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Home invaders certainly aren’t practicing social distancing or complying with stay-at-home orders. And once more in Illinois, another violent home invasion happened in recent days. In Urbana, three teens picked a Marine Corps veteran’s apartment to break into. One of them was armed with a rifle and another with pepper spray.

They chose…poorly.

In this case, the 25-year-old Marine disarmed the 15-year-old rifle-wielding intruder and crushed his windpipe. The other two, a 16-year-old girl and a 13-year-old boy, fled. Police apprehended the two and the would-be rifleman died in the hospital a couple of days later.

After the wayward yoot’s death, nearly two dozen family members and friends of the deceased rallied in front of the home invasion victim’s apartment. And in this time of a statewide lockdown, the victim and his family were almost certainly at home.

The “mourners” ignored the governor’s social distancing rules, and the requirement that all persons wear masks if they can’t stay six feet apart in public. One can’t help but think their gathering was intended to intimidate the victim with possible reprisals.

The local News-Gazette newspaper covered the story, and quotes a local assistant public defender who called the attacker’s death “heartbreaking.”

Case takes ‘heartbreaking’ turn

URBANA — Some 58 hours after making the fateful decision to break into an Urbana man’s home while armed, a Champaign teen died.

Davontae Brown, 15, died in the critical care unit of Carle Hospital in Urbana at 5:30 a.m. Friday, just days shy of his 16th birthday.

He never regained consciousness after passing out while in a chokehold applied by a man defending himself and his home Tuesday night. …

Champaign County Coroner Duane Northrup said the official cause of Davontae’s death may not be known for weeks until further lab tests are completed…

One of Brown’s accomplices inadvertently helped the homeowner defend himself.

Davontae’s 16-year-old female cousin, police learned, had knocked on the man’s door and as a ruse to gain admission, asked if she could use his phone. He said no and began to close the door when Davontae, holding a rifle, made his unwelcome entry.

Another of his cousins, a 13-year-old boy, had also approached the house.

Urbana police Lt. Dave Smysor said he’s not certain if that youth actually made it all the way into the house.

When the 16-year-old girl sprayed pepper spray, it hit both the resident and Davontae but created enough of a distraction for the 25-year-old man, who had served in the Marines, to disarm Davontae and apply a chokehold until he quit struggling.

Later in the story, local criminal-friendly State’s Attorney Julia Rietz “said the justice system had tried repeatedly to get help for the now-deceased boy,” a kid who’d been involved with the city’s juvenile criminal Youth Assessment Center 13 times since he was nine years old.

Law enforcement sources told me that Brown was a frequent flier at the local juvy jail, with a long history of arrests for both property and violent offenses. In Champaign County, Illinois, the juvenile detention center only detains the worst of the worst juvenile offenders under SA Julia Reitz.

And as the cherry on top, Reitz isn’t charging the other two would-be home invaders with felony murder.

She did, however, go out of her way last year to prosecute a Marine veteran who shot a woman who threatened to kill him and advanced on him with a knife. Thankfully, a jury saw it as self-defense and acquitted the Marine.

As for 15-year-old Davontae Brown . . .

Assistant Public Defender Ramona Sullivan, who has previously represented Davontae, was clearly shaken by the news of what happened this week.

“I represent a lot of young kids. I can’t comment about any of them individually but I can say that they are often funny and sweet, frustrating and impulsive. And when they make the kind of mistake that can never be corrected, it is heartbreaking,” she said.






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    • The better justice would be that the “Dirt-Bag” prosecutor discovers what the law truly means.

        • Color doesn’t carry a factor in this awful act of violence and the intent to kill or harm the Marine..whether ,white ,black , green or purple..the facts are what they intended to do ..I am totally for the Marine.

        • If you look at the accompanying “protest” gathering the question of color will be answered. Also, it appears the protesters are not complying with the 6 foot edict.

        • Gloria Karam: Like Hell color doesn’t matter! Decent self respecting white, Latino, or Asian kids know enough not to do stuff like this. It’s those damn burr heads that haven’t been taught right from wrong and this one got just what he deserved! Is it any wonder why they’re hated so much? They’re like a bunch of savages. Witness what goes on in Chicago (Chiraq) every week. Those aren’t white folks killing one another.

        • Marty: “Like Hell color doesn’t matter! Decent self respecting white, Latino, or Asian kids know enough not to do stuff like this.”
          You are correct in “Decent self respecting” but wrong with “Like Hell color doesn’t matter” because color doesn’t matter.
          There are white home invaders as well as Latino, Asian and even Native Americans that have no regard for the law or other people. I live in a predominantly white area, but we have local thugs, most of them from affluent homes, that commit the same sort of crimes. It is not the color of their skin, it is a matter of being taught self respect and respect of others.

    • I just LOVE HAPPY ENDINGS TO A VERY BAD BEGINNIG.. I’m very glad the victim was able to disarm the SOB and give him a nice long, very long I might add DIRT NAP.. This low life scum will NEVER break into anyone’s home again.. We will never be released from the DIRT NAP.. He just became a good criminal.. Thank God the home owner is safe and living life as it should be lived.. He saved the tax payers a lot of money with his actions.. THANK YOU…

      • They have to congregate like that in order to elevate their collective IQ to double digits. Sometimes ‘groids doin’ whut ‘groids do doesn’t work out as planned!

        Gotta love the dingbat Assistant Public Defender’s observation that juvies like this are ‘often funny and sweet, frustrating and impulsive’. In this case his lack of impulse control won him DRT Prize (Dead Right There) courtesy of a Marine who didn’t care for armed home invaders pointing a rifle at him. Looks like a win and a happy ending combined….

        • Ouch! I just read the article felt a sense of justice. But now from reading the comments I realize that somehow I’m indirectly implicated in the crimes of these people who I don’t know personally just because I’m black (more like golden brown). I’m also a Veteran and a public servant, a small business owner and a God-fearing husband and a father. But why when I read your comments do I have to be put down as if I’m an inferior person? Am I not equal to you just because some idiots in another part of the country did something stupid that ruined their lives? Stop throwing everybody black, brown, tanned together under the same category.

        • Manny, not all of us white folks are racist assholes. I’d go to the range with you any time.

