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Image courtesy Fox10

“You should have just left the store and went wherever you had to go in your car or whatever.” These words of Solomonic wisdom were uttered by the family of 18 year-old Adric White (above) after White was shot multiple times by an armed Good Samaritan in Mobile, Alabama last week. White remains hospitalized in serious condition–and armed police custody. Upon his release from the hospital, he will proceed directly to jail without passing Go or collecting one hundred dollars. We can probably assume that White’s enabling relatives are angry about that, too . . .

Their comments come in the aftermath of the most obviously justifiable ‘defense of others’ shooting I’ve ever heard about. According to police, White was robbing a Family Dollar store in Mobile, Alabama at gunpoint when an unnamed and lawfully armed Good Samaritan entered the store.

White failed to maintain situational awareness while he was holding a gun to an employee’s head and dragging him toward the front of the store, and our GGWG (Good Guy With A Gun) got the drop on him.


“He had the gun to his head. He had him on his knees,” said the [Good Samaritan]. “I drew my gun on him and I said ‘Hey don’t move.’ At that point he swung around and before he had a chance to aim the gun at me I fired. I didn’t want to shoot him, but when I saw him swing around so fast I didn’t want to get shot either.”

White was hit five times. After he was taken to the hospital, authorities discovered that he was out on bail for a similar armed robbery at an oyster restaurant just over a month earlier.

And this is where one of White’s idiot relatives chimed in.

“If his (the customer) life was not in danger, if no one had a gun up to him, if no one pointed a gun at him – what gives him the right to think that it’s okay to just shoot someone?” said the relative. “You should have just left the store and went wherever you had to go in your car or whatever.”

Yes, I’d like to know what kind of family upbringing would lead someone (someone like Adric White) to believe that it’s okay to just rob people at gunpoint? White’s childhood among such idiot relatives as this one probably did him no favors. When asked about the other armed robbery White was out on bail from, the idiot relative decided it was time to STFU, which he or she should have done well before opening his/her mouth.

“We don’t know [about the other pending charges]. Like I said, we don’t know anything. We only know what we’ve been hearing second hand through the news. I would not like to comment because I don’t know,” she said.

White now faces additional armed robbery and firearms charges, and his bail on the prior charge will be revoked as soon as they can drag his drugged and leaking carcass into court. Authorities have defended the GGWG’s actions as a legally justified use of deadly force.

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  1. Shot five times … and lived. People of the gun should rise up and reward the good Samaritan with a new and more worthy gun, preferably something not in the .177 cal he has now.

    • It can happen with any caliber, it’s all about placement, how fast aid arrives, and a few other lucky factors.

      • In a first world society, upwards of 75% of people who are shot survive it, and if they make it to a hospital within a half hour, that statistic is something upwards of 90%.

        • Perhaps Nick, in his official EMT capacity, can offer an opinion as to why first responders are so diligent on doing everything possible to ensure these (innocent until proven guilty in a court of law) perps survive to face trial and congest our prisons for the next few decades?

          It’s a difficult question.

          Additionally, this is a very strong argument for never letting yourself, your familly or your friends carry “mouse guns”.

          • Because the task they set themselves to is the saving of life. They do not draw lines, and that is an attitude worthy of respect.

            Also, think of it in terms of the training questions that have been asked: You come around a corner and discover someone beating on someone else. Do you assume the person being beaten is the victim? What if the person on the ground is a mugger who only lost the upper hand to the person standing over them just before you turned the corner?

            EMTs don’t know what happened before they got there, they only know that someone leak-checked the guy laying on the ground, and they need to stop it. Everything else is detail.

        • I’ll answer that.

          Johnnie WannabeRambo in his ninji suit and vest, carrying an M16 with backwards mounted ACOG, shows up in a armored vehicle (with 50 of his donut basted buds) to shoot up the neighborhood. You want my EMTs to triage by “uniform” and treat just the guys in the SS clownsuits? That is convict and sentence to death whomever the they shot behind whatever random door they knocked in? Don’t think we’re there yet.

