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By Theresa Inacker

Are you suffering from a post-concussive shock after the Supreme Court declined to hear the Texas election challenge case against Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia? For many of the case’s supporters, it felt like a whack on the side of the head with a 2×4. What you are actually suffering from is post-Constitutional syndrome. Second Amendment rights activists and gun owners have been suffering from this disillusioning malady for more than a decade.

All signs point to the new reality that we have entered a post-Constitution era in the United States. Second Amendment advocates have been sounding the alarm bell on this for years, ever since the landmark Heller decision in 2008, and McDonald in 2010. Second Amendment rights activists have been petitioning the Court over violations of their basic human rights.

Supporters of the right to keep and bear arms have been left consistently without relief, scratching their heads, wondering whatever happened to petitioning the government for redress. Who do you turn to if the Court refuses to act, one way or another? Is it even one of the purposes of the SCOTUS to resolve important disputes any more? Yes. In fact, it’s arguably the Court’s most important function.

Second Amendment advocates have submitted countless petitions in the last several years, writs of certiorari, the primary method for a case to reach the High Court. Yet time and again, the Justices have declined to hear our cases even though citizens’ freedom, safety and lives are at stake.

supreme court scotus second amendment protest demonstration
Courtesy Kevin Hulbert

While the Court agreed to deal with the NYSRPA v. NYC case, the Court took the easy way out, claiming the matter moot, ignoring the glaring civil rights violations and failing to address the substantive issues. Additionally, New Jersey firearms owners have filed litigation for the state’s failure to issue carry permits.

As you may recall, Justice Clarence Thomas issued a scathing dissent earlier this year railing against the majority’s failure to take up Rogers v. Grewal. In the same session, the Court declined to hear two other New Jersey carry cases, Cheeseman and Ciolek.

 In the Rogers dissent, Justice Thomas lamented:

“One of this Court’s primary functions is to resolve ‘important matter[s]’ on which the courts of appeals are ‘in conflict.’” Gee v. Planned Parenthood of Gulf Coast, Inc., 586 U. S. ___, ___ (2018) (THOMAS, J., dissenting from denial of certiorari) (slip op., at 1) (quoting this Court’s Rule 10(a)). The question whether a State can effectively ban most citizens from exercising their fundamental right surely qualifies as such a matter. We should settle the conflict among the lower courts so that the fundamental protections set forth in our Constitution are applied equally to all citizens. This case gives us an opportunity to provide lower courts with much-needed guidance, ensure adherence to our precedents, and resolve a Circuit split. Each of these reasons is independently sufficient to grant certiorari. In combination, they unequivocally demonstrate that this case warrants our review. Rather than prolonging our decade-long failure to protect the Second Amendment, I would grant this petition.”

Justice Thomas is correct that one of the Court’s primary functions is to resolve matters of great importance. If the Court fails to act, where do We The People go to seek help with our disputes?

The disdain for our nation’s governing document is no secret and has been made plain. Anti-rights types, the gun grabbers, act as though the Constitution doesn’t exist. Their operating principle seems to be, ignore it and it will go away.

The Constitution is only as good as the entities that are willing to enforce it. The Court has signaled, particularly to Second Amendment supporters, that it will not enforce the Constitution, pushing us into the current post-constitutional era.

SCOTUS supreme court ginsburg ACB amy coney barrett
(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

But here is the good news. Our rights to self-defense and to keep and bear arms pre-existed the Constitution as it has been well-established by history, tradition and philosophy. The Second Amendment merely codified that pre-existing right, granted by God and/or by nature and existing in every human.

Therefore, while anti-individual rights types can ignore or may even eradicate the Second Amendment, it will never eradicate our pre-existing human right to armed self defense.

The Court’s failure to act in these disputes has been a great disappointment. The Court seems content with the current situation, with ongoing conflicts between various District Courts that permit the wholesale ravaging of the Second Amendment, even failing to affirm that the right to keep and bear arms applies outside the home.

Litigants aren’t just looking for a pat on the back. Actual people are suffering real violations of their civil and human rights in states like New Jersey. Our lives are at risk, unable to lawfully carry a firearm outside the home. Individuals face felony charges and mandatory jail time for carrying their own, lawful firearms outside the home. This puts our lives at risk. Death is a very real possibility with no means of self-defense, and the Court apparently couldn’t care any less.

The Constitution is only as good as its application and enforcement. Due to recent political and electoral events, more of the general citizenry has become aware of this fact. Much to the dismay of gun-grabbers and other anti-individual rights types, our Second Amendment rights pre-exist the Constitution and will continue to exist in a post-Constitution world. So long as the will of We The People is to be free, these rights will be defended at all costs.


Theresa Inacker, an attorney and Second Amendment advocate, a member of the US Supreme Court bar, the New Jersey delegate to The DC Project, and a Board Trustee and Communications Director for The Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners.


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  1. “What you are actually suffering from is post-Constitutional syndrome…”

    stop trying to pretend that an attempted coup by a wanna-be dictator (who claimed that the only way he could lose the election was through fraud) is imperative to the Constitution.

      • Clearly a fraud filled election that shut down vote counting and miraculously gave the lily white cracker joe biden 11,000,000 more votes than the self serving lord marshal b.h. obama received??? All sorts of lame excuses have been concocted to cover election fraud. If biden’s votes were legit he would have never been behind the POTUS and key polls would have never shut down. C’mon man…ballots just don’t show up in mass with only one democRat cracker selected, etc.

        What the gutless courts have done to legitimate voters equates to a twerp hearing their neighbor beating his wife and doing nothing.

        My ruling is…joe and the ho can eat sht.

        • Yeah, this is not fair! He won…
          nothing this time. At least last time he LOST the popular vote but still somehow made it in. But now all supporters say it was stolen. He needs to find some dignity and just fade away quietly now.
          Don’t get me wrong, I voted for him, but now he’s making us look like fools with his childish behavior.

        • Between a mass media, that is biased to the point of being totally corrupt and a Supreme Court that is so gutless that it will not hear any case that is the least bit controversial, our Constitution is becoming nothing more than a cruel joke. We will have to resort to the Declaration of Independence and its statement: When all other recourse has been exhausted, it is the right of the people to overthrow a tyrannical government by force if necessary. Those Supreme Court Justices are complete fools if they think that something so serious as what is going on in the country today will go away by ignoring it. The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. While the mass media broadcasts lies and misinformation and the Supreme Court sits on its hands evil is triumphing. The end of the United States draws nigh.

      • Six weeks. Not a single proven fraudulent ballot for Biden has been produced by you power tripping Trump hicks.

        Six weeks. Zero.

        • The Republicans are moving the goalpost. They first claimed victory, then they claimed the election was a total fraud, now they claim it was an unconstitutional election.

          If the Republicans cared about the constitution they could have actually gotten Trump a victory by following the guidelines of the Republic, but Republicans don’t care about the constitution, they only want victory. It’s just marketing to claim to be a patriot and a supporter of the constitution.

      • The whole problem with this election is that we have no idea who really won. There has been no support for the level of investigation and validation that needs to happen to allow a large part of this country to trust the electoral process.

        If all the irregularities and alleged fraud was reviewed, really reviewed and investigated, and Biden still came out on top, so be it. But sweeping it all under the rug and refusing to hear arguments is not how it should be done.

        • There was exactly the same investigation and validation of the results as we had in the 2016 election which was just as close.

          In fact, there were many more audits and recounts of this election then 2016, all with no significant findings of fraud whatsoever.

          Not to mention 50 lawsuits in local, state, federal district, federal appeals, and United States Supreme Court, all dismissed as having no merit.

          TX Lt. Governor Dan Patrick offered up to a million dollars to anyone with credible tips on voter fraud. That was Nov 10th, no takers yet. Funny that none of these hundreds of whistleblowers chose to take him up on his offer.

          It all just BS marketing claims by Trump and his co-conspirators, have you sent your donations yet?

          Be sure to give generously, with all the stress Ivanka need some of her special wrinkle cream made from the adrenal-chrome harvested from the glands of the minority children they keep imprisoned in the basement of Trump Tower Moscow.

    • Stop trying to pretend that a 50 year long, Communist China Loving, CCP Bankrolled Pig At The Trough, Joe Biden, won the 2020 Election.

      Stolen Election on behalf of Communist China, for Communist China, and of Communist China.

        • Chief Censor hates America’s majority population because he resents that his parents raised him in a country filled with people who don’t look like him. It’s entirely about race for him, and always will be.

