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The standard tactic from Michael Bloomberg’s personally funded Gun Control Hysteria Formerly Known as Moms Demand Action is pretty well established by now. Step one: pick a common fast food restaurant that an upper middle class white family would regularly visit. Step two: find an instance of scary looking guns being in one of their locations. Step three: bully the fast food chain until they can claim some minor form of victory. Step four: claim that “gun bullies” are trying to unfairly force their opinion on the same restaurants that they just forced their will upon. Lather, rinse, repeat. Today’s target: Chipotle.

Am I the only one who is starting to notice the soccer mom trend for chains under attack, by the way? First Starbucks and now Chipotle? I realize that Shannon Watts only became motivated to “reduce gun violence” after a bunch of white New England children were murdered (apparently black children in Chicago don’t  motivate Shannon), but from the person who used to do public relations for Monsanto, I would expect a more coherent strategy than “only get pissed off when gun nuts come into restaurants I like.”

Twitchy opines:

Anti-gun nuts Moms Demand Action attempted to intimidate the Chipotle Mexican Grill chain after some open carry activists in Dallas suggested eating at one of the restaurants after a scheduled “open carry walk.” Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, launched a hashtag campaign at the burrito makers. Naturally the sight of law abiding Texans legally carrying legal firearms is disturbing to the disturbed Bloomberg-funded gun grabbers. Normal people had a different reaction.

It’s actually pretty good reading, the responses Twitchy posted. But things get better. Chipotle reacted with a logical and legal response: they abide by the state laws in which their restaurants exist. So when I carry my legally concealed handgun into their stores to enjoy their burritos (and strangely have yet to “snap” and start murdering people, despite going there every week) the company has no issue with that.

Shannon’s response to a rational statement: pure insanity.

I… What?

I realize that Shannon sees her path to victory paved with the mammary glands of her fellow females — that her one useful weapon is the common appeal of being a “mother,” which leads to the media’s willingness to overlook her complete lack of credibility and relevant information for the pathos generated by that fact of biology. However, in her rush to jump straight to the “look at me I’m a mom you should do what I say because I’m a woman” argument it seems that she has made what might possibly be the dumbest argument in all of history.

Who would have a problem with singing loudly while breast feeding? Why would that even be an issue? I wasn’t aware of Moms Demand Action Against Loud Singing while Breastfeeding, and even if it existed who in their right minds would spend the brain cells necessary to put a law on paper preventing such an act? And what the heck does breastfeeding have to do with open carry? Unless you want to open carry your breasts, which is a whole ‘nother matter (and well beyond the purview of this blog and the comments therein).

We’ve known for ages that Shannon Watts is a nutcase. It looks like the public at large might finally be starting to realize this as well.

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  1. Watts is a professional public relations rep. That is one of the tell tale signs of an astro-turf group.

    • A thought, in my experience people want to ban things they don’t like or can’t have. Could it be that Watts has a mental defect in her past preventing ownership?

      Either way I find her trend annoying. In the end she will bully every fast food chain she can find pics of someone carrying at into at least not getting in her way.

      On the subject of breastfeeding and singing…let me know when she plans to do THAT show

    • More like “Argument by Ignoramus”. OK I made that up :). There is no appeal to logic whatsoever in her argument. Her premise is not even remotely connected to her conclusion and it’s actually the opposite (legal > NOT legal).

  2. My level of annoyance at your loud singing depends on two things. A: are you singing a song I like, or at least don’t mind, and B: can you sing worth a damn? If the answer to A is no but B is yes, I’ll put up with it. If the answer to B is no you’re going to get on my nerves PDQ–but the worst you’re going to get from me is a snide comment about you not being able to carry a tune if it had handles.

    • What about the poor child trying to feed while enduring all the loud racket dear ol’ mom is making. Talk about colic!

      Obviously Watts has lost sight of the antis’ favorite slogan; “for the children”.

      Pretty clear evidence from main mom Watts herself that it never really is, nor ever really was ‘for the children’. The ‘children’ are just mere pawns in the anti’s political theater.

  3. The first time, I read that as burrito snot-bullets. Hmmm.

    As to Ms. Watts’ understanding of the law, [unrequested] loud singing in an eatery constitutes a reasoable ground for ejection in any municipality in the Union.


