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The world the people behind Mayors Against Illegal Guns inhabit seems to be mighty black and white. With maybe a slight green tinge to the sky. Mark Glaze, executive director of MAIG, believes that someone should only be allowed to use a gun to defend themselves if their attacker also has a one. In his opinion, the lack of a gun indicates that the attacker “just wants to have a fistfight.” Yeah, well, tell that to the two people per day in this country who are beaten to death with their attackers’ bare hands. Or the 12 others who die every day from attacks that don’t involve firearms. In those cases, Mark Glaze would rather the victim not even have the option to defend their lives. Here’s the transcript of a conversation he had recently with noted Constitutionalist Chris Matthews via

MARK GLAZE: Very often somebody will come at you. They might want to have a fistfight. They might come at you with an axe handle.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Would you consider the guy with the axe handle armed or not?

MARK GLAZE: Not with a gun.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: I would consider him armed [laughter].

MARK GLAZE: I have a word for him. I grew up in Colorado where my dad was a gun dealer, and a guy who shoots somebody who has anything other than a gun when they could have done something else like talk or fight with their fists –

CHRIS MATTHEWS: How do you talk to a guy with an axe handle?

MARK GLAZE: Well, you fight him. You run away. You deescalate the situation.

What’s Glaze’s position on those who can’t fight? Or can’t run away? Or don’t speak the same language as their attacker and thus can’t “deescalate.” Do those people have a right to armed self defense? What does it tell you when Chris Matthews is the voice of reason in any given conversation?

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      • I always do my best to deescalate. I will deescalate his blood pressure and I will deescalate his body temperature if he tries to harm me or my family. Otherwise, we can just hug it out , Bro!

    • I love this – a person coming at me with an axe handle “isn’t armed”

      As somebody who is a terrible fighter, I can tell you that if somebody came at me with an ax handle and I didn’t have a firearm for protection, I would get the hell out of there. Fast.

  1. I would like to read whatever history books they used to develop their position that show no human beings were ever violently killed before the invention of the firearm. Sticks, stones, hey wait, don’t people still get stoned to death in places like Saudi Arabia? That’s not even a constructed tool like a knife, you can just pick one up off the ground. Without even a background check.

    • The answer is obvious: we must have rock control. There should be Federally-mandated background checks for anyone who owns, or wishes to acquire, a rock. There must be government-funded “rock buybacks” to help get these lethal blunt-force trauma weapons off the streets and out of the hands of criminals. You need to immediately found the Bureau of Sticks and Stones to maintain control of these lethal items and prevent their sale or transfer to evil-doers. (I generously volunteer, out of generous humanitarianism, to act as the first Director of this agency, for the usual emoluments)

      After all, if it saves the life of even ONE small child, it’ll all be worthwhile…

      • Damn! Now one will need an FRL (Federal Rock License) to sell Pet Rocks and they’ll be banned from Internet sales sites.

        • This entire thread is funny. It is so easy to poke fun at these obviously ignorant assholes who are paid big bucks and a bj to lie straight into our faces. This pretty much puts a bulls eye on the forehead of these creeps who do the work of their father, Satan. We know how it ends for liars.

  2. In my personal view, if somebody steps to me looking for a fight, they’re gonna get it. If they want a fistfight that might result in a shiner or a busted nose, that’s all well and good, but if it crosses the line between a scrap and murderous intent? Gun’s comin’ out. Same if the guy (or girl, I’m not sexist) has a weapon.

    For those who may not be in ‘fighting condition’, get your piece out. Don’t risk it.

    My strategy relies heavily on being friendly to all I meet and avoiding stupid people/places/things.

    • This is something that these idiots never seem to think of. I have lifetime injuries, from an auto collision, to my left knee and left shoulder that procludes a “old-fashioned” fistfight. I don’t even have the option of flight with my physical limitations. Does that mean I should just die if I’m alltacked? Well, forget that! I’d rather rot in prison than rot in the ground.

      Especially considering that a larger percent of our population is reaching their golden years each day, and considering the numbers that baby boomers tend to turn out and vote in, the idea that the pols are asking the bulk of Americans to just let criminals have their way with us is a dangerous game.

