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Just two weeks after terrorist attacks in Paris, President Obama described the international climate change gathering “an act of defiance” and asked: ‘What greater rejection of those who would tear down our world than marshaling our best efforts to save it?'” I’m thinking killing Islamic terrorists would send a greater message. You?

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  1. Two possible explanations, I see here. The man is so stupid he cannot learn to tie his own shoes, or he is deliberately trying to tear down the USA economically, politically, internationally, to turn America into a third world country. His actions and decisions have been incomprehensible since day one, unless you consider the possibility that he is a jihadist muslim who hates America, then it all begins to make sense.

    • “The man is so stupid he cannot learn to tie his own shoes, or he is deliberately trying to tear down the USA economically, politically, internationally, to turn America into a third world country.”

      We have a *Winner*!

      Yes, because the USA doesn’t in *any* way deserve the reputation it has of being “The Land of the Free, And the Home of the Brave”.

      The USA stole it from the natives and then built it by letting the rich exploit the labor of the workers.

      Add to that their Imperialistic international policies (that they learned from the British and the rest of Europe) and you have a country completely illegitimate, with few redeeming qualities.

      President Jack-Wad Obama is a *SOCIALIST*.

      He actually believes that!

      He believes his own bullsh!t.

      • “Yes, because the USA doesn’t in *any* way deserve the reputation it has of being “The Land of the Free, And the Home of the Brave”.”

        Not anymore it doesn’t. And it hasn’t since long before this latest in a century and a half unbroken string of idiots set up shop in the White House.

        We are “The Land of the Free”, just as much as Isis is practitioners of “The religion of Peace.”

        • Your not from here, and (whatever faults the Republican Presidents we’ve had)don’t equate the Republican Presidents with the satsn’s evil blue house of (D) narcissistic politically expedient, foriegn funded, wet-sh_t, anti-American MFs that the Democrats have foisted on us. Worse they’re now trying to sell us Billary with Bernie on deck.

        • @Stuki Moi –

          Obama considers it his ‘duty’ to cut America down to size and being no better than any tin-pot dictator run third-world ‘republic’.

          Obama is dead-set on destroying the very concept of ‘American Exceptionalism’ in every way, shape, and form.

          That will be his ideal of ‘social justice’.

          And he believes he’s just the man for the job…

        • Look, guys – it’s simple. This “Devastating Rebuke to ISIS” (TM) nonsense is yet another maneuver to categorize political dissent as terrorism or at least aiding and abetting terrorism. First, the cat-calls from his surrogates in the Peanut Gallery to classify the NRA as a terrorist organization. Now the CO Springs shooting, whereby the motives of the psycho who lived in a cardboard box in the woods are now under court seal, so The Narrative (TM) can run wild and unopposed. Never mind initial reports that the guy was in the street shooting at cars – there is fundraising to do and political opponents to denounce as putting the gun in this guy’s hands, and the idea in his head (even though it’s unclear what, if any, ideas this guy has, other than posting ads for BDSM hook-ups, and thanks to the court seal we won’t know for quite some time).

          Woe unto he/she who resists calls to prohibit firearms ownership for those on the Known Maybe Possible Terrorist List (TM). “You want to arm terrorists”. Woe unto he/she who shared any of the PP Baby Parts (TM) videos on social media – “you agree with people who may (or may not) have intended to shoot up a PP”. And finally, woe unto any Global Cooling/Global Warming/Seasons Deniers (TM) – “you want to undermine our brutal strategy for defeating ISIS”. EVERY. SINGLE. THING. Is being couched as “you’re for the terrorists”. Except for the fact that we armed and funded ISIS via Turkey. That bit we can sweep under the rug.

        • So he’s responding to terrorism by having a meeting? Boy, he sure showed those bad guys! That’s the kind of strong leadership we need…

        • @Joe R

          What faults Obama, is that he presides over an administration with a bigger budget than Jefferson’s, collecting more taxes than Jefferson, enforcing a lawbook thicker than Jefferson’s, enforcing more restrictions on arms than Jefferson, and all in all being more invasive than Jefferson’s administration was. And so did every Republican president of the past century and a half.