          By the way, to the extent that immigration leads to social problems, that’s often how it works. The immigrants themselves made a choice to come here, improve their lives, and work through the inevitable difficulties. They’re not an immediate problem. But their children and grandchildren never made this choice, and naturally tend to resent any friction they feel as an injustice inflicted upon them.

        • “Chief Censor”, eh??

          Good handle for a Constitution-hating, liberty-hating troll.

          Censor this, Dimocrat: I have a pair of matching middle fingers.

        • “their children and grandchildren never made this choice, and naturally tend to resent any friction they feel as an injustice inflicted upon them.“

          But aren’t you yourself the progeny of immigrants?

        • Miner49er, I didn’t think I’d have to spell out I was talking about friction caused by diversity, which destroys social trust.

          Chief Censor thinks of white Americans as “them,” and will probably always think that way. He’s an example of the kind of problem that naturally develops when a country invites mass numbers of economic migrants who have little or nothing in common with the majority population.

        • OOO ! Looks like I triggered some trumptard snowflakes. (pats self on the back)

          Have a good morning, gentlemen.

        • “BIG FAT GAFFE”

          Yep, a gentleman with a history of stuttering sometimes has difficulty with a particular word, big deal.

          Unlike that Republican vice president who got drunk and shot a man in the face.

          Why no push to have dick Cheney be your spokes-model for people of the gun, he has so much experience in the safe handling of firearms.

          You people are pathetic losers.

        • Facts over feelings. Stop with the fake news. Elections have consequences. Biden is your president. Don’t be a triggered snowflake,

    • Well, if the Democrats didn’t do everything possible in the swing states to destroy transparency, Trump wouldn’t have any way to argue fraud.

      In Pennsylvania, where I live, Democrat officials with the assistance of a partisan and activist State Supreme Court, eliminated the signature verification requirements of Pennsylvania election law and then used that as an excuse to block meaningful access for Republican poll watcher in the counties that Biden supposedly won. (Blocking poll watchers is a criminal offense in Pennsylvania).

      The Democrats have damaged election transparency so badly, no one should claim they truly know if fraud did or didn’t occur.

      If the Democrats went this far out of the way to break the law and weren’t committing massive fraud, they were downright stupid because the result is an election in the offending counties that has the appearance of impropriety and illegitimacy and the truth will never be able to be determined.

      I have to assume fraud was committed because the Democrats were outlaws in their executuon of the election and are acting guilty with their actions to obstruct any proper investigations.

      They look guilty.

      • Since the democrats were willing to go to this extreme to cheat this election, is it worth voting in any future elections anymore?

        If they gamed this one, what is stopping them from gaming every future election?
        Is going out to vote useless at this point?

        • “Is going out to vote useless at this point?”

          Overwhelming turnout makes fraud difficult. Obviously we need transparency reforms, but the democrats fight against that.

        • “Since the democrats were willing to go to this extreme to cheat this election, is it worth voting in any future elections anymore?”

          What a joke.

          Just give them the election?

          Take your little idea and shove it up your ass…

        • Geoff (queer name, btw)…. you can shove your daddy’s pecker up your own A$$…. F K N H O M O
          Now then you little pos…. when someone asks a question like that show a little respect…. or else…b i t c h boy….

        • “when someone asks a question like that show a little respect…. or else…”

          Or else what, fuckwit?

          You gonna troll me?

          I’m so scared!

          Now go back in your mom’s basement and jerk off. Maybe this time your mom won’t put ground glass in your jar of Vaseline.

          ( You seem to have a strange fascination with homosexuality. There’s no shame in being gay. Just go get you some… 😉 )

        • “Is going out to vote useless at this point?”

          Sounds like something a Dem would say to suppress Republican voters. If they can convince Republicans to not even show up, they don’t have to cheat. It’s the same reason polls showed huge margins that turn out to be wrong – “He’s going to win in a landslide, so you might as well not even waste your time to vote.”

        • Bhat Patel,

          I will take your comment as a sarcastic, but good faith, comment:

          We should ALWAYS vote in elections, even those we know or suspect to be subject to fraud – our votes may be part of the proof of that fraud. (Don’t just vote; vote and then CONFIRM your vote with the election officials – in many states, voters are permitted to confirm that their vote was counted).

          But the real answer is that we have to be realistic and transparent about what our societal standards are. You must present picture ID to purchase alcohol, fly on a plane, or receive many government benefits . . . but it’s TOTES cool to vote without proving who you are. Americans can be drafted at 18, drive at 16, but can’t buy pot or alcohol (in most states) until they are 21 – but can consent to a major medical procedure (abortion) WITHOUT parental consent, in their early teens.

          “Lucy, ‘splain somethin’ to me!” Just sayin’. We need to pull our heads out of our collective fourth point of contact, and start being rational. We haven’t been. If we don’t start imposing rationality on our processes, . . . who’s fault is it if those processes get abused??

      • America has anonymous voting. Your vote for Biden or Trump doesn’t have your name on it. This is to stop potential retaliation for not voting “correctly.”

        Republicans for some reason think it’s a great idea to put a name to every vote cast so they can go back and verify it after the Republicans lose.

    • You clearly have no idea what you are talking about! So follow the words of a great man, “Better to be thought a fool and remain silent than to speak and remove all doubt” You sir leave little doubt!

    • hannibull…If the Twice legitimately elected POTUS was a dictator you’d be sitting in a row of prisoners pooping in a trough or you’d be a lampshade on the desk of the POTUS.

      I suggest you pull your head out of your slanderous, libelous, politically inept, history illiterate ignorant behind and understand what all dictators have in common. First sign of a dictator is their sick desire to disarm the citizenry…That’s the rhetoric of both biden and harris and that makes you a dictator lint licker…now gfy.

    • You think Trump was a wanna-be-dictator?
      So you voted for a real dictator promising real tyranny? Or did you just defend the election fraud?
      I guess you admire the Chinese Communist Party.

      • Trump is the one who just tried, and failed, to steal an election by declaring 20,000,000 votes null and void.

        He tried to talk governors into tossing their state’s election results and appointing Electors.

        With some five dozen losses in courts all over this country, not a single victory, about 80 judges ruling against him Trump still makes the same fantasy claims.

        Hell yes, Trump would have loved to be a dictator. Luckily for us he is a spineless coward and lacks the charisma to pull it off.

        Guess what, Orange Man really was a bad idea to throw your support to back in the 2016 Republican Primary! That Was a BIG MISTAKE! You FUCKED UP!

        Now deal with the shame of your bad choices and do not support an amoral narcissist next time we get a shot at the big chair.

        And no, Biden is a lefty in the American sense. His own far left wing hates his ass. And even those idiots are not commies, they’re just idiots.

        • Well said! Hopefully with Biden in office for the next 8 years he can unfuck everything Trump messed up. Whether the election was tampered or not, at least we got Trump out.

        • “… not support an amoral narcissist next time we get a shot at the big chair….”

          Are you French?, do you have a mouse in your pocket?

          There is no ‘we’.

          Grok that!

        • “Whether the election was tampered or not, at least we got Trump out.”

          Hey, dumbass –

          Trump is gonna be living inside your head rent-fucking-free for the next 30-40 years, thanks to his SCOTUS pics.

          Suck on it and like it… 😉

        • And here comes enuf with the absolute dumbest take to try and validate his support for a Constitution-hating pedophile.

          It’s okay though, oRaNgE mAn is gone for the moment, and it only took massive fruad and the evisceration of the Constitution to do it!

          You’re the fucking King of Morons, enuf. Your little sycophant Bryan is a close runner up. Both of you are on here to try and brush up your 2A creds while you actively work to dismantle it. You’ll be the first to stand around agape when the mob comes for you, wondering “How could this happen? Why did no one tell me this could happen?”

          Trump is no saint, but he is not leading the tidal wave of statist tyranny you are about to be rolled by.

      • Trump attempted the coup. The opposition did nothing but fight back.

        Trump committed the newest form of Treason and Sedition. We need to add it to Federal law. Fucker should be in prison. Even Nixon did not attempt to fight democracy with massive lies and a enormous wealth of legal battles.

        Of course, if Nixon had tried, he would never of hired Rudy G. He’d of hired real lawyers. Smart, clever, competent ones. Such as all those who dropped out of his cases or refused to take them on in the first place.

        • “Trump committed the newest form of Treason”

          You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

        • I see enuf has taken the “double down on dumbassery” approach now.

          Evidently upholding the Constitution is now considered treason. 1984 harder.