        • Manny, most of us do not paint everyone with the same brush. Racism and racist, of any color, are not in majority in this country, and I could not call one of them my friend.

      • I dont wish anyone to die, but who “raised” these kids to be such pieces of filth? Notice in that photo there are no fathers around? What the hell do black women expect when all they do is open their legs for welfare checks, instead of putting any real time and energy towards rearing productive members of society. And don’t blame the system, both of my parents grew up poor in the Great Depression. I’m so sick and tired of blacks’ whining and excuse mongering. We’re re expected to pay for these dysfunctional people for ever!

        • It’s not just black women having babies for checks from welfare. Down here in North Carolina and Tennessee we have all kinds of trailer trash with snot runts running around with no guidance. Growing up to be crack heads and meth addicts. Breaking into someone’s home is second nature to them and it only stops when they run into the barrel of a well aimed 12 guage that sends them on the express bus to Hell.

    • Just a marine making the world a better place as usual. Think of all the future victims of that thug he prevented by taking him out.

    • “Champaign County Coroner Duane Northrup said the official cause of Davontae’s death may not be known for weeks until further lab tests are completed…”

      Marine home on Covid-19 lock down.
      Yoot makes bad choice and gets choked by Marine. Dies in hospital 2 days later.

      He will be added to the Covid-19 death tally.

    • 25 year old Marine; he’s been pepper-sprayed before and been in the ‘Tear Gas House’ so, though it burns, it’s not as much of a shock as it would be to someone who is unaware/unprepared – like maybe the male ‘young adult’ perpetrator who was sprayed by the female ‘young adult’ perpetrator. I am so sick of hearing the phrase ‘young kids’ . . .
      Glad you’re OK, Marine; Semper Fi! It’s always better to do it to them before they can do it to you! Much better to be judged by 12 than be carried by 6.
      I’m curious if the spineless, molly-coddling SA did her job by charging the 2 ‘young adult’ perpetrators with anything . . .

      • From WCIA news.

        “Two juvenile co-defendants are charged with home invasion and residential burglary.”

        It appears that the 13 yo male and the 16 yo female will have their hearings on 14 may.

        • “Two juvenile co-defendants are charged with home invasion and residential burglary.”

          Guessing charging then with felony murder would put a stain on their good names, keep them from getting into the best colleges and universities.

  1. I’m sure he was a very good boy! Society’s fault he chose to victimize decent people. (My as*)! One more miscreant outta the gene pool!

    • I hope that Darwin got the little SOB before he reproduced. But at 15 he likely was the sperm donor for a couple babymommas.

      I must be psychic – couple describe the “rally” before came to the photo.

      Can’t a concerned public Illlinoian press social distance charges from that photo?

      • “Can’t a concerned public Illlinoian press social distance charges from that photo?”

        No because that would involve a democrat prosecutor and these good democrat voters would never be charged by one of them.

  2. I mean, it is heartbreaking that a 15 year old died. Such a waste of life. That said this is the logical outcome of this person’s decisions.

    • By no means and under no metric was this a waste of life. Apart from being the inevitable result of the pattern of this life from the age of nine, what waste do you perceive? Finding a cure for coronavirus? Conducting, or even being a member of, the NY Met orchestra (or any other orchestra from any location you care to specify ), or for that matter any rock band or even any performing rap group? Penning a revelatory book of verse, “Rhymes From The ‘Hood”? Being a waiter if not a line cook at any mediocre restaurant anywhere? Flipping burgers at Mickey D’s or White Castle? Being a busboy? Getting up early twice a week to collect the garbage for his local municipality where he is a municipal employee? Becoming an ”activist” for BLM, or maybe studying religion with ‘Reverend’ Al Sharpton? No, the only future this life had was to be an increasingly violent criminal until he got to the point of hurting somebody enough that the justice system (even in corrupt Democrat Illinois) would have no choice but to prosecute him and put him in prison for some long period of time. The good news is he’ll never get a chance to hurt anybody else ever. In fact, that’s great news. One dirt bag at a time, tidying up the planet. As was said, (again) he chose … poorly, and we are all the better for it.

  3. One 15 year old habitual criminal dead, 16 year old criminal arrested who should face felony murder charge. Sounds like a Win -Win for the Marine and the public.

    • She want get anything but sympathy from the public defender. He’ll probably advise her to sue the owner for making her go through such a trauma. Welcome to liberal USA

      • We had here in South Florida one of those dollar stores got held up by two armed robbers, and they came up against an armed clerk who shot and killed one of the robbers and the police caught the other one, the next day they had a demonstration in front of the dollar store, the sister of the fatally armed douchebag, I was asking why did he have to shoot him stop?? Well maybe sweetheart because your scumbag brother had a freaking gun and me I might have been a little bit better shot haven’t been in the military I would have got both of them this this is crazy the debit this is the Democrats that trying to weaken America from within

    • The Marine should sue the two other home invaders, the kids’ guardians/parents and the State Attorney.

  4. It’s Illinois. Expressing remorse for the criminal but not their victim is shameful, but not surprising.

  5. What idiocy! This is another reason why I could never live in Illinois. I hope the victim is not charged in the “unfortunate” death of another of Obama’s sons. It seems to me, the juvenile justice department is as guilty of this son of Obama’s death as the kid and his fellow perpetrators.

    • Still, the Marine should be thankful. If this happened here in California, he would be in jail right now while being sued by the home invaders’ parents/guardians.

      No one, NO ONE tops the idiocy of the California Justice System!

  6. I agree it is heartbreaking to see a 15 year olds life ended. However when you have a series of juvi runs, some for violent offenses, you play stupid games, you win stupid.prizes.

  7. I’d say give that Marine a medal for putting one less criminal off the streets! Fuck the public dirt bag defender. Sounds like a bleeding heart liberal!

  8. Of course it is heartbreaking, and tragic, to see the damage done by any criminal act. Worse still when the criminal is so very young, throwing his or her life away so stupidly.

    As for who the victim here is, of course the guy in his home minding his own business is the victim. He was attacked, he defended himself. That’s an awful thing to have to do but, again, none of the consequences are his fault.

    If the teens that did the crime are to be seen as victims too then you have to look backward in time at all the people around them to find who it was that victimized those children, turned them into criminals that would attack someone in his home.