      • Hobbez, same-same here; partially-paralyzed leg means running from a fight or taekwondo is not an option. I’m too young to die and too old to take an asskicking. Especially one of those meth/lean-enhanced ones that the youth of America are handing out today.
        Approach me with a fist or any other weapon, the gun’s coming out and we’ll chat.
        And Mark Glaze can KMA.

      • “Does that mean I should just die if I’m attacked?”

        Sadly, yes, that is what gun control proponents want. In their eyes any outcome is better than a victim defending themselves with a firearm — even if that means the victim dies.

        This is just one glimpse of the world that gun control proponents desire.

  3. Mr. Glaze ought to talk to a cop–any cop–about what constitutes a deadly weapon under the criminal code. Ax handle is up there, along with crow bars, 2x4s, even rocks, bottles and bricks. If someone attacks you with a deadly weapon–any deadly weapon, you are legally privileged to defend yourself with deadly force. And that’s the end of that discussion. Well, at least in the U.S. Seems that England requires you to flee if at all possible, or to use no more force than is “reasonable” and not to exceed the force being used against you. Oh so civilized Marquis of Queensbury rules? Or just plain stupidity?

    • Nope, over here retreat is advisable if in the open (out on the street, for example) and practicable, but we’ve got an oft-overlooked degree of castle doctrine. You’re not obliged to run away in your own house, you just need to make sure most of their wounds are to their front: once they run, you have to let them go. Your use of force needs to be “reasonable” but that does include – particularly at home – the issue that an uninvited intruder is being pretty damn unreasonable to start with.

      There’s plenty of UK case law of unarmed intruders being stabbed, clubbed and occasionally shot where the householder was acquitted or released without charge; you’re not required to pat your intruder down and have them answer a questionnaire about their intentions before selecting a defensive option.

      Basically, in the UK if you put someone in the hospital or the morgue you can expect to be questioned about it, probably in police custody; I believe the same applies in most of the US (at least according to Massad Ayoob). However, to be convicted of “unreasonable force” requires the prosecution to prove to a jury of your peers, beyond reasonable doubt, that you went beyond defending yourself with whatever you had to hand and instead were maliciously trying to cause harm. That’s a high bar, and while “shock! horror! British homeowner arrested for defending themselves!” stories get quoted, the subsequent “investigated, case closed as self-defence” cases seem to go unremarked. Just don’t shoot them in the back as they run…

      If you cause serious injury to a criminal breaking into your house… you’re generally pretty safe in the UK provided you’re not obviously in breach of the law. Cripple a burglar with an illegally-held firearm, or a booby-trap of some sort (man-traps, spring-guns, high-voltage electric fences, toxic chemicals…) and you’ll lay yourself open to the risk of a civil suit, but the law’s fairly firmly on your side otherwise.

    • @ Mark N
      Yeah, really; let’s just leave our self-defense personal security to fair chance like it’s some kinda sport! Or maybe a good debate with the bad actor. Bloody well good, ol’ chap.

      Glaze should just keep that train of thought; maybe one day he’ll learn something because of it…if he survives the experience.

  4. Let’s put him in the ring unarmed with a 200lb roid hound high on meth with an ax handle and see how his widow feels afterwards.

    • Hey Meester Glaze: Let’s you and I have a fistfight, what say? You with your fists, and me with my MACHETE FIST.

  5. so…..if 2 perps broke in his house and held him, while they took turns with his spouse he would just punch them even if he had a gun? Did I miss the the part of the story “Once upon a Time….”

    • Clearly, he is simply too proud to fight–just like one of his Democrat heroes, Woodrow Wilson. Theodore Roosevelt said of Wilson after the Lusitania sinking, when Wilson did nothing more than send a letter of protest to the German government, that Wilson reminded him of the man who, when his wife was slapped in public by another man, wrote that man a letter saying just how upset he was over the whole thing; When the man slapped his wife a second time, he wrote him a much more severe and harsh letter.

  6. Well, duh, Chris, you simply rely on your armed escort. Hahaha, Chris Mathews: Voice of Reason!

  7. Our whole legal system is built on the belief that one is innocent until proven guilty. Having a citizen have to prove they acted within the law in a self defense situation is against the basic principles of our legal system. “Stand your ground” laws should never have had to been passed if it wasn’t for overzealous prosecuting attorneys.