        • “in the Kingdom of Lies, Truth is treason.”
          -Ron Paul
          In the upside-down clown world where liberty is fascism and language is violence, I suppose it is just the same brand of crazy for them to think that stopping voter fraud is the crime. Stop arguing with people who can’t think straight.

        • Actually, I think treason involves a third-party.

          For instance Donald Trump and his son Don Junior’s efforts to gain help from Russia are treason.

          I’d say the charge of sedition more accurately fits Donald Trump‘s efforts to overturn the election results, election tampering, solicitation to election tampering and abuse of office as well.

        • So the help that hunter and chinese joe got from china qualifies as treason? Thanks for clearing that up miner.

        • “For instance Donald Trump and his son Don Junior’s efforts to gain help from Russia are treason.”

          2018 called. They want their conspiracy theory back.

        • “the help that hunter and chinese joe got from china”

          Please provide a source or citation with details about this help you speak up.

          For instance, evidence of a meeting between Joe Biden or his son specifically scheduled to discuss campaign assistance from a foreign government.

          You know, like the Trump Tower meeting with Russian GRU agents

        • So, “enuf” (like the handle, but I recommend “STFU”),

          Does that mean Al “I invented the Internet” Gore should have been jailed for treason in 2001????

          Or are you a lying, partisan, hypocritical little f***-wad (don’t bother to respond; we all KNOW the answer).

    • Hannibal is correct. The Texas attempt to overturn the will of 20,000,000 voters was obscene.

      I would agree that SCOTUS took the easy and obvious path, but it was also the only path open to them under the law. Texas had no standing. No State has standing over the internal election laws of another State. There may be limits to State Sovereignty but they certainly do not stop because another State wants to get pissy about with matters that do not cross State lines.

      Trump attempted to overthrow our system of Representative Democracy, our REPUBLIC. The Supreme Court was merely the highest body to say “Go Fuck Yourself!!!” in gentle legalese.

      • “The Texas attempt to overturn the will of 20,000,000 voters”

        It was an attempt to overturn what they claimed were thousands (not millions) of illegal votes. Election laws were changed this year in states by bypassing the legislature. Only the legislature has the authority to make laws, not the executive or judicial branches. Keep in mind that the Supreme Court never ruled on the merits.

        • “Only the legislature has the authority to make laws, not the executive or judicial branches.”

          And the judicial branch exercises the authority of overseeing those laws passed by the legislature and signed into law by the governor.

          That’s why the United States Supreme Court did not overturn decisions made by both the Pennsylvania state Supreme Court and the Georgia state Supreme Court, under the United States Constitution states have primacy in selecting and exercising their election laws.

          That’s why the United States Supreme Court will not overturn the recent Wisconsin state supreme court throwing out trumps lawsuit.

        • “And the judicial branch exercises the authority of overseeing those laws passed by the legislature and signed into law by the governor.”

          My point is that the law changes weren’t legitimately passed. One of the changes in PA election law involved amending the state constitution. Amending the constitution isn’t an easy process by design. In order to do that, you need a majority vote in both houses, twice! Then, it must be advertised in every county in the state. Then the citizens vote on the amendment. The citizens of PA didn’t consent to this election law change.

          In other words, it was impossible to change the 2020 law without first voting on it in the 2020 election. The changes in election law were unconstitutional. Those changes that involved doing away with signature verification, mail in ballot postmarks, and allowing ballots to arrive AFTER election day were/are illegal.

        • Dude, that was a Republican law that passed in 2019, and Pennsylvania held an election under that law without any problems.

          Everything was fine until Donald Trump lost the election, now the Republicans claim that the Republicans acted unconstitutionally, what a crock.

          “The plaintiffs contend that the GOP-controlled Legislature never followed the proper constitutional procedures to expand exceptions to in-person voting to institute a system of universal mail-in voting and are asking the court to throw out non-absentee mail-in ballots.”

          The supreme court of Pennsylvania considered the matter and threw out the lawsuit.
          Do you understand, the Republicans waited too long to say that the Republicans acted unconstitutionally, you can’t change the rules of the game a year later after you lose under the rules you established.

          It’s BS like that behind the 50 different lawsuits that have been dismissed as “meritless” by local, state, federal district, federal appeals, and United States Supreme Court.

          But go ahead, try your so-called Second Amendment solution, and see what you get.

        • “Dude, that was a Republican law that passed in 2019, and Pennsylvania held an election under that law without any problems.”

          Is something legitimate based on the political party involved or whether or not it was implemented?

          The following was ruled on in October:

          “The supreme court of Pennsylvania considered the matter and threw out the lawsuit.”

          The court isn’t going to take the drastic measure of overturning the election. It would be better to get a ruling on the legality of amending the constitution without going through the steps of amending the constitution. People from both parties should examine how this happened in the first place.

        • The Pennsylvania Supreme Court is the court of last resort in Pennsylvania, they are the ultimate arbiter of the legality and constitutionality of laws in Pennsylvania, short of the United States Supreme Court.

          The Pennsylvania Supreme Court examined these issues in detail and upheld the election standards passed by the Republican Controlled legislature in 2019.

          There was no problem until Trump lost a year later, it was too late to file under the laches doctrine.

          Under the constitution, Texas has no control of the Pennsylvania state elections, not by any stretch of the imagination. If Texas had a problem with an action Pennsylvania had taken, they needed to sue in Pennsylvania state court before moving to the Supremes.

          TX Lt. Governor Dan Patrick offered up to a million dollars to anyone with credible tips on voter fraud. That was Nov 10th, no takers yet. Funny that none of these hundreds of whistleblowers chose to take him up on his offer.

          Paging Melissa Carone, orange courtesy phone in the lobby!

        • “There was no problem until Trump lost a year later, it was too late to file under the laches doctrine.”

          And that still does not make the law changes constitutional.

        • “ it was too late to file under the laches doctrine.”

          Miner is a dishonest actor and a proven liar. As such he will not mention that the Penn Supreme court is filled by 5 extremely partisan activists that have been an integral cog in rigging the system. As such they would have claimed BEFORE the election that there was no standing to sue because no one was harmed. AFTER the election it is too late because of larches, which was done with impunity.

          “There was no problem until Trump lost a year later,”

          As for Miners TDS… that claim is akin to having a brake job on your car, and when they fail, claim they were fine when they left the shop.

        • Sammy, the people of Pennsylvania elect their Supreme Court justices for a 10 year term, the justices who sit on the court are the peoples choice, not yours.

          When We the People elected a Justice, we expect him to represent our interests in a fair and impartial manner under the law, not satisfy the whims of some right wing nut job in some other state.

          “Miner is a dishonest actor and a proven liar.“

          And specifically what ‘lie’ are you referring to?

      • No they are not correct, and neither are you, dipshit. SCOTUS said TX lacked standing. That’s it.

        The Dems have been running a coup for 4 years with #resist morons like yourself. They may have now gotten Trump out, but only after straight up raping the Constitution and the electorate to do it.

        • “SCOTUS said TX lacked standing.“

          Correct, the constitution gives the full power of control of each state elections to the state itself, Texas has no authority to interfere in any state elections.

          So much for that don’t mess with Texas stuff.

        • @Miner, the TX lawsuit was about trying to hold the states accountable to the same contract as TX was. That the four states in question tossed aside their obligations is a constitutional crisis in the making. Whether TX has the grounds to enforce a contract they are party to, but not a creator of, is the question. Evidently SCOTUS thinks they do not.

          @Chief, LoL, no. The Dems crammed mail-in voting down everyone’s throats, and Biden managed to clinch key counties with no ground game, no enthusiasm, no transparency, and lot of late night BS. Even *if* his win is legitimate, this election is so tainted by malfeasance that Biden has absolutely zero political capital to start with. If the Dems don’t do an immediate 180 and clean their mess up, 2022 will be a blood bath for them. Provided, that is, we don’t see a repeat of the 2020 shenanigans where actual voters don’t count, only the magic midnight votes do.

      • Please stop expressing publicly your opinions of legal matters; you beclown yourself.

        Look up “original jurisdiction” in re: SCOTUS. Explain to me how a fraudulent election in one state, that overturns the result of a LEGITIMATE election in another state, doesn’t constitute a “dispute among the states”. When you are done with that, please explain to me how SCOTUS would not, in a case of original jurisdiction, be the “trier of fact”.

        And when you’re done with all that, get back to me. Or just STFU. I’m OK with either result.