    • Capital E Enuf, that would be his parent(s). You don’t get to choose your parents. So, in a way, the kid was a victim too.

    • A few years back, my youngest son, who was in Marine ROTC at the time, was confronted on the streets of Oakland by a “yoot” who wanted to steal his truck. Said “yoot” was armed with a blade and a bad attitude. My son’s response was, “Dude, you REALLY don’t want to do this.” The “yoot” responded, “Gimme yo mofuckin keys or I cut you!!”

      15 seconds later, the “yoot” was lying on the sidewalk, with a broken wrist, and no blade. My son’s parting comment was “Dude, you need to find a new line of work.” When he told me the story, the part that REALLY got to me was . . . “Dad, I really feel bad. I didn’t have to break his wrist. I could have disarmed him without it. I was just amped up and reacted. I wish I’d controlled myself better.”

      Alexa, define the difference between “responsible citizen” and “state-dependent morons”.

      Like my son, the Marine reacted in a way that did credit to his training and character. Semper Fi, Marine, and thank you for your service – both before and after your formal enlistment.

      • Dam! After reading your post I am convinced more than ever that the taxpayers are really getting their moneys worth with the money invested in our military! Bravo to your son and please pass these on to him with my thanks! 💐🏆🏅🎖️👏👏👏👍👍

        • Probably one of the few things that we are getting our tax money’s worth these days.

      • The kicker here is, that “yoot” probably thought to himself “this ain’t happening to me ever again, next time, I bring a gat”.

        Hey, nothing else your son could have done. I think he did the right thing (despite him not wanting to break the guy’s wrists) but people like those will always make the wrong decision.

  9. Where did his family think this kid’s life trajectory was going to take him? He’s been known to the police since he was 9? How is that even possible?

      • Family says they’ve been trying for years to get help for their son, since he was 11. I’ve got a son now who is having a rough time with making correct decisions. It’s not our fault. He’s just simply not getting it. Resources available for those youths and families who are NOT yet in the system and have not yet committed hard criminal offenses are few and far between. The cops we’ve spoken to all say the same thing. There is no hope for those kids and families. In fact, the resources in place now are more of a hardship for the parents than a teaching resource for the youths.

        I just hope our son gets it before it’s too late and he ends up on the wrong side of a gun as well.

        • I am reminded of a couple of mass shooters who’s parents tried desperately to get them help and were turned down at every turn. The one in Tucson, and at Sandy Hook. Somewhat similar stories, there simply was not the resources available, officials had no laws to act under, had to wait for a violent act and then the only things they could do only make matters worse.

          Not saying that’s your predicament, just agreeing the entire width and breadth of health care in this country is a disgrace.

          Especially when it comes to a parent doing their very hardest to fix a kid on the wrong path, or worse, of a defective mind.

        • Nine year old kids aren’t out committing crimes due to lack of resources. It’s called lack of decent parenting. You seem to be taking the view of, well if we just had more funding. That’s just like the failed education model we have here. Whenever the pols brag about doing more for education, it’s always about spending money. Throwing money at a problem is all they know.

        • Harry,

          Did you read the description of this kid’s history? In the criminal justice system since he was 9.

          Is that “the system’s” fault?? Only to idiot SJWs. Yes, there are ‘bad seeds’, and the parents may have been totally unable to influence his behavior. I don’t think Occam’s Razor gets you there, but let’s accept the possibility, anyway. So, the correct reaction was that “society” had to do whatever was “necessary” to save this unfortunate “yoot” from him psychotic tendencies, correct?

          In the face of SJWs and SCOTUS rulings mandating that you CANNOT involuntarily commit obvious psychotics without proof at a level functionally impossible to achieve. So, instead, we leave them on the street to . . . rape and plunder.

          As a Christian, I have sympathy for the death of a young man, and the loss of his soul. As a taxpayer? Can we give the Marine a medal?

        • You know what resource the didn’t use? A grown ass man handing out an asswhooping.

          This is what happens when you have women try, and fail, to raise men.

    • Tom Givens is the retired cop who started the Rangemaster training facility in Memphis. Givens says in one of his videos that the youngest person he ever arrested for a serious felony was about the age of this kid when he first got into trouble. In the family of the kid Givens arrested, most had criminal records and none had ever held a steady, honest job. Both of these kids were doomed at birth.

    • To quote Laterian from years ago “It is fun to do hood rat things.” That is how its possible.

  10. No mention of the money this marine saved the state with future prosecutions or the saved lives this kid would have otherwise takin through his life.

  11. Thank you for your service, Sir. I wish you well in the coming days and sincerely wish that you know, with out a shadow of a doubt, your actions are honorable and fully justified.

  12. It’s sad to think that this teenager’s life was wasted on trying to commit violent crimes, to think had he had proper raising and some kind of proper moral compass he could have been a contributing member of society. I feel bad for the Marine who took the criminal’s life. While his self defense actions are undeniably justified he still has to live with all the consequences that come with this. It would not surprise me to fine that all three of these violent teenagers have no real positive father figure on life; such is often the case, however those circumstances do not excuse the violent crimes they committed, rather only reinforce the fact that children need positive masculine fathers to help raise and guide them just as much as a nurturing mothers more than so much of the liberal social justice warriors care to admit.

  13. “a kid who’d been involved with the city’s juvenile criminal Youth Assessment Center 13 times since he was nine years old.”

    Looks like it won’t be 14 times.

  14. This whole story makes me concerned for the Marine. He needs to get out of that lease and move elsewhere. Also it makes me laughs inside that an intruder was pepper sprayed by his own accomplis and then choked to death by the victim…

  15. It seems like giving your kids stupid first names predisposes them to an early death from gangsta’ like stupidity.
    And whats with all the fat ass women in the street wearing tight pants…. I wonder if those women actually think they are attractive…
    Way to go Marine!

    • If the .gov is gonna give you a 5 pound block of cheese every week, you’re gonna eat 5 pounds of cheese every week.
      Multiply that by all the other free food, multiply again by 42. (That’s the size of the TV devonte and shaniqua stole).
      And you get 450 pound second and third generation welfare mommas.

      Carry on Marine. You just prevented a bunch of future crime.

      • I agree. The marine most likely saved some future victim’s life. The trajectory this career criminal traveled could not lead elsewhere.