  8. Glaze is so right! You just call a time out and head to lowes or home depot together for your axe handle then take it to parking lot. Who knows you might make a new friend on the way there.

  9. If a MAIG spokesman can’t even convince Chris Matthews, then….then they’ve got a guy we want them to put on the Sunday talk shows, on radio, in town hall meetings, whatever, frequently. He’s a dunce. Guys in the street are going to be taunting Glaze. I can hear it now: “Come on, Markie, put up your dukes. I just want to have a little fistfight!” With video camera running.

  10. So, if you happen to be a woman that’s about to be raped at knifepoint, you should just leave your Glock in it’s holster and relax and accept it?

      • Aw, c’mon. You don’t DIE from being raped. Rape no longer has a death penalty, so why should you be able to kill a rapist while he’s raping? Now, if he starts KILLING, that’s different. You just have to wait to see how things turn out to be fair about the whole thing. YOU are just a terrible person, and probably a racist as well because, right up there with murders, a certain ethnic group commits most of the rapes in this country. Plus, we know that a period of incarceration cures completely the desire to rape, and molest children, and kill other people, and burglarize, and pretty much everything else that people get prison terms for doing, so execution is just cruel and unusual because violence never solves anything.

        /EXTREME sarc

  11. Great news for muggers and burglars: Mark Glaze won’t hurt you! You’d think that after so many gay men like Glaze have been beaten senseless by gay-bashers that Mr. Glaze would have gotten the memo, but no — he wants to have a fist fight. Give him one, I say. Hell, give him two.

    Once I find Mr. Glaze’s home address, I’ll post it on Craigslist. He probably has some lovely furniture.

  12. I spent one year of my life in a bed, unable to walk. I spent 8 years (total, spread out over 25) on crutches and still use crutches every day. I eventually ended up a below knee amputee. So I guess in his world, I should run away? Or hop, as the case may be? Or crawl? I guess any of those options are better in his world than me defending myself.

    Frack him and anyone else that tells me my only option is to lie there and take it. The Bradys and MAIGgots and their ilk are MORE dangerous to me as any wanna-be thug and gang banger. I am far from being disabled, but I do have physical issues. So I guess that qualifies me for being a victim? Not in any world I choose to inhabit.

    Glaze is a miserable POS and I hope someday I have the opportunity to rescue him from some equally horrible POS who sprays him with gasoline and lights it. I would happily piss down Glaze’s face to save his life. Call me a giver.

    • Maybe they should have fried that putz that shot President Reagan, Brady and the other SS guys. Or how about Sirhan that shot RFK, and Chapman that shot Lennon in the back, as an example of what should be done to someone that uses a firearm as a murder weapon. This guy in Colorado should have already been found guilty and been placed in a hole right next to McVeigh. Its pretty obvious he was insane but that should not be an excuse to let people like these live. We lost control when we started feeling sorry for criminals. We should lead them to Christ and them help them meet.

      • I’m an old guy and this is my philosophy:

        Kate Beckinsale (Van Helsing). I think if you’re going to kill somebody, kill them! Don’t stand around talking about it!

        Eli Wallach (Good, Bad and Ugly). When you have to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk.

  13. According to a book that many people regard as gospel, the first murder was committed with a rock. If someone comes after me with a pick handle, I’ll shoot the sumbitch, and we can debate the legal complexities later.

  14. Last guy that came at me with a tire iron gave up pretty quick when he was staring at a glock. Had I been unarmed, I would have looked like his previous victims.
    I’ve always thought there were two rules to fighting.
    1- Always cheat.
    2-Always win.

  15. Send him to Afghanistan with no weapon and let him just hang out for a couple weeks. Might change his mind.

  16. MAIG Spokesman: You Shouldn’t Shoot Unless Your Attacker Has a GunHave a Gun.


    Even Chris Matthews has a problem with the MAIG position – and we are not even talking about an axe, just a handle.

    Lately there are some roving bands of 4-6 thugs robbing people around here, twice last week. Marylandstan disapproves of a handgun for self defense. Black powder revolvers are not considered handguns. hmmm.

  17. MY HEAD HURTS!!!

    What is these freakin’ idiots major malfunction?

