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From the Associated Press . . .

An armed man decked out in body armor tried to breach a security screening area at an FBI field office in Ohio on Thursday, then fled and exchanged gunfire in a standoff with law enforcement, authorities said.

The confrontation at the FBI’s Cincinnati field office comes as officials warn of an increase in threats against federal agents in the days following a search of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

Federal officials said the man had “attempted to breach” the visitor’s screening area at the FBI office and fled when he was confronted by agents. He was chased onto Interstate 71 and has exchanged gunfire with police, according to the Clinton County Emergency Management Agency.

Authorities have closed the interstate in both directions as police remained in a standoff. No injuries were immediately reported.

Officials in Ohio have locked down a mile radius near the interstate and urged residents and business owners to lock doors and stay inside.

An FBI evidence team has arrived at the office to investigate, according to multiple media reports.

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  1. Apparently there are a lot more Federal police than we thought. IRS coming soon.
    Check your guns, count your ammo, fill up your tank, and get ready to go.

  2. Hmmmmm, guys not dead, hasn’t been captured? Been over 4 hours, oh yeah cops are on it sorry I forgot, protocol, who’s in charge and all that silly bull shit.

    The left blames “Trump” and his radical “Republican Terror Cells”… Wray warns of a possible attack and damn, here comes a “whack-job” with…. WAIT…. WHAT?…. A fucking “nail gun”? AND an AR15? This one stinks but maybe the FBI should get back to busting mattress tag removers.

      • Didn’t FIRE anything at the FBI office… Funny, IF I went to an FBI office to SHOOT it up you can bet your ass that (1) it would not involve a nail gun (a massager? maybe. but NOT a nail gun). and (2) that fucking FBI office WOULD have damn sure been shot up with some dead and/or dying folks lying around on the floor. Not the first time a nut job has targeted an FBI office aka McVeigh.

        • “An alarm went off and FBI special agents responded when the man fired a nail gun at law enforcement personnel. The man then held up an AR-15-style rifle before fleeing in a vehicle north onto I-71 leading Ohio State Highway Patrol on a pursuit.”

          Now he’s in an “active standoff” with LE in Clinton County.

          Odds are that he’ll either commit suicide or be shot dead by police.

        • fired a nail gun at law enforcement

          What nail gun can be “fired”? I’ve used a shitload of nail guns and ALL required AIR PRESSURE (IE: an air compressor) AND pressure on the head to “fire”, even my little brad/staple nailer needs its own compressor and must be “pressed” against something to “fire”… Some BRAD nailers are battery powered use an 18 ga nail not very lethal AND also require contact, there are OLDER nail guns that can be fired without contact but require at least 80/100 pounds of AIR pressure to function properly… I would be interested to know what kind of nail gun this idiot “fired” at armed cops when he had an AR15 in the other hand, what did he hope to accomplish with that killer nail gun… Whole thing is VERY questionable. At 4PM local FOX affiliate reports suspect still NOT in custody? 7 fucking hours one man with a damn “nail gun” and an AR in an open field holding off State and local cops AND FBI? I really like MY chances from a fortified position with a wide variety of weapons and a well-stocked ammo cache

        • there are nail guns that use rimfire rounds to propel nails. the rimfire part looks like a crimped shut .22lr.

        • there are nail guns that use rimfire rounds to propel nails

          still has a contact safety tip and requires to be pressed against a HARD surface before the trigger is pulled to “fire”, most are single load, semi-autos are too expensive for most.

        • Battery powered jobs exist too. Milwaukee makes an alright one as part of their FUEL line.

          You could defeat the safety with some bailing wire if you wanted to but you’d still need to be at basically contact distance for it to be useful.

      • “He “fires” a nail gun…”

        Give the guy some credibility. The nail gun usually carries a manufacturer serial number. LE can’t complain that it is a ghost gun.

        • Replying to Mad look up Paslode framing nailer, uses battery power to fire nails, can fire up to 9000 per charge. By pass the safety and
          your set to go.

      • We need common sense nail gun control. The founding fathers only had hammers. Nobody needs a “gun” to drive a nail. I’ll bet he was using those exploding nails that make a hole the size of a basketball.