          What’s really sad, is that while holding the idiots to Jefferson’s standards may be a bit tough on them; even measured on taxes, lawbook size, arms restrictions and general invasiveness against diseased Taliban honcho Mullah Omar, they still come up way short. Every single one of them. And as (honestly just) punishment for not following Jefferson’s advice to just kick them all out in a revolution every generation or so, we, or our great grandchildren, will get to watch them being properly kicked out by Omar’s descendants. And, for people who care about the ideals of the American Founders, when that does happen, it won’t make a lick of difference at all. Because all that’s left, is just a steaming pile of manure anyway.

  2. Using “terrorism” to tug at the hearts of the people and guilt them into agreeing with this summit (or face accusations of supporting terrorism) is very disgusting. The fact that so many don’t see it this way is why this entire world is heading toward dictator rule via their mobs of rabid, obedient dogs.

    • How come people can’t see that there are 1,100 to ~1,500 ‘active’ volcanoes on this planet on any given day. [The first, AND EVERY ] Five (5) minutes of any eruption from one volcano produces 200 x the solid and gasseous ‘pollutants’ created by all “human activity” on this planet. EVER. There are molten Sulfur volcanoes in Indonesia, that spouts thousands of tons of noxious Sulfur Dioxide, and other ‘pollutants’ daily.
      If anyone thinks that we compete with that, or that a these happy little volcanoes would be in perfect harmony with the planet and mother nature if it weren’t for humans THEY ARE FING HIGH.

  3. You foolish subjects, you just do not understand. President Hope and Change is so morally superior he can not be bothered with minor concerns, such as you being butchered by jihadis. His true calling is to act as the savior of the planet from the bogey man, er I mean global cooling, er I mean global warming, er I mean climate change.

    • Obama and Al Gore are selling “carbon chits” (they have effectively minted a foreign currency shakier than BitCoin, albeit sanctioned and regulated by US Treasury Dept. Regs.) It is Communistic redistribution, with the typically large cut going to the redistributors. Because satan.

  4. obama is wrong. climate change happens every year. Look it is colder now then say 6 months ago. I agree the only thing these animals will under stand is their own death.

  5. He wears mom jeans and a helmut while riding a girl’s bicycle on a Secret Service protected closed road. Enough said.

  6. I saw a report where a former intelligence official speculated that we are not striking ISIS oil wells because of the impact to global warming. Instead we are bombing tanker trucks again and again and again. I cannot fathom how that man can have such reckless disregard for the lives of our airmen so as to constantly put them in harm’s way rather than to strike the primary strategic assets and eliminate them, all in the name of a theory which had arrived at no great consensus despite all this “settled science” bs. I am ashamed that he is the leader of my country.

    • Bush 1 – Kuwait – ~ 90 days of fighting
      Bush 2 – Iraq – – 90 days of fighting

      It took Barack Hussein Obama 7 years to give back 200 % to our enemies, sh_tting on our allies, attempting to stick a fork in Israel, and do for communism, the evil POS muslim horde, the evil POS muslim brotherhood, ISIS, Boko Haram, and Ebola what they are still incapable of doing for themselves (even with the help of the UN).
      A N D S T I L L
      Sotero is still not a micro-fraction as bad as all the satan’s evil blue house of liberal (D) that voted for him and that are hoping Hillary or Bernie can live up to Barack Hussein Obama’s legacy.

      • The hubris is what gets me. I mean, by any objective measure his presidency has been a failure, yet he still addresses the American people with the same old superior tone and lectures us as if we were wanton school children. In the core of his being, I think BO actually still believes he is right, despite all the evidence to the contrary. When you get right down to it, is BO really all that different from the fellow in the Planned Parenthood shooting?

      • +1

        “Despise the masses of people before despising the tyrant. The people are the reason the tyrant rose to power and stays in power.”

        Unfortunately, the USA has declined to the point that the majority of Americans are the kind of people who would elect someone like him. They got what they deserved, and the rest of us must suffer through the consequences of their poor decision. I’m afraid that it will get much worse before it starts to get better. I hope my prediction is wrong.

