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On Sunday morning at about 4 a.m. in Glen St. Mary, Florida, a group of seven masked home invaders barged into a mobile home located on County Road 125. A shot was fired by one invader. Two of the home’s four occupants responded with armed force.

One of the residents had an AR-15 style rifle. The person with the AR said they fired over 30 rounds while repelling the invaders. One invader was killed and others wounded. None of the residents were injured.

As soon as the gunfight stopped, the residents called 911. Baker County deputies immediately responded, stopping a car they found fleeing the scene at a high rate of speed. Five people were arrested and a 16-year-old juvenile was taken to the hospital.


GLEN ST. MARY, Fla – Deputies arrested five people, two of them teens, after a home invasion Sunday in Glen St. Mary escalated into a deadly shootout, according to the Baker County Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office said the five were among seven masked individuals armed with guns who barged into a mobile home on County Road 125 about 4 a.m. to confront four people staying there over a feud.

I have long maintained the AR-15 or other modern sporting rifles make excellent home defense firearms. The reasons are many, as was illustrated with this case.

The rifles are light, easy to use, and reliable. The cartridges used are adequate for home defense. There are several ammunition choices available to limit potential over-penetration. The magazine capacity is especially valuable when confronting several attackers.

The intimidation value of an identifiable platform such as the AR-15 can also help prevent a gunfight…or stop one in some cases.

Investigators found a mask with a bullet hole in it and considerable blood at the scene. While over 30 shots were fired by the defenders, only one of the shots appears to have resulted in a fatality. We know at least one shot was fired by the intruders, which didn’t hit any of the residents.

People who obtain their personal defense information from television dramas often think only one shot is needed to stop an attacker. The reality is, in the heat of a tense situation, many shots miss. Some will wound and few are fatal. That’s the reason people who study combat and self-defense don’t put a limit on the number of shots that may be necessary.

The victims told deputies they acted in self-defense when they turned their guns on the intruders, with one of them estimating he fired over 30 rounds from an AR-15 before the threat was over.

Afterward, the victims retreated to another part of the home before they dialed 911, according to the report. None of them was hurt during the shooting.

The same cannot be said for the intruders, several of whom were inside a vehicle deputies intercepted as it sped away from the mobile home off County Road 125.

One of them, Corey Lauramore, died of gunshot wounds to the head. An unidentified 16-year-old remains hospitalized, and a third suspect, William Lauramore, was treated and released to police.

The AR-15 type rifle is the most popular rifle in the United States. Uninformed commentary to the contrary, they are seldom used in crimes because rifles are rarely used by criminals. The vast majority of homicides and other crimes involving guns are committed with handguns, because handguns are much easier to conceal and transport.

Recent use of AR-15 type rifles in mass murders is cited as a reason to ban them. But AR-15s have been commonly available to the public since 1965. None were used in a mass murder until 2007, and that was a police-issued rifle.

What happened to increase the use of AR-15 rifles in mass murders? Very likely it was media coverage where the exposure created incentives for socially marginal individuals to achieve celebrity status by becoming mass murderers. Since 2012, much media focus has been directed at the AR-15, as many in the media want to see them banned.


Among other factors also worth considering is media coverage of mass shooters, which Adam Lankford, a criminology professor at the University of Alabama, said rewards perpetrators with fame and can lead to copycat effects.

“Although firearms availability is the primary reason why the United States has more public mass shooters than other countries, media coverage of perpetrators may largely explain why the United States has seen more public mass shooters and deadlier incidents over time,” Lankford said.

As this weekend’s home invasion in Florida demonstrates, the AR-15 makes an excellent home defense weapon.

©2018 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included.

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  1. Am I the only one who doesn’t like the fact that “over 30 rounds” plus the 9mm went zipping through what is presumably a trailer park?

    • Not just you… I wonder how hard they looked for where those suckers landed. That’s exactly why I can’t like 5.56 for home defense.

      • Personally I like ARs for HD if I’m not using a pistol, because shotguns don’t shoot often enough. YMMV. But I wouldn’t (hopefully) let loose my entire mag on three people. Seems to me like that guy was a horrible shot, overcome by adrenaline, undisciplined, or all three.