  4. Pretty nutty. But then again what would you expect from her? You gotta love her statement on her twitter page “accidental activist”…..yeahhhhhh. Phony as a three dollar bill.

  5. Why does this story exist?

    TTAG hardly gives the folks at the Flat Earth Society any press, and they’re more grounded in reality then Ms. Watts,Bloomberg, and her minions.

  6. Four questions:

    1. Can she sing?

    2. What is she singing?

    3. Who is she breastfeeding?

    4. What does she charge?

    • I would assume she is breastfeeding her children, but if I remember correctly, they are all grown adults. I’m thinking that breast feeding grown adults while singing loudly would get her thrown out of pretty much every place I can think of.

  7. I have to say, of all the [way, way too many] posts about MDA and the [way, way too many] comments on MDA on TTAG, this is the very best line in all/any of them, ever:

    “I realize that Shannon Watts only became motivated to “reduce gun violence” after a bunch of white New England children were murdered (apparently black children in Chicago don’t motivate Shannon)”

    Nick wins the Interwebz today.

    • …Saturday Night Live Skit….a dementia driven Bloomberg…with a hand gun…forcing Shannon to sing loudly….breast feed a baby goat (we don’t want to be gross here)…and dance around in a Chipotle Uniform…

      RJ O’Guillory
      Author –
      Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

  8. Of course, many of us think that a group of people showing up at a restaurant in Tactical Ninja mode only makes it very easy for MDA to grab the rhetorical higher ground with John Q. Public.

    Winning hearts and minds….this kind of grandstanding doesn’t has it.

    • What “tactical Ninjery” are you seeing. I see no one in Crye Multicam. Unless I see Multicam, no ninjery exists.

    • desensitizing the masses to the anti’s bullshit with real experiences INSTEAD of the fantasies absolutely DOES “has it”.

    • What grandstanding is there? Your post sounds almost apologetic, and that will not cut it when defending what’s left of the 2nd Amendment. There is a major move that will pull all the stops to disarm the public, and being apologetic isn’t going to win this one.

  9. My brain hurts from just reading her reply, leave Chipotle alone! #theymakethebestburritobowlesieever

  10. I guess it’ easy for me to say it and get by with it since I’m not married and never have been, but that “woman” is just bad hormones. Like that crazy aunt, uncle or other relative we all seem to have somewhere in our extended families (aunt in my case).

    Ordinarily, I would say keep it up and she’ll get whatever she asked for, but between her, Bloomberg and far too many dangerously unstable sycophants of theirs, I’d really prefer they just go away and let the country live in peace.


  11. So, if I am sitting in an eating establishment, singing Steve Lee’s “I like Guns” with a gun barrel in my mouth I’m ok and Shannon will pat me on the head to comfort me. I don’t believe I really wrote this.

  12. Funny thing, my understanding is that restaurants in general are in fact getting more accommodating toward breast-feeding moms. Wonder if Chipotle is one of them? BTW, just personally, I don’t care for characterizing what Shannon and her “moms” do–or try to do–as “bullying”. It just sounds so damn juvenile, exactly like Shannon does with that “gun bullies” label she throws around. When Jesse Jackson does the same thing to corporations (with a lot more success, BTW) the preferred term seems to be “shakedown”. And one more thing–who in the hell loaned Shannon that baby for her pic? Is she going to borrow another one to breast-feed at Chipotle? Yet another layer of “phony”…

  13. Gentlemen, be of good cheer, Madre Monsanto is not just having an off day. This “strategy” is a clear indication of her desperation. With all the resources at her command, she cannot even reach the low hanging fruit and is reduced to rooting around in the dirt for half rotted delicacies. Every time she demands hysteria from a chain like Chipotle and is rewarded with a “we follow state law” response, she has to declare victory and go home. Mr. Bill Paying Billionaire did not amass his fortune by rewarding failure, and she is having little success in making the transition between being hysterical and generating hysteria.

  14. I Laugh at them I have had a CHL in The State of Texas for 15 years and I have never burst into a murderous rage. but I have seen some one forcibly ejected for singing like a drunken loon at an Applebee’s. The point is we need to keep fighting her special kind of disingenuous astro-turf groups and we need to expose her especially for what she is a professional mouth piece hired to create a Anti-Constitutional movement for civilian disarmament. the main problem is most of her supporters are so stupid that they been shown the error in there ways. They are too busy acting like guns are scary magical killing devices that go off on there own.

