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TTAG reader TP writes:

The now former NYS Assemblyman Sheldon Silver (D, Manhattan), one of the three men responsible for shepherding the NYS SAFE Act through the expedited passage through the NYS legislature, is found guilty on all charges of extortion and several kinds of fraud. The second person, NYS Senator Dean Skelos (R, Nassau County), was arrested and is currently on trial for bribery and extortion. What does that tell you about people who are charged with protecting (or in this case, trampling) our constitutionally protected rights? Unfortunately, these laws cannot be found invalid because of the misdeeds of those in power at the time…

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  1. What was it that Elliot Ness said? Something about sewing them up in a bag with a wild animal and throwing them in a river?………..

      • “Titanic” was, to a large extent, about a boat.

        “Fargo” was, to a large extent, about Minnesota.

        “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” was, to a large extent, about Chicago.

        This game is fun!

        • I wanna play!

          “Saving Private Ryan” was, to a large extent, about WWII

          “Man of Steel” was, to a large extent, about Superman

          “Mad Max, Fury Road” was, to a large extent, about a man named Max on a road called Fury Road.

        • “Mad Max, Fury Road” was, to a large extent, about a man named Max on a road called Fury Road.

          I have to disagree. “Mad Max Furry Road” was, to the exact extent, two hours of my life wasted.

      • You have to know the rules first, or else you’re just playing with yourselves.

        My comment was for “Chicago” Steve, and i was implying that his dogging of NY’s problems, was the pot calling the kettle black, when both cities can suck it.

        If you want we can dial it back for you. We can, but won’t. Wait for your turn, and go find your twelve sided dice.

        • Where in Steve’s comment is he picking on New York? Seems like a general comment about corrupt, criminal politicians to me.

  2. Extortion, bribery, fraud, these all sound like tactics the mob uses. I wonder if there’s any other similarities between the mob and politicians?

  3. I have been waiting for the day, it’s finally upon us. This scumbag has screwed business and civil rights in NY state for years and years. Finally.

      • I just checked PACER for you (don’t worry, the $0.10 search charge is on me 🙂 )

        There is a 11/25/15 court order – looks like Uncle Yee is getting sentenced 2/16/16. Just in time for Valentine’s day

        ORDER CONTINUING 12/16/2015 SENTENCING HEARING as to Leland Yee, Keith Jackson, Brandon Jamelle Jackson, Marlon Sullivan: re: 1160 .
        Sentencings rescheduled from 12/16/15 to 2/10/2016 10:00 AM in Courtroom 6, 17th Floor, San Francisco before Hon. Charles R. Breyer.
        Signed by Judge Hon. Charles R. Breyer on 11/24/2015. (afmS, COURT STAFF) (Filed on 11/25/2015) (Entered: 11/25/2015)

        • Yee in custody? Or was a delay requested in order that Yee (or prosecution witnesses) could properly verify whether or not they are a flight risk?

        • “I just checked PACER for you (don’t worry, the $0.10 search charge is on me 🙂 )”

          You’re the man, Dirk.

          *Fist-Bump* 🙂

    • Do you mean gun running or hypocrisy? He is certainly guilty of the latter.

      For those unfamiliar, Yee was the architect of a California bill designed to ban the “California Bullet Button,” an ingenious work-around to California’s Assault Weapons Ban, but got busted for a conspiracy to smuggle machine guns from Philippine Islamic rebels to buyers in Europe or the Middle East. The bill of course died a quiet and unremorsed death. Unfortunately, Phoenix like, it has arisen in full retard mode, to include not only a bullet button ban but an ammo back ground check and record keeping system (that is a part of the NYSAFE Act that the NY staties say they haven’t the equipment or manpower to enforce) as an initiative measure sponsored by would-be next California Governor and anti-gun elitist Gavin Newsome.

  4. Sheldon, this is the most perfect (and just) culmination of such a “distinguished” career. Your conviction almost, “almost” restores my faith in the American system of jurisprudence. Almost. Suck it you sycophantic traitor. Reap what you’ve sown. Be careful picking up the soap.

    • He will probably go to the kind of prison that soft and cushy, with room service that delivers all new soap when you soil your previous soap by dropping it in the floor.

  5. Don’t (just) hate the playa(z), hate the game baby. And don’t just hate the game baby, hate the piss ant inbred ball of snakes liberal (D)bag sh_thole where it’s played, and all the f’d up POS ways those “smarter-than-thou” f-wads try to dictate to us and f up our great country.

    It doesn’t matter how bad these SAFE act suckturds are because they are only a slight fraction of the f’d upness that the satan’s liberal evil house of (D) that voted for them is. And those fu<Ktards can't wait to replace them with worse, and they have a deep bench.
    If anyone winds up having to shoot in your direction at all the terrorists your trying to flood my country with before the next election, I'm going to recommend the shooters do it with their eyes closed, so they can properly sort you all out.

    • P.S. –
      SCHUMER. Both the saggy calendar girl, and his comedian ~niece? Whatever.
      What did they know, and when did they know it, and what orifice did satan put it in?

  6. The “Gang of Three” that ran New York consisted of Sheldon Silver, Dean Skelos and Andrew Cuomo. The state investigation of the Three was terminated by — guess who! — yup, Andrew Cuomo. So the feds took over and indicted Silver and Skelos. Silver was convicted, Skelos should be too, and what about Andrew cuomo?

    What about Andrew Cuomo?

  7. Well, it makes perfect sense that time and again we find out these anti-gun politicians are criminals. Criminals prefer disarmed populations.

  8. I remember reading something about how they sneaked around late at night and voted this crap in or some BS like that. It sounded like some really sleazy shady sh– went on. It’s no surprise to me that the architects of the SAFE act are all taking falls. Good. I hope the get their heads split open on the metal prison cell toilet.

  9. Meanwhile in Michigan, pro-gun bills get shelved because their sponsors, Cindy Gamrat and Todd Courser, were caught screwing each other.

  10. Why no picture’s of this old white tyrant in hand cuffs?
    I hope they send him to the worst prison where he made sure only the criminals in new York state could get a 30 round magazine.

  11. The similarities never end. The chief architect/researcher of the study the CDC use(d) attempting to refute the vaccine-autism association was Dr Poul Thorsen, who is now on the OIGs most wanted listed list for fraud.

  12. Geez! What is that smell! Did I step in a pile of feces in the street? Did something die and is rotting in the airvents? Is the toilet backing up and venting gases from the sewer?

    Oh, it’s just a bunch of politicians and the smell of their corruption.

  13. 2 States have reputation for utterly corrupt legislatures. New York and Illinois.
    Of the two, Albany is probably the worst.

    It has everything to do with denying citizens rights, unless they have money. You have to pay the Vig for the privilege of exercising your rights. If you don’t pay, you don’t get.

    If you have armed citizens, than the power of the state to compel you to pay bribes thru their police powers is restricted.

  14. He didn’t think he’d get caught because, 1. He’s really stupid and thinks he’s smarter than anybody. 2. In his experience, watching everybody else doing it and hardly ever getting caught.

  15. The two who ended up arrested must have really pissed-off the Democrat royalty in New York. No amount of corruption will lead to arrest, trial and punishment unless one of the political class barons is offended. Lack of proper payoffs? Skimming the vig? Failing to push union no-show jobs? Whatever it is, these two guys will end up looking over their shoulders long after they exit prison.


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