          Now in my County I don’t think the sheriff has been bought by the Feds but if enough of them show up the Sheriff and his 7 deputies aren’t likely to win the day. (Will may well triage by – know this homeowner/don’t know Mr “White”)

          The Good Sam. needs a bigger gun with a bigger magazine and better ammo. Someone needs to start the “Zimmerman Fund”, Get 501C3 and start making awards.

        • Honestly, what difference does it make that White lived? The Good Sam ended the threat and saved the clerk. It doesn’t matter how big or small the caliber was… it was big enough to end the confrontation with only the bad guy getting shot.

        • I used to work in the ICU at a level 1 trauma center. I remember an incident where a man was shot in the heart, and the cardiothoracic surgeon saved him.

          My first thought? “Damn, what’s it take to kill a man these days?”

        • I work as a full time EMT. It is not my decision who lives or who dies, it is my job to do my best to save lives unbiasedly. I have worked quite a few gun shot victims, most of them have been “thugs”, thats does not change my treatment plans. Did I know they were in the wrong, yes. But we are neither judge nor jury, and our moto is “Do no harm”, neglect is a form of harm.

        • I think to save taxpayers’ money, one should always “accidentally” fire one last time as the suspect “moves threateningly”. Sadly, that round will “accidentally” strike them in the cranium.

        • How fast you get to a hospital is BY FAR the most important factor. At the surgical hospitals in Iraq and Afganistan the survival rate of patients that still had a heartbeat when they arrived was at almost 99%. A .22 to the gut when you are an hour away from the Hospital is more deadly than losing both legs to an IED when you are 2 minutes away.

        • Where do you get the idea that JPII wad a frail man in the early 1980s? He was an accomplished down hill skier and spend many hours hiking in the mountains. His security detail couldn’t keep up with him.

        • In any case, you’d have to agree that JPII, at the time of his shooting, likely would qualify as frailer than the ventilated dirtbag in this story.

          The human body is an incredible thing. Sometimes it can take unbelievable punishment and keep rocking on, and sometimes all it takes is a tiny bit of damage to the right place. There are accounts of people taking a direct hit from a 12 ga 00 buck shell in the face or chest and still functioning for several minutes.

        • A funny way of telling you not to associate age and feebleness. One of counterattackers on flight 93 was a 70 year ex-paratrooper who could still kick most 30 years old’s butts. If someone skies and hikes in the mountains then he isn’t feeble.. Hope you live long enough to figure that out. I might win but it’s going be painful for the other person.

        • Xray tech with 27 years xp. I have taken pictures of people who have put a shotgun in their mouth, pulled the trigger and lived. My experience is that, it is very easy to hurt a human body. It is very hard to do enough damage to a human body to shut it down immediately

        • Good vid reference.
          BTW at 7:42 theres a pic of what the presenter claims is JFKs head wound.

          To my earlier point about “lets not rush to publish pictures of kindergarteners at Sandy Hook”…

    • Unless the good Samaritan shot the attacker after he was down and unconscious, it took five shots to disable that one attacker. And we don’t know if there were any misses on top of those five shots. Now what if there had been two assailants? Would the good Samaritan have needed 10 rounds? Or more? This is why the New York SAFE Act is garbage and should be immediately invalidated.

      • According to the local news TV station, there was indeed another armed perp who ran away but was later picked up. And based on the soundtrack of that news clip, in which the the armed citizen (aka GGWG) being interviewed was only shown in shadow, this good guy was probably also black which would help explain why Al Sharpton and his ilk are failing to rush to Mobile for some quality time in front of the cameras.

    • The stat I’ve heard for years is that only 3-5% of handgun wounds are fatal in the US. With the possible exception of the handguns that are simply too big to carry edc, such as the .500 S&W, there really is no such thing as a powerful handgun. The caliber wars are something gun rags ginned up to sell copies to the low info gun owners.

      • I beg to differ, JWM; the Rowland .460 conversion, takes a .45 ACP gun and turns the cartridge into a .44 magnum equivalent without changing the gun or the length of the cartridge except for adding a compensator to the end of the barrel.

