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Police in Arlington, TX had their hands full after an officer-involved shooting that left one dead and an officer seriously wounded. The dead man’s family demanded to know why 20-year-old Tre’Shun Miller ended up dead after a simple traffic stop.

The family presented the media with the photo above. Meanwhile, for anyone looking, Tre’Shun’s Facebook page provided a treasure trove of photos indicating crime:

images via Facebook

Of course, most folks don’t dig that deep. But the Arlington PD didn’t disappoint.

Days after the family challenged the cops for proof of what happened, Arlington PD delivered. They released the bodycam video showing Tre’Shun’s final felonious moments before crumpling to the dirt with his pants down.

NBCDFW covered the family’s outcry.

The family of 20-year-old Tre’Shun Miller says the shooting, which also left an officer wounded, is leading to questions they believe may be answered by viewing the police body camera footage.

“We’re talking about somebody that’s failure to use the traffic light to turn the lane and someone ended up being dead,” said Dominique Alexander, of the Next Generation Action Network. “Everybody in America should try to find out how, time after time, a traffic stop turns into a fatality.”

Justin Moore, Miller family attorney, said people who were in the car gave a different account of what happened than police, claiming the officer fired first.

“They saw Tre’Shun immediately exit the car and begin to flee. They saw him get shot, fall to the ground, and then return fire,” said Moore. “What we really need is bodycam evidence to corroborate our theory or to disprove it.”

The Arlington PD provided a pair of bodycams and a dashcam video as part of a news conference. There, they laid out their case for the events that led up to the attempted capital murder of a police officer.

In short, cops recognized the car, ran the plate and learned of the vehicle’s past involvement with drug investigations. Seeing a traffic violation, the officers pulled the car over and smelled pot when talking with the driver. Go figure.

Based on the probable cause of the aroma of marijuana, the officers decided to pull everyone out of the car for a search of the vehicle and its occupants.

The tape tells the rest (relevant dash cam footage begins at around 10:15; body cam footage at 18:00):

It shows Tre’Shun breaking away from an officer and running. With his pants around his thighs. About 20 yards into the chase, he fires three rounds back at the two officers, striking the nearest one in the belt buckle, taking him down. Hearing that officer’s screams makes the video very tough to watch.

The second officer and Tre’Shun exchange about fifteen rounds. The Arlington lawman’s marksmanship proved far better than the aspiring gangster’s. In a nutshell, young Tre’Shun fought the law and the law won. And Tre’Shun’s life of crime came to a sudden end. Permanently.

Arlington PD released photos on Twitter of where the bad guy’s round hit the belt buckle of the pursing officer before entering the policeman’s abdomen.

Courtesy Arlington, TX PD via Twitter

As a surprise to nobody, seeing the video that they demanded did not satisfy the Miller family’s attorney. And the family claims that Tre’Shun fired in self-defense after cops opened up on him. The evidence, however, does not fit that fanciful description of what happened.

NBCDFW covered the family attorney’s reaction, too:

…After seeing the footage Thursday morning, Justin Moore, the family’s attorney, told NBC 5 what they saw in the video was inconclusive and that “looking at the officer’s body camera you can’t see who pulled their gun first and who fired shots first.”

Looking at the video dispassionately, the attorney will have a hard time winning the lottery on this case.

Getting back to the Next Generation Action Network’s Dominique Alexander, who wanted to know how and why “time after time, a traffic stop turns into a fatality,” the answer isn’t that elusive to anyone willing to close their mouths and open their eyes and ears. In this case at least, Miller showed a willingness to kill police officers in order to escape arrest – and continue the OG lifestyle.

Of course, he failed. The 17-year police veteran, wounded in the gut, has as long and difficult road to recovery ahead of him. He’s still got Tre’Shun’s bullet in him as a souvenir for the time being. Hopefully, he will make a complete recovery and resume serving and protecting the good people of Arlington from violent offenders like Tre’Shun Miller.

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  1. His 2 facebook pages have cleansed of any and all incriminating photos now and just show what a sweet, law abiding, god fearing young man he was.

      • If Zimmerman was indeed beaten so bad that he believed he was going to die right there,
        why did he decline medical care at the emergency room?
        “medical care is expensive”. WHAT? you are in a car wreck you get checked out right?
        Have head injury (scalp has some scratches from the concrete, self inflicted?
        Not even a cat scan to make sure you don’t have brain swelling?
        Not the expense but the medical records would have been introduced to the court.

        Both TM and GZ were wrong that night, ‘up to no good…on drugs or something’,
        never met before and GZ knows the guy was on drugs? Really?

        Consider that some people carry a gun so they can use it while the majority carry one so they don’t have to use it.

        • If someone is on top of you bashing YOUR head on the ground you are free to do nothing and feel better about your decision.