  15. Yeah, Shannon’s body guards are all just chicken shits, you can tell that they are just fat boys that can’t even run. Look at the group, they would be crying for help when the SHTF. Pleeeeas help, we don’t know how to use these things called guns. They make me want to puke. I know they have the First Amendent, but jeeze, don’t we feel that they get what they deserve.

  16. Who cares about the breastfeeding? Seriously.

    But singing loudly may be considered Disturbing the Peace.

  17. I’ve just emailed Chipotle, as it’s a restaurant I really like and attend frequently.

    Your business is in the news because Shannon Watts is trying to make you change policy and ban guns in your stores. I am a regular at Chipotle, and I open carry a pistil nearly all the time. I’ve always been treated well by the staff at ALL of the branches I’ve ever visited, and I’ve always been treated well by other patrons.

    I’m writing you this letter to ask you kindly not to cave into the pressure of this anti-gun group. I REALLY like your food, but if I were to become unwelcome because of a change of policy I would no longer go to your store.

    Thank you,

  18. I will pimp-slap a bitch (guy, girl, or ALF) that tries to mess with my Chipotle! Like the Japanese at Pearl Harbor, mess with my burritos and you’ll awaken the sleeping giant! 😛

  19. As a side note:
    I would be willing to pay cash if Mere Monsanto would loudly sing,

    Lets get hysterical, hysterical
    I want to get hysterical, hysterical
    Let me see your body flop
    Your body flop
    I want to see your body flop…

    With apologies to Olivia Newton-John

  20. [COMMENT MODERATED]. My mom hates guns and she’d probably love [COMMENT MODERATED]. Dear ole mom lets me use her FBC account to look in on TTAG (I deleted mine after multiple suspensions) and I got her in a pickle with some silly posts.

  21. Mrs Bloomberg said “Law allows me to sing loudly while breast feeding. May I?”

    Would it be rude of me to drop some loose change in her cup if she does a good job with the singing?

  22. Watching Bloomberg on Face the Nation this morning, Mike is moving forward with his attack on the NRA, citizens, and leveraging elective representatives to diminish the second amendment by funding legislation for additional regulation for law abiding gun owners.

    Shannon comment is evidence, not of her being crazy but a side show “Bloomberg Inc.” is crafting to keep gun supporters attention diverted. Time to focus on the real threat.

    • Bloomberg can spend his money anyway he wants but he will only get some results in the states where he didn’t need to spend the money. Paying some legislators in pro-Second Amendment states to introduce gun bans does not mean that he will get results.

      Some people like to cite the recent Virginia election as proof of his success but the outcome had little to do with gun control. The new AG claims that’s what got him elected but since he only won by 1500 votes that claim is dubious. In the end the pro-Second Amendment forces still control the legislature with big margins. The only real pro-gun control Democrats are in Northern Virginia.

  23. I find it kind of hilarious that she went there. I’ve been thinking about the open carry activists trying to normalize guns by letting the public see them. It really is exactly the same thing that breastfeeding advocates did years ago, right down to talking about “normalizing” something that the “mainstream” sees as “offensive”. Our society sexualized breasts, the normal mammalian means of feeding young, to the extent that the sensitive and easily offended among us felt justified in giving moms of infants a hard time and suggesting they “take *that* to the restroom.” A similar squick now applies to guns, which once were perfectly commonplace, just as breastfeeding was before formula companies created their new norm. And the characterization of the open carriers as nut jobs who just “whip it out” got slung around constantly in the breastfeeding context as well. Funny how many parallels there actually are!

    Both movements basically come down to the same idea: people should be able to make the right choice for their own families, without interference, whether the question is how to feed their kids, or how to protect their families. Shannon fails to grasp the point in both instances. Yes, moms should be able to breastfeed anywhere their kids need fed, and citizens should be able to carry anywhere they may face a threat (ie, in all public places). This 2A mom who breastfed in public back in the day disagrees with Monsanto Mommy on both points. Though given her usual shrill tone, I think I could live happily without having to listen to her sing…

  24. Constitutional Carry (open or concealed) and Open Breastfeeding both are positive causes. Singing loudly (with or without the implication of badly) in shared spaces is a whole other issue; neither guns at rest nor babes sucking breasts cause harm to others or intrude, with no way to mitigate other than to completely vacate, upon others’ personal space.

