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Yes, everyone could use some good news these days. Today it comes from near New Orleans, where a man defended his home and four-year-old little girl against four masked home invaders. When the smoke cleared, he shot all four of them, killing two. Sadly, his little girl was wounded in the attack, but she’s expected to live.

According to neighbors, several dozen emergency vehicles responded. Those same neighbors felt great angst when they heard that the little girl was wounded. They expressed great relief when they learned that she did well in surgery and will likely survive.

Fox8, WVUE, has the story.

St. Tammany sheriff’s deputies are investigating a double homicide in Lacombe in which two of four of the armed intruders were killed. The homeowner’s four-year-old daughter was also struck by a bullet in the crossfire.

It is a tight-knit community here on Palmer Drive where everyone is either related or has known each other for years and many are stunned by what happened here on Tuesday.

Police say four armed intruders entered the home at the end of Palmer Drive at around 10 a.m. and all four wound up being shot by the homeowner leaving two of them are dead.

The St. Tammany Coroner’s office has identified the deceased as 25-year-old Renard Causey Jr. and 21-year-old Justin Hill, of Hammond. The homeowner’s four-year-old daughter was also apparently struck in the crossfire.

A relative tells us that the homeowner may have been pistol-whipped before he fired at the intruders. Neighbors say they waited 24 hours to learn about the shooting.

The homeowner was pistol-whipped before fighting back? Seems like the prescription for that is home carry. It’s hard to pistol-whip an armed individual.

We wish the little girl a full and speedy recovery.

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      • The survivors won’t be far behind. Im sure they feel criminals should be able to commit home invasions freely without fear of the homeowners being armed with those nasty guns.


        • I haven’t looked yet, but I’m sure if leftists are acknowledging this story at all, someone is arguing that the little girl wouldn’t have been injured if the father would have just let himself be beaten and let the four poor victims of income inequality take whatever they wanted.

      • Stand and defend the second amendment now, before the corrupticrat communist Biden and Harris try to illegally take way our guns and repeal the second amendment.

  1. Fake news. It is established science that people who own a gun are more likely to kill themselves or family members that use a gun in self defense. The truth has been all over the internet.

    Even though the event obviously never happened (see para above), so glad the little girl will survive her injuries.

    • Well, I guess the quote about people who own guns are more likely to die than those that don’t would hold true for the two individuals described above who are now deceased. And I suspect shoddy data mining by researchers with an agenda look for exactly these types of cases to build their straw-argument point. But let us never forget, that the leading cause of death is birth. We could end all gun violence (actually all human violence) with mandatory sterilization of everyone now. It would only take maybe 100 years or so to get to zero. (Waiting to see how many do not understand the difference between facts and sarcasm, sorry for using a little of both in one post.)

      • ” (Waiting to see how many do not understand the difference between facts and sarcasm, sorry for using a little of both in one post.)”

        That’s how it should be done.

      • IIRC, the study that reached that conclusion examined people who were admitted to hospitals for emergency treatment of gunshot wounds.

      • Did the same study show that those who own a bathtub are more likely to commit suicide buy slashing their wrists in a warm bath?

        Or those who do not own guns are more likely to commit suicide by hanging, poisons, falls, or other accidents?

    • “Go to Settings and readjust your sarcasm detector.”

      That could work.

      No… sadly that won’t work. Trolls do not english speak, they understand same opinions, they don’t know why.

      Can’t run on emotion very long.

      • Yeah, I don’t speak Inglizh like I used to could!
        Actually the two deseased home invaders will be listed as having died of COVID-19.! THAT’S where the left wants to take this. It gives them more “reasons” to control us. (How’s THAT for sarcasm?) 😁

        • “THAT’S where the left wants to take this. It gives them more “reasons” to control us. (How’s THAT for sarcasm?)”

          Sarcasm (ridicule, actually) takes a condition and twists it. You just stated a straight-up truth.

      • “And once again Sam I Am wins the Sarcasm Award of the Week on the Intertubez!”

        I was trying for ridicule, but gladly accept this beautiful award.

        You like me, you really like me. And I want to thank all the little people who made it all possible, and without whom I would have no one to be superior to.

    • Jimmy Beam, Sam has a ‘different’ style about his writing.

      Stick around a bit, and you’ll see what’s he’s about. He’s one of the good guys…

    • Sam, you are absolutely ignorant to make a comment like that. You can state your opinion, but your opinion is NOT fact!

        • “Someone:
          I am of the belief that WRITTEN sarcasm doesn’t work as well as does SPOKEN sarcasm.”