        So a typical .45 ACP 185 g bullet moving 1000 Ft/sec and 500 Ft/lbs at the muzzle is now moving at 1500 Ft/sec and a 1000 Ft/lbs at the muzzle; Significantly more than the 10mm

        This conversion works for many of the .45 ACP pistols, Glocks, 1911’s, Springfield XD and the Sig sauer 220,

        I’m very pleased with the conversion on my 1911; I would suggest checking out the website and the reviews by different posters.

        P.S. I don’t receive any compensation from Rowland for making this recommendation.

        • ThomasR, there are exceptions to every rule. But is the rush on for everybody to trick out 1911s in the Rowland conversion?

        • I’m going with the Coonan 1911 with trigger lock zip-tied on and duct-taped over for extra safety. That way I wont be disappointed when it fails to fire.

          It will also have the audio alert reminder so if I pull it out of the holster it sets off a belt buzzer and announcement to “just leave the store and get in your car and drive away”. Theres an option for shotguns that says “open windor and shoot two blasts into the air””, for home use.

      • That’s an interesting stat, which likely includes negligent discharges to extremities and such.

        Look at it another way… what if that’s only true for each individual bullet wound, and the stats stack up or even multiply if you’re hit multiple times? I’d say the chances of surviving a single shot to the torso are reasonably good unless it hits an off-switch location… but I wouldn’t bet on surviving 6.

        • It’s entirely possible that you’re right, AG. I didn’t google, I just worked from memory. Still, the news abounds with instances of people getting shot, mostly with handguns, and surviving.

      • I don’t think you’re accurate there. The 125 gr .357 Magnum has an outstanding reputation for being a stopper, and I can’t imagine that mushroomed round going through someone’s heart wouldn’t kill ’em.

        Oh, and George Zimmerman sure dropped Trayvon Martin with a single 9mm Sellier and Bellot HP round.

        It’s about placement, not caliber. A .22 to the head will kill you deader than Dillinger.

        • Of course I am accurate, or, more to the point, you don’t have to hit the eyeball of a perp with a 22lr to stop them instantly. The 357Magnum has been proven to INSTANTLY incapacitate a perp with a hit to the Solar Plexus. The energy from the temporary (stretch) cavity drops them like a boxers punch to the mid-section.
          Its science. I love you.

          • I once saw a hidden-cam video of a drug sting gone bad. The narc tipped his hand somehow, the druggie drew on him and opened fire with a .22. The narc went down with his head toward the cam, which was just under tabletop level, so you got a view of the tops of his feet and the backs of his hands as he held them up as if to shield himself from the .22, and he was kicking his feet. The druggie emptied the .22 at the narc who was still kicking as the druggie threw the empty .22 at the narc and ran out the door.

            It really made me question the viability of a .22 for self-defense.

    • They were all head shot, Might as well have been shooting an empty beer can.
      Of course the family is distraught, he was the bread winner, and they didn’t have work comp on him.

    • It reminds me of that Mom with twins in Georgia who also shot a home invader 5-times and he still drove away. She had to threaten him with the empty gun to make her escape with the kids to a neighbor’s house. Moral of the story, shot placement and carry reloads. I love my .45 but 7-8 rounds is not enough when things get complicated and the perp brings friends along for the ride.

    • Remember that dude in Florida that was on bath salts and ate another guy’s face last year? I’m not sure how many times he was shot, but it was in the double digits with the LEO’s Glocks. I believe they carried 9mm. Sometimes people just make it out lucky i guess. 50 Cent was shot 9 times and he’s still walking (and talking with a lisp).

      • “bath salts”

        It’s just like anything else. If you ban something people want, people will find a way around the ban and/or find/invent a suitable substitute. But the Drug Warriors have the same mentality as the Anti-Constitution crowd: “That terrifies me, so I’m gonna send armed thugs to punish you for doing it.”