    • Ray Epps was the one in the parking lot telling him to go inside after encouraging it for weeks online.

      • Ted Cruz to Jill Sanborn, assistant director of counterterroism: “How many FBI agents or confidential informants actively participated in the events of January 6th?”

        Sanborn: “Sir, I’m sure you can appreciate that I can’t go into the specifics of sources and methods.”

        “Did any FBI agents or confidential informants actively participate in the events of January 6th? Yes or no?”

        “Sir, I can’t — I can’t answer that.”

        “Ms. Sanborn was Ray Epps a fed?”

        “Sir I cannot answer that question.”

        Also, the Jan 6 committee defended Ray Epps. How many other “MAGAS” did they go out of their way to defend? Things that make you go hmm…

  3. Radical MAGA supremacy terror cells will be much more effective. Another government plant like Buffalo & Uvalde. They been enacting a coup since the election .

    • “Another government plant like Buffalo & Uvalde.”

      That is certainly some claim you are making, would you be kind enough to share the evidence upon which you base your opinion, thanks!

  4. Of course, PSYOPS.. they are gonna pick a horrible marksman and nutjob for their falsey…He used a nail gun for his entry weapon…Someone EASY to kill and a lousy shot…They best be concerned about the REAL SHOOTERS out there when the decide to break bad…Their worst nightmares are awaiting..

  5. Zero injuries reported from an active shooter in a building and on a freeway, high speed chase that ended in gunfire, suspect *somehow* managed to escape.

    All a day after the FBI warned that Trumpers would attack the FBI because the FBI raided Mar-A-Lago…

    Yup, I fully believe this not completely fabricated story in it’s entirety. The FBI is known for their integrity and all, right, guys? Right?

    • suspect *somehow* managed to escape.

      Four hours in, suspect is “contained” in a field surrounded by state/local cops and FBI, should have him in custody by the weekend.

  6. Sadly this backfired on the libs.
    It also galvanized the conservatives.
    The fact that some loony decides to go Rambo is almost expected.
    I am sure unless he fits the narrative perfectly this will get memory holed.

  7. By all accounts there is no difference between characterless fbi goons and the kkk, etc. Cannot wait for November.

    • Considering that most attending KKK meetings are FBI, FBI informants, or BATF relaxing off the job.

  8. Have you seen what those high capacity nailguns can do to a 2×4? No lungs left after that onslaught! Oh wait, they don’t have lungs.

  9. Gee, I wonder if this could be a “false flag”? Or someone who was already close to the edge, can see the headlines now!

  10. It looks like the creepy crawlies and looney tunes have discovered body armor. Stopping them now requires head shots, if you’re good enough, or upper legs to slow them down so you can make a head shot.

    • A shot to center mass can still take the fight out of an armored target, assuming a powerful enough round. Body armor only defeats penetration (up to the caliber it’s rated for), it doesn’t prevent kinetic energy transfer. The impact force can still knock armored targets down, force the wind out of them, or in the case of a blow to the liver, disable them for several minutes (see “liver knockouts” in boxing/kickboxing/MMA).

      • Body armor only defeats penetration (up to the caliber it’s rated for),

        Exactly why I carry one magazine loaded with 220 grain hard cast lead for my 10mm, those clowns are NOT dropping the big bucks on Level IIIA or higher body armor, most are grabbing cheap carriers and plates or vests. Good luck with that.

      • Certainly crack or break ribs. Still going to hurt a lot and probably knock the wind out of you. But better than the alternative.

      • Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion: If the momentum transfer from the bullet to the target is great enough to knock the target down, it would also have knocked down the shooter. A bullet impacting body armor is not the same as being hit with a baseball bat.

    • The elf bee eye and aft have had body armor for years.
      Those are the creepy crawlies and loony tunes your talking about, right?

  11. Stopping them now requires head shots,

    No problem practiced “double-tap” for years… 10mm to the brain housing group IS a guaranteed game ender.

    • Ideally go with this but belly button to crotch including hips is often not covered by newer armor and sometimes is the more available target (cover, helmet, motion etc). Also unless they really dropped some money rifles of most calibers will generally ignore anything besides the plates.

