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Attorney General Dustin McDaniel (courtesy

“An Arkansas school district that trained more than 20 teachers and staff to carry concealed handguns on campus through a program that faces questions over its legality was wrong to make secret the names of the employees, [Attorney General Dustin McDaniel] said Monday,” reports. And that means . . . “Given the unusual duties and responsibilities the school district intended to assign to the ERT [Emergency Response Teams] members, I must conclude that knowing the number of ERTS members and their identities would shed great light on the school district’s performance of its duties. In my opinion, though the privacy interest is weighty, the public’s interest is at least as weighty, which means that the record must be disclosed.” Needless to say the man behind the plan is aghast. Clarksville’s superintendent David Hopkins said that the district withheld the names because of fears that participants in the program would be targeted. “If someone were trying to put together some sort of plan, they would have a lot of information available to them if they knew who it was and where it was in the building,” Hopkins said. In other words, political correctness kills.

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  1. According to his bio, he’s a democrat. That means he’s in the tank for Obozo’s disarmament plan. Any more questions?

  2. If they would just for a moment, stop and think!
    No, they speak first, and then have to defend what they say no matter how stupid because their political rivals will call them flip-flops even if their flip is a correction.

  3. Dustin McDaniels, like his asshole butt buddy Mike Beebe is just plain stupid!! Between those two and Mr Sadler the chief Asshat running Ar State Police we have a snowballs chance in hell of any decent stand your ground or open carry laws in this state!!!
    They have done as much damage to ccw laws as Obuttwipe has!! Freaking idiots!!!

  4. And back when I taught counter-terrorism in USAREUR, only complacency killed. Oh for the good-old days of Baader-Meinhoff and the RZs, when you knew who your enemy was…

    • LMAO!! First time have heard BM and RZ’s mentioned in years!! Was in Goppingen and Aschaffenburge W.Germany as an 11Bravo from 1983 to 1988!! The good old days of border patrol and “Don’t wave at the Commies!”!!!!

        • Head of Baader Meinhoff lived in A’burge for awhile!! We never really had any trouble there from them!! But the smart dog doesn’t shit in his own yard you know!!! 83-85was 1st Inf Div Forward and 85-88 was 3rd Inf Div!!!
          Hell we probably frank with them in the Irish Pub tere many times and just didn’t realize it!!!

  5. ” In my opinion” he said. Well, we all know this about opinions. They’re like buttholes; everybody has one, and they all stink. I seem to keep hearing the same words from AG’s. ‘I think; In my opinion, etc., etc.These people are there to enforce the law. It doesn’t matter what they ‘think’.

  6. The Russians used to say. “The likelyhood of a secret getting out is the square of the people who know it.”

    What part of keeping it to yourself to not tip off the bad guys don’t you understand.

  7. “Private Emergency Response Team” should have been the label.

    Then no one could be asking for it to not be “Private”

    Anywho, just another grab for dexterital control.

  8. Well, if these guys don’t know which schools and teachers have guns, how can they send their stooges in to shoot up schools so that they will have bloody shirts to wave when they talk about banning guns? An armed, trained teacher stopping a shooter would be like dropping a nuclear bomb on gun control and we just couldn’t have that.

  9. Someone needs to post the AR AG home address and public information and such and see how he likes it!

  10. After being forced to pull out of the Governor’s race due to a sex and murder scandal, Democrat McDaniel is struggling mightily to remain a total @sshat with a government job relevant. Kudos. McD. You’re even a bigger schmvck than we thought, and that’s saying a lot.

  11. Any bets as to whether or not this selfsame asshat puts a last-minute kibosh on Arkansas improved concealed-carry laws that are due to take effect on the 15th of August?

    • He already has!! Him and Sadler the Ar State Police director got that one up and going!! It is his legal opinion!! He is such a prick!!

  12. Not only is Arkansas Attorney General McDaniel a Democrat, he’s also the disgraced former shoo-in for Governor. He was current Gov. Mike Beebe’s heir apparent (also a Democrat) until it came out he was having an extra-marital affair. And he wasn’t just having a regular affair, either. He got caught diddling another attorney (a woman, yes, why do you ask?) who at the time he diddled her, was the opposition in a few cases filed against the state of Arkansas. Yep, chief law enforcement official for the state of Arkansas, having sex with the opposing legal counsel in active cases.

    Needless to say, his gubernatorial campaign ended shortly after the news came out.

    McDaniel is a bona-fide scumball.

  13. Did you ever think that the AR AG isn’t saying this because he’s stupid? He may be saying it because he’s very aware that the participants may withdraw from the program if they know their names will be part of the public record thereby shutting it down without in fact, shutting it down.

    • I’m surprised I had to scroll all the way to the bottom to find someone saying this. It seems to me that scaring people out of participating is the primary reason for making the names public.

  14. Someone should post his address and a sign in his yard saying “We are a no gun home.” We are a state with a long history of groping secretary’s and so on. Any more its somewhat of a bad of honor. Clinton is truly an innovator. Much to the dismay of everyone, Mark Pryor stood up for the state’s gun owners and pee’d off the MAIG, cough Bloomberg cough. He voted against the ban and actually feared the voters. I’m sure it was my personal letter.

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