    • I’d line to take this opportunity here to show everyone what a “Concern Troll” is:

      A Concern Troll is a member of the opposition that feigns allegiance to your cause, but subverts faith in your cause by casting doubt.

      For example, a Concern Troll here at TTAG will often post things like:

      “Well since the democrats clearly cheated this election, they can clearly cheat next election, therefore voting is now pointless.”

      He acts like he’s on your side, but then tries to convince you to give up your cause.

      This is part of what cyber warfare looks like ands it’s being conducted on you daily from *very* rich and powerful figures around the world. It’s not simply one man, or one organization. And much of it is home grown.

      The democrats literally hired General Mchrystal, to conduct the exact same Cyber War the US waged on ISIS, on all things conservative across the web this year.

      Troll armies will appear and “brigade” a platform to make it appear that the vast majority are against you. You’ve seen “brigading” here, like when all the usual troll suspects show up at the exact same time.

      I felt the need to share this here just so everyone knows what’s going on. Civil War 2.0 may have not started it but the Great Internal US Cyber War is on full swing and it’s goal is demoralize you into submission.

      • “Troll armies will appear and “brigade” a platform to make it appear that the vast majority are against you.”

        No, Parler is not some disinformation technique, I think it’s full of vital information for every American patriot.

        Post early and post often on Parler, it’s the voice of freedom!

        • You’re not a concern troll.

          You are a common adversary troll, and most likely a shill.

          If you’re not a shill, that’s actually worse, because this what you do all day for free.

          At least a shill gets paid for his time.

    • Those Liberal Republicans are trying to destroy the Republican party just like they did the NRA. They want to dissolve the U.S. constitution because Trump isn’t king. They literally chant it out loud in public. They get on stage and demand it with a passion. They even created a “Q” character to propagate the “plan.”

      I have been saying this for four years. Yet those Liberals called me a communist and anti American. We seen what happened to the NRA when people ignored the warnings. Now it’s the Republican party’s turn to be destroyed from within. These Liberal Republicans are intentionally creating demoralization.

      On their way to turn America into a one party state, these Liberals are outside fighting with the youth (whom correctly perceive Trump fans as anti human rights). They go out there with weapons and start fights while claiming to be patriots as they hold a bastardized American flag with a blue line drawn across it. They hit people in the head with that flag, which is deadly force, then some of them pull out guns when they start getting attacked for using deadly force. I already seen 2-3 Trumpsters shoot their guns at “Antifa” after they are the ones using deadly force by striking those youths in the head with a pole.

      These Liberal Republican Trumpsters are trying to get the 2nd Amendment removed by misusing guns in public and claiming self defense. Like that large group of Proud Boys who attacked black people while accusing them of being Antifa. Those Proud Boys surrounded a single person and threatened menaced them, then they started to ambush that person, even after he pulled out a knife to defend their body and life from violent aggressors whom refused to allow them to walk away in peace. Then the Proud Boys claimed they were victims of a stabbing when those stabbed were trying to kill a person using hands and feet.

      Self defense and democracy are not only for Republicans or white men. BLM, Antifa and leftists can have weapons and Democrats can win elections too.

      • Censor says… “First they blamed the natives, then the Africans and now the Asians. Totally not about race though.”

        Then the Chief Hypocrite says “Self defense and democracy are not only for Republicans or white men”

        Yeah, it’s never about race in your head Censor.

  2. “Justice Thomas is correct that one of the Court’s primary functions is to resolve matters of great importance. If the Court fails to act, where do We The People go to seek help with our disputes?”

    The only box left out of the four boxes of liberty…

    • SCROTUM is utterly worthless, the only box left is the one that no one wanted to use, however the courts have caused it to be the only remaining option.

  3. When you see a wrong and think “It will be fixed” and it’s not! That’s what’s happening and it puts us in a position wondering if it’s an anomaly or possibly now the rule. We need stability and confidence that the constitution have us.
    Great article

    • I knew we couldn’t trust the Supreme Court after it upheld the unconstitutional ObamaCare.
      Roberts is a seditious traitor to the Constitution.

      • So Roberts is a seditious traitor, whatever that is, for rejecting the Texas lawsuit?

        Then Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Judge Amy must also be seditious traitors in order for your worldview to be internally consistent, correct?

        Perhaps you might find it enlightening to actually read the suits and the judges opinions, but I doubt you will.

  4. Welcome to the “NEW CHINA AMERICA” where your rights will be what they say you have!
    And the laws will be determined by your Attorney General on what (it) what’s to uphold!

    • No worries… they only pushed the inevitable we all avoided for a long time. So lets cut them out and form the Constitutional States of America. They can call themselves the confeder… lol… almost had ya.. that was what they called themselves before.. now they can call themselves the Socialist Federation of States or some dumb leftist shit. All that matter now is where the forces go. The military will break in half and the dems will have to form a new brown shirt force. It’s gonna get ugly come January. By March there will be nothing short of a full on separation of states starting to happen.

    • But the police are patriots. They won’t enforce bad things. So you are perfectly safe even if Kamala becomes president.

  5. Perception is reality. Too many people in high places worry about how they’re going to look if they simply do their jobs.
    It is the media which decides what the ‘perception’ is going to be. The media is calling all of the shots in all aspects of life.

  6. Why would I be shocked? In what world was SCOTUS going to take up the election case?

    Oh, yeah, that one where they’ve decided to selflessly serve even if it’s at their own peril. Which is to say, not this world.

    I’ve said this for quite a while and I will continue to say it. 1942 was a truly watershed year for the SCOTUS. They decided that being “right” was less important than living to fight another day and at the same time they handed the forces arrayed against the Constitution the single most powerful weapon they could have in the way they went about “saving the court”.

    Since then it’s CYA after CYA. They’re not going to take an unpopular position on a major issue often, if ever. FDR uncorked a monster and it’s unlikely you can put it back in the bottle.

    • I’m kinda looking at it this way –

      Right now, we’re getting a little taste of what the Left scum got in November, 2016.

      It sucks a big one. However –

      We are in a lot better position now than where we would have been if the HildaBeast had won. Imagine –

      Scalia being replaced by a Kagan or Sotomayor clone.

      Kennedy being replaced by another Kagan or Sotomayor clone.

      Ginsburg being replaced by the same.

      We have a (roughly) 6-3 SCOTUS advantage. Imagine what we could expect if it was a 6-3 Leftist court. Outright gun bans. Every Leftist ‘gun violence law’ being rubber-stamped as constitutional.

      Things suck. They could be sucking a whole lot worse by now if the HildaBeast had been the one busy stocking the SCOTUS.

      If they choose to add seats to the SCOTUS the conversation we need to be having is a choice between a peaceful or not-so-peaceful national divorce.

      It’s that simple…

      • In normal times I’d tend to agree.

        These are not normal times and normal times are not coming back in the foreseeable future. It’s the hope that such times will return shortly that keeps people in line… so far.

        But you yourself have said that there’s a wave of foreclosures and evictions coming. Consider how big that wave actually is. It’s a very large rock dropped into a comparatively small pond. Now add in all the people way, way behind on utilities. Rough.

        Consider other things; the massive distortions in plastics and the Fe/Cu markets. What does that portend to car manufacture? Shit man, my father-in-law used to get sheetrock for his business at $12/sheet. Now it’s $35 if he can get it.

      • “Imagine what we could expect if it was a 6-3 Leftist court.”

        I don’t have to imagine. I studied the Warren Court. We got emanations, penumbras and damage that we won’t be able to reverse for a hundred more years.

        Second verse, worst than the first.

  7. I have felt for many years that the left was actively trying to destroy this country and the right was perfectly happy to let them. We now have in front of us the proof of what that results in.

    No one is happy. No one is safe, free, or prosperous. Except for a certain select few. THAT is what this nation was meant to correct. This is not who we are. It is not what we were meant to be.

    • Cry me a river… TRUMP LOST. Get over it and stop saying the sky is falling. F your feelings, and whether or not you feel safe… Leh-who—zzzeh-her!

      • For one thing, this has NOTHING to do with my feelings. Take a good look around you. This has nothing to do with me at all. But it does involve me.

        For another, what you just said was exactly what everyone on the right said to everyone on the left with regard to the 2016 election. We all saw what that lead to.

        If you want to talk about hurt feelings, that is coming from the left. Their butt hurt is the mere fact that Trump was a variable in the first place. There will be no river here as any violence will not be created from this house. If it is to be, it will be from the left.