        • Or was shooting thru barricades such as vehicle skin, furniture etc. You guys get a part of the story and get diarrhea of the mouth

        • An AR [with full-auto capability] is issued as a U.S. servicemember’s primary TOA weapon (inside or outside the wire, a pistol is a backup) in ‘hot’ areas for both offense and defense.

          If you think a “hot” zone is anything different from your living room, think again.

          Any round, and any weapon system that delivers it is going to have some kind of drawback, but no more of a drawback than not being able to do excessive response.

        • “Or was shooting thru barricades such as vehicle skin, furniture etc.”

          Skin? Really? I’m pretty sure 5.56 can handle skin, and even furniture. As far as cars, justifying shooting it would be difficult unless they shooting back. From what I know, the .380 was left on the porch, and I doubt anyone was doing much shooting once the two victims opened fire. Could be wrong.

        • Although I recognize the danger of over-penetration, the gentleman was using what we in the Marines called “fire-suppression”.

          The test of the pudding is in the eating. The invaders got off one shot. The invaders were all wounded and one killed, whereas, the defenders were all safe.

          And, remarkably enough there were no injuries to other residents in the trailer park.

          Fire suppression works.

        • i dont know what you mean by shotguns not shooting often enough. i can fire my pump just a tad slower then a semiauto

        • Nearly all shotguns hold less rounds than an AR. I don’t like that, and I really don’t like having to manually cycle my gun every time I want to shoot.

        • “Nearly all shotguns hold less rounds than an AR.”

          That’s true if you’re only counting shells, but even a five-round pump loaded with 00 buck holds 45 pellets of .33 caliber shot. An eight-round tube holds 72.

          That’s a lot of persuasion.

        • @Ralph How many shots you have and how much “persuasion” you have are two different things last I checked. Defensive guns should balance the two, and shotguns don’t really do a good job of that IMO. As always, YMMV and people “behind enemy lines” sometimes have to make different decisions.

        • I can’t say. I wasn’t there. Maybe your Mom will come down to the basement and change your sheets today.

        • Probably dark, poor sightlines, trying not to expose himself too much, I don’t judge. He’s alive, the bad guys are dead or fled, and that’s the way he wanted it. Who cares about the round count?

      • 5.56 being fired thru barricades has less over penetration issues than pistol caliber or shotgun rounds. There is a reason the military spent millions developing barrier blind rounds like MK318 and M855A1 so they could shoot thru barriers and hit people on the other sides effectively.

        Now if outside yes the rifle round will travel further and be lethal longer if no barriers are encountered.

        • What if you have to run outside?

          Don’t worry about over-penetration more than stopping the threat.

      • Yeah, well, when 7 armed dudes bust in your place, your in an honest to god war. I wouldn’t want a “duty 9 or a pump shotty” in that situation.

        • I wasn’t in Vietnam but I’ve read that shotguns were valuable in dense jungle battles. Jungles and trailers both seem like close-quarter combat zones to me. I wouldn’t turn down an AR-15 if I had one but I would feel well equipped with my shotgun with its extended magazine tube and side saddle shell carrier.

      • Depends on the location. Here, there is a 45 degree fan that I would try to avoid shooting in unless the opportunity to aim low presented its self.

    • Depends on the ammo 556 SP or Hollow Point can be stopped easily. The one shot by the bad guys is irrelevant because they don’t care. Your trailer park comment is unfounded because if you research it you will see that these are multiple acre residencies in “the country”.

      • I didn’t research it, so thanks for the input. Multi-acre property in a rural area seems better, but it still seems irresponsible to me unleash over 30 rounds on 3 people.

        • Ya, 1 round (inbound) into the firefight, and you won’t know how big the opposition is. One round + outbound and your amount of care likely falls away. And vice-versa.

          When in doubt, empty your magazine and reload.

        • Ugh dude, it was SEVEN people. 3 wounded 4 unscathed.

          30 rounds seems restrained to me, but my guess is he didn’t have a reload handy.

        • Unless those 3 people were attacking me and mine.

          Id like to think i would end the situation with a handful of well-placed rounds.

          Other factors beyond my control might dictate more rounds.

          Shoot until the threat is no more.

          Not gonna armchair quarterback their actions.

        • “Not gonna armchair quarterback their actions.”

          Touche. I shouldn’t have done that.

        • Sounds like you’re in favor of magazine restrictions. After all, what do you NEED That for? Right? Right? Closet liberal.