    • “How did we ever elect an idiot to be the leader of the greatest nation on Earth?”

      He repeatably lied, and the dumbass voters elected him.


      Next question?

      • The media did a very slick job packaging Emperor Mom Jeans as the Messiah, and a lot of gullible people slurped down the kool aid and begged for seconds.

  7. Just struck me that this moron is *proudly* claiming that under his excellent leadership the greatest, most powerful country in the history of the world, is courageous enough to, in a minor way, at least appear to defy a bunch of pissant uneducated camel-fuckers lost in the desert. Boy, is he brave or what?

    • Your not from here.

      His title means he’s supposed to serve U.S.

      Instead he works for them, the “they”.

  8. Actually, I agree with him. Shocking I know. Climate change such as desertification (Sahara desert) is going to lead to massive social and political strife. That means individuals will have even more need for their natural rights of liberty and self defense. Sadly, as we have seen these very things have been thrown out by this administration (and the last one,too) in favor of security theatre. Each of us has to take responsibility for our own lives, our defense, our energy use, and our financial choices.

    • If GLOBAL climate change is causing terrorism why is terrorism almost exclusively connected to Islam.

      Why doesn’t Global climate change cause terrorism with Australians, Icelanders, swedish, japanese, chinese, etc?

      • Bush 2’s Presidency, they accused him and his supporters of war crimes and “world terrorism”. No one made excuses for us. IF WE LIVED UP TO YOUR BULLSHIT ACCUSATIONS, THEY WOULD KILL THEIR OWN KIDS, THEIR WIVES, AND THEN THEMSELVES, BEFORE WE EVER GOT THE CHANCE TO DO IT.

      • Sparky, I never said global climate change is causing terrorism. I only said it can only lead to social and political upheaval and destabilization and that our natural rights (ie -the right to bear arms to protect individual liberty) will become increasingly important.

  9. Guns? What guns? What truth about guns? The false dichotomy of political prose raises it’s ugly head once again at my favorite gun website.

    • TTAG is – evil liberals and (D) create the unwanted tangential material. You go take care of that for us (permanently) and I’ll show you a picture of my open safe.

  10. I do not know whether Climate Change is a big problem or not, or whether it is the result of man-made causes. There are strong arguments on both sides of this issue.

    I do know that if this Climate Change Summit succeeds in crafting an agreement, then it will severely damage the economy of the USA and most European nations, while allowing all the “developing nations” to continue producing most of the greenhouse gasses by burning wood and ‘dirty’ forms of fossil fuels. The end result is that the developing nations will continue taking over the global economy while the US and Europe will be severely hindered. Since the developing nations are the largest source of greenhouse gasses, and this treaty will not restrict their production of those gasses, the end result will be that ‘climate change’ will just continue getting worse and worse.

    • “The end result is that the developing nations will continue taking over the global economy while the US and Europe will be severely hindered.”

      ‘Climate Change’ has nothing to do with the climate and everything thing about wealth redistribution.

      Obama’s ideal example of ‘Social Justice’ is Kurt Vonnegut’s “Harrison Bergeron”.

      “Plot – In the year 2081, amendments to the Constitution dictate that all Americans are fully equal and not allowed to be smarter, better-looking, or more physically able than anyone else. The Handicapper General’s agents enforce the equality laws, forcing citizens to wear “handicaps”: masks for those who are too beautiful, radios inside the ears of intelligent people, and heavy weights for the strong or athletic.”

    • The “Climate Summit” and climate change a-holes have nothing to do with ‘fixing’ or ‘saving’ the enviornment. It’s all about redistribution of wealth from “wealthy” (not industrialized, over populated, or evironmentally unsound) to “poor” (not “cleaner”, less industrialized, or environmentally more sound) by way of “carbon chit” exchange; with the obvios cut going to the carbon chit mint and bankers. It is communism the way communists promised they would get us, and we buried a lot of good Americans who fought to eradicate such communist mf a-holes. What the communists are niw selling is no more attractive than then, and we are quickly approaching a worldwide conflictbwith arms over it again. That’s why they don’t want you to have any.