  16. Poor kid. Learning how to steal so young, it’s clear that he was headed for a great career in politics.

  17. Another one bites the dust! Hey Hey. Too Fuc…n Bad. I really like the first replies hashtag:
    Way to go Marine!!

  18. Poor Davontae! It would behoove us all to get in touch with the unimaginable fear he felt as he desperately although in vain gasped for air. We should all hold onto that at the forefront of our thoughts before breaking into someones residence to commit an armed robbery.

    If you’re not inclined to commit that sort of crime, skip the proceeding comment in its entirety.

  19. “the official cause of Davontae’s death may not be known for weeks”

    He either died of gun violence or the WuFlu, because these days everybody dies of gun violence or the WuFlu. Oh, or global warming. I almost forgot global warming.

    • Well, you see, the virus was caused by global warming. The Times literally ran such an article early on. They said global warming, excuse me, I mean the Climate Crisis, forced these bats from their normal habitat which stressed them and made them more susceptible to this virus. You can’t make this up. I can’t find the link now. I’m sure they did some stealth editing out of shame for publishing that nonsense.

      Some doctors recently said that patients that have trouble breathing and die were labeled as Covid deaths even when they weren’t tested. Sounds like this guy had trouble breathing, which, now that I think about it, seems to be a problem with everyone that dies.

    • Doubtful. Next time, the girl won’t have pepper spray but a gun. So will the 13 yr old. They won’t stop until they are incarcerated or dead.

  20. Ok….

    State: Ill-noise
    Town: Urbana
    Distance to Chiraq: 2hrs 20min (or so)

    Given the potential influence of Chiraq, is it just possible the DA in Urbana will discover that the victim was the teen who died? The homeowner used a holding techinque long shown to result in inadvertent death. So much so that the detainment hold has been abandoned by police departments. Thus, the defender used excessive force after disarming the perp, in that a known deadly detainment hold was used after the deadly threat ended (perp disarmed).


    If common sense gun laws were in effect throughout the country, the perp would not have had a gun, and more likely would not have felt the power of the gun driving him into crime.

    • Except he’d been driven into crime at least 13 times previously, starting at 9, when I doubt he had a gun.

      • “Except he’d been driven into crime at least 13 times previously, starting at 9, when I doubt he had a gun.”

        True, but prior bad acts……hey, how did his juvie record become public? How is it we know all about his prior bad acts?

        Well, we don’t know what drove his other crimes, but in this instance, it’s the gun, the gun, the gun.

        • Sam…but when a cop shoots somebody…they ALWAYS go back and look at the history…how many other shoots…how many complaints…etc etc etc
          Fair is Fair…right? /s

        • “Sam…but when a cop shoots somebody…they ALWAYS go back and look at the history…how many other shoots…how many complaints…etc etc etc
          Fair is Fair…right? /s”

          Well, there’s that.

    • So… someone picks up a gun and they are driven to commit crimes? Do guns have some sort of alien ghost within them? And how exactly could (un)common sense gun laws have kept this gun out of the hands of a criminal? Would a criminal who intends to commit crimes obtain a gun legally?

      • “Do guns have some sort of alien ghost within them?”

        You mean you don’t know? This is a real question?

        Read more of the reliable outlets. Watch real news shows. Everyone knows guns empower people beyond anything they would think or imagine if they never owned one.

        Buy a gun magazine, and look at all the macho men who fill the advertisements. Regular guy, with a gun, suddenly you can have commando tats, bulk up your muscles fantastically, dress in stealth clothes, wear your combat gear wherever you go, hang a gun off your belt, and carry a scary black rifle with a clipazine and a thingy that goes up in the back. Look at the transformation of the person that is advertised. No more hangin’ with the shirt and tie crowd. With a gun and combat gear, you can hang with real men (there are similar adds for women).

        You think all that mental transformation doesn’t have power? Just look at the central element of those advertisements: guns. With a gun, you are a match for anyone who steps on your shadow. In the Boogaloo, you can mow down your neighborhood, and take everything you want, all in the name of being a real man.

        Guns are bad; Orangeman bad. With a gun, you gots everything you need, your’re a hero, you don’t look back. You can take the dark out of the nighttime, and turn the daytime black.

        • “Sam you are one stupid fuck.”


          When you point a finger at someone, you have three pointing back at you. So….

          A) How come it is I snagged you?
          B) How come it is you have no grasp of sarcasm, ridicule, mockery and smirk?
          C) How come everyone here, except you, caught on immediately?

    • He’s not an officer of the law. Excessive force is quite a stretch when it’s his home and his property we’re talking about. I’d hate to be an honest person with you on the jury, that’s for sure.

      “Common sense” gun laws, like prohibiting a minor from possessing a weapon, or using the weapon in an act of violence? Just wishing the rifle didn’t exist is what a child does, acknowledging that they exist and better preparing yourself for them to be used by undesirables is what a responsible, logical adult does. Something you’re clearly not.

      • “Excessive force is quite a stretch when it’s his home and his property we’re talking about. I’d hate to be an honest person with you on the jury, that’s for sure.”

        Afraid you missed the point of the comment, but I’ll take your second sentence, and run with it.

        Excessive force on the part of a defender is a real “thing”. Prosecutors have tried to use excessive force as result of using a 10mm round for self-defense (am told that prosecutor was unsuccessful). “Imminent threat” of deadly attack is also a “thing”. Once an armed attacker is disarmed, you may be in a situation where use of deadly force to respond/retaliate is illegal (don’t think a zealous anti-gun prosecutor won’t try to show you were no longer defending your life).

        As to being on a jury? Take another look at the picture of the protestors. There is your jury pool; people like that. Wanna put your future in their hands?

        And now to the purpose of the comment….

        Just spit-ballin’ about how an ambitious DA might look at things in order to add a pelt to his/her/it/whatever record for punishing gun owners.

        • But Sam, the marine didn’t use a gun so how would punishing him punish gun owners? If the marine had picked up the gun and shot the perp with it then yeah, marine’s gonna do time. That’s just not how it happened. Also, I don’t think the DA will find many friends if he goes after vet.

        • “But Sam, the marine didn’t use a gun so how would punishing him punish gun owners?”