    I say drag their lazy asses out to a professional firearms training facility and show them how quickly an arsehole with a knife can stab them.

    • TO: Paul McCain [I hope you’re no relation….]
      RE: His Major Malfunction….

      ….is he’s a Progressive/Liberal/Democrat fool. And a classic example of the psychopaths such are.


      [The Truth will out….if anyone pays attention…..]

  18. Mark does know a human can cover 21 feet in 1.5 seconds, doesn’t he? I could see his fat pompous-ass running about 20 yards and then collapsing and getting beaten to death.

  19. an attacker must have arms for you to defend yourself but you yourself arent allowed arms if MR Bloomberg would have his way .I scoff at the notion , if the assailant is armed or not if i must i will use force to preserve my life

  20. What psychotropic drugs are these ignorant assholes taking?

    I’ll tell you one thing; the skinny white boy won’t have reasonable doubt to his safety if someone comes after his head with an ax handle. He’ll be dead before he can think the word “deescalate”.

    Posted by a skinny white boy…so I can say it.

  21. TO: All
    RE: The War On Women MAIG Style

    Got that?

    If a 5’2″100 lb beauty is attacked by a 6’5″ 250 lb guy with the intention of rape and murder, if he doesn’t have a gun, she has to rely on her ability to physically overpower the man.


    [The Truth will out….MAIG hates women…..]

  22. Mark Glaze and Jonathan Capehart basically disagree with decades or even centuries of self-defense law and case-law. For example for Jonathan to argue against the reasonable person standard is just way out there. For Mark to claim that an axe-handle should not be responded to with lethal force is to deny the idea of being able to meet force with equal force. If not that then it shows complete ignorance of what is lethal force.

  23. Robert lived in France so he can chime in too…but I lived in Italy for the past 13 years and the laws in Europe are exactly what these two ignorant men propose. Just recently in Italy a thief broke in to someone’s home and attempted to steal the family vehicle. While trying to escape the homeowner shot the presumed criminal and then attempted to bring him to a hospital. The police placed the homeowner under arrest for excessive use of force in that the robber only had a knife. The thief is now suing the homeowner in civil court and the said homeowner risks loosing his home. True story…and it’s exactly where we’re headed if these two have something to do with it.

      • Sure, but the executor of his/her estate can bring suit. Killing the intruder won’t necessarily prevent civil action if the jurisdiction doesn’t bar such suits.

        • Fortunately, statutes in Florida do NOT allow civil suites over incidents occurring during a crime.

  24. Mayor Bloomer should immediately send a written memo to his security detail informing them to not shoot attackers armed with knives, baseball bats and swords.

  25. There are no “laws in Europe”. Every country has its own laws.

    Just recently a jeweler in Vienna shot a robber. It was ruled as justified self-defense. Then again, that’s Austria. Roughly 30% of the citizens there are armed and the number keeps rising.

    • Unfortunately you are wrong…although I wish I could say you are correct. The EU has forced all of it’s member states to have laws that correspond to each other or are very similar in legislative manner. That is why if you do loose a court case in Austria or Germany or Italy and have legal reason and proof that the judgement is not that in line with the EU, you can take the matter up with the European court.

      • BUT the EU court cannot just show up and have a trial. The whiner needs to go to them. EU states still have their individual soverignty.

  26. Hey Mark no such thing as a fair fight. You fight to win. If your enemie is bigger or stronger than you, you use any means to win. Talks cheap.

    • “I grew up in Colorado where my dad was a gun dealer…” And I’ll bet he was mommy and daddy’s precious little snowflake when he was growing up. Never had a fight in his life. Any time he was challenged he’d just run home and get mommy or daddy.

      • They live in an alternate world. There are people walking around who will brutalize or kill you just for kicks. Some of us have met them, and it isn’t something you will ever forget. There is no humanity in them, they are more dangerous than anything on Earth, more dangerous than the snakes and gators which cross my yard, I know what to expect from them…
        I don’t care how they got that way, I will just continue to protect my family and myself..

