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IMG_2385 After ArmsBand owner Bill Davis posted a response in the comments under our What Could Possibly Go Wrong write-up, we decided to help him out. So we tapped the massive reservoir of wit and creativity that is the Armed Intelligentsia and offered up a free ArmsBand to the mega-mind who comes up with the best tag line for Bill’s ballistic bauble. Now we’re pleased to announce that the winner is Zebulon Pike for penning “ArmsBand: The Ace Up Your Sleeve.” (We could say something about the song Always Have an Ace in the Hole and this story, but that would be wrong.) Zeb, please email your address (to [email protected]) to claim your prize. Watch this space for Tyler Kee’s ArmsBand review.

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  1. This carry system actually kind of appeals to me. I hate carrying IWB and sadly leave my pistol at home most of the time. its uncomfortable, digs into my side, cant get to it while seated in a car…
    As far as the safety of it, the trigger is covered right? just as safe as any other holster / carry system. How many NDs are the result of someone being stupid and pulling the trigger? How many are just “going off”?
    I may have to try this for the LCP.

  2. Face it…there’s no place on the human body that affords comfortable carry. Not that a large segment of gun owners and carriers are complaining. What? You mean there’s a large segment that ARE complaining? My bad. I thought that carrying had certain drawbacks that are just not found on the defenseless, unarmed human, and with that, is the constant reminder that there is always a limitation on comfort when toting a chunk of metal that can save your life. What could go wrong here? Nothing more than can go wrong with any type of carry.

    We should exercise caution before we glee over tearing some inventor a knew one. You didn’t think of it….did you? If it works for you, buy one.


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