        • He um shot the thief and it stopped him from being afraid for his life. You don’t have to have a grievous injury to have been afraid for your life. Plenty of people survived at Parkland without injuries, I’m sure by your logic NONE of them were afraid for their lives.

        • I see the LEFTIST Troll is back to spread his BS. We know what happened with Trayvon, he attacked the wrong person and died for it. Fck him.

        • er… what? You’re suggesting someone has to beat you to the point of needing intensive medical care before you can stop them? How exactly are you going to decide when that is enough? “Okay, he smashed my head once but I don’t think I have a concussion, better let him do it two more times but definitely not three because then I’ll be dead”?

          Do you think the cops here weren’t allowed to shoot until the bad guy actually fired (as the lawyer seems to think)?

        • I think I speak for most here that it would be best for you (and for society) if you met your own personal Trayvon as soon as possible, so you could find out first hand what its like to have your head smashed onto a curb.

    • Pictures of him in junior high and even primary school. Probably nothing over the age of 16 when dropped out because he was “too cool for school”.

  2. family can be proud of raising an idiot.
    Beautiful running fire by Officer he deserves a medal of honor!
    Prayers for wounded Peace Officer and soul of the idiot

    • So the sick irony of it is that he may have actually had an alright payout if he hadn’t been an idiot. They run the plates, see the car’s been involved in a drug crime before, then pull them over for not signaling early enough and take the keys away from them before searching the car because of the MJ smell.

      Thing is, at this point, the people in the car could likely have raised enough of a stink to get APD to pay out something to make it go away. “Oh, we signaled for the turn, but not early enough to please your holiness?” Nobody likes traffic stops and failing to signal is definitely low on most people’s priorities, so the PD is working from a negative goodwil balance to start. Add in the bit on video of she got arrested a few months ago for weed, and they can start to disassemble the probable cause. Either by going with the “they just said they smelled it because she copped to smoking it before” bit, or if they want to be clever, the “of course he smelled it. You ever try getting that stink out of a car? It’s like Mythbusters with the corvette and pigs. It gets everywhere, you’ll never get it out,” avenue to try and argue that a lingering smell doesn’t mean evidence of a new crime. Try and turn the whole thing into some sort of profiling case or something and just annoy everyone enough to make them want it to go away.

      But nope. Dumbass has to run and shoot a cop. Stupid games, stupid prizes.

    • Definitely nice shooting by that cop. To be running and return fire on a running perp like that, that’s impressive.

    • uhhhh…. please try to keep the open racism to a minimum- this is a larger site that leftists do read and you are embarrassing.

      • Well, you are definitely one of the snowflake leftists that you are speaking of. If you think the word “thug” is racist, you must be the racist that thinks all black folks are thugs.

        It seems to me that he was referring to the dope dealing, unlawful weapon carrying, police-evading, attempted-murder-of-a-police-officer THUG in the video above. Grow a pair, you beta-male.

        • Thuggee (UK: /θʌˈɡiː/, US: /ˈθʌɡi/; Hindi: ठग्गी ṭhaggī; Urdu: ٹھگ‎; Nepali: ठगी ṭhagī; Sanskrit: स्थग sthaga; Marathi: ठक; Odia: ଠକ thaka; Sindhi: ٺوڳي، ٺڳ‎; Kannada: ಠಕ್ಕ thakka; Bengali: ঠগি ṭhogī; Punjabi: ਠੱਗੀ ṭhagee ) refers to the acts of Thugs, an organised gang of professional robbers and murderers. The English language word thug traces its roots to the Hindi ठग (ṭhag), which means ‘swindler’ or ‘deceiver’. Related words are the verb thugna (‘to deceive’), from the Sanskrit स्थग (sthaga ‘cunning, sly, fraudulent’) and स्थगति (sthagati, ‘he conceals’).[3] This term, describing the murder and robbery of travellers, is popular in the northern parts of Indian subcontinent and particularly India.

      • Your faint response to facts is of some interest to somebody somewhere, just not here.

        I suppose you think using FBI crime stats which show that most violent crime in the USA is done by young black men is “racist” because – why?

        Ur an eejit.

      • ↑⬆︎⇧⇪ Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity ↑⬆︎⇧⇪

  3. Another one of Obama’s close-knit family? A cousin perhaps? He could have been the President someday.

      • I thought I heard running plates is considered a search and to do that search you need a traffic violation or expired tags to get that PC. I remember hearing this a lot when the police wanted to install new scanners on their cars that give them the ability to scan all the plates they drive past for unpaid traffic tickets or warrants. People were also saying that the new red light cameras can’t be used to issue tickets…

        Cops can’t “search” your I.D. for unpaid tickets or warrants if they don’t have PC or you haven’t willfully gave it to them. So, how can they lawfully “search” plates of cars without you doing something illegal or you are not on probation? Cops could walk up and down the street looking for cars that come back with unpaid tickets or warrants…. Do you really want cops to be in the parking lot of Walmart scanning plates and waiting for people to come out the store?