          Note that I stated: “Afraid you missed the point of the comment, but I’ll take your second sentence, and run with it.”

          My comment was about zealous DAs seeking to make an example of the Marine for using excessive force. Similar to if it had been that the Marine first disarmed his assailant, then shot the intruder so as to make it easier to detain him for police.

          It should come as no surprise that anti-gunners are essentially opposed to self-defense of any kind (“Just give the what they want, and they will leave you alone.” “Just submit to the rape, or you might be killed” “You could run away.” “You should just call the cops and let then take care of it.).

        • Sam I am… Have you ever been in that kind of situation? If you have you’d understand. All you think about is survival. And the majority of people in a jury box understand and the chances of going to prison is slim to none.

        • “Sam I am… Have you ever been in that kind of situation? If you have you’d understand.”

          Please re-read my comment, carefully.

          It is not for me to be in that kind of situation to know that a zealous DA can find a hook to drag the Marine through “the ride”. I merely pointed out what could happen. Observation and endorsement are not synonyms. Neither did I criticize the Marine.

          I’ve been to a rodeo and two state fairs. I know how things can work. Ignoring potential consequences will not prevent them. Being aware can be the beginning of re-evaluating certain absolutes. Which can lead to making better preparations.

          Find a criminal lawyer, and ask, ” If I disarm a burglar, and in trying to subdue the burglar, I choke him to death, am I immune from prosecution under any circumstance?” Be wary of any lawyer who answers, “Absolutely.” Pay attention to the one who says, “That depends.”

      • This “excessive force” thing shouldn’t even be an issue for any of us. Trust me… In the heat of the moment no level of defense is “excessive”. You just run with the situation at hand and do what you feel you need to do.

        • “You just run with the situation at hand and do what you feel you need to do.”

          My note was simply a caution that doing what you feel you need to do might not be Kryptonite to criminal charges in the wrong jurisdictions.

    • SamIAm (good handle, by the way; it fits you, and most particularly, your impressively childlike worldview),

      He was an habitual criminal offender since age 9 – six years prior to this incident. The Marine was faced with THREE armed assailants, one with a rifle, and himself unarmed (my only beef with the Marine – he shoulda been packin’ heat), and he disarmed a RIFLE CARRYING criminal. And, OK, he choked him out. This is disproportionate response HOW, exactly????

      Please, take your heart and go bleed somewhere else. And take your non-functioning brain along with you.

      • “Please, take your heart and go bleed somewhere else. And take your non-functioning brain along with you.”

        To be perfectly polite, may I recommend you engage a tutor in the art of reading comprehension?

        Perhaps you could begin with the first sentence of my comment:
        “Given the potential influence of Chiraq, is it just possible the DA in Urbana will discover that the victim was the teen who died?”

        Can you point out where, in that sentence, or any other, I did anything other than point out the danger of thinking some prosecutors would not do amazing things to turn an event like this on its head?

        Thinking this event can’t go sideways is not prudent. I am pointing out one line of reasoning a rabid DA might pursue; not promoting such. People are all high-fives right now, but will be unjustifiably outraged if the Marine is charged, later.

        Think it through. If you were in the same spot as the Marine, would you be prepared to do a perp walk, and glide through “the ride” so the DA can prove a point? Are you prepared for the worst?

  21. It’s families with dads that are the problem. EVERY child needs a dad. (not a sperm donor).

  22. It looks like the relatives will weather any food shortages if any should occur. It looks like they all average well over 200lbs on the hoof.

  23. Well the stupid ass is rehabilitated now thanks be to god and a marine. To often doors get away and get away with shot at least the world is better off…. and saved the cost of housing scum

  24. Self perpetuated poverty by a group of people who keep having children they cannot afford and trying to raise them in communities where the only thing they value is rap music and NBA2K.

  25. Even a child is known by his doings…a 16(or 13)year old should know right from wrong. Often they don’t. Or why I rarely go to Chiraq. The criminal demographic is trending younger & younger. If the marine ISN’T armed I’d start a go fund me thing for him…

  26. Maybe I misread the thing, but I initially assumed the the woman’s statement would be entirely different. Seems she’s “heartbroken” the kid made a bad mistake and died because of it which is understandable. Not heartbroken the marine defended his life. Either way, the two juveniles also involved should be charged with murder for assisting in an action that lead to the death of their cousin.

    The girls biggest mistake was thinking pepper spray would disable the marine. There’s a reason military and law enforcement are pepper sprayed or tear gassed in training… they can fight through it in situations such as these.

    Kudos to the marine and shame on the family and friends that failed or even encouraged the deceased and now choose to blame it on the guy defending his home. I’m sure some T-shirt printing company made a profit off their vigil.

    • Yes. We got tear gassed in boot. Sucks. But man up and get through it. A lot of the shit they threw at us was ti get us used to thinking and doing even with said shit in the air.

  27. This marine better move, STAT. He’ll be dead in a month if he stays in that apartment.

    …The Chicago Way.

    • Or he will keep stacking bodies. Also: Marine is a title – please show the proper respect and capitalize accordingly.

      • The latter seems more likely. Since homeboy’s own cousin managed to pepper spray him I’d say a high intellect probably run in that family. Plus very few criminals have any real technique when it comes to fighting, shooting, moving, etc. A Marine does

  28. NEVER open the door; ALWAYS talk through it. The “May I use the phone” dodge is one of the oldest home invasion tricks in the book, so just offer to make the call through the door. Be smart people! Also always home carry if local law allows!

  29. I get what you’re saying, but you don’t have to have a dad or a mom. You need someone that is willing to look out for you and be a role model. I know this is a horrible example for this site, but Obama wasn’t raised with a dad. He barely knew even knew him. He didn’t have a mile long juvenile record. What was the difference? Was Dr. Ben Carson raised with a dad? I know he did have issues, but someone cared enough to set him on the right track.

    I think there’s also a part of our culture that makes it easier to blame it on the lack of the dad instead of the actual mother that usually does the raising. From my point of view, it’s more the fault of the mother that stuck around and did a terrible job, than the father that went MIA. I don’t know if this kid had a single parent, but I know this topic comes up often.

    • Dude. Barry wasn’t raised in the ghetto. He was raised as a white kid in Hawaii. And in spite of that upbringing, or maybe because of it, he turned to a life of crime.