  27. Deadly force, as defined by the United States Armed Forces, is the force which a person uses, causing—or that a person knows, or should know, would create a substantial risk of causing—death or serious bodily harm.

    nothing in that definition says attacker has to have a gun before i can shoot

    i dont kick the D*** out of your mouth while youre working Mr politician, so leave me be when im conducting my business and protecting mine…. dont they have some budget to balance or something?

  28. Must be the new Trayvon Martin standard®. Nothing to see, disregard; the response is still double tap and call 911, no matter if attacker is armed or unarmed.

  29. Same liberal idiots talk to your attacker if he stabs or clubs your to death. If you shoot him back its a tragedy ohh boy.

  30. Someone that takes that position has never been in a real street fight or come face to face with a violent criminal intent on doing harm. So stupid I can hardly stand it.

    Also, +1 to Chuck(le) above. You usually come off as a nut to me but your comment in this thread is spot on.

  31. Ya, the mom in Gerogia who shot the home invader with a crowbar shouldn’t have shot him and just said “put up your dukes”.

    Sarcasm off

  32. Can you believe Chris Mathews still has a TV show?
    Why are these liberals trying to make excuses for violent people committing felony assault and battery? Are liberals really conservatives who haven’t been mugged, or are they just this obtuse? And don’t you just love when they play Monday morning quarterback for people who find themselves in life and death situations, that clearly, they have never faced, or have an F-ing clue about? It’s all just a marvelous, stimulating debate for them. If banning guns isn’t a war on women, what is? A woman with 3 kids, one in a stroller is really supposed to run away, or deescalate the situation? Jackie-Joyner Kersee couldn’t pull that one off. The intellectual dishonesty at work here is appalling. The “duh?” moment came at the very end, when they admitted that SYG and self defense were essentially the same thing….oh. Thanks for coming on.

    Was I the only one thinking about the, “We’re not going to fall for the banana in the tailpipe.” scene from BHC, when that black WAPO reporter started talking? (I was going to include the clip, but it was loaded with ads and other crap)

  33. I thought about writing a reasoned response, but I decided that was stupid. It’s simply not worth the time. It’s good to have a reminder of how detached from reality these people are, though.

  34. What I want to know is why if one person wants to fight and the other doesn’t we even call it a fight. Let’s use the appropriate terminology: If a person assaults you (puts you in imminent fear of bodily harm) by threatening to strike you that person commits a felony. If a person actually strikes you they commit a battery. The two can occur back to back and still be separate charges, as such; Assault and Battery. Add a weapon capable of causing serious harm or death and we now have Aggravated Assault which is usually a class 2 or B felony and for which one can receive prison sentences into the 20+ year range. There is a reason these are serious crimes, it is because they are too often the tools of intimidation used to deprive others of their rights and their property and sometimes their lives. There is no such thing as a ‘simple fistfight’ among adults. It’s a deadly dangerous business, fraught with civil and criminal pitfalls and never to be undertaken lightly.

    • Anyone capable of just walking up and punching someone for little or no reason is a dangerous threat to society as a whole, and they are out there all over the place. No one should be forced to take a beating just so some Ahole punk can rack up steet creds. We have a culture clash going on, and only one of them can be allowed to prevail. Liberal acceptance is only making things worse.

  35. Let me know how that works for you little sheep. In the mean time, I’ll drop that SOB that is beating your brains out with an axe handle, like a bad habit.

  36. Because we all know every 80 year-old grandma or 120lb woman loves a good fistfight.

    We know MAIG just wants to make things worse so people actually start buying their BS, but do they have to be so blunt about it? I guess they’re all out of creativity and have to resort to stupidity.

  37. Yeah, words fu¢kin’ fail me when it comes to this dude.

    A logical extrapolation of his positionmis would be that if your attacker has a knife, you must respond with only an equal or lesser knife.

    No doubt this even applies to a 5’2″ granny faced by a 6’4″ twenty-something male attacker with a Louisville Slugger and mommy issues.

    This sh¡t speaks for Mayors Against All Guns, ‘twould appear.

    Ugh! Yuck! Bleah!

  38. Tell ya what, Mark. You go have that fist fight. I’m gonna pull my piece and make the guy with the axe handle run away.

    Then I’ll go have a scotch.

  39. You (the spokesman from MAIG) are an insane, ignorant, evil person, heading an organization of the same morals if that’s what you truly believe. If you EVER get this anywhere near reality I will personally raise an army and execute every single one of you before you destroy the world with your filth.