        • somebody done blew some bad smoke up your backsides . the N. C. I. C. has you on record if you have ever been busted, if it is dope or guns your name is flaged, and you may be visited any time some good officer runs your plate or I.D..

        • Don’t be an ass they dont need probably cause to run a licence plate. Literally tens of thousands of bad guys who skipped trial are caught that way.

          Cops could walk up and down the street looking for cars that come back with unpaid tickets

          huh? 100% legal in every US state, Canada, Australia, Japan and thought all of Europe.

          Parking ticker people do the same even with legally park cards both manually and with cars with camera based licence plate readers, canning EVERY car on a block as they drive. You sure as heck can get your care booted or towed while legally parked if you owe fines

          You are simply deeply ignorant.

        • I’ve seen cops just rolling down the street running plates, day and night. They have nothing better to do. Of course they wouldn’t try that in a bad neighborhood where real criminals are likely to be at.

        • Good grief. You were quick to go to the “…but what was their probably cause” argument, weren’t you? Running license plates does not require probable cause. License plates are required to be displayed by law for a multitude of reasons, such as identifying stolen and suspect vehicle, identifying the registered owner, identifying vehicles associated with unpaid traffic tickets, etc. If you notice, the officer stated what his probable cause was. They did not signal 100 ft prior to making their turn. That is the law in Texas.

          In any case, why is it that you watch a video were a suspect tries to murder a cop, and your first question is about why they were running the license plate? How about asking the question about why the suspect thought it would be a good idea to illegally carry a weapon, run from the cops, or even attempt to shoot at the cops!? This is the problem with so many of the commentators on this site. No common sense.

        • You don’t own the plate; the Secretary of State owns it, therefore running it through their system for a check of validity is permitted.

        • Most departments have policies in reference to running plates. Some departments require their officers to have probable cause before making a traffic stop because it strengthen your case if you have to make an arrest . I have seen judges throw out cases when the officers have no PC to make a stop. I think the person in question did in fact violate a traffic law before they were stopped.

        • Many years ago I was friends with an officer in Laguna Beach, California.

          He told me one time that there were so many obscure laws on the books that if he followed someone for 1/4 mile, even a pedestrian, he could find a valid probable cause for a stop.

          I saw him do it once on Coast Hwy: he slowed down and drove along the curb for about 100 yards. The guy got paranoid, turned, and SHOUTED, “What the fuck you following me for, PIG?”

          He was subsequently charged with public obscenity (probable cause, a misdemeanor)
          and possession of marijuana.

        • cliff H
          Most pot smokers are very paranoid. It causes stupid behavior that the police observe.

        • CliffH Public obscenity? You’re proud that you were friends with a piece of shit thug of the state? Following someone to harass in the attempt that you can arrest them. The founders would have found modern police officers as abhorrent and antithetical to the freedom of every of citizen.

        • Yes, I do want cops outside Walmart or the local BBQ joint checking plates, that’s their job. BTW the reason plates are not illegal to run is that they are 1) external, and over which you have no reasonable expectation of privacy, like your face on the street (you idiot), and so require no probable cause to check, and 2) are attached to the car, not a person, so whether some sort of positive result then provides probable cause becomes an issue. Here, the cops alleged a traffic offense, which allows the stop. Then, they smelled MJ, which gives probable cause for a search. Pretty much textbook stuff.

    • Are you trolling, or do you actually not understand that police don’t need probable cause to run license plates, and in fact do so all the time.

    • Apparently they had dealt with this car before and ran the plates. FTA “In short, cops recognized the car, ran the plate and learned of the vehicle’s past involvement with drug investigations. Seeing a traffic violation, cops pulled the car over and smelled pot when talking with the driver.”

      • I don’t have a problem with the cop shooting at the guy after he shot the other cop. I don’t have a problem with them pulling people over for a traffic violation. I don’t have a problem with them searching the car if they have probable cause. I take issue with them saying in the press conference that they routinely look up plates while patrolling (without the driver having broken any laws so they can pull people over if they find something).

        • That is nonsense. We just had a guy shot ad the family was saying he was unarmed “shot over failure to signal.” In fact he had two outstanding wants for felonies, add a prior felony conviction, which is why he attacked the cops — he was facing 20 years in prison if taken in. and he was unarmed but had over a foot height and 100lbs of muscle advantage on the cop who he knocked down with the car door and then kicked her head while she was down.

          the fact is the BLM types were whining and crying for cameras and now those cameras are, over and over,e debunking the entire BLM bullshit narrative. Black males are shooting cops, stabbing cops, running over cops are vastly elevated rates to their cohort percentage size.