      Name me a bigger crook than a politician.

      • I guess the point was, if you can make it to President, you could make it to any legitimate profession, and not a life of crime, but again, terrible example.

  30. Of course, the intruder’s death is heartbreaking. But not as heartbreaking as what the three of them were about to do to their victim. This kid was going to end up shot dead by another criminal, a cop, or another victim or sentenced to decades in prison for a crime too ugly for the state’s attorney to cover up.

  31. I’m going to say some ugly shit here. But maybe it needs saying. I don’t like abortion. But maybe it’s time we made abortion mandatory for any unwed mother.

    • “But maybe it’s time we made abortion mandatory for any unwed mother.”

      Something similar was attempted already; ending generations of mentally disabled offspring. The SC ruled against it.

    • LMAO love that our rights are so important…until you disagree, then forced abortions is fine.

      What a nuanced, and well thought-out position you have, amirite?

      • Tard. (what a great and descriptive handle for you.) Our human and civil rights are being trampled daily by the left. Why not spread the pain a little?

        • Tard jr, you defended leftist mandatory vaccinations and soon you’ll get your wish. Congratulations.

    • JWM, “Freakonomics” addresses exactly that, that the increasing crime rate in the US reversed and began decreasing 18 years after Roe v Wade (circa 1992), 2 years earlier in two states which legalized abortion 2 years earlier. If we cut welfare payments which encourage young girls to have many babies in order to afford their drug of choice, crime would further dive 18 years later. If we mandated sterilization as a condition for collecting welfare, crime would pretty much disappear 18 years later.

      • Tech also played a large part too. Video cameras, cell phones and computers all helped lower crime rates. Lock ups increased too so the sperm donors were not around and that lowered crime further into the 2000s.

      • “forced abortion” “mandatory sterilization to collect welfare” sounds like some CCP ass stuff or early 1900s liberal stuff to me

  32. Hey, kids, say it all together now, “Play stupid games, when stupid prizes!” Home invasion with a lethal weapon against a Marine? Get in the forever box! Derp.

  33. So…we care about these protesters being not 6ft away and violating gathering orders…but when the people defying quarantine and claiming things need to be reopened protest…thats fine. No slant here, nosiree bob.

    Boy I miss the days when this site was about firearms and not bullshit politics.

  34. They aspire to become criminal lawyers, but will only achieve the first half of their education.

  35. This criminal got what he deserved. The others, hopefully will get what they deserve.

    But it’s racisit to suggest that if the criminal wouldn’t have made the connection conscious decision to be a criminal, he’d still be alive.

    How dare I not check my privilege. . .

    • Thank you comedy club klansman…If the perp were white trash you’d be the one to provide the dialect.

  36. I feel badly …for the Marine…more PTSD to deal with. Hang in there.
    So…where did the kid get the rifle? Stolen? Purchased?
    If purchased…let’s go after the seller if possible..maximum jail time.

    • I’m curious about this too. He probably borrowed it from a family member without asking, otherwise known as stealing. If he didn’t have the rifle, he would have had a knife or crowbar, or whatever he could find.

    • Sort of an interesting line of questioning. Trace the rifle, suspecting (as I do) that it was stolen, then see if it was stolen recently during a home invasion, and if victims were injured. 15-year-old did not buy it. More likely killed for it.

  37. Minors…will get little or no jail time…watch and see… probation probably…so as not to ruin their futures
    until they actually kill someone…then they might see a jail cell

  38. The quote is not as bad as the title of this post might indicate:
    “And when they make the kind of mistake that can never be corrected, it is heartbreaking,”

    At least it doesn’t place fault on the man defending himself.

  39. The homeowner was clearly not justified using lethal unarmed force against multiple children armed with a rifle and pepperspray.

    Davontae was a good boy who never hurt anyone.

  40. How long before the gun grabbers use this as an excuse to push for more gun control laws? Or how long before the grieving family files a wrongful death lawsuit ramrodded by the gun grabbers? Kid died from a choke hold? Facts and logic are immaterial here.

  41. “Law enforcement sources told me that Brown was a frequent flier at the local juvy jail, with a long history of arrests for both property and violent offenses.”

    He will no longer be a frequent flier now that he resides in the cemetery.

    • I served with some guys that made that choice. Mostly, they were good people to have around. Amazing what a little structure and positive reinforcement can do in a young knotheads life.

  42. Take a look at the “protesters” in front on the marine’s house. Not a one less than 300 pounds. They are the perfect culture medium for CoronaVirus. The way they were milling around unprotected most of them will have Covid-19 in a few days.

  43. The authorities were quite aware this young man was a troubled teen, and should have been in a place where he could receive counselling and be watched. The city and state failed him and his family. You can’t place blame on a man who is obliged to protect his family. The local SA, needs to realize this

    • How did the city and state fail him and his family? His FAMILY failed him. They did not care. This is generational degeneration. This is what years of social handouts creates. Monsters.

  44. No comment from the family and friends just exactly how some young teenager just happens to become an armed robber. None of them are reflecting on that, are they? Of course not. This is what is wrong with this picture. “Public Defender” is a piece of garbage also. He should have gave the family and friends a good lecture on how to raise teenagers.

  45. Apparently not a convincing act playing the only 16-year old girl in the country without a phone.

    • I’ve been waiting for this fact to get mentioned. If it would have been true, no phone, then the teen wouldn’t have been there in the first place, because her parents would have had taken it away from her, as a “removed privilege” and she would have been grounded and in her room pouting about it. Amen

  46. Good for him!!! Glad he had the skills to defend himself! The brat was carrying a weapon and she had pepper spray!! They were intending to do harm. He got there first. Serves the kid right for playing criminal. My God, he has “13” previous serious crimes!!! How many times are you going to let the scum bag free!?!? His parents should have lost custody after the third crime!!! Apparently, do not know how to raise a child. They should still loose the other kids, if they have any, as they have no skills to be parents. I say, “Serves the brat right for breaking in”. They should also charge the other two with at least B & E. 30 years ago, a homeowner had a right to defend their home!! Now the pansies are allowed to kill and still sent out to kill again. I think we need to go back to spankings and only one trophy. Seems to me that generation put out much better people than we are now!!!

