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By Ryan

This is the first FNH weapon I’ve owned. Wait, I take that back. It’s the first FNH I’ve owned that wasn’t issued to me. I’ve “owned” or been in direct supervision of four FNH-made weapons before. During my deployment to Iraq, I carried an FNH-made M16A2. Our crew-served weapon was an FNH made M249 SAW machine gun. An FNH-made MK19 40mm automatic grenade launcher graced the turret of our HUMMVEE. I guess you could say that I’ve been an FNH guy long before I ever technically owned an FNH . . .

I’d like to thank the Editors at TTAG for picking my piece on gun control in Iraq for the runner up prize in their FNS-9 Contest. It was unfortunate that I had that story to write, but I’m grateful that TTAG gave me a forum to tell it.

FNH is an outstanding company that manufacturers a superior firearm. When the armorer at my Army unit handed me my M16A2 for the first time, I looked on the side of the receiver immediately to see which manufacturer had made the rifle. I saw FNH stamped there, and I knew that the rifle I was going to war with was going to serve me well. And serve me well it did.

The irony of this story is pretty thick. I used the FNH I carried on the streets of Baghdad to forcibly disarm an entire population. I wrote a story about it, and won an FNH. Think about that one for a minute. I can assure your readers that this FNH will never be used in that manner in this country. Quite the opposite. If it were only possible, I’d send it to that old woman in Al Karradah that was beaten and burglarized. She could put it to good use. I will keep this pistol always, to remember her and the other victims of gun control that didn’t make it.



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  1. Congrats, and put it to good use. Thanks for your service. The story was informative and made the point crystal clear. An unarmed population is a guaranteed population of victims. Have fun with it! I love my FNX-45 Tactical..its my truck gun and it has always worked well for me.

  2. Thank you again for your story, and your service. It is the most compelling story about the evils of gun control that I have ever heard.

  3. I will not say “thank you for your service”, because it’s so pro-forma and trite that most people are not even in thinking mode when they say it. I’m sure they mean well, and so do I, but “TYFYS” has lost most of its connection to meaning.

    I am going to thank you, not only for your article, but for making positive efforts to atone for your disarming a people sorely in need of personal firearms. Thank you, and keep doing what you’re doing. I think it’s a wonderful thing!

    • +1 that kinda irks me too. Nice to hear at first, but the lack of actual appreciation or anything other than some sort of obligation to say something gets annoying. We didn’t go there for thanks. Trite was the exact word I’ve been looking for.

      Congrats to the winner! No link to his article?

  4. Love the tablecloth. Where can a regular guy get a tablecloth like that?

    And, TYFYS is way better than where we were in the 60s. So, thank you for your story, and for your service.

    • Raid a house in Baghdad that is producing counterfeit Iraq Dinar at 0200 hrs with nine of your closest friends. Take a few sheets off of the numerous 6 foot tall stacks of funny money before you burn the rest of it.

  5. I think FN makes good belt fed Machine guns and M-16A2/4s and now M-4A1s. But for handguns I think the Glock 17, Beretta 92FS, and S&W MP is better than FN. Don’t get me wrong I liked there last useful pistol the Browning High power.

    • don’t forget to mention how great the Springfield xd is. i would put it above the Beretta 92FS and the S&W MP, and probably above the Glock. i have had no experiences with any FN firearms.

      • I could be wrong about this. But in addition to the Browning Hi Power, just about all the Browning guns, including the Auto 5 shotgun ans semi auto .22 rifle were made at the FN plant in Belgium. At least back in the day. They were all good quality.

    • The FNX works very well for me… but I have unique hands.. and have to shoot left handed…with less total fingers.I have found it to be reliable, and just as functional as its competitors. it did not work well for my wife. She was better served with the glock. I have owned a glock, a springfield XD, and will once again an XD (the xds). All excellent weapons. No reliability issues with any of them. I can’t speak for the M&P as an owner yet but will be buying one. As much as I love my FNX personally I would recommend a striker fired weapon with no external safeties for just about anyone else.

    • We are lucky to live in a time with so many great options for handguns.
      I didn’t think about FNH handguns much until last fall, when I had the chance to shoot one. An eye opening experience. Now I have an FNX-9. Is it better than any of the weapons you mentioned? I don’t know, because I can’t define better . But I believe it is just like my Glock, Sig, and SW, all good.
      You are going to see more FNH shooters.

  6. Ryan, thanks for your service. Those who have served, know the thanks is genuine.
    Congrats on the FN pistol.
    Great original story, yet another reminder of the evils of gun control. And this isn’t 70 year old history, this was just a few short years ago…

  7. M249 SAW(Squad Automatic Weapon) I DO WANT!!
    It’s all those $$$ I don’t have. I know, if you have to ask…
    It’s probably more than my house.

  8. #1
    Thanks for denying me the chance to deploy my PDW against a BG.
    No, really, thanks for making me/ my family safe, I really mean it!
    We all GTW with the weapon we are issued. I recall times I packed a 45 and a 556N. In my second life I packed a 762N and a 9mm.
    Was it God’s sense of humor or my self imposed elitism?
    Either way, shot placement is KEY.
    Thanks for doing what you do.
    Keep writing!

  9. I too carried an FNH M16A2 during the first 2 years of my enlistment and during one tour in the middle east. It was a fine piece of equipment, I never once had a malfuntion of any sort with that weapon. Unlike the Colt M4 I was issued before my last deployment that would jam rounds in between the locking lugs every once in awhile.

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