  11. Seeing as President Zero is just trying to run out the clock on the whole terrorism thing, I’m sure there was lots of sphincter tightening at 1600 Pennsylvania when news of the Paris attack broke. He needs distractions and blind luck that nothing happens in the US to get to within 2 weeks of the November election. Anything that happens after that regarding terrorism is the next president’s fault/problem.

    • He’s done 7 years of “Bush’s” problem, and history will record, while there are people to tell it, that his evil liberal reign of bs, was just par for all the cummulative liberal (D) a-holes that put him in office. THEY will forever be the problem.

  12. Men with guns kill lots of French people, President says that affirmative response is killing economy with more regulations.

    This is what happens when you can’t push gun control any further. After this, it will be a war on Tuesday, the most dreaded day of the week…

  13. It’s a sorry State of Affairs when the President of the US is such a feckless coward that he’d rather wring his hands over a fabrication about climate change than face up to the very real threat of Islamic Terrorism and Russian adventurism in the Middle East.

  14. What a maroon. “we” not us bought this guys BS hook line and sinker.
    Now “WE” as in us here are paying for what “we” have done.

    • You, as in you, yourself, and you, bought it.

      I had heard about Barry Sotero, but apart from his community organizer in chief speech to the evil POS (D)emocratic convention, the only other time I remember hearing the sh_tbag speak, the douche was being interviewed (believe by CNN) March 2007. I was sitting in a chow hall in Kuwait, “acclimating” a few days out from flying into Iraq. They had just announced that there would be “The Surge”. Broken Toys McCain claimed credit to sh_t in Bush, when the ‘plan’ (which was intelligent, and wound up working rather handily) was actually more likely written as a punishment assignment at a war college some years prior. Then IL Senator-voting-present BARRY SOTERO, posturing for a Whitehouse run said The [just announced, yet to be implemented] Surge: “can’t work”; “will not work”; “IS NOT WORKING”. So Barak Hussein Obama was working for our enemy long before the evil (D) put him in office as Commander in Chief, with the stated goal of (FREEING HIS BRETHREN) closing GITMO.

  15. This man is a reason why I don’t know if I would risk my life to save other people in a defensive gun situation. They might be Obama voters, trying to make my life miserable on a daily basis…

  16. I’m sure he didn’t check his armed security at the French border and go in unarmed like the rest of the populous in Paris.

  17. Take THAT Daesh!(a nod to my French roots). I’m gonna’ save the planet from global jihad ’cause I’m the MESSiah…and I saw Al jazeera Gore cackling nearby. Did he fly over in his private jet? I know Bury Soetoro spared no (taxpayer) expense to get to Paris…

    • Footprint of the Paris Climate Summit: 300,000 tons of CO2 and 25 million gallons of jet fuel? To accomplish basically nothing except have a nicely catered dinner.
      Conservation is clearly for suckers.

  18. Please, allow me to rant.

    There are 3 things you need to know about ‘anthropogenic global warming’. First, CO2 is a trace gas (~400ppm currently), and, before humans, had been steadily dropping (from 6000ppm) for hundreds of millions of years. In fact, before humans, atmospheric CO2 was at it’s lowest level since multi-cellular life appeared on earth.

    Second, atmospheric CO2 is THE sole source of food for all life on earth. Remember 3rd grade? Photosynthesis? Plants take in CO2 through their leaves and draw water and with it nitrogen washed by the rain up through their roots and use the sun’s energy to make sugar, carbohydrate, fat and protein. Plants grow faster and produce more food with more CO2, and the earth can support more life.

    Third, we are living in a frickin’ ice age! Yes, we are today living in what’s known as the ‘Quaternary Ice Age’. ( ) It started about 2.6 million years ago and we are heading deeper into it. The last ice age was the ‘Karoo Ice Age’ ( ) and it occurred long before the dinosaurs. In fact it occurred before there was an Atlantic Ocean. All the continents were fused together in a land we call ‘Pangaea’. ( ) The Karoo Ice Age lasted about 100 million years.