    • Presume nothing. I currently sit on the deck at our camp awaiting the delivery of a ton of Antler Max. It is a very nice modular home (fancy name for mobile). I am surrounded by 1000+ acres. Nearest neighbours at least 1/2 mile away. Also familiar with Baker Co., FL. Driven through it many times. It’s between Jacksonville and Tallahassee. Very rural.

    • Good example of why shotguns are the very last thing you want to plan on using when preparing your home defense scheme. Shotguns are for hunting birds, and shooting clay pigeons on a range…and that is absolutely the extent of a shotguns usefulness. Doesn’t matter what Joe Biden says, or any similarly outdated philosophies from other out-of-touch old men (I’m pointing my finger directly at Clint at Thunder Ranch).

      • P.S. You can stop pointing at Clint Smith because he sleeps with a whole box of AR mags underneath his bed, so it’s not like he’s a diehard shotgun guy or anything.

      • My Saiga with 12 round magazines will put out 192 33 grain projectiles at 1250fps in under 3 seconds and be ready to do it again after 3 more.

        It’s still not the first thing I’d grab if 5 goblins busted into my home.

        Which reminds me I need to finish setting up my .300BLK suppressed SBR.

      • madcap. How about those of us that live in areas where we have mag limits and can’t get ‘real’ ebr’s?

        But you go on being a judgemental as*hole. The rest of us will talk around you.

        • I’d recommend that you either move out of whatever sh!tty state you live in that has unconstitutional gun laws, or work to get rid of those unconstitutional laws. And a key to a successful life is having good judgement, if that reality makes you cry…too bad. I judge the f/k out of things, all day long.

        • madcapp. You in agreement with the anti’s like pelosi and bloomberg that your rights are subject to the tyranny of the majority? You just keep the ‘just move’ movement going. Your judgement is helping the bad guys.

      • I can afford to build a small collection of firearms. But anyone on minimum wage can buy a Mossberg (Maverick) 88 Field/Security combo for $235, and have a gun they can use with buckshot for home defense, and swap out the barrel in the fall for shooting at birds, and use that same cheap #7 1/2 birdshot for practice. Handguns and ARs might be more capable, but they don’t stack up in value. And that’s a real consideration for a lot of people.

      • I have to agree. I kept an original Scatter Gun Technologies 870 in my car every day. Because I had to. Don’t get me wrong. Love Remington shotguns and rifles. Own a bunch of 870s. And 1100s, 700s too, but they’re for hunting. As soon as a retired I sold that Scatter Gun Technologies shotgun. Great gun, but why? When I could roll out with a .556 Galil ARM. Heavy, but I wasn’t running patrols.

      • Madcap:
        Wow. Just, wow.
        Shotguns are very capable firearms for HD. They are notorious for one-shot incapicitation, even if you don’t manage to hit exact center mass. An ounce of lead, even at 1200+fps, is definitely going to do some damage.
        An AR is also good, but is also notorious for not incapacitating unless the shot is center mass. (Forget what is seen in movies) There’s also the problem of those follow-up shots: in this case, “more than 30” rounds fired, and, according to early reports, 10% hit an intended target. While that’s better than a “trained” LEO, it’s still poor. IMO, shotguns are fired more slowly, which tends to mean better aimed.
        Then, while we’re talking suppressive fire (that’s also called intimidation), the shotgun has a higher intimidation factor than an AR. And intimidation is a very real factor in HD; the intent isn’t to kill everyone (believe it or not), it’s to end the confrontation as quickly as possible. Scaring a perp into stopping is, IMO, better than killing him.
        And, let’s not forget, a home invasion by seven people is definitely nowhere near the norm; it’s usually one or two people, and one is by far the most common.

    • So you think the seven attackers should be free to do harm to the resident? Or are you going to offer an equally effective option?

  2. It is good to see that these people were able to survive this home invasion. It may have gone very different if not for the AR-15 the victims used to defend against the invaders. If they had no means to defend themselves , they most likely would have been the ones shot. I own several rifles . my go to would absolutely be my AR-15. I am so sick and tired of the bad reputation this rifle has had of late. It is a great tool for home defense. It also does not magically fire itself. Nor does any other gun I know of !! When the 2nd amendment haters take away. “Try to ” remove our arms. What will they do if a similar situation occurred in their home , while having dinner with their families , children , etc. They are unarmed , criminals with guns burst through their front door with guns aiming to harm them ? Go like lambs to slaughter nice and quietly.