    • Tom, as an official OFWG in good standing I would like to say that over the years I have had quite cordial relationships and interactions with persons of almost all ethnicities, even Pakistani Muslims. As old-world Germanic/Scandinavian stock I yet have a half-Mexican nephew, two mulatto nephews, two half-Korean nephews, and who knows how many other mutts going on down the line.

      In the course of my many occupations, and in the Army, I have interacted with persons of color on a daily basis and in casual meetings and seldom had any conflicts or difficulties because I treat everyone as a person deserving of my respect until they give me a reason to believe otherwise. I say all this to point out that people are people, no matter where they are from or what shades they come in. In almost every case where there IS conflict it is from an incidental CULTURAL bias and not a racial or ethnic propensity to such conflict.

      We cannot allow ourselves through bigotry to alienate any person who is willing and anxious to be our ally, nor should we from political correctness refrain from pointing out that it is misguided cultural issues that bring discredit upon certain ethnic groups and that only they can resolve those issues within their group.

      • My guess is that he was referring to the prevalent attitude (among blacks, the media, and liberals) that blacks should be allowed to commit any crime they please without repercussions. They believe that having a certain skin color somehow absolves someone of responsibility for their actions.

        • That may be a bit much, but I will certainly say that there is a strong element of denial of facts and reality at work.


        • You got all of that from that comment? I would have thought that reading between the lines would have necessitated, by definition, more than one line of text. Outstanding!

        • Would you knock it the hell off? All Blacks don’t think that Blacks should be able to commit crimes any more than all Whites think that Whites should be able to commit crimes. Grow up and quit making us all look like a bunch of Bubbas.

        • Anon, when did I say anything about “all blacks”? Never. I said that the attitude is prevalent among blacks. If you don’t want gun owners portrayed as uneducated rednecks, you might want to learn the nuances of the English language.

    • Serious WTF moment here…. News Flash: Stupid fucking crackers commit vile crimes too. (FTR, I are a cracker, in several senses.)

  2. “Upon his release from the hospital, he will proceed directly to jail without passing Go or collecting one two hundred dollars.”

    Fixed it for you.

      • My gosh man!
        I felt that 3,000 miles away!
        Hahaha. I only say that because next week, I will qualify for senior citizens discount at a few restaurants in town.

        • I’ve gotten the senior citizen’s discount at least three times without even being asked about my age…and I’m only 44.



        • Long story, my younger daughter was in her sophomore play as an old woman. After the opening night, we went to dinner at our favorite restaurant. She was still in costume, and we got a senior discount for her.
          Later, she stopped by the table and asked if that was my mom.
          I replied, no, my daughter.
          Dumb looks may be free, but that one was priceless.

    • “…he will proceed directly to jail without passing Go or collecting one hundred dollars.”

      …or collecting his EBT card.

      There fixed it for both of you!

    • But at least our gun control laws and background check system will ensure that he doesn’t have a firearm next time, right?

      • No need to worry paper with fancy symbols on it will prevent the 28 year old version of him from buying a gun just like it did this time around.

    • With a grudge too, especially since his own family will be feeding his blame of the Good Samaritan rather than accepting guilt and encouraging him to rehabilitate.

      • I’m sure he learned a lesson from being shot 5 times…like shoot the hostages before you turn your back.

    • As I noted in a comment above, the GGWG sounded black on the local TV newsclip even though they (wisely) didn’t show his face. If true, this event doesn’t fit Al Sharpton’s meme so why would he show up?

  3. Zero goddamn sympathy. Zero.

    Is there a number less than zero? If there is, then that.

    That “just keep walking and mind your own business” attitude is the reason that your neighborhoods are fucking shitholes. I have nothing but contempt for people who evince this attitude, regardless of their skin color, ethnic background or economic class. You are your brother’s keeper, you piece of shit.

    • I would have been slightly more more diplomatic… but yeah.

      What this family is saying that that you have no right to care about anyone other than yourself (and apparently kin). It’s apparently morally offensive to give a rat’s rear end about a stranger getting hurt, and a sin to defend a complete stranger’s life with your own.