  40. As someone who had suffered great bodily injury from someone who attacked me from feet and fist I’d gladly use a gun next time. I could have died and the police didn’t care. they could have stepped in they didn’t even say stop .

  41. ok, so using the MARK GLAZE logic then everyone should be walking around with a bag full of goodies. So when someone threatens me with a knife I can call a “time-out” while I reach into my bag to find a knife.

    So this goody bag will need to contain some essential things. At the very least a handgun, hammer, knife, ax handle (why just a handle, Glaze??), assault rifle, empty beer bottle, car, baseball bat and anything else we can think of that has been used to threaten others. RIGHT????

  42. Hymmmn, the “Operative Phrase”, in the Florida Law, concerning the use of Deadly Force, {[ie.], Gun, Knife, ect.}, is: “My Life Felt Endangered”! Who, can Determine, if it “Wasn’t”?. They weren’t there, facing this problem?… With all the Violent “Gangs”, committing, Robberies, Homicides, ect.; here, in South Florida, “Who”, in their “Right Mind”, is willng to Risk getting “Killed”?… I Will continue to stay armed & ready, & Willing, to use Deadly Force,; if Confronted, and Threatened !!!… Believing, That i’d Rather be Judged by 12, Than carried by 6!… Showing up in Court, “Wihout a Lawyer”,
    Wearing a Short,Sleeve, Shirt, bearing the Scars, Missing forearm, and other, obvious signs, of Violence!…[It “Won’t”, happen, Again!!!]
    “NEXT CASE”!…

  43. Yes, no thought of those who a disabled, ill, or are elderly… If that guy made no other comments on the topic in the piece then I would fire him… He’s not a very good civil servant, as whit this topic there may be many other topic’s that this man shows the lack of having the ability to completely assess a topic or situation from multiple angles… NOT just one… Like our beloved VP (SHOTGUN JOE), its important to have only 1 (one) (SINGLE) response for everything no matter the place, time, or situation… There must be not one bird that lives near his home… LOL

  44. What ridiculous non-logic….I’m sorry, there is no way I’m going to get into “just a fist-fight”…there is absolutely no reason for anyone to put their hands on me. I don’t care if that person “just wants to fight”, what if someone “just wants to fight” my wife, or my 60 something mom? This guy is acting as if fighting is a harmless, socially accepted thing. I’m not in high school waiting for 3 o’clock to settle some childish dispute.

    If someone assaults me, they are doing so with the intent to harm me. That simply isn’t something I’m ok with. I’m not going to try and talk down the lunatic advancing toward me with a hammer/bat/axe handle. I’m not going to see if I’m faster than a psycho with a knife.

    I will avoid any confrontation if possible, but if I or someone I care about is in harm’s way, I’ll do everything in my power to stop that threat.

    This idiot obviously hasn’t been exposed to any form of violence, doesn’t understand disparity of force, or the threat posed by blunt force trauma.

    I’m a tall skinny dude, with a bad back…I can throw a decent punch, and have taken a shot or two…enough to know that it hurts getting hit. There is no way I’m about to engage in mutual combat (aka bar fight or the like)….I stay away from places where stuff like that is likely to occur, but if someone ever threatened me, I’m doing everything I can to ensure I go home to my family, whether that be fleeing, or using adequate, justifiable force.

  45. If someone is determined to attack me, with bare hands or by other means, then I’m going to use the most effective means available to stop him.
    I have no desire to fight them, as it isn’t a contest – unless you see survival as a contest.
    There’s enough people killed & permanently or seriously injured every year to justify using lethal force against an assailant, no matter what is or isn’t in their hands.

  46. It’s pretty clear. Do not physically attack someone unless you’ve mutually agreed, with witnesses, to a fist fight. Otherwise you may be justifiably shot & killed.

    Mutual combat exists for this reason, if you want to “prove your manhood”, then engage in mutual combat with witnesses, even a police officer will allow you to fight.

    As was seen in Seattle, a Police Officer legally watched as two grown men agreed to mutual combat.

    However if one of the guys had assaulted the other without provocation, then the victim may be justified in defending oneself with a firearm.