  3. None of this surprises me a bit. I keep a “ready rifle” in the geographic center of my home. In my case a stainless Ruger Mini-14 w/tritium front sight and ghost ring rear. Also makes a great offshore boat rifle. Salt water is hell on most finishes. Kudos to the home owner/defender.

    • . . . you mean [cough] the one that you lost in that terrible firery boat wreck at sea, God rest its soul. Don’t you, Mr. McMichael?

      • You have me confused with someone else. Never been on a firery boat wreck, or any other kind. Did have one almost sink from underneath me in Apalachacola Bay once. When Florida Fish & Wildlife arrived I was able to advise, “Everyone is accounted for and we have no injuries.” The look of relief on that guys face is funny today, but nothing was funny that night. Even managed to save the boat.

      • Nope, standard. Did have a stainless factory folder once. GB model. Wish I still had it. Tried to watch A Team once. Didn’t make it to the first commercial break.

  4. Traile…er home invasion at the trailer park?!? Sounds like an episode of Cops. Wonder what they were looking for? Oh and I’ve decided against an AR for home defense in my hood. Shotgun at 8+1 and semiautomatic pistols should be OK. I’d get an AR if I was rural…

    • I think you mean “Trailer Park Boys”. Where they also have frequent shoot-em-ups where nobody ever seem to hit anything. Wild times. Only fun when you’re very young.

  5. “But AR-15s have been commonly available to the public since 1965. None were used in a mass murder until 2007, and that was a police-issued rifle.”

    Kinda sorta true, but only by playing cutesy with wording. Don’t do that. That’s a gun grabber tactic and you’re better than that.

    The 2007 date is only true if you exclude the 49th Street Elementary School shooting in 1984. Technically, that’s not “mass murder”, because only two children were murdered, plus the suicide of the killer, himself. However, there’s no official, legal definition of mass murder.

    Still, in addition to two killed, there were 12 injured when the killer opened fire on a schoolyard. The relevant standard here should be mass shooting, not just mass murder. We’re trying to understand and prevent mass shootings altogether, not just the most damaging ones that reach mass murder status.

    • The definition for mass shooting is 4 or more. I can’t say for certain if that is only deaths, or if 4 or more are injured. Depending on sources for “mass shootings in the US”, the numbers become skewed, and they start changing the definition to 6+, to make it seem worse in some cases.

  6. “Nobody needs an AR-style weapon for self-defense.” Except for maybe that guy.

    I’m unclear how you respond successfully to a multi-person home invasion, with a matchlock, kept unloaded, of course. (Flint-locks aren’t allowed — evil killing machine technology allows them to fire faster, so banned. Also have been in military use, so no citizen needs one of those.)

  7. The AR-15 is a very effective, and STUPID choice for home defense.

    Because after the bullets fly, you may very well face a jury. And juries are proven to be biased against big black scary rifles. Especially female jurors, they hand out longer sentences to people who used an “assault rifle” as compared to a “hunting” rifle.

    If you’re going to use an AR15 for home defense, get one in muddy girl pink camo. And no, I’m not kidding.

    If you want to use an AR15 for home defense but don’t want to antagonize a potential jury, get a Ruger Mini 14 instead — and get the one with a wood stock.

    • If you’re in a state with even a decent castle law, (such as TX, as your name says) you’re more than likely not to even be arrested for a shoot inside the home. The places where such a thing could happen have already outlawed AR’s anyway.

    • You’re right. It isn’t so much needing to be scary & black, or having a Stoner-derived operating system. With current technology, the thing is a reliable, modern semi-auto carbine in an intermediate power cartridge.

      Or a brace of multi-barrel boarding pistols from pirate days. In cap lock, so you can keep them primed. (Did they make those?)

    • If you’re going to use an AR15 for home defense, get one in muddy girl pink camo. And no, I’m not kidding.
      I like the ones with Hello Kitty logos on the side.

  8. “I’ll limit the number of cartridges when they’ll limit the number of people coming in the door.”

  9. .30 cal. M-1 carbine is my personal choice for home defense.
    1. It’ hot pistol round is good out to a couple of hundred yrds.
    2. It does not look like one of those scary black rifles.
    3. Thirty round magazines.
    4. All wooden furniture means that if it comes down from CQB to h2h, I can butt stroke the hell out of someone with it still being functional afterwards.