  25. Could this be Shannon’s “Yeehaw” moment, when it was all downhill for Howard Dean? I wonder what Bloomie will have to say in her defense, as he quietly withdraws funding for MDA, or (more likely) finds new management.

  26. They need to be put in their place already.
    No one but a few dozen middle aged women and the media give a s@#t.
    When she visits the inner area of Chicago with her armed goons.
    Maybe then Ill read about it.
    Till then Im done reading anything she does here or elsewhere..

    • funny as hell especially at the 42 sec mark why does Robert Wagner have his hand in his pocket when he’s sitting down? LMAO

  27. Breastfeeding in public? Eh. I won’t look out of respect, though I would still prefer that you made yourself decent with a shawl.

    Singing loudly? Meh. I’ve heard worse than people who can’t carry a tune in a bucket trying to sing show tunes. Failing neither the singing nor the song being sung being any good, I’d just leave. Y’know, like any civil, rational Human being would (if they didn’t choose to ignore it instead anyway).

    Doing both? See my answer to #2, then.

    And that’s exactly the answer I’d have for you if you don’t like my carrying guns in public. Don’t like it? THEN FUCKING LEAVE.

    But, no, let’s not be rational about this. Wouldn’t want civil, honest discourse now would we, Shannon? Especially since you don’t practice as much on your Facebook page and we do on ours. 😉

  28. I love chipotle and tropic thunder, you guys are doing pretty well today.

    And I also ate there today while carrying, like I do 2-3 times a week for the past few years, I also see tons of cops going to the one I frequent in Plano and have even had a 1911 chat with one there.

  29. I have always gotten positive feedback from both staff and customers at Chipoltles when I have gone in open carrying in Loveland. Of course the folks at Sportsman’s Warehouse don’t mind but neither does anyone at the Petsmart or Target in the same shopping center.

  30. Guys guys guys, she was making an analogy. She was saying that maybe she has the right to breastfeed and sing loudly in public–but people would object to her bringing attention to herself like that. So just because you CAN open carry doesn’t mean you SHOULD–is what she was trying to say. You don’t REALLY think that Shannon ever breastfed her children, or if she did, that she did it in PUBLIC, do you? Perish the thought! Men have paid big bucks to peak at those peaks, why would she ever give it up for free?

  31. well I look at it this way Shannon the milk maid and dumberg is doing us all a great service by trying to get all theses fast food restaurants to comply… lets face it Starbucks, jack in the box, chipoltes, mc d’s, what a burger, taco bell, Del taco, etc…if we as a community don’t eat there our overall health gets better therefore allowing all of us to live happier healthier life’s in turn our insurance premiums go down, and America will no longer have an over eating problem…

  32. Watts paid by Bloomberg, and her #2 an employee of the NYT, working for an anti-gun journalist in the opinion section.

    MDA is most definitely not a real mom’s group- just more coastal elite “We Who Know Whats Best for You Little People” ego-mania. Everytown is the third metamorphosis, from MDA, which sprouted from MAIG, and I suppose there will be another, as enough people catch on and learn to dismiss Everytown as must more paid propaganda by the Littlest Mayor and Nanny In Chief of New York.

    We should go state by state, chapter by chapter, each time one of these pathetic protests is announced, and run a background check on each chapter head and spokesperson – my guess is the Bloomberg money and “progtard-community-organizer-wannabe” schtick is a common thread.

    These FauxMoms need to be called out for what they are, blood-dancers, taking advantage of parent’s and survivor’s pain, for the fake gun-grabbers personal fame and financial gain.

  33. Shannon Watts wants help with openly carrying her breasts. I don’t like her much, but breasts are breasts, I’ll help. Maybe if she got some she wouldn’t be so grumpy and have such an axe to grind

  34. Not gonna lie; if she wants to sing loudly, while breastfeeding, that’s fine with me. Just so long as she doesn’t have a problem with me recording it, and putting it on the internet!!