      Also, you have the right to hurt anybody, and nobody has the right to stop you.

      Part of my would really love to see this family be truly victimized by something horrible, and have nobody do anything to help them, just so they understand how terrible the complete non-sense they’re spewing is.

      More sad than anything. I wouldn’t want to these people’s miserable lives.

      • Odds are that the family are also loudly “Christian” and declaim the faith to all and sundry. Obviously they failed the part of of the exam where they actually have to understand what that faith is, but I’ll bet they are loudly announcing their “belief” in Jesus and claiming that their relative should be forgiven because Jesus would want it that way.

        • Actually I think they go to Service for the music and the fellowship refreshments. Their attitude toward the rest of humanity was spotlighted above.

  4. Yet another misunderstood young man trying to get his life together. When will people stop to think of the children?

    If only the store had had a no gun sign in the window, the robbery never would’ve happened.

    Really, just testing out gun grabber memes….take your guess as to which we hear first.

    • There will be no coverage, because its proof that concealed carriers save lives. Plus advertising black on black violence doesn’t fit the narrative.

    • I think she does. Hopefully someone with more common sense than God gave gravel will get their hands on him and educate him properly. I really hope the apples fall way far from the tree in that case.

      • I have an antique medical textbook somewhere, written about 1875 or so. Much of what is in there is laughably inaccurate or inappropriate, based on even third world standards today, but some of the author’s philosophy is illuminating.

        In discussing mental illness and genetics he made the interesting observation: “Genius child was never born of idiot parents.”

  5. “If his (the customer) life was not in danger, if no one had a gun up to him, if no one pointed a gun at him – what gives him the right to think that it’s okay to just shoot someone?” said the relative. “You should have just left the store and went wherever you had to go in your car or whatever.”

    So what that boils down to is this:

    o Criminals have the right to commit any sort of violence without interference from anyone who is not a victim of that criminal.


    o Every non-criminal able-bodied citizen should be armed to protect himself from criminals, and not expect any other citizen to have any concern for anyone’s safety but his own.

    • “Criminals have the right to commit any sort of violence without interference from anyone who is not a victim of that criminal. ”

      Coralary: If a policeman stumbles onto a crime in progress he has no right to interfere since HE is not the victim.

      • That argument has also been made by the families of ne’er do wells. Luckily common law says differently, and caselaw has followed it here…

  6. Maybe his relatives should also be jailed for producing, enabling, and otherwise aiding a known criminal.

    Their comments sure sound like a confession to me.

  7. Five times and living with a handgun isn’t extraordinary this day and age. I remember in Afghanistan a girl who couldnt have been older than was shot three time by a local with his AK she was brought to us in a wheel barrow and my squad had an Amazing corpsman who stabilized her and kept her alive til the bird got there to evac her.

  8. My need for a clear conscience would, by default, take away the option for me to walk out of the store, leaving an innocent clerk undefended with a gun to the clerk’s head. The suggestion that a legally armed civilian, happening upon a crime in progress where an innocent’s life is in mortal peril, should simply walk out of the store makes the Ridiculist this evening. The question that should be asked of the perp’s family is this: If your son was a clerk at the store and I walked in, legally armed, would you want me to walk out or would you want me to try to protect and save your son’s life (at no small risk to my own) from a criminal who had a gun to your son’s head? Would you?

    • Want to know what Adric’s family would say in response to your question?

      “Why you be dissin’ Adric, saying he gotta work some shitty bitch-ass job like that?”

      In Adric’s world, actually working for a living is deserving of contempt. A real man takes what he wants from the weak.

  9. Extreme shock ammo,does the trick first round.
    This guy is a perfect reason for conceal carry,cause we are surrounded by scum bums like this guy and his really,really stupid family.

  10. So let me get this straight?
    We are supposed to feel sorry for:
    A convicted criminal, who for all intents and purposes had a hostage with a gun to his head.
    Then he goes to point the weapon at a good guy trying to stop the situation, and gets shot in the process.