      • Not all M-1 carbine have bayonet lugs. Next, while not a fan of butt stokes with an M-1 carbine, nor an M-16 when I took bayonet training. Butt stroke goes hand-in-hand With bayonet training. I’ll take an M-1/14, or almost any butt stroke any day to a bayonet stab. Bayonet goes to bleeding. Butt stroke goes to brain. Then bayonet him.

  10. My HD rifle is a Tavor SAR. I can fire it one handed after its charged. I have two 30 round PMAGs coupled together. I have the Mepro RDS and. Surefire light in an MI handguard. So, it should handle almost 100% of any home invasion scenarios with ease.

  11. Given a choice when and if. Id take my AR over any high capacity handgun I have.
    Although I feel 19 rounds plus an 18 round reload should handle any home type situation Id come across.

  12. But..but.. an AK pattern rifle in 7.63x39mm would’ve been much more effective and an Italian Carcano would’ve killed all the attackers I mean just look at what it did in Dallas! Nobody needs an AR15 for home defense when we have beasts like those available to the general public.

    This moment of Sarcasm and Troll brought to you by Moltar and paid for with a 12 pack of Budweiser and half a pack of Pall Malls stolen from your mamaw’s double wide just off route 6.

    • I understand the sarcasm, but an AK makes an extremely capable HD gun, possibly even moreso than an AR.
      The 30 cal bullet does more damage at HD ranges. Thirty round mags are the norm, just like the AR.
      I own both (yes, I finally bought an AR), and they each seem to be extremely reliable. Both have a red dot (the AR has a reflex, it’s easier for me to get on target than the tube, so the AK will probably get a reflex soon), and are quick to hit the target in rapid fire. But that .30 caliber bullet is just better at home defense ranges.

    • Dr.O.——-That is the common thread that they will not discuss. Most if not all are on multiple anti-depressant drugs at the same time and probably shouldn’t be mixed. However, the libs are getting the results that they want.

      • Exactly. We need to change the topic from magazine restrictions, need for big scary rifles to that. Hard to do when MSM don’t want to hear it due to their own agenda of marginalizing and demonizing anyone who supports the 2nd Amendment and it’s true history.

  13. “The feud was fueled by derogatory and threatening rhetoric between the two groups on social media platforms and eventually escalated to this shooting,” the Sheriff’s Office wrote on Facebook.

  14. Dr O, I didn’t get the sarcasm. Of course, tone and inflection have as much to do with meaning as anything. If the sarcasm has to do with a rifle on the boat crimes take place on the water same as anywhere else. We have a lot of water in Florida. I have a friend who was about to be boarded by an aggressor. On a lake! Jim is handicapped, but armed. Jim produced a handgun and the bad guy decided he had more pressing matters elsewhere. Besides, I already own the rifle, it doesn’t take up anymore room on an offshore boat than another bottom rod; so why not? Oh! We often anchor up and spend the night on the boat. Doesn’t hurt to have a long gun on board to supplement the handguns everyone on board has.

    • let’s catch paul up. long time posters assume a certain amount of comment section familiarity.
      the fact is that none of us had any firearms left after the tragic boating accidents that consumed them. so don’t come trying to take them away because they’re in the drink. right next to the hk mags and the 40watt plasma rifles. and possibly the odd israeli super model.
      it’s amazing we all survived.

      • That was clear…

        What he/she means is: multiple “joke” comments have been made over the years that if the government comes to register our guns (precursor to confiscation) people will say “oh I lost my guns at the bottom of the lake in a tragic boating accident”.

        Over time…. it’s become a meme 🙂

  15. It’s … it’s … it’s … almost like they go after particular weapons *because* they the safer, more effective choices for people protecting themselves.

    • That’s not it. It’s because they’re easier targets (no pun) and likely tho get more support from the uninitiated. After that. Handguns. Next? Sniper rifles. You know like that pre-64 Winchester Model 70 with a Weaver 4X scope you inherited from your grandfather? Yeah, that’s it. The one you hunt with once a year in honor of his memory. You don’t need that! You can hunt deer with a shotgun. Wait! Those can unleash multiple projectiles with a single pull of a trigger! Etc., etc., etc…

      • England has upped the ante to “Deadly Blades”. Of course the “migrants” can do as they please. White Christian English people are of course evil.