    • 80 percent of the enlisted are conservative, and vote that way. That’s the good news.

      The bad news is, the officer ranks are heavily leftist.

      We can’t trust the military to do what’s right…

      • Any Veteran knows this. It’s why they got out. There does exist a small portion of excellent officers though. They shine through brighter than the sun. We will see where their allegiance lies in 2021. To the constitution, or the Marxist industry that aims to manipulate and retain them through promises of a paycheck.

        • “Any Veteran knows this. It’s why they got out.”

          One thing the Leftists fail to comprehend fully is that the ‘war on terror’ has been going continuously for about 20 years.

          We have a *massive* talent pool of combat-tested troops now in the civilian world when they retired out.

          They haven’t forgotten the lessons they learned in the sandbox. Stuff like asymmetric warfare. Guerilla tactics. You know, the important stuff… 😉

        • The Biden family will be gone. The knives are already out. The media’s been cleared to go ahead with the story they pretended was Russian disinformation prior to the election. They need to give Kamala an advantage by making her president before 2024.

        • In the pockets of the Chinese?

          Are you suggesting that Joe Biden or his son Hunter is somehow in league with the Chinese?

          Please provide a source or citation with details about this help you speak up.

          For instance, evidence of a meeting between Joe Biden or his son specifically scheduled to discuss campaign assistance from a foreign government.

          You know, like the Trump Tower meeting with Russian GRU agents.

        • I answered. Stop the chinese backed, billionaire supported biden crime family from stealing an election.

          Use their armed troops to put down this coup attempt. Do I need to draw it out in crayon for you?

        • ” Yes, just what would you have the military do in this situation? ”

          I would have them do nothing. The fight that’s coming is a fight between civilians, and any members of the armed forces who want to make a stand should do it without cover of the uniform.

    • This. No doubt war is inevitable. A new version of secession will cause our forces to separate entirely. The brass and all their infinite wisdom will surely make a gaggle fuck of it. If you haven’t been organizing this year, you are waaaaay behind the power curve. National Guard and Reservists are members of more “informal” organizations as well. Ask me how I know.

  8. I’ve been watching the election. I, along with 80% of republicans, 56% of democrats believe there was an obscene amount of fraud in the recent election, financed by big tech, the radical left, media, etc. There was supression, left-media conspiracy, violations of 1st amendment rights by social media…. Then, there’s the supression by the media of Biden’s whoring for the CCP. Supression of the radical agenda of Cortez, Omar, Schumer, Harris, etc. Then, there are the courts in six states who, with overwhelming evidence that the vote stinks to high heaven, refused to act. Then, there are 6 states and another 13 states who sided with the plaintiffs who sued in the Supreme Court to plead for justice…. only to be shoved aside.

    I’m pretty even tempered, have never pointed a gun at another human being in my life, never even thought about violence. I’m really pissed off. 120 million Americans are also pissed off. Many of them are not as even tempered as I am. But, WE’RE ALL ANGRY! We don’t like the empty suit, Alzheimer Biden, we don’t like socialism, we don’t like ANTIFA, we don’t like China and, we don’t like communism.

    Biden wants UNITY? That’s a polite word for SUBMISSION! There will be no UNITY. Many of us will NEVER submit to the radical left agenda.

    I have never seen this country so close to another civil war. I’m not sure it won’t happen.

    I’ve tossed an AR on the chair next to my desk in the office. It’s not loaded but, I tossed a couple of loaded mags next to it. It’s not there because I have any intention of pointing it at anybody. It’s there to remind me that the framers of the U.S. constitution foresaw exactly what appears to be happening in this country. It’s there to remind me that, if the shit hits the fan, I’ll need to pick it up and slap in a mag.

    What the Dem’s haven’t really figured out is that the “red” states control the oil, gas, electricity, transportation, food and water. With a little cooperation, not a single shot needs be fired. We don’t need “Civil War II”, how about “Civil Siege I”?

    If that doesn’t work, there will be a gun behind every blade of grass… (one of the best fake quotes ever, but true). The military won’t be much help. Most come from red states and, they’re not going to shoot Uncle John or Cousin Joe.

    By the way, the “red” state guys also own nearly everything bigger than a puny handgun.

    I will admit I’m angry… at this point in my life, sacrificing my own life for my grandchildren’s freedom is not a big deal. The gun’s on the chair… I’ve got a few more.

    I’d like to retire and relax but …it’s not looking good.

  9. Hyperbole much? Post-Constitution means the USA no longer exists as a social and political entity, and we’ve entered Bellum omnium contra omnes. You might want to look that up.

    • I think you’ve got cause and result reversed. The post-constitutional period is still in its early stages, and the societal collapse you’re thinking of is still playing out; bellum omnium is waiting in the wings.

      • “Hereby it is manifest that during the time men live without a common Power to keep them all in awe, they are in that condition which is called War; ………………..”

        I’m not the one that claimed we are in a Post-Constitution era. The author of this piece did. The Constitution is the ‘common Power’ in the case of the USA. She is stating that ‘common Power’ no longer exists – which I dispute – hence my comment about hyperbole.

        To be clear, I’m not saying we are in, or even close to, Malthus’ thought experiment – she is.

        • The “common power” right now is whatever the collective elites want it to be. The Constitution is only a fig leaf to cover their actions; it has no real force. Thus post-constitutional.

          For now, enough people believe the fiction that the Constitution still applies, or at least that the government that killed it can keep everyone fat and happy forever.

          But if enough people dissent from the unconstitutional power structure that has been forced on us, or if (when) the idiots in charge finally run this ship aground and can’t provide enough distracting comforts, THEN you’ll see war of all against all.

    • In some ways we have. People just don’t want to admit that yet. But when the screwed get turned further and the desperation level rises things will get ugly.

      Just the fact that as many people are questioning the integrity of the election as there are actually questioning it means we’ve already slid basically into banana republic status. We export little of value and we are really quite politically unstable.

      How much farther down that rabbit hole do we have to go before it does become a “war of all against all”?

      Just look at the rent situation at this point. No matter how you cut that someone gets left holding the bag and it’s easy to see who: landlords and property owners are about to get the shaft in a major way. The banks will take a big hit too, possibly one they can’t be bailed out of (not that such an option is a good one to exercise in the first place). But the tenants will get fucked by this shitshow too.

      Right there you’ve got 50 million people desperate and, probably, having lost virtually everything.

      Yet the only talk you hear on this topic from TPTB is if there should be an extended moratorium on evictions. That does nothing useful. Where it does do anything it makes everything worse.

      And this is just for starters.

  10. The Court’s purpose since Marbury v. Madison has been to expand its own power. It doesn’t protect us and never has.

    The Court builds its own power, first and foremost, and then defends the general hypocrisy of government. After all, SCOTUS is part of government and will defend the source of its power, which is the force that the other branches can apply to back the Court’s pronouncements. The Constitution is only a shield that SCOTUS hides behind.

    As for us, we aren’t even on SCOTUS’ radar. If you’re not part of the hypocrisy, you’re just little people.

      • And perhaps you are not seeing the situation clearly, the local, state, federal district, fed appeals courts and United States Supreme Court have all had ample opportunity to review the evidence and briefs filed by both sides.

        Every court, every judge has dismissed the suits as being without merit.

        What double secret information do you have that has not been presented to a court of law?

        Perhaps you should FedEx it to Rudy or the Krab so they can get it before a judge and install Trump on his throne.

        • What’s not secret is that the courts are a lost cause. The whole point of the article is that courts have left us to the dogs. We’ve not done much barking, it’s time to bite.

        • “The whole point of the article is that courts have left us to the dogs.“

          Vague and ambiguous BS, just an empty talking point. This is why Trump loses in the courts, there never is a direct, detailed answer with evidence, to the question “where is the fraud?”.

        • It’s a catch-22. They can’t get the direct, detailed evidence unless they’re allowed to look for it via vote counting and signature verification. They’re just asking for permission to verify what they’ve seen. Which is exactly what they’re NOT allowed to do.

        • “They can’t get the direct, detailed evidence unless they’re allowed to look for it“

          That is what a judge would call a ‘fishing expedition’.

          In American court, you need direct witness statements, not hearsay. You need actual evidence not speculation and rumor.

          The Kraken turns out to be just a hermit crab, scuttling back under a rock.

        • They DID have direct witness statements. Dozens of them, from election observers in multiple locations in several counties and states. Plenty of evidence that in any other situation would’ve had judges unleashing very smart, numerically literate people to run down the fraud, and the answer the plaintiffs got, every time, was simply “what you saw doesn’t matter.”