    • Right, but it wont happen.
      Culture has changed drastically and so has the appetite of the average judicial system. Put a working man in jail for whipping his sons ass when he screws up big. That brings money into the city, county, state, local buisness like towing, businesses that always have a position open for people to apply, so they can run a back ground checks to look for warrants, unpaid tickets, tell them ” You start on Monday, be here at 8am”. They show up for work and Barney Fife is waiting for them, no job, go straight to jail! Even churches do it to new members now just for gossip sake, if nothing else. A working family man or woman, has a mortgage, car payment, bills and needs to get out of jail, back to work and only a spendy attorney can flip the switches, and as long as everyone gets their piece of the pie, then good. They can’t even correctly operate teen correctional facilities today, so they let them run and make money for the system by crime. When I was a kid and a cop seen me running around after dark, they would roll up on me and say hello and ask me how my dad was and if he wasn’t home tonight? Then bid me a good evening and drive off. Guess what? Well fellas, I’ll see ya tomorrow, because I’m going home. Remember “No time for Sergeants” starring Andy Griffith during psych exam? Point made. They make more and more domestic assault charges so minor or fabricated, heap huge charges on people now, so they can deny your 2nd amendment right. Ive watched it in court over and over that its like a drive through food joint now.
      Wake up folk’s! 1986, the so called war on drugs opened the gates of hell and began big buisness for governments, politicians, filling up prisons and building more, putting LE on steroids to invade your home or your neighbors by mistake, right to privacy and all the ugliness that goes with it. No high school diplomas? No military option for you dummy! No college degree or solid trade skills? No decent job for you Bob! If you cannot perform manual labor or have a pre existing back problem before or after you came to work here? Goodbye, because your healthcare costs too much to keep you on, we want money and we have loop holes to can your ass. Union, whats a union? Oh, thats a fake organization that pretends to protect you or judge its own peers in a volentary committee like attorney state bar’s that are really privatized or the BBB, aclu, the heritage foundation and on and on. Were here to protect you (from us) lmao.
      A union? Sly Stone in F.I.S.T, maybe? Foreign and domestic terrorism, HLS, TPA. Presently, let’s encourage society to open up about their “mental health” issues that are obviously in direct relation to culture, especially you teens and old timers, so your lefty or vindictive meddling angry neighbors can read about it online somewhere and “red flag” you, so the boys can come over and safely disarm you from hurting yourself, others or a squirrel in the attic.
      Bang Bang Bang!
      “I’m just doing my job..”

      Just like clockwork folk’s.
      No one is safe anymore, no matter which side your on.
      One day your carrying cuffs and the next you could be wearing them. What’s next?

  47. The hair and body suits of the protesters tell you everything you need to know. And also, is the reason that there are no fathers present. If only we can get the horny black snake to wear a rubber, a lot of this stuff wouldn’t be happening. Might even solve urban blight.

  48. If you are so hardcore at 15 as to break into a strangers home, knowing that home is occupied, with a weapon in hand then you are beyond redemption.

    • No one is beyond redemption while they are still alive. Regrettably, that 15 year old young man who had been greivously deceived about what manhood was is NOW beyond redemption.

  49. I’m sorry this young man made this fatal mistake, but the marine’s response was definitely justified. He was protecting his home and his life. This kid had run-ins with the law starting at age 9. It was assault with a deadly weapon.

  50. my personal home defense weapon is a 12 gauge shotgun which means one lays dead, one if not both of the others lay wounded from the first round as I use buckshot so i don’t miss and don’t penetrate the walls wounding/killing an innocent. SA Rietz needs to be sent packing and stop protecting criminals. A 15 yr old kid had a rifle in state that boasts the toughest GUN CONTROL Laws in country. Politicans want to DISARM the LAW ABIDING CITIZENS TO MAKE IT EASIER FOR CRIMINALS TO COMMIT CRIMES AND HURT THE INNOCENT. Davontae Brown’s family want to show up and protest his being killed while he’s commiting a crime well I say go cry to somebody who cares.

    I’m an Uncle to 6 Nieces and Nephews and if any one of them were doing what he was doing before he got killed I’d have PERSONALLY kicked thier ass. If young Mr. Brown was my relative I’d have taken an interest in his life long before HE THREW IT AWAY.

    STUPID ASS MR. Davontae Brown got what he DESERVED go riddance to the CRIMINAL FILTH BETTER HIS DEATH THAN INNOCENT and just maybe his death won’t be in vain and his 13 and 16 year old Cousins learn better. I don’t figure they will but we’ll see.

  51. The juvenile made a deadly decision to enter that house with a rifle and the young girl who pepper sprayed the homeowner were completely ready to inflict harm. The marine homeowner defended himself unarmed against two people and one had a deadly weapon. It’s unfortunate that the young kid passed from him injury but he he put himself in that position and he had a criminal record that included violence. I thank that marine for his service to our country and stand behind him 100% for protecting his home and himself from a bunch of morons. How dare the young mans family rally in front of this mans house for what he did. That’s an even bigger bunch of morons thinking it’s ok for these kids to do what they attempted to do. GOD BLESS AMERICA… GOD BLESS THAT MARINE…

    • “His grave marker should read “I died assaulting someone with a deadly weapon”.”
      His grave marker should read “I died stupidly assaulting an unarmed Marine with a deadly weapon”. There, fixed it for you

  52. You know what would be “heartbreaking” is if a bunch of S.D.-masked “mourners” were to beat the living shit out of that piece of shit public defender (aka thug-hugger) for his asinine comment. Jus’ sayin’.

  53. I take the same stance on these teens as I do with I’ll mannered dogs. It’s how they are raised. The logical conclusion here is that the parents should be shot as well.

  54. Good riddance, a piece of sh!t taken out before he did any more damage… His mom & dad must be so proud that they raised an awful little sh!t.

  55. I can’t help but notice that there are no Dads standing there in the “Family” of the deceased. That may be part of the problem. Now, go ahead and call me a racist, let’s get it over with…

  56. Anyone else hearing Jack Nicholson’s A Few Good Men line, “You fucked with the wrong Marine….” about now?

  57. …and regarding the 16 yo female accomplice (now in custody)…

    “The public defender’s office was appointed to represent her because she already is represented by that office in an unresolved aggravated battery case.”
    – News-Gazette –
    *emphasis on “aggravated” was added by me.