          Which is why it is so hard to succeed; when it works, it is art at its finest. As for Sam I Am, if one reads for information, rather than inflammation, one sees certain words, phrases or terms that obviously don’t make the argument presented. These might be called “little easter eggs of entertainment.

      • “Sam, you are absolutely ignorant to make a comment like that. You can state your opinion, but your opinion is NOT fact!”

        I promise to type comments real slow in future.

    • Some people do not get sarcasm. Love it. Praise God, the little girl (in the fake news denial) will get well. Great news for the hero dad who defended his home (which of course is family and self.)

      • “If the event never happened, where did LE get the names of the perps, from a cemetary, lik dems get their voters?”

        There are names all over the internet. Or, it is easy to make up names…like Hector Finklehopper, or Gregory Wartschlager.

        Besides, you sorta missed the meaning of the comment.

  2. One of the survivors apparently is the father of one of the deceased.
    Now he’ll get to go to prison for the death of his son.
    I hope whatever they were after was worth it.

      • “They wanted his etoufe recipe.”

        Lived in lousyanna for two years*; never et no Toufe’. Is it any good?

        *It was the time the State AG ran for re-election from a jail cell, and won.

        • Even though Louisiana has had its share of election fraud at last look it went Trump 60-40. And your state was more or less? Never mind etouffee you may need a recipe for Crow.

        • It’s an acquired taste… usually involving alcohol consumption FIRST. Worked the Delta area way back after winter layoffs closed up construction in Minnesota. Told the bartender serving the stuff that it’s hard to develop an affection for crawdads up here, seeing as they hole up in the lake bottoms under 6 to 10 feet of ice for half of the year.

        • “It’s an acquired taste… usually involving alcohol consumption FIRST. ”

          Took me like forever to understand that “Nacodish Meat Pie” was spelled “Natchitoches”.

        • i lived in New Orleans for five years, but never ran into etouffe, but did eat a fair portion of boiled crawdads(with Dixie Beer), oysters on the half shell, seafood gumbo, gumbo yaya, red beans rice and sausage, turtle soup, fried soft shell crabs, deep fried catfish, and trout meuniere…The food is the one thing I miss.

        • “The food is the one thing I miss”

          The Colonel bought a Louisiana Cookbook while we were there. It served well, through several re-assignments.

          Completely unrelated side note: Living in Puerto Rico, we learned the “national dish” was red beans, rice, chicken….none of which were native to the island.

        • “Took me like forever to understand that “Nacodish Meat Pie” was spelled “Natchitoches”.”

          And New Orleans is pronounced “Naw’lins”…

        • “And New Orleans is pronounced “Naw’lins”…”

          Seem to remember that up north in the state it is “Narlins”. Maybe I just missed the nuance of the pronounciaten.

  3. the perps were from Hammond La which is not known for its citizens being upstanding pillars of the community. That area of Lacombe is high-end and the home is right on the water. Likely those four thugs broke in figuring the coast was clear but the homeowner (working remotely from home?) surprised them.

    And yes, perhaps they were after his prize Etouffe’ recipe, or maybe his Gumbo recipe.

    • To learn to speak fluent Creole, omit any syllables after the third one, then spend about 10 seconds gettin’ ridda’ your wad of chaw.

      • One night, at a restaurant in Shreveport, overheard a family at the next table. Wasn’t paying much attention until I noticed the individuals were speaking to each other in three languages, intermixed and sometimes intermixed in one sentence. I was able to distinguish English and French, and something else. Later, a long time resident said they were probably Creole.

  4. I wonder if Joey who? Read this it’s a shame that the little girl was hurt I wish her the best and pray she recovers quickly!!!! It’s to bad that they didn’t all get killed!!!! I wonder what gang they belonged to? Oh well that’s the way the cookie 🍪 crumbles…..

  5. Bastards shot a little girl for fuck’s sake.

    We need to bring back hanging for some of these scum. And not that long drop type of hanging. Something more along the lines of an old fashioned hand cranked winch.

    Anyway, for Daddie’s marksmanship, all for hit and two ready for the worms….

  6. My pistol holds .45 HSTs.
    My shotgun holds .00 buck.
    My AR holds .308s.

    If I have to shoot an intruder or armed attacker, I want to maximize the odds of a one-shot fatality. You know, ethical and humanitarian.

  7. “…survive her injuries ” Everyone’s like cool with it then. She ain’t dead. Oh, she’s ok then. Boy, that was close. Is she paralyzed, blinded, traumatized?
    Look, lifelong consequences will ensue, so perps need to pay. I say we give Dad another chance…or two.