        • CC: “…had over a foot height and 100lbs of muscle advantage on the cop who he knocked down with the car door and then kicked her head while she was down.”

          Letting women play cop is dumb.

        • Dude, you don’t have a lick of sense. Traffic violations are a tool to catch people committing bigger offenses. If police did not do traffic stops for traffic violations, how would they stop people who were in the commission of an offense while driving? DWI? Kidnapping? Drug and human trafficking?

          In the words of Jesse Lee Peterson, “Amazing.”

        • I have to admit, I was under the same impression CZJay was/is, that cops were prohibited from running checks on vehicles without PC. Now, we have lots of people running their mouths, but does anybody KNOW?

        • – “I take issue with them saying in the press conference that they routinely look up plates while patrolling (without the driver having broken any laws so they can pull people over if they find something).”

          Then you’re an idiot. Running a license plate for wants or warrants regardless of reason isn’t a violation of anything, including any expectation of privacy.

    • I think a ambulance chaser could take up the case for the driver and attack the traffic stop itself…the ‘Full Search’ of the driver vs a Terry frisk jumps out at me as well….however, I’m not a lawyer.

      Having had gut surgery at the beginning of 2018 and living through 5 months of unmitigated hell….I give less than zero Fs about the thug. I know what the cop is going to go through medically and it sucks bad. I would rather go do two more tours than go through that again.

      • The full search was done versus the Terry frisk because the original officer smelled pot in the car; that changes the situation.

        • I thought that the officer had to articulate that “He smelled” and full search was done after Formal Arrest? I didn’t hear him say that but could be wrong.

          It appears that the officer ran the plates before the stop, as I don’t remember the officer going back to his car after the female driver turned over license/reg/insurance. I assume the officer had a Tough book or similar in his patrol car.

    • The license plate belongs to the state. You pay the tax, place it on your vehicle for the privilege, not the right, to drive on public streets and highways. No probable cause/warrant needed for law enforcement to run your plate. Privacy that much of an issue for you? Don’t drive.

      • You can call it a privileged all you want but right to travel is still a natural right to many people. Its unfortunate that no one had the sense to encode this to any standing documents and the cowards among us surrendered it for a kiss to the king’s ring.

        • That’s kind of the whole point of making the U.S. People are supposed to have the right to travel freely throughout the territories of the U.S. especially citizens. We even have interstate commerce enforced through law to make sure services and products can move freely throughout the U.S. We are not supposed to have IDs./licenses/passports to move about nor are there supposed to be any checkpoints inside the U.S.

        • Yes, you do have a right to travel within the United States without documentation. Guaranteed in the constitution. However, the method of travel is not. Private transportation, in a motor vehicle, on public highways is not a protected right. It wasn’t when the founding fathers signed the constitution and it’s not today. Many people believe it is because we are used to getting into a motor vehicle and going where we please. Sorry, not the case. Want that right? Be ready to wear out some boot leather.

        • Look up that Supreme Court case that found driving to be a right, not a privilege, given the impracticality of functioning in modern day America for such a great many people without driving. Not to mention the unfairness and arbitrary nature of the driver’s licensing racket.

          Next, try standing up for this right in the streets or in the courts.

        • You have the right to travel. Plenty of sidewalks and horses don’t need tags.
          Streets are built and paid for by tax dollars. Think about what that means..

        • CZJay are you aware that Immigration checkpoints can be set up within 100 miles of a national border?

        • – “You can call it a privileged all you want but right to travel is still a natural right to many people.”

          Only an illiterate oaf thinks that operation of a motor vehicle on taxpayer-funded thoroughfares is a right they were born with.

      • People have a right to property and to travel. These are human rights. Not all human rights have to be written into the U.S. Constitution to exist. That’s not how the U.S. was meant to be.

        If you pay taxes you are entitled… Taxation is meant to provide for the citizenry. You are supposed to get equal value for the property the government takes from you, if they don’t give that to you taxation will be considered stealing.

        You must register your property with the government to use roads you paid for and you are forced to pay a fee every year to continue to travel in that property on the roads you paid for. You are essentially signing over your car to the government. You can’t even have your untagged/unregistered property visible to the street. You also have to pay a fee if you don’t use your car.

        I don’t understand why Americans think owning property and using that property on something you paid for is considered a privilege especially after being forced to insure it. I guess the politicians did a good job at ruining your minds.

        I can’t wait until the day people consider riding a skateboard on the sidewalk to be a privilege. Heck, walking on public land is a privilege because it’s not in the constitution. If you like your privacy don’t go outside ever. Let’s not get started on electronics monitoring.

