatic rifles can they subject us to their Elitist Tyranny, or so they believe. Today’s Election is about far more than our Second Amendment Rights. The AR-15 is widely nicknamed “America’s Rifle”. The National Shooting Sports Foundation reported in December of 2019 that about 17.74 million AR-15’s (aka modern sporting rifles) are currently privately owned in the United States. That number has likely grown in the past year. There are 100 Million +/- civilian gun owners. At best the Governments could take a few million AR’s out of circulation ignoring the millions of AR’s not grabbed AND the millions of Garands, M1A’s, M1Carbines, and countless other semi automatics out there. The Governments don’t have enough armed personnel to outlast, outfight America’s gun owners (and likely many would refuse to carry-out the orders to seize their compatriot’s AR’s). So, if Biden gets elected and tries to take our semi-automatic Modern Sporting Rifles, the phrase μολων λαβε might be replaced with the vulgar version of “go and have sex with yourself” as Americans band together and actively resist.
    “The Union and the Constitution Forever!” {too bad the moronic Presidential Debate Commission expropriated this great phrase, but I’ll use it anyway}

    1. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

      They are going to have to control the Senate for any gun-grabbing to happen, as as it looks at 11:47 PM EST, we wil likely have control of the Senate.

      I’m also hearing rumblings democrats think this election will play out the same as 2016.

      and the Zero Hedge is claiming the bookies are putting Trump’s odds of winning at 75 percent :

      “Watch 2020 Election Live: Trump Tops Biden In Florida; Bookies’ Favorite To Win”


      1. avatar MADDMAXX says:

        At 11;59 PM Trump is a 60% favorite… OBTW thank you ARIZONA…… Biden AND Kelly… Both Pro China gun grabbers….

  10. avatar Mark says:

    Is this message getting out to the fence-sitters?

  11. avatar guy says:


    The left’s gonna get Biden in and their gonna take our guns just watch this video to see how organized BLM, sunrise, antifa, and shutdown dc are.

  12. avatar Gene Forsythe says:

    Just remember this: ALL, repeat — ALL, firearms of every single action type were originally “Weapons Of War.” There are no exceptions to this; its a simple fact of history. It has NOTHING to do with semi-automatic actions, the demoncrats (including all the new 2019/2020 gun owners) simple want to disarm everyone other than themselves.

    Me, I have a plan…….when it gets bad I’m gonna report every single gun I have as stolen and then head out for the east side of town and put every one of them on the street for $25 a pop. No bill of sale, no background check, just hand me the money and take the gun and ammo. Try to confiscate THAT, you damnocrats!

  13. avatar red wolf says:

    Bootlicking Trumpscum Rittenhouse just had his bail set at 2 million. All you slack jawed hayseeds better start ponying up.💩🤡

    1. avatar Country Boy says:

      What? It’s not legal to defend yourself when armed socialist progressive marxist democrat communist rioters funded by Joe Biden, Chicoms and Soros are trying to kill you?
      Why you must be a damned communist Biden boot licker. Better watch out ol’ Pervo Joe will have you licking his ass next. If you’re not already.
      if you hate American rights so much why don’t you move to North Korea where you’d be happier ?

    2. avatar Country Boy says:

      No, an 17 yr old American who had balls enough to try to protect peoples businesses, and who was attacked by violent armed communist rioters with guns, saved his own life because the Police refused to do their jobs. he’s being politically railroaded by socialist progressive marxist democrat communist politicians/AG .

      You are evidently either totally misinformed or a damned communist. Which is it?

      1. avatar MADDMAXX says:

        You are evidently either totally misinformed or a damned communist.

        If the name “RED WOLF” still leaves you wondering about this persons political leaning then HMMMMM… Two popular “Communist Bloc” 7.62×39 ammo manufacturers “RED” Army and “WOLF”….. Red Army is a decent round but Wolf really, really, REALLY SUCKS….

        1. avatar Ralph says:

          “Red Army is a decent round but Wolf really, really, REALLY SUCKS….”

          It doesn’t suck as much as Red Wolf.

        2. avatar MADDMAXX says:

          It’s a pretty close race but I will concede the point …..

        3. avatar red wolf says:

          B.A. in history from Arkansas State. Oh, and I prefer Tula as my cheap ass ammo.

        4. avatar MADDMAXX says:

          I prefer Brass in ALL my rifles and handguns regardless of heritage… I don’t use steel cased ammo even in my AKs… OBTW I don’t give two shits about your supposed degree(s), that and three bucks might get you a cup of coffee but it won’t get you respect on the street…..