          What we’re seeing is a legal system that says the law itself no longer matters. That’s a dangerous road.

        • “They DID have direct witness statements. Dozens of them, from election observers in multiple locations in several counties and states.“

          Nope, that’s total BS, the courts examined those affidavits and found they were hearsay and rumor.

          TX Lt. Governor Dan Patrick offered up to a million dollars to anyone with credible tips on voter fraud. That was Nov 10th, no takers yet. Funny that none of these hundreds of whistleblowers chose to take him up on his offer.

          Even Mitch McConnell has admitted that Joseph Biden won the election and is indeed the president elect, is he part of the Chinese conspiracy as well? Oh Lord, he is!

  11. We’re entering the post-America era.
    You’d think the SCOTUS would have at least heard if only to demonstrate fairness. The way this whole thing is playing out you’d almost think neither side wants it to appear fair. What is to gain and who gains it when nobody trusts the system? Oh, and while you’re not trusting the gov take this “developed in record time” injection.

    This is all very sci-fi and with plenty of opportunities to earn trust going ignored I have to think it’s all being presented in this cagey, obfuscated manner intentionally.

      • Apparently, the proud boys have moved from standby into direct action:

        “WHEATON, Ill. – Authorities are investigating after someone damaged Black Lives Matter signs and set fire to a church sign Monday in west suburban Wheaton.

        Police were called about 6 a.m. after a dog walker spotted the damage outside Hope Presbyterian Church, 1771 S. Wiesbrook Road, according to a statement from Wheaton police. One sign had burn damage and was still smoldering when it was found.

        The church’s pastor, Rev. Jay Moses, posted about the damage on Facebook Monday morning, stating that “our new and re-painted signs talking about Black worth and dignity, along with [Jacob] Blake’s name, were torn up and torn down.”

        • LOL! Direct action!!!

          You seen what happened in Minneapolis, Kenosha, nightly in Portland, etc…

          You actually think vandalized signs is direct action and very noteworthy, amazing.

        • miner. I had never heard of the proud boys until you started talking about them on ttag. We’ve all heard of the brown shirts at antifa. How many minority owned businesses have the antifa thugs looted and burned? I don’t see a single one to the proud boys credit.

          And yet you refuse to condemn antifa. Fascinating.

        • Nope, I’ve said it many times.

          Anyone who commits violence or property destruction, no matter what label they called them selves, deserves to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

          And the reason you never heard of the proud boys is because your treasured propaganda outlets, Fox, Newsmax, etc, do not report on their violence and destruction, it compromises their narrative.

        • miner. You’re spouting the party approved ‘all lives matter’ equivalent when you condemn all violence but refuse to denounce antifa. They are fascist brown shirts that have done more damage to minority shops than the proud boys ever have.

          Afraid to lose your standing with the party?

      • Wash, DC:

        “The Proud Boys marched in big and small groups, chanting and appearing to try to provoke confrontations.
        In the aftermath of the protests, Black Lives Matter banners and signs were torn from two historic Black churches downtown and destroyed. A banner belonging to Asbury United Methodist Church, one of the oldest Black churches in the city, was set on fire.“

  12. Trump attempted to over throw our Republic by stealing an election and he lost. He is a traitor and a seditious coward. He also is on his way out.

    Trying to compare that to the political fight over the Second Amendment is foolish nonsense. the SCOTUS demurred on Second Amendment cases because the justices that are itching to hear one, to apply Strict Scrutiny, were too few in number. They would not risk taking a case they felt certain would go the wrong way of a vital natural born right of all Americans.

    That was a smart move. Not happy one, not what we would have liked.

    Now we have five SCOTUS votes for restoring the Second Amendment to its proper stature. We have thee votes surely against, and one waffler. The irony that the very treasonous piece of human excrement who put those new Justices in place just got slapped to the curb by them is kinda’ sweet actually.

    I know I like it.

    • How is it stealing to work through the legal system?

      Do you have evidence that he tampered with voting machines?

      Do you have evidence that he committed a crime?

      Seems like he is merely flexing his legally permissible muscles, maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t.

  13. Welcome to the beginning of the new union and the forced separation of Democrats from it. Finally. A couple years ago, people laughed at the idea. Not so funny now, is it?

    • How is this actually happening? Can you explain in detail what you mean? I’m asking because this site’s comments section = and I’m not targeting you specifically- contain so many unexplained sentence fragments that its is hard for someone to understand what the posters are talking about. Please explain in detail what you are talking about with examples.

  14. “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
    —John Adams

    “America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.”
    — Alexis de Tocqueville

    Repent and come to Jesus if you love family and country.
    May God help us all.

    • Help me to understand why the name Jesus is not in the US Constitution?

      Perhaps our founding fathers wisdom has passed over the heads of some folks, I don’t recall the name Jehovah, Allah, Shiva or Thor in the constitution as well.

    • The Founders were not a bunch of radical bible thumping morons. they valued their religious views, which were varied, but they specifically did not want religion, any religion, holding power over a government or a people.

      They knew the kind of tyranny that could bring about.

      • They also didn’t want the government holding power over any religion. That’s a 2 way street. However, our founders were all WESTERN thinkers, meaning that they were steeped in a Judeo-Christian ethos. The primary premise of which is that a man has GOD-given NATURAL rights that the government can not give. Their sole intent was to protect those rights FROM the government. THAT is why they didn’t explicitly state a national religion.

  15. its not a post constitutional era, its just that *obviously* everything is interstate commerce and the wise founders were sure to include that catch-all to so an all powerful and wise federal government had the authority to regulate literally anything

    • Welcome to Arizona!

      Our Attroney General just attempted to help Donald Trump overthrow an election and seize the Presidency!

      We also have Cactus!

  16. the party of killing babies-not just aborting fetusus-
    *as bad as that is already*
    is about to come into power
    and theyre allied against us with a country that has both nukes AND concentration camps
    God visited destruction on the entire region where sodom and gomorrah was located for far less than infanticide
    what fate awaits us at the hand of the destroyer
    we need another Passover…

      • It’s selective. They can be right on all sorts of stuff. Or at least the right very general idea. But when they get to specifics, they go full on nutso.

        When it comes to Trump it’s like their manhood was either confirmed by his time as President or insulted by his losing.

        That’s especially true of the female trump supporters.

        • “their manhood was either confirmed by his time as President”

          A very perceptive statement, I believe you are on point.

          Many cave dwellers, terminally butt hurt by having a black man with a brown name in the White House, felt vindicated and empowered when a New York city slicker claimed their attention and told them how smart they were.

          He was just mirroring their values, using their fears and prejudices to manipulate them for fun and profit.

        • “When it comes to Trump it’s like their manhood was either confirmed by his time as President or insulted by his losing.”

          Are you *seriously* going there, Ms. Inacker?

          That says a whole lot more about you than it does about the gun owners I know…

        • “He was just mirroring their values, using their fears and prejudices to manipulate them for fun and profit.”

          Take a good long look in the mirror, boy… 😉

        • “That says a whole lot more about you than it does about the gun owners I know…“

          Isn’t there a long, hard, shiny barrel you should be stroking? Why don’t you just go give a nice oil rub down to that burled walnut stock, letting your fingers gently trace the smooth lines and curves of the fine-grained wood.

    • Trump is alive today because he used stem cells from a fetus to fight off corona. You must thank god for that human sacrifice to save your dear leader.

      • Oh no, you mean they harvested aborted baby stem cells to give the ‘Chosen One’ his special treatment?

        Many people are saying that Q&Anon has been farming minority babies to produce the stem cell serum used in the treatment of the White House Covid patients.

        And there’s no doubt that the adrenal-chrome harvested from the babies’ glands is the prime ingredient in Ivanka Trump’s beauty treatments.

        Of course, she must keep her beauty in the pre-adolescent range, otherwise daddy Trump will lose his attraction for her and choose Tiff for his ‘date’.

  17. I’ll keep it short, the swamp is winning. Our selection of solutions is narrowing, as in: Vive la révolution…. (1789–1799).

  18. Let me be frank. There are good legal arguments, and there are bad legal arguments. Trump’s filings went beyond “bad legal arguments”, well into “space gerbils stole my soup, spell my name with extra punctuation so the government can’t tax me, psychiatric inpatient legal arguments”. He lost the election. If he lost by fraud, he failed utterly to marshal the kind of evidence that a court could sink its teeth into.

