Carter: Politicians’ Second Amendment Posturing in Campaign Commercials Is Insulting

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In Malcolm Gladwell’s latest season of “Revisionist History,” a podcast, he focuses on Americans’ fascination with firearms and our pop culture obsession with iconic TV lawman Matt Dillon of “Gunsmoke,” a symbol of morality, law and order. The good guy with a gun. Gladwell points out how each show, for the 20 years it aired from 1955 to 1975, most always began “with a shot of Dillon squaring off against a bad guy on the main street in Dodge. He outdraws him, shoots the bad guy dead. Then, after the credits, we see Dillon walking through a cemetery where all the many dead are buried and in voiceover delivering a little homily about the enormous weight on his shoulders.”

This is the image [Russell] Coleman seemingly longs to evoke in his ad, a modern Matt Dillon, here to save the day. …

To our lawmakers and those campaigning for our votes: We know the difference between a TV character like Matt Dillon and real life. Your gun videos, your gun photos, your Second Amendment posturing, your pandering to the gun lobby, your pretense that you’re tough on crime because you can shoot a gun on the range, are insulting to everyone you represent, and most insulting to every victim of gun violence and their loved ones. 

This ain’t “Gunsmoke,” and you are not a fictional TV lawman. You have real power. We need you to talk some sense. We need you to find your spine, draft some bipartisan bills, whip the votes, educate your followers, and lead us out of this violent, gun-obsessed mess. 

Your sin is indifference. We need you to bother to care.

— Teri Carter in This Ain’t ‘Gunsmoke.’ The Victims of Gun Violence, Their Families and Friends Are Real

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    • “We need you to be reprogrammed… reeducate your followers” There, I fixed it for the way the lefties meant it.

  1. Obviously, Carter doesn’t believe in the Constitution, or the Bill of Rights, or even the rule of law. She wants things her way, and anyone who doesn’t conform to her wishes is “disgusting”. That’s socialism for you.

    • Paul – IOW she is a ‘perfect’ example of a far left propagandist. Not even ‘her way or the highway’ but her way period.

  2. “We know the difference between a TV character like Matt Dillon and real life.”
    That is not the difference that matters. The difference you don’t know is the difference between being prepared and helpless.

  3. All the posturing here is being done by author Teri Hall. I have to believe that were BLM, a gaggle of Hamas terrorists, or even a roving band of gangstas threatening her digs, she’d welcome Coleman, or even her armed, “civilian neighbors” to come to her rescue.

    We’re seeing, right now, in real time, what happens when evil people with a 3rd Century BC mentality are allowed to prey on the general citizenry who have been disarmed by their benevolent, protective father government. Nearly every other nation on the planet operates in this manner. Hall would only need to move across the northern or southern border to enjoy the lifestyle she is advocating. Hope the gate doesn’t smack her on the way out…

    • I don’t know, that asshole that was stabbed in NYC everyone is making a big deal out of, his girlfriend and friends and family don’t seem to be able to find two fucks to rub together because the murderer was black. The girlfriend in particular, who watched him die right in front of her, is attempting to help the murderer and obfuscate the police investigation. This lady might completely welcome being raped and/or murdered, provided the perpetrator looked a certain way. The Cult is strong in these people, they’re clambering for the Kool-Aid.

      • Yup, It’s a mental illness, based on faith alone. These people should never be allowed near the levers of power.

      • That situation is bizarre even for NY but it’s not often (enough) true believers get hit with the consequences of their policies.

  4. It’s the toe tapping busy body defenseless teri carter types who are food for murderers, kidnappers, rapists, perverts, child molesters, tyrants, hamas, etc.

    teri carter is the kind of ivory tower busy body you hear begging 911 to send people with guns to come and save their pompous busy body defenseless behinds. Frankly 911 should hang up the phone.

    • Meanwhile in ILL annoy the morbidly obese govner Prickster had his Gold Coast mansion windows shot out by a concerned citizen. The same mansion where he removed the toilets illegally avoiding taxes. Perp was arrested. Prickster wasn’t arrested for tax evasion. And he whined about folks acting out. Umm…you nailed it!

      • was there a firearm incident (“shot out”) or was this the same incident that involved hand thrown rocks, by a dope who placed notes over the fence signed with his real name?

        • All I saw was guns. Then again a billionaire Dim wouldn’t manipulate the “news”would he???🤪🙄 He mentioned “acting out violence”. Certainly a boatload of ILLannoy citizens who wish him less than the best!

      • Thanks! Prickster ranks pretty high on the “swore an oath to the Constitution for the sole purpose of violating Constitutional rights” list. He should be drawn and quartered, but that would probably be too cruel to the horses.

  5. Israel’s National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir announced Tuesday that 10,000 assault rifles are being purchased and distributed to civilian security teams in communities along the country’s borders.

    • Makes for good news but how much gun food will the benevolent state authorize to go along with the rifles ?
      The standard 50 rounds of ammo per annum for the single pistol a household was allowed certainly didn’t set them up for successfully repelling an invasion.
      A few days ago Ben Gvir authorized 100 rounds for the pistol, and a pistol for every eligible adult AFTER A BACKGROUND CHECK !! While you’re in the throes of a war !!
      I imagine Ben Gvir, et al, have already planned on how the citizens will most efficiently return the rifles after “this conflict” settles down.