        • Do your homework, man. The invent of the automobile changed many things, particularly in the law. There is a reason why the Supreme Court has ruled that under certain circumstances, an officer may perform a warrantless search of a vehicle, but an officer is never allowed to perform a warrantless search of a house (without consent). The right to use and “bear” Automobiles is not protected anywhere in the law. You are, however, welcomed to walk as much as you please; no license plate required.

        • WHY do we have “Public Lands” totaling million upon millions of acres? Nowhere is that codified in the Constitution as reserved to the Federal Government OR the States. And the Fed via the BLM then LEASES the lands back to the People it was STOLEN FROM for grazing rights? Why do “The People” think this is good? We have been brainwashed because we never look for the unintended consequences of Government actions. Where are they trying to take us? I would suggest looking at Venezuela as an example. Seriously.

        • CZJay says: “If you pay taxes you are entitled… Taxation is meant to provide for the citizenry. You are supposed to get equal value for the property the government takes from you, if they don’t give that to you taxation will be considered stealing.

          According to this, those places where the majority of households pay little to no taxes, should get little to no police patrols.
          And those who pay a lot should have a police car (with officer) parked in front of their house.
          Is this really what you mean?
          Consider that other services would also be meted out according to the amount of taxes paid. The exact opposite of what we now have.
          According to you, it would be perfectly reasonable to restrict the speed of cars with lower market value (thus lower taxes paid), and increase the permitted speed for more expensive cars.
          Where do you come up with this???

        • I really miss the edit function.
          Other blogs manage, somehow, to include it. It really can’t be that hard.

        • You’re a pretty smart kid. Lot smarter than most of these guys, just younger. You’re Native correct? In the past your culture has been deprived of it’s freedom to travel. I suspect that informs your differing and ironically more American outlook on this issue. Here is what you need to understand: most middle to upper middle class white guys want certain things to be sliiiightly expensive, inconvenient and bureaucratically complex. The ability to have the time, money and education level to navigate bureaucracy is a white middle class marker of status, it virtue signals that you “play by the rules” and have been rewarded thusly. Registering a vehicle, renewing your license, pulling the permits to build on your own propriety, updating voter registration when you move. These were menial tasks usually relegated to woman while men were “at the office”. Now that younger or divorced older men have to do it themselves on their days off it’s only just beginning to piss them off. Alleviating the burden of bureaucracy brings others up to their level and strips away a portion of what middle class white men believe makes them special. Laws regarding vehicles just like Marijuana have always been about enforcing an ethno caste system Most of the guys here aren’t really Libertarian’s or constitutionalists they are status quo institutionalists and ethno identitarians. An Ar-15 equals a musket, but a car doesn’t equal a horse. It’s not codified in the constitution there fore it’s a privilege. Only a couple guys have actually said ” yeah it was an oversight by the founders who weren’t perfect, there should be a constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to expedient movement, we should push for a new amendment”. There entire outlook is one thinly veiled appeal to authority, because they identify with the authority. They’re not interested in general principles of liberty, they’re interested in guns and fantasys about using them to kill.

      • Not true in all States. In Wisconsin you buy the tags. When the car dies or you sell it the tags go with use. You can register them to another vehicle or could nail them to your wall.

    • Law enforcement doesnt need probable cause to stop a car. You only need reasonable suspicion to make a stop which is a lower lever. Probable cause is needed to conduct a search or make an arrest. Learn the law before you run off at the mouth.

  4. Seriously liscense plate reading is a thing. Driving in public you need legal plates…dindu didn’t😏

  5. The advantage of body cams is that the camera doesn’t lie. Suspects lie, cops lie, their lawyers lie, politicians are incapable of telling the truth, but the camera doesn’t lie. It clears the innocent and implicates the guilty, without passion or prejudice.

    Body cams have exposed bad cops, but by and large — as in this case — they’ve cleared good cops of any wrongdoing.

    The thug wanted a shootout. He got what he wanted, and the result was what he deserved.

    • Yep, its funny how quickly and easily the cops give up the camera footage when it paints them in a good light. Likewise with anything government. Should it paint them in a bad light or show even the potential for wrong doing, the cameras were magically all off, or the footage is locked up for years in the courts.

    • TTAG needs to get its shit together and bring back the damn edit button.

      This is why ALL cops should be required to wear body cameras, no exceptions. I wouldn’t say they are good cops, they got caught enforcing the law /this time/ but I would put money on them having done some wrong doing in the past, or knowing of someone else who has done something unbecoming of a cop.

      • They are clearly completely in the right in what they are doing, but you refuse to say that they are good cops? I guess you feel that the deceased was the good guy here?

        There is an old PSA that applies specifically to you:

        “Don’t be a Dummy.”

      • If I were ever a cop, I would be wearing a body cam if I had to buy the damn thing myself. Anyone trying to avoid wearing one should be instantly fired.