        • 3 stops a lot more than one would think and 4 can be quite silly (300 win mag loaded with m2ap pulls) with what it can stop with a more likely chance of injury (cracked/broken ribs). Either way once plates of any kind are involved I know for damned sure nothing I own will get through (no AP in NY) or get anywhere near enough back face deformation (338 Lapua is a good starting point for no penetration trauma drama) to have a reliable chance of incapacitation. And that’s enough gear nerd ranting for tonight.

  12. Spits out a couple nails and brandishes a rifle? Attempts to breach security? Allegedly fired an AR from a moving vehicle and then runs off into a corn field.
    Something stinks on this one. I know some real dumbasses and rednecks out here. But a nail gun? Now, actual body armor or a tactical (Tacti-cool) vest?
    Something I find amusing here with this. Shots fired, no one hit. Supposedly an attack on the FBI. With the same people who accused the Feds of being Trumps Storm troopers and Jackbooted Thugs just 2 years ago now cheering the FBI. With the same people running the Bureau. Tune changes when the actions fit the current political narrative. I know former and current individual agents I would trust with my life. But have no trust in the Agency/bureau as a whole. At the rate things are changing in recent years, I will not be surprised if we start getting people killed by agents who were just following orders, or we start seeing people disappearing in the night for nothing but being vocal opponents of or just questioning the political narrative.

  13. This is nothing more than a warning to any Federal Law Enforcement who believe they can ignore the law and break their oath of office with impunity to the Constitution of the United States. With the exception of the Border Patrol and possibly Secret Service, every law enforcement agency in the Federal Government has been weaponized against the American public particularly conservatives. If they continue on this path, they are going to find the American public getting more and more hostile and whatever comes of that is on them not the public. They are doing this on purpose to push the people into an insurrection hoping they can declare martial law and subdue the population. Fat chance and a major miscalculation. If they think the bulk of law enforcement and military are going to back them after being treated like dogs they have another thing coming. If they think law enforcement and military are going to allow their families to be enslaved like robots guess again. The ultimate outcome of that strategy is going to result in them being defeated and sent to the gulags not the majority of the American Public. They need to be aware of how vulnerable they really are and how outnumbered they are. One always needs to be careful about poking a sleeping bear. And given the attitude of many law abiding citizens today they ought to realize how close they are to getting sick of being poked.

    • You do know Border Patrol can set up checkpoints up to 100 miles from the nearest coastline or international border. You had better have your papers ready as they can’t profile on appearance any more.

  14. Well first off I’d check the moisture content of the corn and if it was 25% I’d fire up the combine(grain havester) and start cutting corn.
    You could just brush hog it, that’d probably be better, then theBiden could raise the price of cereal and gas again because we have a corn shortage.
    Yep bushhogging the corn fields is the way to go.
    Go get that outlaw.

    • The Inflation Reduction Act (LOL) is setting aside $20 Billion of your grandchildren’s money to pay farmers not to farm in the interest of preventing climate change (doubleLOL). This will also have the intended effect of making food less available and more expensive.

      • I’ve had people say to me that younger people don’t want to work.

        I don’t bother to argue or get into nuance or facts and whatever but I sort of want to ask them why young people would want to work?

        Shit pay, in “public facing” high stress jobs, jab mandates, mask Karens, commute cost, the list goes on. For what? You’re fucked anyway. $243 trillion kinda fucked, oh and we’re all dead in 12 years when the world turns into an oven and will die owning nothing but “happy”.

        Work hard? For what? To pay taxes and for social security you’ll never see and maybe pick up a bit of stuff that will be taken from you within a decade? Is that worth getting shot in the neck over some fries? Fuck no it ain’t.

        Of course that kinda attitude ensures you’ll never get anywhere but if you think about it, that kind of fatalism isn’t surprising. It’s the kind of thing that turns to a hard sorta hate that goes to very, very, very dark places.

        • Many youth want careers as artists, poets, writers, or musicians. Unless it makes a living it looks like a welfare career instead.

        • I think you missed the point here, Cross.

          The combination of reality and narrative doesn’t encourage anyone to work at all.

          They’re straight out telling you that you’ll be a serf and be happy. You’ll never get any retirement. It’s theirs. Now, line up for that shot you’re totally not being coerced into and put in some productive hours so others can live large.

