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Paris shooting (courtesy

The common refrain among gun control advocates following a high profile shooting event is that more gun laws need to be enacted in order to “do something” and make them “feel safe.” Europe already has some of the strictest firearms laws in the world, and France especially is remarkably strict. Nevertheless the perpetrators of the Friday the 13th Paris terrorist attacks purchased their illegal weapons in Europe from an illegal arms dealer, transported them illegally into France, and then illegally murdered scores of people. The gun dealer in question has now been arrested, and we finally know the origin of the firearms used that night . . .

From Russia Today:

According to documents submitted to the Prosecutor’s Office by investigators, the Paris attackers allegedly ordered four Kalashnikovs over the internet from a dealer in Germany in early November, Bild-Zeitung reported.

The order included two AK-47 assault rifles made in China in addition to two Zastava M70 assault rifles of Yugoslav production. The four weapons were reportedly sold on 7 November 2015 to a Paris-based buyer, allegedly of Arab descent.

Gun control advocates laugh and mock gun owners when we tell them that banning firearms means that only criminals will have guns. Not only were the Paris guns readily available for those willing to go outside the law, but the German dealer had apparently made a pretty good business of selling illegal guns in Europe.

Given how easy it is for criminals to obtain firearms even under the strictest gun control laws possible, might it be time to analyze whether the pendulum has swung too far? At a certain point, does increased restrictions on firearms actually make people less safe by removing their ability to defend themselves instead of actually removing firearms from the hands of criminals?

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  1. It is a pretty safe bet that those guns were not registered and no background checks were conducted, despite those strict gun laws.

    And yet, they did not have much problem tracing the guns and finding the owners and dealers.

  2. These sorts of laws do not stop evil, they can only stop victims from having a fighting chance. This is the problem, sheeple want to believe that they are safe.The idea that they might have to get their hands dirty is unacceptable so they pass nonsensical laws to”feel” safe, instead of doing things that while they offer no guarantees, can actually make us all safer.

  3. Professional anti-gunners know that gun laws don’t work. They are simply so anti-rights/anti-freedom/anti-testosterone that they don’t care about their fellow countrymen. They only care about their personal agendas and what benefits them. The only reason anti-gunners even make up these bull crap arguments is to sway the sheep and fence-sitters to join their cause.

    Any anti-gunners in America should either be charged with treason or given the option to move to an anti-gun paradise like North Korea. If you don’t love it, LEAVE it!

    • I’m not really in favor of conscription, nor bothering with people halfway around the world, but a policy where everyone had to spend 6 months fighting Isis in Syria, each only armed with whatever arms he would champion allowing everyone else to own and carry, would sure separate the wheat from the chaff…..

  4. Yes the EU will still push forward with complete elimination of SA Firearms ownership by civilians and whatever other nonsense they were pushing the last few weeks.

    As here, so there as well it appears. it does not matter that the new proposals would do NOTHING to have stopped this exact transaction, only to punish lawful gun owners and get those evil guns out of their serfs hands.

    • I think you are assuming that the EU would remain intact if such a measure would be passed.

      Eastern European countries are waking up to the fact that they are being invaded by the Muslim horde, and that western Europe is aiding and abetting that conquest. They wont obediently lay down their arms in the face of their cultural extinction.

      • Indeed, it does seem like the experiment in European unity is approaching its end. The immigration crisis and the failures of the Euro are starting to highlight the serious problems with a unified Europe. The cultural, economic, and geographic differences are too great for the EU/Eurozone to be sustainable in the long term.

  5. It seems a long-settled fact that no matter how restrictive “gun control” laws become, determined criminals will be able to get guns while the law-abiding are left unable to provide for their own defense.
    The situation in Paris has turned-out exactly as expected. A little Internet research can quickly reveal that Europe has illegal arms and arms dealers aplenty and getting guns, like full auto AK-47’s is just a matter of having enough Euros to pay for them. The largely open borders facilitate easy transportation of illicit arms.
    Put all that together with JIhadis who have abundant monetary resources and a mission to arbitrarily kill “infidel” Westerners in their homeland, and you have a near-perfect storm of terrorist opportunity.
    Would it be that easy in the US? Convene the TTAG court of opinion on that one. I’d say not to buy full auto AK-47’s “off the shelf” quickly, as was done for Paris, but doable with enough money, patience and stealth, or willingness to use alternative full auto weapons. As to grenades and explosives…I don’t have enough information to speculate.

    • Ironically, due to the difficulty of getting legal full auto and relative ease of quality inexpensive semi auto rifles, an attack here would almost certainly consist of only semi auto rifles rather than true machine guns, which would mean probably less death and destruction even before you consider armed resistance.

      • Hate to break it to you, but the drawings and instructions to modify a semi-auto AR or AK are freely available to anybody who wants them. Granted, you can’t really train with them at a public gun range, and possession of the parts is verboten, but going full auto is pretty easy.