  47. Ane axe handle is not a deadly weapon?This Glaze asshole has obviously never been beaten tor assaulted with a weapon or he is just a damn f**kin liar-I’d really like to see how he’s handle some recently released convict who’s been pumping iron for years-a smaller,older,person,male or female might well be in fear of their life and unable to run away and if they are armed with a gun it ‘evens the playing field”and that little disgusting poofter Capehart sorely needs his ass kicked.I spent 25 years in law enforcement and none of it was behind a desk-I was in a lot of fights,was assaulted with all kinds of weapons,and never shot anyone,which is the experience of most LE officers,television and film besides the point.Due to medical conditions I cannot fight nor run as I walk with difficulty-I can however hit a head sized target at 25 yards consistently with a large caliber handgun and I cannot imagine using one at more than 7 yards or so as a civilian.F**k Glaze,Capeheart,Matthews,Holder,all of the people who know what’s best for others.

  48. As a guy who was shot when he was young and is now mid 60’s with a history of 5 heart attacks and has 2 terrible knees, I have neither option…can’t fight and can’t run. Attack me and you will get shot…I don’t have a lot of life left, but I’ll be damned if I’ll let anyone shorten it any more.

  49. Perhaps you should share that opinion with the police departments as I always hear how they do nothing wrong when they shoot unarmed people???Why the unbalance??

  50. With all due respect, I have a firearm for protection so I don’t have to rely on physical prowess and fighting skills to survive an attack. I don’t want my family to have to rely on my physical strength and fighting skills for survival. I don’t want my wife to have to rely on her physical strength and fighting skills for survival.

    Of course de-escalation or escape is the ideal defense in almost every situation. But that isn’t always an option. Some people can’t be talked down from an attack. I am not a fast runner, which leaves me limited options in public and if I am attacked in my home my options for getting myself and my family out of harms way are even more restricted. Bottom line, while non-lethal counter-measures are ideal…I should not have to put my life or my families life at risk to preserve the live of someone who has chosen to violently attack me, armed or not.

    A knife, a club, a bare fist or foot can be lethal and I am not at all concerned about a fair fight when it comes to my survival.

  51. Someone might want to inform this individual that dueling is illegal, and only in a duel are you expected to face someone who is trying to kill you and engage in a “fair fight”.

  52. Apparently the spokesman for MAIG has never seen anyone who has been beaten to death with a axe handle. If someone comes at me with an axehandle I’m thinking they intend to use it..particularly if I’m in my home. its a weapon..and I will react accordingly. If it is with a gun, so be it.

  53. Not even going to open the link to this vid, having seen Chris Matthews face-

    I still remember the clip from 2004 where he vowed “his job as a journalist was to do everything he could to help Obama win…” Based on polls on credibility, ad revenues, and viewership dropping like a rock at MSNBC, I suspect lots more have come to same conclusion along the way since.

    But here’s a clue for Mr Glazer, judging from the comments-
    If you are losing Tingles, maybe you should just pack it in, as they say.

  54. 1) when did this become the UK where we have to prove our innocence? Thought we where innocent until proven guilty.?.?.?

    2) The world that these two people come from is a place full of ARMED security, armed with semi- and automatic FIREARMS. Where the world that the rest of us live in is full of gang bangers, criminals, and thieves that may or may not kill indiscriminately. This is as much of a social class argument as a violence argument, NOT a guns argument. I’d like to see them try to ban rocks that where used to kill another person, weather they where in hand or where a projectile…

    near sighted self interested egotistical rich whinny children.

  55. That’s right dumbass, go ahead let the guy beat you to death with a baseball bat or a chain or stab you with a knife. Lucky for you stupid is not a crime or you would be on death row.

    • What these dumbasses don’t get is that a fight for survival is not some boxing match with referees and Queensberry Rules.

  56. The man is a communist!
    The people can not be controlled till they are disarmed.
    That is the communist goal for America.
    Gun control has nothing to do with crime….it is about total control.
    If it was about crime. They would go after criminals not the law abiding.

  57. What about a 100lb elderly man (or woman) vs a muscular 6’6″ 250lb young male with an axe handle (or machete/hatchet, etc.)?
    Stupid, evil libtards.

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