  35. Literally the only place I hear about this woman is on gun blogs. The mainstream media doesn’t even notice them….

  36. I wonder how she’d feel about me open carrying while visiting chipotle with my kids? I feel like I just lost a few brain cells after reading this…

  37. I clicked the reply thingie on the tweet above and got a twit window, so I said, “@shannonrwatts @ChipotleTweets May you? I don’t know; show us your breasts so we can see how scary they are.”
    so we’ll see what happens.

  38. How about doing a follow up article on how OCers should not behave so we can avoid another Star Bucks fiasco? You delete ad hom attacks from comments on your blog (which is awesome), leverage your popularity, lead by promoting good gun ownership…

    • +1

      These clowns OCing rifles into restaurants are doing gun owners no favors. And yes I realize pistol OC is outlawed in Texas. These clowns are trying their level best to keep it that way, while also pushing to outlaw rifle OC. Why don’t they try OCing to Starbucks next? Oh, wait..

    • Agreed. The thing that has eaten me up since these things started: The guy on the left, kneeling down… that’s brandishing, not carrying.

    • Agreed. As horrible as the Demanding Moms are, the OC Summer’s Eve packages aren’t doing us any favors (and are giving ammo to the Demanding Moms).

      • 100%. As much as I agree with open carrying, it gives antis ammunition quicker that you can say “Speer Gold Dots”.

  39. I have neither time nor patience to argue with the civilian disarmament swine. If they start to harangue me I simply say “No one gives a f*ck what you think.”

    • A woman who lived in a flat,
      Had triplets, Nat, Pat, and Tat.
      ‘Twas fun in the breeding,
      But not in the feeding,
      Because there was no quid pro quo.

  40. Oh man… I clicked on the #borritosnotbullets to see what people were saying. One was “If you live your life in such away that you need to bring a gun to @ChipotleTweets you need to evaluate your decisions #BurritosNotBullets”

    All I’m going to say is “If you live your life in such away that you need to bring a gun to Lubey’s Cafeteria…”

  41. I think Shannon’s kids are a little old for breast feeding… but who am I to judge.

    The nursing bit does pretty much tie in with Bloomie’s nanny state utopian vision. We will provide you everything you need…just like the mother in Pink Floyd’s the Wall.

  42. When I was BF’ing my offspring, the only loud noises I ever recall making were when said offspring was teething and decided to bite down whilst BF’ing. Somehow I never had the urge to sing loudly whilst BF’ing. Apparently I am deficient as a woman.

  43. She lines them up, and you idiots fall for it. Yes, her breastfeeding analogy was silly, but look at all the people attacking a breastfeeding mother now. You folks truly are tools. It’s all about optics, and even if she isn’t a breastfeeding mother anymore (?), who do you think John Q. Public will sympathize with, guys bringing black rifles to restaurants, or a mother?

    I try to believe that the idiots saying stupid things about her are all dumb teens, but I doubt it. Carry on, useful idiots. Sharon appreciates every word of it, since your attacks against her only make her more sympathetic to everyone outside of this echo chamber. Maybe TTAG should do a post about THAT since you guys love talking about her so much. Might as well do something useful and establish a helpful position instead of posting idiot-bait they can user against us.

    • You folks truly are tools.

      That shall go down in the annals of understatment.

      The idiots in that photo are bad enough. The breast feeding tweet was truly bizarre.

      But the reaction on this web site is truly disheartening. What’s the saying about “With friends like these…”? We gun owners truly deserve every anti-gun law that’s going to happen to us, becasue we’re so god-damned stupid.

      Most TTAG’ers make me ashamed to admit that I’m a gun owner.

  44. Strangely enough here at the Chipolte near me there is a “No Guns” sign, and I live in Arizona. But I haven’t been back in quite awhile so maybe it isn’t there anymore.

  45. Is it just me ( forgive me, I didn’t read many posts) or even if you overlook the open-carry bit that is insane. I could forgive her for her differing opinion on open carry but the fact that she compared it to singing loudly as she is breastfeeding (Just milking the attention…) is just crazy. I showed the tweet bit to my mum who’s an anti and asked her to ignore the open carry bit and she still found it crazy. Maybe we should get a pro-open-carry woman to open-carry her evil AR, breastfeed AND sing loudly. Probably whilst laughing at Watts’ face when she sees it…
    {EDIT} What song should they sing…Ted Nugent?