    • “I say we give Dad another chance…or two.”

      Precisely why I endorse making jailed felons register as potential body parts until term and parole are completed. I’m talking about all body parts.

  8. According to, the two surviving perps are Jason LeBlanc, 22 (who is in critical condition), and – wait for it – Renard Causey Sr, age 43.

    Yep. We had a father-son team here in this home invasion. Just warms the heart, doesn’t it?

    BTW, the NOLA story also states both the dad and LeBlanc are going to be charged with murder.

    • Murder involving a death is a life sentence in Angola prison.

      I think the same prison where that reality show about a guy who owns a firearm business is doing hard time for…

  9. I took a look at the house on google maps. Not the kind of place you would expect a home invasion by four armed men. Now, I know what you’re going to say: expect the unexpected, etc. Sure. But… I would bet money on this not being some random invasion. Of the other possibilities, one I can imagine is that one of the guys cased the joint in some capacity, saw there was stuff there worth stealing, and then took his boys one night. Always be cautious of who gets in your house and what they see. The low-level cable guy might want to make a little extra scratch.

    • You would be correct that it wasn’t just a random home invasion. All of them are related. I have first hand knowledge from a cousin to those involved.
      The homeowner wasn’t pistol whipped, he saw them coming on his security camera.
      The 21 yr old was the first one in the door and got domed.
      Home owner was armed with an AR15.

      • John Locke,

        Well, that would certainly fit with the meager details that we have.

        Side comment: while I will be the first person to herald the fact that the .223 Remington / 5.56 x 45mm NATO cartridge is absolutely a varmint cartridge, it is quite devastating to human attackers at very close range with softpoint bullets — especially in heavier bullet weights (e.g. 64 grain and heavier). If the homeowner had softpoints loaded into his AR-15 (and it was chambered in .223 Remington or 5.56 x 45mm NATO), that would have resulted in a very bad day for the home invaders.

        • What is interesting, the day before, all of them gathered at the victim’s house and the guy I work with (the cousin) said they were probably partaking of the green herb and he also pondered, didn’t one of the 4 bad guys notice the security cameras set up around the house?
          On the day of, the victim saw them pull up in a vehicle ( a vehicle that belonged to one of the 4) and as they got out pulled masks over their faces and pulled out firearms and headed toward the front door.
          Anyways the guy I work with said, half of the family is supportive of the victim the other half is PO’d that the victim didn’t need to shoot/kill family and could have just fought them off.

  10. Strych9, that’s more often the case than not. I don’t recall working a home invasion that wasn’t drug related. In the last three or four months we’ve had half a dozen homicides that began with a home invasion/drug rip off of $50,000. Sat in my recliner a month ago and heard someone spit out a full mag of 30 rds. in a nearby apartment complex. (7.39 cases recovered). The other night I heard another four rounds from the same direction. Not saying that all home invasion victims are innocent, but in my experience it’s rare.

    • Gadsden Flag,

      Huh. Somehow I did not picture something like that happening within earshot of you.

      Your comment makes it sound like there is a definite uptick in violent crimes in your vicinity. Any idea what are contributing factors?

      As an aside, now I am questioning my wisdom of only having pump-action 20 gauge shotguns (with 5-round tube magazines, an empty chamber, and loaded with slugs) at the ready in my semi-rural (ish) location. Perhaps I should queue up a rifle as well.

      (Note: I ALWAYS home-carry an ultra-reliable full-size semi-auto handgun with a chambered round and a spare magazine, both loaded with 15 rounds of 180 grain bonded hollowpoints, in the unlikely event that I cannot get to one of the shotguns at-the-ready or those shotguns somehow fail.)

      • “(Note: I ALWAYS home-carry an ultra-reliable full-size semi-auto handgun chambered in .40 S&W, and a spare magazine, both loaded with 15 rounds of 180 grain bonded hollowpoints.”

        Heard somewhere a real man carries a .500 caliber handgun. Go big, or stay in hiding. Sumpen like that.

      • Im covered with 00 buckshot loaded up with 12+1 auto. On the side at home is a 44. No fucking around. What say you?

    • There’s nothing wrong with statistical correlation. I’m simply against the people who automatically label the person as an obvious dealer sans any evidence to back that up, which happens here quite a bit. That however doesn’t mean that 100% of victims of a certain kind of crime are all criminals themselves. Even the cops get the wrong address from time to time.