    Yeah ok I am crying a river, NOT!

  11. I’m kinda reluctant to bring this up, but you know that “knockout” “game” where the thugs deck innocent bystanders just for the thrill of it? What if a CC GG sees that happen? What then?

    • Well, maybe if a couple of them get shot the game will seem less entertaining.

      The “bleed out game” doesn’t sound quite as jam-packed with thrills.

      • I’m more interested in the issue of whether it could be called justifiable, or if the GG would get nailed on manslaughter.
        I’d say justifiable, but I’m not the cops or DA.

        • Generally in these attacks, it’s one hit then run, so it would look really bad (legally speaking) if you actually shot someone for this. However, it would be reasonable (IMO, check local laws) to hold them at gunpoint and call the cops, since that is a felony assault. If they take off, better let them go, or you’re in for a world of trouble. You’d probably be better off snapping a picture of the attacker with your phone, than trying to shoot or detain them anyway.

        • That really depends on whether it happened in LA, NYC, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Boulder, Seattle, Detroit, or Bawlmer. or if you were in the United States.

          DC doesn’t count ‘cuz it’s not a state, it’s Congress’ plantation on the Potomac. And there’s NO street crime there.

  12. If every good guy was armed and trained as this guy was. Crime would decrease greatly. Bad guys would stand no chance if we all carried and had training to back it up. This guy knew the laws and broke them he deserves everything he got and more

  13. And now you understand why the sales tax is 10% in Mobile. They refuse to educate these morons with their property taxes.

  14. Perhaps the robbers family should’ve raised him with better values, that way he wouldn’t have been in a position to get shot…

  15. “If his (the customer) life was not in danger, if no one had a gun up to him, if no one pointed a gun at him – what gives him the right to think that it’s okay to just shoot someone?” said the relative. “You should have just left the store and went wherever you had to go in your car or whatever.”

    Ladies and Gentleman, this is precisely the Left’s philosophy when it comes to personal responsibility.

    I bet the establishment media will be glad to conjure up elementary-age images of this “alleged” perpetrator, who was clearly on his way to turning his life around. Clearly.

    Shannon T. Watts, Rev’rins Al & Jesse, we’re all waiting for you to and tell us all how the CC’er was motivated by racial hatred. But we know how busy you are speaking out about the “Knockout” incidents, again being “allegedly” committed by other good boys turning their lives around.

  16. The lesson is simple: Don’t start any SH, there won’t be any IT. Point to the good guys. If Scummy McLowlife lives, maybe he will have learned something he can share with his prison hubby when they cuddle post coitus.

  17. His family should go to jail with him. They are the ones who taught him that he could get away with robbing the store in the first place.

  18. And guess who paid for Adric’s life saving emt’s and doc’s and is paying for his convalescent hospital stay…? He should have been drowned at birth.

  19. What gives Adric the right to go into the store and point a gun at the clerks head? Why didn’t he just go about his own business and leave the clerk alone?

    Now Adric is the victim, huh? Live by the sword, die by the sword. How people can say stupid things like that with a straight face, I dunno.

  20. As a result of this tragedy…(the fact that White survived), I’m offering up my services in CQC and proper shot placement. 5 shots is 2 shots too many. A tight shot group center mass followed by a single head shot, aka (the tax payer saver). Don’t waste money on a wasted life. The tax payers save. No trial, no infinite detention. You save. 3 rounds expended vs the 5 he fired off. You’ll have more ammo left over for the next scumbag.

  21. I think these comments:

    “If his (the customer) life was not in danger, if no one had a gun up to him, if no one pointed a gun at him – what gives him the right to think that it’s okay to just shoot someone?” said the relative. “You should have just left the store and went wherever you had to go in your car or whatever.”

    represent a better explanation for and the cause of “gun violence.” I also believe comments and ideals such as these would be better addressed as a solution for “gun violence” than those proposing the solution for and in favor of “gun control.”

  22. I run hollow points through my handgun, he would have had 5 dime sized holes in the front and 5 fist sized holes in his back when I was done…..

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