    Even if convicted of the home invasion / attempted burglary the Illinois juvenile system will only hold her until her 21st birthday…then all’s forgiven.

  58. If the State attorney won’t file charges against the other two then have the Attorney Generals office file them. That’s how it’s done in Pennsylvania.

  59. It wasn’t a “mistake” it was a CHOICE… an IRREVOCABLE one.

    Don’t want to be killed by your intended victim? Don’t be a VICTIMIZER.

    • “Just a question, can you use the n-word here or does it get you banned or censored ?”

      What would be the purpose?

  60. 15 year old male ‘young adult’ attacked an unarmed 25 year old Marine Corps veteran . . . ‘He chose . . . ‘poorly’. Willing to bet that the Marine has been pepper-sprayed and been in the ‘Tear Gas House’; so, though it burns, it’s not as much of a shock as it would be to someone who is unprepared – like maybe the male ‘young adult’ perpetrator who was also pepper-sprayed by the female ‘young adult’ perpetrator. I am so sick of hearing the phrase ‘young kids’ or ‘young teens’ . . .
    Glad the veteran is OK; Semper Fi, Marine! It’s always better to do it to them before they can do it to you! Much better to judged by 12 than be carried by 6.
    I’m curious if the spineless, molly-coddling SA is charging the 2 ‘young adult’ perpetrators with anything . . .

  61. “…they are often funny and sweet…”

    Those were the first 2 adjectives that jumped into *my* mind when I read this story.

  62. When is Chitcsgo gonna wake up and reverse the most strict gun lies,oops I mean laws in the country. Until the law abiding citizens can legally have firearms,and the criminals know it, you will have lots more of this kind of bs going on.It was a choice they made, and now it’s the consequences they must live by. Good job Marine

    • thats why I’m so glad I live in Indiana we can have GUNS in our homes and better yet beginning in July we get a new law ALLOWING Law Abiding Citizens to obtain Carry Conceal Weapons. I’ll be carrying either a 45 ACP or 9MM or maybe even both cause I can.

  63. The little punk got what he had coming! You try to do a home invasion armed and it turns on you…. It’s your own fault no matter what age you are! But I’m sure he “was such a nice boy that never bothered anybody” 😂😂😂😂

  64. Public Offenders (Defenders) are usually Left Wing idiots. One less Homie committing crimes against society is a positive. The system failed because of its refusal to recognize that the little sh*t was a sociopath. Sorry to say, there are an ample number of cases that prove some people aren’t capable of rehabilitation, as evidenced by their repeat offenses. This is another statistic that shows for some, the only answer is lifelong incarceration or a quick death.

  65. Being a father of two, I’m blessed with good, honest, law abiding children (in their 30’s now). I’m an immigrant and a ten year veteran of The U.S. Air Force and I have worked hard all of my life. I love this Country more than life itself. That being said, I don’t think that any 15 year old deserves to die in this manner, you can blame the system, society, poverty or any of the other well used excuses available, I blame the parents and bad upbringing, there are many success stories from inner city children raised in Hell holes all over this country, I know, I’m one. Miami, Fla. in the seventies and eighties was rough, my parents were good people and they instilled good habits, good traits and they taught me Honor, Dignity and self worth. These are thing that I think are lacking in many today.
    Raise them properly, help them grow to be good people and they won’t die at 15!
    I also believe in defending yourself, your family and anyone else that you can tat is weaker than you and needs help.

  66. sorry, not sorry…..unfortunate the kid is dead, however, the real victim is the young man who had to defend himself from thugs…the other two should be prosecuted.

  67. sorry, not sorry…..unfortunate the kid is dead, however, the real victim is the young man who had to defend himself from thugs…the other two should be prosecuted.

  68. No, I am sorry, you cannot use my phone.
    May I use your rifle?
    Wondering where are the parents of these kids?
    Mission accomplished – Semper Fidelis!

  69. Unlike Alligator Lady, this kid had lots of reproductive years ahead of him. Therefore, a much more eligible candidate for 2020 Darwin Award.

  70. Those welfare queens were simply protesting against the loss of dependent funds of a co-fraudulent unwed baby momma! Their lives will be changed forever!
    In a hood way!

  71. Just think of all the taxpayers dollars my marine brother saved us. Food stamps for all his illegitimate children ,welfare for all the slut mothers. Paying for all the prison time this piece of crap would have cost us. A lot of blacks hate us white guys but one of the things they don’t realize is we pay a super majority of the taxes in this country and if wasn’t for us, all these future criminals with names nobody can pronounce would go hungry. With our help they can grow up strong and healthy so they can hate us and become the criminal their Mommies are so proud of.

  72. I think the only heartbreaking is the system continues to allow such acts by youths. It SHOULDN’T be left to the system, it is surely be a PARENTING issue. Or a lack thereof. It’s unfortunate this had such a fate, it’s unfortunate a brother in arms has to deal now with the aftermath of having extinguished his life- deal with the emotional impact of it, and the ‘system’ making him out to be the perpetrator. I believe stupidity should hurt, but at such an age– this kid never had a chance. Problems starting at 9 years old?!?! His parents should be on trail.

  73. Yes it is heartbreaking that the parents of the deceased 15 year old didn’t know how to raise their kid; it’s heartbreaking that the parents think it would have been ok had their son shot and killed an innocent person, what if instead of homeowner dying the kid went on a shooting rampage and killed a family of 4 for example? Would they approve of their son’s actions? I think they would, they probably would have given the kid a medal. I heard it took a village to raise a kid, but that village that kid lived in were all village idiots!

  74. It’s really very simple. Do you have a key to the premises? Are you delivering food or groceries to the resident? Are you there to fix something at the residence? Do you know someone at the residence?

    If the answer to the above questions is ‘no’ then you have no business there. If you forcibly enter a someone’s residence, then don’t expect to leave under your own power. I’m sure there is a part of that Marine that regrets that this young man died, but he’s not at fault and hopefully he doesn’t lose much sleep over it. The young man’s family (mother / father / siblings / whomever) failed him. As a parent you need to be involved in their lives to the extent that you have a pretty good idea where they are for most of the time. Where did this young man get the rifle?


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