    • I believe Mr. Ebonics was likely not in possession of any Neanderthal DNA whatsoever, and this may be why things turned out they way they did.

  6. Hopefully the department and the wounded officer can sue the gangster’s estate for medical bills, lost wages, etc.

  7. Tre’Shun huh… I find no basis in African American historical or linguistics studies that explains names like this. It’s as if the stupid parents want to permanently mark their children as special or especially different. Remember Johnny Cash’s song “A boy named Sue”?
    Like Trevon Martin the initial family social media release is of a happy, handsome and healthy young man years before the incident… by which time both were flashing signs, showing off their weed, flipping off the camera….
    I’m wondering if it’s too late to save any of these kids who are by now third or fourth? generation of this lifestyle. For God’s sake kids, when you graduate or get a GED or even if you drop out join the military just to get the hell away. The government will feed you, pay you, teach you a skill if you want and like my Dad help you get your GED.
    I think we have to go into orbit and nuke the whole neighborhood.. it’s the only way to be sure the G virus doesn’t spread…

    • I think this lifestyle is institutionalized. The only role models are sports stars, rappers, and gangsters. Anyone who tries to lift themselves up through education will be labelled a sellout, an Oreo, an Uncle Tom, or worse, and get beaten back into place.

      To make it in professional sports, probably barely 1 in 10,000 or 100,000 will make it, so they are marginal role models at best. Similar odds for making it in the music industry. Gangsta? You will probably live fast, die young, and maybe spread your seed a little further.

  8. I’ve always said, If you don’t want a negative encounter with law enforcement don’t break the law. But, if you do break the law and get caught, do what you’re told. You won’t get pepper sprayed, hit with a stick, tasered, or shot. Even if you’re in the right (yes, we make mistakes too) do what you’re told and sort it out later.

  9. arlington used to be a good bedroom community now it is a nightmare zone of drugs, gangs and illegal wet-backs ..time top get really rough on the problem children.. no bail on drug charges without a very thorough background check with seizure of all electronic records…

    • Arlington is still much safer than most cities of 380,000 people. There’s not many places you can’t go and feel safe. Yeah, a lot of the folks you see around the city don’t look like they did in 1985. Still, the public schools are good, there’s little street crime and the police do a good job. It’s not the cesspool you make it out to be, brother.

  10. Watching the video shows that the officers went above the call of duty of being nice and professional as they could. It could be used as a training film on how an officer should handle themselves in a similar situation. The handling of the gun by the officer and his reloading showed that he had been practicing.

  11. The Libertarians, Liberals and the Left all demanded body cameras on the police. Whether they make they police more honest is up for debate. But they do show when the family of a criminal is lying through their teeth.

    I’m glad the police have the cameras. But you do give up on your 4th amendment rights. Because that tape will be played in court. And it won’t matter if the cops read you your rights or not. In many cases the jury will see you breaking the law before the cop car pulls your over.

    Even the ACLU understands this, and has gone to court to force the police to, TURN OFF, their body cameras, at anti Trump rallies and protests.

    • People who suffer from TDS, usually have a disposition for violence and retaliation if they don’t get their way. Bodycams absolutely need to be on at anti-trump rallies.

      search terms “Bodycams reduce police complaints” There are studies and articles up and down indicating that they both reduce police violence, complaints against them, and keep everyone honest when power would otherwise corrupt. They protect everyone involved.

      Surveillance is a two way street. If cops record me, well, I can record them and beam the video back out to a cloud server. If they get their hands on the video, it will be destroyed.

    • Speaking as one of the “Libertarians, liberals, and the left”, I can say, that that is just the deal. If we want to cut down on ‘bad shoots” getting unprosecuted”, than we got to accept that we’ll have a bunch more evidence against people who would have once gotten away with it.

    • The ACLU changed there position on bodycams because they showed that there were far fewer bad arrests, bad shoots and bad cops then they believed. Bodycams do not violate the 4th Amendment because they only see what is in plain view. They don’t see the contraband underneath the seat.

      The downside of bodycams is that they remove even more discretion from the officer. If the camera sees it then the officer must follow exact letter of the law. No more letting you off with a warning or “urging’ you on your way and out of situation that could get worse. For most us that means getting stuck with a ticket but for some it means a first arrest.

  12. I’m confused.

    I live in CA and we are constantly told that you never could possibly need more than 10 rounds to defend yourself. Seems like the cop needed 17.

    He must be the worst shot in the world.

    ….or so my government seems to believe.

    • You are clearly confused. Even in CA, machine guns, suppressors, Yuuge mags or belt fed, everything is OK for LE, since they have to kill millions of people in a shrt time on a regular basis. It’s the moving targets which are restricted to 3-round mags. For officer safety.

  13. im embarassed by a ton of comments on this page. some of you are clearly racist, in the most reasonable definition of the word. Just wow.