    What gets us humans confused is the fact that within the ice age there are ‘glacial’ periods and ‘interglacial’ periods. The glaciers advance and stick around for about 100,000 years and then retreat and stay back for ~20,000 – 30,000 years. We are currently about 11,700 years into the current interglacial period known as the ‘Holocene’. ( )

    Of course like most great lies, there is a grain of truth behind the AGW scare. CO2 does absorb more long wave radiation than O2 because you have just taken mass from the earth and introduced it into the atmosphere. CO2 is more massive than 02. Beyond that we are converting the bulk of the energy we draw from the ground into heat energy dispersed directly into the atmosphere. But that doesn’t change the fact that life on earth was (before man) critically endangered from the lack of CO2 and the glaciers. Bear in mind that 25,000 years ago there wasn’t a single living organism north of Des Moines, Iowa. NYC was buried under a mile of ice. And sea level was 390 feet below present level.

    The bottom line is we’re not ruining the planet, we’re saving the planet. Who cares if the mean global temperature rises from 59 degrees Fahrenheit to 60 degrees Fahrenheit?

  19. Islamo-fascist terrorists murder non combatants in Paris, so Obama declares war on…the sun, the decadal oscillation, and the seasonal tilt of the earth. Like all liberals, they wage war on everything, except Americas enemies. The only thing he seems to want to wage war on, are the American people.

  20. The worst jihad attack this country has ever or will ever face is the one by the Muslim in Chief in the White House.

  21. I’m all for changing the climate, specifically in the immediate localized vicinity of any and all terrorists that dare stare down America.

  22. Much like the left side of the aisle from 2000-2008, we seem to be reading too much into a reasonable comment. I don’t know if this is the greatest message of defiance, but it is certainly a statement to terrorists.

    The goal of any terrorist is to induce social, political, or economic change through the use, or threatened use, of force. By continuing to meet as planned, it is a statement that the West will not be deterred from operating through business as usual by a fear of terror. It stands in pretty sharp contrast to the US in 2001, when we allowed the attacks to become our singular focus for several months and are still vilifying any who says it is time to move on.

    While I am sure that there was heightened security and no pre-blessed person could get within a half mile of the site without being pulverized, I will give them partial credit since that could just be the elites being elite instead of a fear of terror.

    Remember, be it a curtailing of freedoms or dumping significant money into an unending war, the current terrorist model seeks to squeeze the political and economic foundations of the West until we can no longer interfere with what they consider their internal affairs.

    So, while the climate summit seems nonsensical as a “take that”, it was previously planned and is still happening with minimal changes. And that is a big deal.

  23. To all the self hating white liberals who voted for this half black, half white man. Please engaged in heavy Marijuana intoxication on election day. Perhaps you will forget to vote for the socialist Bernie ” free stuff ” Sanders who once said he voted the way he did on guns because ” the rural people of Vermont [ white folks ] like guns. “

  24. Yep – the Paris climate talks are an act of defiance against ISIS just as it is an act of defiance for the little boy who has been playing with Barbies to stick his tongue out at the other little boys who are playing baseball.

    • Not a bad analogy. I would point out that the baseball players broke some of the Barbies and pushed the kid around a little. The kid isn’t engaging in new behavior as a stand, but is doing what he was going to do anyway. Shouldn’t we applaud that decision not to cow before aggression and to hold true to yourself?

      Some may think playing with the dolls is dumb or silly, but if the kid enjoys it, and isn’t directly hurting anybody, what’s the problem? Most of these talks are self-congratulatory do-nothing’s…

  25. The various speeches I have heard from these Paris meetings are usually about how important it is to pass this Climate Change stuff in order to save all the third world countries. Notice, they are not talking about saving the planet. They are talking about financing for the third world, income equalization, etc.

    This whole Climate Change/Global Warming shtick has nothing to do with saving the planet. It is all about the money and the power and how they are going to divvy it up.

    In 20 years people will look back and laugh at the gullible people who bought into this scam. Don’t be one of the ones being laughed at!

  26. obama the ultimate con man has everyone arguing over “climate change” and ISIS, while his first column of attack, immigration, carries on unimpeded.

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