        But man, that ammo bill…

        • While this is true, do you really think the hajis are gonna go through the trouble and risk of possibly tipping their hand by modifying their perfectly working semi auto rifle? Remember it would be very risky to test them before the attack so they would have no idea if their gun worked at all until show time. Doubtful they would go through with it. As a historical reference, did the wannabes that attacked the Mohammed cartoon fest in Texas modify their weapons? Pretty sure the answer is no.

          Now, if they smuggle the good stuff up from Mexico on their way in, that is a whole nother ball of wax.

      • With few exceptions, semi auto is actually much better for hitting targets with speed and accuracy. Unless you have a crew-served weapon mounted on a vehicle or tripod, and a trained crew, semi auto is more effective and efficient than full auto. Semi auto is also more reliable overall than full auto.

        • Was thinking the same thing. I see no need whatsoever for selective fire/full-auto when gunning down unarmed people. The problem isn’t the full-auto or semi-auto; the problem is the unarmed people.

    • Yeah, after thinking about it more, I think semi-autos in the US are the way the Jihadis would go. Path of least resistance, and all that. Even roughly aimed fire beats spray and pray every time.

  6. Am I the only one who remembers “zip guns” from back when the eeeee-vil teen gangs were de-facto taking over all the cities … inevitably.

    It is questionable to mix fact and irony on the interwebs, but, cities and cibilization didnt collapse (any more than the usual more or less steady state) – so, that part was ironic. Yet, “zip guns” are, and were a thing … easily improvised from.stuff lying about in civilization. We fling about great amounts of material n energy, casually, constantly, and right next to people. Every day there’s easily 43 things that would kill you dead, dead, dead, moved an inch, washed or poured here not there, plugged this way not that, a scooch more or less, a moment longer or shorter… Go watch the heroes improvise their way through a zombie movie.

    We are fragile creatures. At least a firearm signals the power it holds.

    • There’s a Youtuber called Royal Nonesuch who makes firearms all the time from innocuous materials. One of his more recent projects was a homemade .50 BMG rifle. The ammo was factory, but the gun wasn’t. Several people also make shotguns from Home Depot materials and turn the guns into the police during a gun turn-in event, collect the gift cards, sell the gift cards, and use that money to go out and buy a gun.

      • How about communism and guns? In a very famous Russian movie “Brat 2” (Brother Part 2) The hero, former Spetsnaz and Chechnya veteran, finds himself in America and needing to save his friends. He fashions a zip gun from hardware store parts, primes it with match-heads and nails, and contacts a black-market gun dealer. When the guy shows up with his wares Mr. Russki puts the zip gun in his face and pulls the trigger. Problem solved.

    • Am I the only one who remembers “zip guns”

      Not at all. I used to make very effective zip guns when I was ten years old from stuff that I found in my basement, vacant lots and junk piles. The hard part was getting my hands on ammo, but sooner or later I’d snag some shotgun shells or twenty-twos.

  7. Well, this will only embolden the idiots on the left in to claiming “You can buy guns online without background checks!”

    • If you know how to find the website you can buy ANYTHING on the Internet without a background check, from full auto firearms to 12 year old girls. The problem is taking delivery.

  8. Government’s role has degenerated into causing or exacerbating problems, avoiding blame for it, and positioning itself as solver of all problems.

    Overreaching on new firearms laws serves the dual purpose of enhancing the power differential between violent criminals and defenders, while casting government as the lone savior of a defenseless public.

    Evil liberals in America yearn for a massive terrorist spree shooting here, as the blood of the victims would help grease the skids toward statism.

  9. One among many, I’m sure. But take his head off for helping the terrorists anyway.

    Oh, I forget, we’re too civilized for that.

    • These people do not seem to fear death, in fact the jihadis seem to prefer the pie in the sky of 72 virgins and all the rest to whatever they have here. We would be doing them a kindness to deliver on their dreams by taking off their heads. I think it would be more civilized in the long run to simple castrate them and let them live a long time in that condition – and I am not referring to simple gelding. THAT might get their attention.

    • Unless he was complicit in the attack, as in knew what the weapons were explicitly bought for, all this guy did was aid some young men in availing themselves of their God given right to arm themselves. Nothing wrong at all, from a moral POV. That he may have broken EU/German laws, just means those laws are wrong.

      Whomever sold the shooters the car they used to drive from Brussels to Paris, most likely isn’t an accomplice to mass murder, either, BTW. Just in case someone may be a bit confused…..

  10. I love me my Arsenal AK 47
    And my Norinco NHM 91
    And my Chinese downfolder
    And my Mac 90
    Shooting from the hip in semi auto, I can hit man sized targets at 50 yards while running at full speed.
    My slidefire is on my Spikes AR 15 in .223
    That is the full auto one with the 60 round mag.
    Every 6 months or so I take them apart, oil them and put them back together, even if I have not shot them
    Does that make me wierd?


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