    • In a discussion, if a person introduces race when it has not been mentioned before, that person is a racist. It this case, that appears to be *you*.

    • What’s so wrong with being racist?

      The whole world outside the USA is racist to the max by American standards, especially Asians.

      Racism as a “social problem” only exists in the USA because people outside the USA don’t fool themselves about the realities of a certain race that doesn’t have any Neanderthal DNA in their blood.

      No Neanderthal DNA = lower IQ. Period full stop. Just ask the guy who discovered the friggin’ double helix- and also see what happened to this career just recently.

    • Shut it and pound sand, Beta-male. We like talking facts here, not feelings. Go cry on your Facebook page.

  14. Let this be a lesson to you: if you’re going to drive around with a car full of drugs and guns, obey all the traffic laws, no matter how stupid they are or how late and deserted it is.

    • Hahahahaha right? That should be obvious, but then again a criminal smart enough to be discrete also isn’t going to post all his shit on freaking Facebook

    • You would be amazed how many people who are driving unlicensed, unregistered, and uninsured also drive in a way that is guaranteed to attract official attention. It is as though they can’t help themselves. Actually they can but they choose not to.

      There were two individuals in the next suburb constantly street racing together in a AMG Mercedes C63 and a Maserati. Not exactly subtle. They were cars that were unusual for the area. The cars disappeared after a drug bust in that suburb.

      Another crook had the license plate MEOC. Middle Eastern Organized Crime. I can’t remember if he was caught by the cops or killed by other crooks. Subconsciously, I think they want to be caught.

      • Can anyone say ‘Tim McVeigh’? His lack of current license plate caused the state trooper stop after the OK City bombing while he was getting away which resulted in his arrest. As Giuliani said, re cleaning up the subways in NYC, cracking down on graffiti and turnstile jumpers, car window hustlers and beggars and other ‘quality of life’ offenses, bad people who do big bad things often dumbly ignore most of the little rules too. Prof. Moriarty these guys aren’t.

  15. “Looking at the video dispassionately, the attorney will have a hard time winning the ghetto lottery on this case.”

    Rhetorical flourishes like this are why TTAG rarely gets a visit from me these days. The author would do well to follow his own advice regarding dispassionate analysis less he seeks a ‘ghetto internet Pulitzer’ for his scintillating prose.

    • God damn I cannot believe that I had to scroll this far down to see a remark that wasn’t “gol’ durn Negro got what he deserved! #thinblueline”. TTAG has taken a serious nosedive in quality since RF retired. There used to be serious inquiries into legitimate use of force by the police and attempts to expand gun culture into the black community. Now it’s publishing police circle-jerk articles and obvious racism. Only one of those Facebook photos shows criminal activity. The rest may be tasteless and dumb, but if that was criminal activity, most of America would be in prison.

      Meanwhile, in the video, the officer prevents them from using their phones with some nebulous authority based on “officer safety” and refuses to tell them why he is detaining them. And he used “the smell of marijuana” as probable cause? None of those should be the standard for police conduct, but that won’t be addressed. Liberals will cry about the suspect’s race and conservatives will Back The Badge and things will get worse for everyone.

      But please, TTAG, keep printing trash like this. Keep jerking off the police right up until they come to your door to enforce a Red Flag confiscation.

      • Your entire post is absolutely racist, as well as being the only mention of “negro” in the whole thread, and probably the whole day, maybe the entire week. *You* need to take *your* racist shit elsewhere.

  16. Dan, you’re a disgusting piece of trash. Just like you had time to find pictures of Tre’shun and report these lies you should have taken the time to do some more research and actually get the facts. You and the rest of your team who reported this are all foul and biased rodents. Lies on top of lies and of course you try to dehumanize this man just like you do to all young black men. I hope to one day spit in your disgusting face.

    • He was shot based on *behavior*.

      Nothing more, nothing less.

      Flee from the police and fire at them, expect to get shot at in return.

      Full stop…

  17. Sooo. this is what my welfare dollar is buying.

    The cumulative IQ of the entire family (including the ‘Community Activist) had to be less than 100.

    • IMO, it’s the result of a few different “thoughts.”
      The idea that police aren’t allowed to troll through social media without a warrant. Totally wrong, but the idea persists.
      The idea that showing that you are a “badass” will get you not only more girls, but the respect of those you look up to. In this case, those people tend to me more “badass” than him. The fact that those “badasses” end up in jail or dead doesn’t deter him.
      The idea that he’s indestructible. This is, unfortunately, shared by (IMO) the majority of those who are young. (I remember being young and stupid.)
      These, and more, contribute to “showing off” on social media. Most are simply showing off in respect to what they are most proud of; for some, it’s posting pics of their family gatherings, their cats or dogs, their cars, or their stolen property. Whatever they are proud of, they show it off.