    3. avatar Void says:

      Ok commie

    4. avatar Ing says:

      I’m waiting for the price to go down. Shooting commies is super expensive now, but before long you’re going to be a dime a dozen. No bag limit and no permit required, just like feral pigs.

      Oh, wait…was that not what you meant?

    5. avatar Tired of the bs says:

      BA from Arkansas hahaha who are you to call someone hayseed you inbred pos ? You should ask for a refund on that history “degree”.

  14. avatar MADDMAXX says:

    It’s long past time we take action to end the scourge of gun violence in America.

    As president, I’ll ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, implement universal background checks, and enact other common-sense reforms to end our gun violence epidemic.
    2:00 PM · Nov 1, 2020
    From Joe Bidens Twitter page….

    1. avatar Dude says:

      Who are you going to believe, enuf or your lying eyes?

      1. avatar MADDMAXX says:

        You’re right, after all it IS a JOE BIDEN post so he probably doesn’t remember doing it anyway….

    2. avatar Ralph says:

      Notice how Biden refuses to end the scourge of Alzheimer’s.

      1. avatar Dude says:

        Give the man some time. He said he’s going to cure cancer first.

        1. avatar MADDMAXX says:

          He said he’s going to cure cancer first.

          Yeah, right AFTER he invents the internet…

  15. avatar Ghost Who Walks says:

    Ike Eisenhower related his chat with a Red Army general who told of the time his force was against a smaller White Army group that was dug in at a small town. The Reds offered that if the Whites surrendered their arms, the Reds would grant them safe passage out of town.

    Ike asked the Red, “How did things work out?”

    The Communist general laughed, “It worked out swell; they gave up their weapons, and we shot every one of them in the head. Then we took the best women and all of their gear and supplies!”

    There is only one way to deal with communists. Never forget!

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      The only good Communist is a dead Communist. Same as it ever was.

      1. avatar Anymouse says:

        Sic semper tyrannis. The only good tyrant is a dead tyrant. Communists push for tyranny under the name of equality.

  16. avatar Garrison Hall says:

    The 2nd Amendment means what it says. Exactly, unambiguously, what it says. AR and AK pattern rifles are, indeed the kinds of “weapons-of-war” that anti-gun dogma says they are. They are weapons of war in exactly the same way that the long-rifle was a weapon of war at Concord Bridge.

    Despite decades of efforts to distort the 2nd’s original intention, the purity of its meaning remains entirely intact. The 2nd Amendment is a document created during revolutionary times by revolutionaries. It’s purpose is to insure that an armed citizenry has access to the exact kinds of weaponry—and the AR’s and AK’s are perfect examples of this—that are suitable for defending ourselves against governmental tyranny.

    Being revolutionaries, our founders clearly understood just how weaponry could effectively deny the kind of power monopoly that tyranny demands. Just as a long-rifle with it’s 200 or 300 yard accuracy was an enormous force multiplier in the hands of American revolutionaries, the modern AR, AK, and similar rifles with their 30 round magazines are force multipliers in exactly the same way.

  17. avatar Bemused Berserker says:

    Any President or elected official performing said act of Tyranny, will be forcibly removed from office.

  18. Hey Enuf, if you are stupid Enuf to vote for Biden , a Communist, then turn in all your guns now and move to China.how you can be so stupid and have a gun, but vote for the shitheads that tell you out right that they want to take them away is beyond me. just look at all the anti gun shit that swept through Va. and also NY. and you wat to put more fuel on the fire and vote for that on a federal level? people like you are part of what is wrong with this country.

    1. avatar Tired of the bs says:

      He/she/it doesn’t own shit. Mommy won’t even let it have a red rider. Afraid it will hurt itself.

  19. avatar A chicken in every pot, a unregistered weapon in every home! says:

    Biden sucks! Jail his whole family. I want to send them postcards from the Ukraine!

    1. avatar Tired of the bs says:

      Really make them jealous send em pics with Ukrainian hookers and a pile of coke.

  20. avatar Ghost Who Walks says:

    Real Americans who understand the social compact, unalienable rights, and the intentions of our founders also understand that the commie tyrants and their tools exist *only* by our willingness to accept and allow their continuing appearance at the breakfast table each morning. Do you reckon that True Americans will not do whatever is needed to prevent international/Communist takeover? Remember good Doctor Bernard Slepian (pbuh)!

    Hopefully, our President will open the drain of the Swamp, immediately after the election is decided, whatever the decision.

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