    • Exactly, his attorneys didn’t put forth a cogent legal argument or provide solid evidence of their claims. In fact, his attorneys couldn’t file a brief without multiple errors, typos, misspellings and sentence fragments.

      So of course, to everyone on this list, that means the local, state, federal district, federal appeals, and US Supreme Court are all filled with communist traitors who hate America.

    • Yeah because the evidence the courts actually give a fuck about ANY submitted evidence is all there. Right? Please. The courts are not on the side of the Constitution. It’s why everybody in government still gets paid during a shutdown.

      • Right, so a random selection of 50 state, federal district, federal appeals, and the United States Supreme Court are all part of the conspiracy?

        Not to mention assorted republican state attorney generals and elections officials in at least five and possibly many more states are also co-conspirators in this grand conspiracy to deprive Trump of the throne.

        Will you guys believe just anything?

        And I’ve got to know, certainly someone on this forum can answer this question:

        Where is Q&Anon and when will he swoop in and set things right, installing Ivanka as Princess of the Realm as befits her stature and beauty?

  19. Please note! Someone posted prior comments posing as me. Those comments are not mine and they have been reported. Thank you to everyone for reading the article and for leaving your thoughtful commentary.

  20. Only 54% of REGISTERED REPUBLICANS voted if the other 46% would have got off the couch regardless of the QUESTIONABLE election results and how they were obtained a LANDSLIDE victory would have happened.
    And as far as SCOTUS is concerned Trump went to war for Kavanaugh and Barrett and they were sit on my hands commies the whole time kinda like ASS MONKEY BARR the bought and paid for COMMIE AG who strangely enough is leaving his post Dec that he did what he was paid off to do.
    Dont fret the Anti Trumpers will see very soon the outcome of their decisions , with lockdowns no paychecks and illegals taking their jobs away for 8 dollars less an hour be sure to enjoy the Autonomous Zones coming to a city near you.

    • “Trump went to war for Kavanaugh and Barrett and they were sit on my hands commies the whole time kinda like ASS MONKEY BARR“

      How interesting that your comment reveals you believe the justices should ignore the law and Constitution and just ‘repay the favor’ as if they are members of the mob and owe a debt to the boss of bosses.

      Brother, that ain’t how America works.

      • @49er
        Brother this ain’t how elections work except in China. Venezuela , Russia, and any other 3rd world country that you are a fan of

      • The Law and constitution and how it pertains to voting fraud ? If you honestly believe this wasn’t a rigged election then you sir enjoy your new tax rate , forced immunization for the C19 , taking or registration of your guns if you have any, and the New World Order of which you are a fan all I can say is I hope you are Retired. But I do agree with you on ONE thing trumps lawyers were his downfall.
        Deep down you know this was a rigged election it will be interesting to see your post in 90 days when Kamala is telling you what to do..can’t wait.

        • Mr. Kracker, I have saved your comment and I’m looking forward to revisiting the situation in 90 days to ascertain how we’re doing.

          Would you like to place a small wager on the eventuality of the set of circumstances you describe actually coming to pass? I would certainly entertain a reasonable bet upon this outcome if you are interested.

          By the way Mr. Kracker, are you related to the Kraken?

  21. … and Republicans sat around with their fingers up their noses and let it happen. Squishy, spineless Republicans have sold out this country but not standing up for the Constitution.

  22. “COMMUNISM WILL WIN.” Former US Army 2nd Lt. Spenser Rapone, West Point grad and Afghanistan combat veteran.

    Looks like he was right.

    Any discussion of the Constitution at this point is quaint, but moot.

    All that is left is the chaos and decrepitude of a dying empire, and the final destruction of any vestiges of the WASP culture that built it.

    • Communism has no moral limitations and have used that characteristic to invade this country like a cancer and is now rooted deeply. Like cancer in the body, the only way to remove it is to practically kill the host. That is where we are headed. Those of us on the right who just want to work hard, and play by the rules as guided by a moral foundation have allowed this cancer to spread because we were willing to play by the political rules thinking there was a fair chance. Now there is no pretense of a political solution nationally and no reason for us to play by the rules any longer.

    • “Army 2nd Lt.“

      And we all know the special wisdom and piercing insight a 2nd Lt brings to the situation.

      Like my hero Bill Mauldin once recorded of a second Lieutenant:

      “What a beautiful sunset, is there one for the enlisted men?”

      • Rapone is currently using his US Army taxpayer funded military experience to train Antifa in advanced combat techniques.

        If you dont think Rapone was right, perhaps you will agree with Private First Class William L. Hudson, of the US Colonial Marines;

        “Game over, man. Game over!”

        • I am a big fan of the Colonial Marines, though I believe Francis Scott key was rather opposed to the idea of a slave achieving their freedom.

          “The Colonial Marines were officially organized on May 18, 1814 and saw their first bout of combat two weeks later, participating in a British raid up Pungoteague Creek, a tributary of the Chesapeake. There, they skirmished with Americans at Rumley ‘s Gut. Their British commanders were pleased with what they saw and British Rear Admiral George Cockburn argued that they proved to be “the best skirmishers possible for the thick woods of this country” and, in fighting, demonstrated “extraordinary steadiness and good conduct when in action with the enemy.” Additionally, the Colonial Marines proved themselves as adept scouts as they were familiar with the countryside of the Chesapeake. The Colonial Marines participated in numerous raids the British made on communities stretching the full length of the Chesapeake Bay. Eventually 3,600 African Americans joined the British military effort, with between 550– 700 trained as troops.”

  23. For four years we were told the 2016 election was rigged and illegitimate. The 2020 election was touted as the most secure election to date. In the last four years no legislation was made to fix the rigging in 2016, so what has changed?

    The Democratic Party spent four years telling us the election was illegitimate, Trump was a Russian asset who was going to start WWIII. Now we question the results of 2020, the cognitive health of Biden, Chinese influence and ask about video of what looks likes impropriety in polls, we are told we are conspiracie theorists. I saw a poll where 30% of Democratic voters felt there was fraud, that is a intriguing number.

    Question the election outside of forums where questioning is acceptable and encouraged, you are shutdown or banned. If you violate the narrative you are treasonous or a nut. Our Country was founded on the ideas that you could question the narrative and your political leadership. We encouraged it up until November 2020 when it was suddenly un-American to do so.

    We must keep questioning the politicians, we must demand transparency and a more secure voting system where even the 30% of Democratic voters could lose and feel it was not rigged. Try as they must, 70 million right of center Americans are not a minority of citizens, we are a force that has been quiet for the most part because we prefer left alone to raise our families and earn our way thru life. We showed up fours ago, we showed up a month ago, we must stay visible and drown out the voices who wish to chain us.

      • I am enjoying jwm’s advocacy for an armed insurrection to violently overthrow the government of the United States of America.

        May I humbly suggest that he put his money where his mouth is, demonstrate the courage of his convictions and lead the charge against the government.

        Otherwise we can just consider him the hot air balloon of TTAG, a gas bag full of hot air and nothing more.

        So the ‘m’ in jwm stands for Montgolfier, hilarious.

        • Protecting the US from a chinese backed coup is not over throwing the .gov.

          But you keep on supporting the treason miner. It’s what we’ve come to expect from you.

        • Just so you know I took your bet homer 100 rds of .300 blk? It however did not post , so do you have any to wager? Hmmmmm?
          And no not Kracken that’s the other half who falls in that category I’m bout ready to Baker act her at this point. The term Florida Kracker comes from Argentinian Cowboys who worked on farms back in the day , in modern times it means a local , my family has been here 6 generations so therefore the name
          Now you know

        • No 300 on hand, I’m sorry to say, don’t use the caliber, too esoteric to keep supplied.

          My dad was raised on Tamiami Canal Road, they had a dairy farm where Miami airport is now.

          But now I’m a West Virginia hillbilly, no fire ants.

      • jwm is a keyboard cowboy that spends his sad lonely days watching this site constantly. If he’d ever served in the military he’d never post comments like that. Perhaps his 24/7 monitoring of these comments is his calling.

    • No way, orange man bad…I mean world domination and internal ethnic cleansing is wrong, but did you see what orange man tweets? Priorities man!

  24. I promise I will give Greezy Joe & Commie-La the same amount of respect that the Left has given President Donald Trump for the last four years. Promise!

  25. Article intended to poke the hornets’ nest about the election succeeds, with much enthusiasm from the hornets.

    Apparently a slow news day for any Truth About Guns.