          And some people wonder why this doesn’t sell “hard work”. Because those people doing the wondering are fucking stupid.

        • strych that is……….pretty much exactly what I have seen trying to recruit for any position under 45k here in NY (probably the equivalent of 33-36k for the rest of the country till CA gets involved). We have built up a system of minimum wage with somewhat unrealistic expectations, entry level middle class with wtf level unrealistic expectations (masters and years of experience for 40 odd k starting), and trade jobs that exceed both in pay but are heavily discouraged by educated “betters”. I lucked out with my veteran status and civil service scores but working poor is only a few inflation percentage increases away. And from our previous discussions a lack of hope does doom a system to collapse for a myriad of reasons.

        • Shit SAFE, my wife knows your pain. About a year and a half ago she was doing some contract work for a city and she was offered the following job:

          Minimum requirements: MS in [a biological science], PhD preferred. Eight years experience in the field. [Insert an assload of office skills]. Lab cert (2 year minimum), four years experience.

          $14/hour. $28K/year before taxes.

          She looks at the guy and basically says “Uh, I make more than double that just off your contract with me. Why would I take this job?”

          He gives her some nonsense.

          She then informs him that her title isn’t “Missy”, it’s “Doctor” and that if he talks to her like that again he might just get an incurable infection that he won’t survive and sure as shit won’t enjoy. Hey, accidents happen.

          MS required, PhD preferred plus a $40K lab cert and nearly a decade of experience and they’re offering $14/hour? They’re lucky someone doesn’t take an interview just to stab someone.

  15. “NBC News also confirmed Shiffer was at the Capitol on Jan. 6.”

    I believe NBC News as much as I believe the liars Dacian, Miner and Al Hall.

    • I believe NBC News as much as I believe the liars Dacian, Miner and Al Hall

      They’ll be here in 3…2….1

  16. Hey I got an idea. Put those thousands of new IRS agent to work trying to recover the BILLIONS of dollars of stolen Covid relief $$ that was “misappropriated” when our super efficient gumment gave truckloads away willynilly! That outa keep em busy for oh, IDK 10 years! God I just feel sick when I see those jacka$$es pissing away hard working taxpayers money. Makes me fukken crazy.

    • They should have plenty of manpower to simultaneously audit every penny spent for the Ukraine conflict. After they wrap those two projects up, it’s time to audit every department of the US government, beginning with the DoD. They should end up fined and jailed when they fail an audit. Let’s see how they like it. They’ll find more money there than auditing mom and pop lawn care companies. They’re supposed to work for the taxpayer, not against them.

    • recover the BILLIONS of dollars of stolen Covid relief $$ that was “misappropriated”

      They would need to start with the $300 billion for all those non-existent “shovel ready” jobs that Obama put Braindead in charge of then they could get to trying to figure out WHERE they spent 10 TRILLION dollars more than they took in during Obamas 8 years in the Whitehouse.

  17. I’ve got off my youngest sons ass about ficking off and get a real job just because of what was mentioned above by strych9. My oldest son has higher expectations, a house he’ll never get paid off, and an electric car same same. Both have kids of their own and both think the future is nill.
    I don’t like getting old, death gets nearer however I wouldn’t want to be 20 again.

  18. So , here we go.
    It falls perfectly into the new MSM (fake news) outlets current mantra.
    Crazy, irrational, ignorant, trump supporting terrorist will begin to threaten democracy.
    Dear GOD have mercy on our new BANANA REPUBLIC.
    We’ll need all those new armed IRS agents real soon, to save our democracy. NOTED; not a Republic.
    I bet the 100 plus FBI agents fired 10,000 rounds or more at this bad guy and never hit shit.
    Might as well be firing blanks.
    Don’t cower down patriots. It’s you and I they will be coming for and it just isn’t our checkbooks, bank accounts, loan apps and hard metal assets they will be attacking this time.
    Make NO MISTAKE, Obama went after the Tea Party, Trump represents the Tea Party and it’s the Tea Party that they must destroy. Nationalism must be squashed, at all cost.
    Obama and his minions are still pulling the strings.
    Our war is beginning.

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