      Further, I will note that the first year I was living in “the ‘hood” my immediate neighborhood (defined as my street within one block in either direction) had four home invasions, three of which resulted in the home-owner/occupant being shot. None were in any way drug related. Three were robberies for anything of value, mostly electronics because someone left a TV box out on the street or something. The fourth was an attempted assassination of a “snitch” where the BGs got the wrong house, popped the guy who answered the door and were directly across the across the street from their intended target.

      Now, the rest of the shootings on that street? Mostly gang/drug related but they were not home invasions. If there was “more” robbery it was generally a carjacking.

    • We get ethnic home invasions around SoCal. It usually targets small business owners that keep a lot of money/jewelry at home. They are not ALL drug related. We had a cash business, sometimes had to carry as much as $100k. We had safes, alarms and firepower.

  11. But people in YouTube comments said you can just fight 4 home invaders with your bare hands. It may lower the chances of your family’s survival, but at least you look like a tough guy.

  12. Hats off to the defender who scored hits on all four home-invaders — killing two — and saved his daughter’s life and his own life.

  13. Okay, I have an important question for the Armed Intelligentsia.

    A commenter above claims that the defender used an AR-15 rifle which got me thinking:

    At home defense ranges against home invaders: will rifles chambered in 7.62 x 39 mm and loaded with softpoint or hollowpoint bullets incapacitate attackers just as quickly/reliably as rifles chambered in 5.56 x 45mm NATO loaded with softpoint or hollowpoint bullets?

    While the 7.62 x 39mm cartridge obviously launches a larger diameter bullet which is at least twice as heavy as 5.56 x 45mm NATO, it is significantly slower with a muzzle velocity around 2,300 feet-per-second rather than the 3,100 feet-per-second commonly indicated for popular 5.56 x 45mm NATO loadings.

    • “While the 7.62 x 39mm cartridge obviously launches a larger diameter bullet which is at least twice as heavy as 5.56 x 45mm NATO, it is significantly slower with a muzzle velocity around 2,300 feet-per-second rather than the 3,100 feet-per-second commonly indicated for popular 5.56 x 45mm NATO loadings.”

      Speed is sexy, but weight is final.

      (anyone who likes that one can have it for their own. if you don’t like it, may it drive around in your brain forever)

      • Let’s see: At a typical in-house range of 10 feet, the difference between 3100 fps vs. 2300 fps in terms of time until impact is only about 0.001 sec. I think one would do well with either choice.

    • Obviously shot placement counts and both rounds have killed a lot of people.

      That said, it’s kind of an opinion question that you’re asking that’s somewhat similar to that silly “Would You Rather?” game. People who’ve treated a lot of GSWs from both calibers (which I have not done) are split in terms of how they answer that question.

      If you’re trying to answer the question from a home-defense standpoint I’d start with the links below (caution, graphic, NSFW images of GSWs in the articles). Both are copies of the same article by the same Doctor who got is MD and then worked on the pointy end of things with Australian SOF. He has an informed point of view but it’s a point of view. If you keep poking around you’ll find other people with different opinions.

      IMHO, at the range you’re talking about, 5.56 theoretically punches better. At longer ranges 7.62×39 will retain a better punch, especially once the bullet starts to yaw.

      [Again, NSFW images. X-rays, surgical photos etc.]

      • I should also note though that at HD ranges both are going to wreck someone’s day. So, really does it matter?

        I’d suggest that the round is less important in this case than your ability to control the firearm launching it for relatively rapid follow ups as dictated by the situation. In most cases I’d suggest, unpopular though the statement may be, that outside of some sort of mega-mansion a sub-gun style weapon is better than a SBR which is better than a rifle most of the time. You can always shoot the guy again if you can get back on the target so a wieldy firearm is usually preferable to raw power.

        If you want raw power get a cut-down bolt action in a full sized rifle round.

    • I have heard from a source I trust that AKs can have feeding issues with both soft and hollow points. Not all AKs and not all the time.

  14. The threat to the homeowner is not even close to over. He will now have to deal with death threats from family members and friends of those suspect killed and injured. Now that his firearm has been taken as evidence he does not have it to protect himself from these people. I certainly hope you had more than one firearm in the house.

  15. Man, where’s the resident fvcktard Miner to let us know how this is all white Republicans faults and that somehow or another Trump is at fault for personally endorsing this home invasion?

    • “Man, where’s the resident fvcktard Miner to let us know how this is all white Republicans faults and that somehow or another Trump is at fault for personally endorsing this home invasion?”

      Well, since it is all obviously true, why would Miner waste time with it????

      Huh?? Huh?

      (Spoiler: That is sarcasm, versus ridicule and/or mockery)


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