      “Ya can’t fix stupid.”- Ron White

      Perhaps Ben Gvir should reach out to the Pine Island Militia to see how the PIM reacted to Hurricane Ian looters 24 hrs after the storm. None of those stories made the MSM.
      Lots of fine conservative retired military peeps, LEO, and neighbors coming together quickly and effectively.

      • The problem with the Israelis is that they are liberal minded socialists. They hand out guns in limited numbers for security/political reasons, not because they believe in liberty or personal responsibility. Since every male has to serve in the IDF, they could adopt the Swiss model and allow soldiers to take their rifles home (purchase them at the end of their service) and require regular practice, creating a gun culture. But their European/New York mentality still makes them simply serfs, serving the state for the greater good. I don’t expect that to change.

        Also, Israel is always praised for their morals and respect for the laws of war in their many conflicts, held up as an example to all armies. I call 100% BS. Peace can only be achieved through Victory, killing your enemy, destroying their ability to resist and driving them from your lands. Israel is unwilling to do this and will continue to suffer these kind of attacks in Gaza until the inhabitants are either killed or driven out permanently. Same goes for the West Bank and Southern Lebanon which will likely erupt next. Also can’t believe the Israelis haven’t killed the Iranian leadership, bombed their nuke facilities and drone factories, yet? Weakness invites war.

        • SAFEupstateFML,
          Hamas is counting on a high body count of Palestinians. That’s what they’re intentionally provoking. That was the point of the attack. They weren’t trying to take land or attack military assets and infrastructure. They’re trying to rally the Muslim world against Israel.

          I have no doubt the warmongers are champing at the bit to get us into an open conflict with Iran/another proxy war with Russia. Support for an endless war in Ukraine is waning. They need a new Middle East quagmire.

        • Dude my deeper concern is how much controlled narrative at various levels is being leveraged on popular opinion. No defense on the actions of the islamofacists but they were expected to be savages. Someone seems to want the US specifically involved in a larger conflict and is not liking the results in Ukraine.

  6. Teri Carter

    we need you to get some common and actual sense and realize that what you paint in your missive is not the reality. Seriously, you are delusional if you think this is what its about. Stop putting this contrived myth out there.

  7. Step 1 – Promote fear of school mass shootings by inflating the numbers and subjecting the children to useless lockdown drills.
    Step 2 – Point out the traumatized children as reason to pass gun restrictions.

    Straight-out evil to victimize children in order to advance one’s political goals.

    • You know what kills more people than mass shooters at schools? School busses– 108 dead in 2021. That’s more than 5 Uvalde’s worth of victims to the bright yellow death machines. Most of those killed by school busses were pedestrians or bikers hit by the bus. I don’t think anyone tracks statistics for people killed by or in private vehicles on the way to or from schools, and teen drivers are notoriously bad drivers Overall, you’re safer in school than on the way to or from it.

  8. it’s fun to compare pure fiction to posturing in favor of our most important basic rights.
    she’s pissin’ in the wind. tearing down a gfz sign would be more constructive.

    • If signs were so effective, then stop signs, speed limit signs, yield signs would be preventing those who don’t stop, speed and don’t yield. These people advocating gfz signs are a bad joke.

    • tsb – “tearing down ALL gfz signs” – there fify. Which of course certainly should be done but thanks to bhls (bleeding heart liberals) it won’t ever happen

  9. I cant remember Matt Dillon walking through a grave yard?
    The show is supposed to be set in Kansas but it looks more like California to me.
    When a politician postures it always reminds me of a snake coiling up for the strike.
    Minimum wage for all elected officials from the mayor to the president.

    • “l cant remember Matt Dillon walking through a grave yard?”

      Ditto! Maybe I was headed to the fridge? Never been much for closing credits.

      Yeah, drawing a blank on cemetery scenes (and homilies).

    • possum – you aren’t wrong since it was filmed in holly weird 😉
      You are on to something with the minimum wage idea. That might be even better than the concept I have espoused for a long time: pay them the rate of base pay and allowances for a mid grade military officer – if we expect majors to make it on that level of compensation the pols certainly ought to be able to. Since so many of them are just in it for the money and perks it would certainly weed out most of them.

  10. The U.S. is the only industrialized nation on earth that permits second hand guns to be sold without any paperwork ensuring that any maniac or criminal can buy all the weapons, ammo and firepower he wants to commit mass murder and mayhem. Its pure insanity to all but the demented Far Right Fanatics.

    • I didn’t know the terrorist who attacked Paris, bought their guns from a “LEGITIMATE GUN STORE”????

      Show how BRAINWASHED Dacian the MARXIST is!!!!

      • to JRM

        In reality you are trying to compare apples to oranges. The Paris attacks were the result of the terrorists being trained and armed by a foreign country and then sent to commit mass murder. That is an act of war which has zero to do with civilian gun control laws.

        • Oh so its cool when legal citizens do it and have vanishingly small rates of criminal activity? Awesome looks like you finally figured out some nuance proud of you Jerry.

        • @dacian

          “In reality you are trying to compare apples to oranges.”

          100% false.

          You missed the point completely.

    • @dacian:

      “The U.S. is the only industrialized nation on earth that permits second hand guns to be sold without any paperwork ensuring that any maniac or criminal can buy all the weapons, ammo and firepower he wants to commit mass murder and mayhem. Its pure insanity to all but the demented Far Right Fanatics.”

      100% false

  11. She writes too for the WaPo. Huh. Who woulda guessed?
    “She’s written boldly about women’s rights, COVID-19, what’s taught in schools, addiction, gun culture, the dangers of toxic masculinity, #MeToo, and more.” Yep…

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