    • I’ve just tweeted thusly:

      @shannonrwatts @ChipotleTweets #sing #loudly #while #breast #feeding. “May I?” I dunno. Do the breasts have a shoulder thing that goes up?

      and invited her to follow me. (on the twitfeed, of course.) 😉

  46. As to this:
    “Am I the only one who is starting to notice the soccer mom trend for chains under attack, by the way? First Starbucks and now Chipotle? ” It’s the open carry demonstrators who are picking the venues. If you want a different category of establishment, go there.

  47. She picks her targets based on what will give her a response that she can claim as a “victory.” It’s not about facts, it’s about the perception. Remember that’s what PR is about and that is her profession.

    • Just like Starbuck’s–it’s not a ban, which they have the authority to do, presumptively. But won’t.

      • They absolutely have the authority to ban guns on their own private property.

        In Texas they may need 30.06 signage, but not so for other states. A manager who sees your gun might happily call the police and charge you with trespassing. Some jurisdictions might even have a more serious offense for armed trespass. Maybe you could fight it and say their policy isn’t a directive, but a request. And maybe you’d have luck with that. Go ahead and let us know how that works out. But meanwhile, you’ve got the charge (but no conviction) on your record and the time and money gone forever.

        This was definitely a loss. The only question is, will these OC people learn from it, or keep on losing for the rest of us.

  48. Damnit. Now they’re targeting an establishment I actually use. Good news is, they haven’t been successful with 2/2 other businesses, so I can eat on.

    • “Good news is, they haven’t been successful with 2/2 other businesses, so I can eat on.”

      These idiots clearly are incapable of learning from their mistakes, so it’s only a matter of time..

  49. Crawl on bottom of screen on Fox Business News says “Chipotle has just released a statement asking customers to please refrain from bringing firearms into their locations, regardless of local laws.” Please? Either they won’t allow OC (and more than likely CC) or they will. In my state all they have to do is post a gun buster and it instantly becomes illegal and you are subject to be charged with GATTP and or trespass. I think they served over priced crap anyway and will not spend my hard earned money there.

  50. “which leads to the media’s willingness to overlook her complete lack of credibility and relevant information for the pathos generated by that fact of biology.”


  51. Meet one of our heroic defenders of liberty, who goes by “Flakoo Delcampo” / “Flakoo Del Campo”:

    Hopefully he and his tubby boyfriend get a knock on the door soon asking what threat caused him to bring that rifle to a low ready position in a Chipotle Mexican Grill.

  52. If I’m the Dad who took his kids to Chipotle, how am I to know the guy who just walked in with a Bushmaster is simply protesting?

    • If I’m the Dad who took his kids to Chipotle, how am I to know the guy who just walked in with a Bushmaster is simply protesting?

      You know, I’m in agreement with you – but I don’t think you know what a “Bushmaster” actually is. Bushmaster is a brand, not a gun. If I talk about my “Apple”, do you know which product of theirs I mean? Piers Morgan was fond of referring to guns as “Bushmasters”, but he didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. Don’t be Piers Morgan. For the children.

  53. “Ask him?”

    Is that what you would do? My first concern would be to make sure the kids were safe. I think that would require calling as little attention to them, and to myself, as possible.

    • I was only trying to answer the question, “How am I to know…” That’s only one of many possibilities. I would resort to asking as a first resort (if I even cared) because I lack the power of telepathically knowing other people’s motives.

  54. Ah yes; tits and guns two of my favorite subjects:)
    In NM most restaurants do not allow you to bring in food for consumption. We also now have a state law preventing re-packaging of foods because it might be “unhealthy” this has had a huge impact on food banks and church groups trying too help feed families. No matter we are from the gov’t and here to help you! But, I digress.
    Anyway, if you wish to get technical I do not think a boob would be considered a sterile sealed container for baby food. Personally I am OK with it but by definition our health board would consider this unsanitary and prohibited activities in a public place.
    In response to Mrs. Watts maybe all food establishments should start enforcing these restrictions and point out MDA as the reason.


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