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Arrowhead Tactical Apparel, a clothing company, received an error message on October 20th of last year when attempting to log in to Instagram. This was the first indication that something was awry. Later that day, their Facebook account was disabled as well.

There was no warning, they had never once had so much as a single post flagged in the past for any violation of any sort of rule, and there was little in the way of explanation or recourse. The most Arrowhead Tactical has been able to determine was from a single message saying nothing more than their account was disabled because it was “suspected of violating Facebook policy.”

Despite logging multiple cases with Facebook’s help center and following up on them repeatedly, Arrowhead has never received any communication or other follow-up from Facebook. Their pages are still down.

As it is for many small businesses, Instagram and Facebook are (were) important sales drivers for Arrowhead and losing that direct access to their customer base has damaged their revenue substantially.

Alexander Spanopoulos, founder of Arrowhead Tactical Apparel, provided TTAG with the following statement:

We’re concerned about what this means for the future of our business and also what it means for the future of gun culture in America if censorship like this continues. Until our digital ecosystem is restored, we are still cut off from our community. We put a lot of effort into our pages, and we’re hesitant to invest that time into new pages if we might just be banned again without warning. We suspect that our account, like far too many accounts in the firearms community, dipped into the grey area of “wrongthink,” and big tech loves to drop the hammer on anything they disagree with.

I’m currently testing for review (and wearing at this moment) a pair of Arrowhead’s Carrier Sweatpants (Army Green, size L, if you must know). So far so good. It’s a cool design that looks and feels very high-end, as sweatpants go, with solid stitching and heavy fabric with a nice finish.

I’ve been in and out of stores and all around my house and office carrying my P365 in the Carrier Sweatpants, both with and without the “REQUIRED” internal retention belt, and I gotta say it’s about as comfortable and chillaxed as concealed carry is likely to get.

Obviously when I heard what happened to their social media accounts I had to share it with y’all. It’s crazy that this happens to freakin’ clothing companies (FB deleted 1776 United’s page as well), and I know exactly how important social media can be to a small company. My sister runs a clothing brand that is effectively a 100% Instagram business and the company I co-own, Black Collar Arms, also generates significant traffic to our website thanks to the pretty pictures we share on social media.

It’s a double-edged sword, that’s for sure. In the meantime, give Arrowhead Tactical Apparel a look.


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  1. Just checked out your website. The 375 raptor subsonics looks like it may be an option for my new pig popper. 358 MGP brass is a big PITA.

  2. Communicate to those stifling free speech that you consider those actions to be unacceptable…

      • These companies have effective monopolies through their platforms. This is highlighted by the fact that they can bankrupt smaller companies they disagree with solely by delisting them.

        These companies are wandering into the sphere of public utility or publishers rather than “private companies”. Either we change how they operate or we start monopoly busting in order to solve the issue. I’m open to suggestions, but I don’t see any other way to solve it.

        • You may need need electricity and you may need water and sewer utilities based on your location, but if you’re trying to tell me you “need” Facebook then you’re pretty sad.

  3. We’ll see more of this kind of thing. The Masters of the Universe (and the new Administration) are determined to destroy anything and everything that even smells like gunpowder – or Freedom. Welcome to the Biden States of America. 🙁

    • What does this have to do with Biden? In this country according to the Constitution a privately held company has no obligation to give you free speach. Read the Constitution.

  4. Get used to it folks! What did anyone expect when you give someone that all encompassing and powerful, complete autonomy and immunity!? Oh…..look at the shiny object!!!

  5. I can no longer feel any sympathy for any conservative that uses that platform. If your peddling anything of the 1st or 2nd amend your customers aren’t there & when your sleeping with the enemy you deserve what you get! I have never used it & never will.

    • I don’t feel much pity for conservatives in general. Conservatism is a failed humanistic philosophy. Conservatives couldn’t even conserve the women’s bathroom. I propose following the God of the Bible instead. Christ, family, community, and nation in that order. Leave the Promethians (commie or conservative), and serve Christ.

      • Christ spent a lot of time with undesirables and hookers.

        Weird how he figured that it was hard to bring his message to the people who needed it if he didn’t actually bring that message to them.

        And even for normal people this is true: It’s difficult to mentor or help people you refuse to ever associate with.

        • So no Muslims, Jews, Wiccans etc need apply to your new world order?

          Treat others the way you would want to be treated, every religion is founded on that fact first, it’s amazing how many people abandon that principle as they become more religious. If we all followed that one rule the world would be a much better place.

          For any religious person out there, if I treat people kindly and try to be as good as I can, do I not earn a place in the afterlife if I didn’t accept your God or Savior? If the answer is no, ask yourself, why?

  6. Facebook censored and banned me today Friday, January 22nd, 2021 and flagged a comment I angrily sent to The Southern Maryland Chronicle on their pontifical article: “7 Must-Know Facts About Gun Control.” I blatantly told them the LBJ/Thomas Dodd framed 1968 Federal Gun Control Act historically was predicated upon Nazi and racist origins. Also, that American gun control historically is not only racist, but likewise sexist!
    It is sexist because it attempts to render women unarmed and defenseless against predatory criminals, stalkers, abusers, etc. I likewise rebuked and called them out rightly accusing them of dishonest censorship, and also for being a mouthpiece for the depraved Democrats! Obviously the truth here hurts of which they don’t want to hear about it. So much for this morally and intellectually dishonest “deceitful” damnable tolerance, multiculturalism, and diversity B.S! We continue to be conned, lied too, and scammed just like we were decades back by career criminal politicians from our nation’s shameful past!

  7. This is why all conservatives and gun industry companies in particular need to WISE UP and SWITCH TO and – GTFO of Fascistbook & Twatter!! This will only accelerate & get WORSE!

    Socialist media is an ENEMY COMMS PLATFORM. DON’T USE IT.

    • IMHO it’s better to lurk on these platforms.

      If you do that then they tell you what they’re up to. If you’re paying attention it’s not hard to figure out what’s coming in the future because they start out by suggesting it, the suggestion gains steam and pretty soon they’re rolling it out.

  8. This is how it’s going to be under Biden. Expect the deplatforming of anything and everything even tangentially related to guns, except for organizations explicitly working to get guns banned.

  9. It is a sad thing to see so many businesses so completely tied to Facebook that basically gives Zuckerberg authority and control other weather or not it is to even exist. This is pathetic.

  10. In the past our federal government has stepped in to break up monopolies like these.
    Vote for the conservative candidates till they start doing so again!


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