  18. Good: Looking at the video dispassionately, the attorney will have a hard time winning the lottery on this case.

    Better: Looking at the video dispassionately, a jury would be unlikely to […] in this case.

    • Sorry, it really is a ghetto lottery, the only way to monetize this otherwise societally useless human carbon footprint. The characterization is most apt. Yours is correct, but sanitized, and insufficiently conveys what’s actually going on. You lose.

    • Frame by frame and as a sequencing tool it’s priceless. You know anything about forensics?? If all you can think of is what you can “see” with your eyes you’re a waste of oxygen. Oy!

  19. So, where were his parents BEFORE he got shot? All that shameful Facebook traffic and they didn’t know…or care. I hope they get raped by their lawyer.

  20. That police officer was very courteous. I advise doing what police officers ask, your whys, buts, my rights and all that, the cops dont wanna hear it. This all went to shit because of one thing, Marijuana, an herb classified as a drug.. I would not want to be a law enforcement officer…. If a cop ask me to hop on one leg, flap my arms like a chicken and bark like a dog, I do it, no use arguing, plus the cop might get a good laugh out of it. Everyone needs a good laugh once in awhile.

  21. The family lawyer will claim the first officer shot himself.
    Glad the officer will recover over time.

    Out on bail, felons with guns.

  22. This type of incidence happens from the actions of the person that was shot. Anyone, no matter the race, with this type of attitude and behavior will end up this way sooner or later. This is nothing new. A person can look back to the 30’s at the long list that would include Bonnie and Clyde, Dillinger, “Pretty boy ” Floyd, Homer Van Meter, Ma Barker and her sons, ” Baby Face” Nelson etc. and they were all white. Your attitude and your lifestyle will determine your outcome. I have seen this crap on television about an individual that was murdered and the family says ” he was such a good boy, he supported his family and lived his kids”. When the investigation is over it turns out he was supporting his family selling drugs and his murder was the result of the drug business. Raise your children correctly and do not let them run the streets. It’s partly your fault, parents.

  23. Ya name it “Tre’Shun” and it’s gonna end up being a bullet magnet one way or ‘tother!

  24. Thank you Arlington Police Department for your selflis duty to our community. NOTE: If you run from a police officer, what are you doing that for? Running from police is a crime in itself! I’m sad of his decision to run, it cost him his LIFE; however, he made the decision to run. Live with the consequences.

  25. So shooting a police officer while fleeing the police and I am SURE he had drugs on him since that is what the White Trash girls with him wanted is not conclusive to Liberals, go figure.

  26. So many unhappy coincidences.
    The guy who (I bet) has a juvenile criminal arrest history a mile long get stopped by the cops. Oh, that’s just profiling.
    Then he or his scholarly buddies just happen to have drugs in the car.
    Oh, that’s just the cops making shit up.
    Then he just happens to flee.
    Oh, that’s just because he knows the cops are gonna kill him and plant crack.
    Then he just happens to have a gun on him.
    Oh that’s just because he has to defend himself from cops and the KKK.
    Then he shoots the cops
    Oh that’s self-defense
    Now he’s dead
    Oh that sounds like a payday!
    Too bad there’s video.

    Makes you wonder what would have happened if there had actually been video around for the Michael Brown incident.

  27. The cop should be held to account for every round he fired that did not hit his target. He fired his entire magazine with no knowledge of what was behind his target. Unacceptable. He got lucky that he did not kill an innocent.

    Well past time to start disarming cops.

    • Only the autopsy can officially state how many hits the officer made. Doubt it will be made public unless this case goes viral/media nuts aka Zimmerman.

      To be sure, the officer did well..firing while moving (didn’t seek cover when the other officer went down)….and his reload was practiced and smooth.

    • What if he hit the thug with every round? What will you whine about then? And as to your disarming of cops-I propose that we disarm all the cops in your neighborhood first. Think of it as an ‘experiment’…

  28. The LT and the Chief did a great lay-out of the facts, the back-story and the societal / criminal justice fails that factored into this and other attacks on officers. I see this Chief ascending to higher places. I would bet we will be seeing more of him on a national level.

  29. “We’re talking about somebody that’s failure to use the traffic light to turn the lane and someone ended up being dead,”

    I didn’t read all the comments so perhaps someone has already asked but can anyone translate this for me? Thanks.

  30. Family says what an innocent good boy he is, idiot’s social media proves otherwise, family demands police video, video shows innocent boy is guilty, family still wants to sue.

    Same tried and true story for the millionth time.

  31. “THUG” is not racist. Watch re-runs of Elliott Ness, thug was used way back when, long before the “entitled”thought it applied to them. would be an insult to a real thug.

  32. DSAF:
    i would have said the same thing if he was white and the cops were black so stop
    dont even go there

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