    • It will likely be slow gun news for 4 years. However, there will be sparks here and there when the Democrats try to copy Trump’s strategy of gun control. Right now most of the gun news is stemming from Trump’s “executive actions.”

  26. Suffering ‘Post Constitutional Syndrome’? Uh, no, not really. Last I looked in the gun safe it wasn’t in the DSM-5 diagnostic revisions either. Maybe it’s more of an attorney income, poor loser, hurt ‘feelz’, politically exaggerated indignation related thing. Possibly could be lumped together with that other mass hysteria-denial related condition first seen 4 years ago ‘No Way Hillary Could Have Lost Syndrome’.

  27. Regardless of which side of the Election 2020 debate we’re on, ignoring the fact that half of the country has zero confidence in the final tally. That’s an unprecedented high percentage, and a real cause for concern.
    There’s simply far too many anomalies in this election, that lack a cogent explanation to rule that no manipulation of the vote took place.
    The Democrats enthusiasm for Biden as the right candidate remained low, around 30% believed he was a good choice. Add in his choice of Harris as a running mate, a rival for the nomination, who dropped out of the race very early, because enthusiasm for her was a very low 2%, and the probability that Biden would actually win is questionable. That he would win with a record setting vote total, that far exceeds the total vote for one of the DNC’s most popular candidate (Obummer), is incredulous.
    So Biden won by 11,000,000 votes of questionable legality. I find it curious and very suspicious, that one of the first actions he vows to do by executive fiat on day one of his presidency, is to provide 11,000,000 Illegal Aliens full and complete Amnesty and citizenship. Quid Pro Quo anyone? Because that’s the only logical reason supporting his so called “win.”
    Everyone thought Dementia Joe’s comment that he had the largest ” Voter Fraud Organization on his side” thought it was a gaffe. In hindsight, it’s the only true statement the corrupt old Sniff-A-Little-Girl-ophile has ever made.

  28. “he vows to do by executive fiat on day one of his presidency, is to provide 11,000,000 Illegal Aliens full and complete Amnesty and citizenship.“

    Sure he is, you bet that’s right.

    I’m thinking you need a moment of clarity, here’s a link to a short video that may help open your mind:

  29. I choose to live a present Constitutional era. No one can make me stop.
    Truth is not post era. To lie about it is to create a living hell of suffering.

  30. So much mindless drivel written in these posts. much of it by 49er, that chief censor fool and enuf [as usual] … But fact is that the statistical odds that Trump really lost, or if you prefer, that Biden really won, is one/>four quadrillion[s] to one. Focus on how small less than one in a quadrillion … [IN EACH OF THE FOUR STATES WHERE THE VOTES WERE STOLEN SO IT’S four quadrillion[s] to one] those whose votes were counted early mostly clean, but then the counting was halted so the fraud[s] could go down, when Trump was way ahead. [Trump was ahead BY 800,000 VOTES IN ONE CASE]. But we know that in a banana republic/fascist/communist country an election, and the desired result, is just a technicality. Welcome to the NWA and Obama’s third term with soon to be Aunt Jemima at the helm.

    Texas argues that voter fraud not being the reason why the numbers came in as they did, in one state’s presidential election results, is less than one in a quadrillion, or 1 in 1,000,000,000,000,000 . This is backed by statistical analysis done by an expert that’s tops in the field and this was made part of the filing of the case – for the benefit of the court. However swine have no concept of the value of diamonds and gold. And few will ever trust our election results again thanks to our failures sitting in the SCOTUS.

    4.76×10^−264 = 1 in a quadrillion Statistical Odds x 4 States = 4 in a quadrillion Statistical Odds / that Trump really lost, or if you prefer, that Biden really won

    Only Dems are really stupid enough to believe that Trump really lost, or if you prefer, that Biden really won …

    Now soon you’ll get what you deserve when the hoards of illegals/barbarians/new Dem voters come flooding across the border. Many more ‘DREAMERS’ too of course … Open door/borders policy going forward you know … And be ready to turn over your guns too/BIDEN.HARRIS SAY SO IS WHY …

    Don’t worry cause that commie hoe KAMALA is going to be great – right?

    h t t p s: // en.w i k i p e d i

    Aunt Jemima/KAMALA has flipped her last flapjack? NOT TRUE she’s coming for YOU and your guns.

  31. Chances of Biden winning Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin ~independently after Trump’s early lead is less than one in a quadrillion: 1 in 1,000,000,000,000,000.

    Chances of him/Biden winning ~collectively[TAKING FOUR STATES INTO ACCOUNT] is one in a quadrillion >>> to the 4th power.

    So this is really MUCH SMALLER than the 4 in a 1,000,000,000,000,000th figure I mentioned in my previous post.

    Election was rigged/stolen so just accept it as fact.

    Also note Harris/Aunt Jemima handled an investigation into the death of Mitrice Richardson, a black woman who, after being detained by the Malibu sheriff’s department for not paying her bill at a diner, was released in the middle of the night without a car or phone and was later found dead in a canyon. Harris eventually closed an investigation she had opened into the death under pressure from the public, stating there was insufficient evidence for criminal charges. Time to look into the case again.

  32. I’s in town Joe/Honey

    Note Rag Doll Family Too York_tribune.,_November_07,_1909,_Page_20,_Image_44_Aunt_Jemima.jpg

    Plantation Pancakes by Kamala – gotta love’em,_1935.jpg

    Congrats Kamala !

    China, Russia and Iran will not dare mess with you.

    Guess anything goes during the grave yard shift.

    • Grimey, thank you for your informative post on the forum!

      It is individuals like yourself who are indelibly linking people of the gun with Racism and slavery.

  33. @Miner49er
    I know miami well not a fan but I do know it. I have also been surveying on pipeline in west virgie for the past 10 yrs love that place, Almost Heaven ya know, stayed in Elkins, Wheeling, Bridgeport and Morgantown practically lived on Snowshoe Mountain for the past 2 years !!

  34. Grimey, thank you for your informative post on the forum!

    ++ Facts serve better than the poop you constantly post here.

    It is individuals like yourself who are indelibly linking people of the gun with Racism and slavery.

    ++ That’s as usual all you’ve got. Going to the false racism and slavery poop type statements and charges… When facts prove that Obama was, and still is, the most racist of them all; he frames everything he does, and whom he has Biden appoint, based on race. In favor of blacks being appointed over others – in almost every case…
    Those that are racist, like you 49er, are most easily provoked into thinking they see racism. Kamala just happens to resemble Aunt Jemima and will become the potus even though she could never be elected and is not electable. This happens usually only in banana republics. How far we have fallen and will fall from here. The deep state and the new world order have taken control again.

    Now today we also have the first openly gay man appointed to a position by Biden. Obama is calling everything and all are his puppets.

  35. 1. There 52.791 (01)an 7087 (02) an 127 N.F.A (09) An add up total of F.F.L. cunt of Regular GunDealers .PawnShop Dealers an N.F.A.Dealers is (09) the total is 60005 F.F.Ls Dealers StoreFronts in 50 States 01/20/2021 A.D too. They still declining by each month,is fewer Gun Dealers Retailers Busininess too. Do you agree? Sir?orMan? What does pro gunners think about this incident ? Our N.R.A. is under chaper 11 too. It will disapear too. It will be gone forever too. The U.S.A Comunist party the left will take over both houses is U.S.congrass House an the U.S.A.Senate House too. But they did it too. It true!!! Wake up pro Guners Rights Americans will fight then in cival world War 3 will begin soon too. This just a warning too. China Russia india will invade the U.S.A. Arabs countis will send fighters to kill the prozguns Americans how own Guns by the 2Amendment an the 4thamendment right too. For U.S.A. consitution bill of rights too. Agree. They will with armed fighters assualt weapons fulauto too. Just a warn ing to take notice too. Thonk about. For a minute too. Warning is very clear!!!

  36. 1.The N.R.A. an the National sports Shofoundation Shoot sports need to help the N.R.A. The Gun Mfgs need to help the N.R.A. /I.L.A. to get back on it feet too. Shooters i dustries of Gun Mfgs need to help the N.R.A. for lawabiding GunOwners in 50 states too. Warning is: The coutry will break up is smaller counties in pieces too. It will happen in the future time an date in the distant future too. It will happen one day too. With out warning too. This cival war world 3 will distroyed the U.S.A. too. It will be gon forever too. Jast warning to take notice too. It true in history too. The cave nan the factory worker the ÙS.A is no more it gone for good !wake up Americans !!! A WARNING!


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