  16. If the report is accurate, it sounds like 4 young men are now going to be charged with felony murder. If anyone dies while you are committing a crime, you just killed them.

  17. Easy access to guns is not the main cause to mass shootings , or whatever. Guns have been just as accessible since back to Concord. Maybe even less accessible now. Guns are basically been the same all along. The people are different. For some reason, a liberal reason I suspect, people think a reasonable solution to their screwed-up-ness is to kill a bunch of people.

    No matter what, their screwed-up-ness has nothing to do with my gun.

  18. Glen St. Mary is a small town and most of County Rd. 125 is rural. I don’t see any trailer parks along the route, so it was probably a standalone trailer. The area has a fair amount of woods That’s not to say it was out of rifle range of other houses, but likely not right up against other trailers.

    Since these were pretty bold, armed home invaders who seemed to have fired the first shot, it’s reasonable to suppose that they were relying on some isolation to give them time to work.

    Now, you don’t pack a group of seven armed people together to steal flat screen TVs and DVD players from a mobile home. I’ll bet anything that drug trade was involved.

    • Saw the channel four article. There’s one prominent mobile home “just north of I-10.” It’s off by itself a little, got some woods and treelines surrounding, but not for sure out of rifle range of neighbors. Looks like it matches the photo from the article.

    • From a reply to the Sheriff’s office Facebook:

      Tony Thomas This is brenda not tony no one should judge parents prayers going for all going in there house was wrong drugs does alot to people so why dont we pray for all thats involved all these boys was raised by good parents the fighting and negative needs stop families are hurting lets pray for everyone plz

      Sorry, Brenda. The parents sure screwed up raising those boys. They should be ashamed.

    • “Now, you don’t pack a group of seven armed people together to steal flat screen TVs and DVD players from a mobile home. I’ll bet anything that drug trade was involved.”

      I’ve said that a bunch of times regarding planned home invasions (no matter how many people are involved).
      Home invasion carries some rather steep penalties (jail time not the only one). The haul has to be worth the possible outcome.
      Drugs, cash and jewelry are (IMO) the most usual expected hauls, even if none are mentioned in the ‘news’ reports. Guns rate a distant third (breaking into a home you think has guns in it is just stupid).
      Breaking into a house to just see what you can steal looks good in the movies and TV, but the possible outcome for the perp is so bad that only the ones who need to be weeded out in the first place try that. (Disclaimer: a lot of years ago, I was a victim of a burglar (he got a very nice audio receiver), along with several neighbors. He targeted empty homes, until he targeted one that wasn’t quite empty. Big mistake. He took one in the leg, and was sentenced to eight years for the multiple burglaries (unfortunately, several sentences to run concurrently). I didn’t get the receiver back, he sold it for far less than it was worth. He ended up with less than a year in jail, and a permanent limp. He was lucky.)

  19. a group of seven masked home invaders barged into a mobile home located on County Road 125. One of the residents had an AR-15 style rifle.
    I think he needed an MG42 belt fed machine gun.

  20. The reality is, in the heat of a tense situation, many shots miss. Some will wound and few are fatal

    and….that’s why most of these “mass shooting” incidents are highly suspect;

  21. A lot of the bullets missed their targets. I wonder if they would have done better with a shotgun…or worse?
    What about a 9mm PCC?

  22. 7 invaders 30 shots one wounded, uhhhhhmmmmm yeh. To bad they didn’t have a sawed off shotgun and buckshot. As the battlefield reports keep coming in its beginning to appear as if the 5.56×45 is doing just what it was designed to do. Waste a lot of ammo and wound. How about an AK -47 ? 30 shots fired 14 dead and 28 wounded. Blasphemy, its 9mm and 5.56,

  23. One commentator here seemed to blame those attacked, the usual rubbish about “nobody needs an AR-15”. In my view, nobody “needs” to be attacked either. Fortunately, it seems as if no innocent parties were injured. If any had been, complaints and action should obviously be directed at those who initiated the problem, in this case, the attackers, not those who defended themselves. I take this position at the risk of being criticized, but then I guess that I’m just terribly old fashioned. I insist on being left in peace, and I’m perfectly willing to extend similar courtesies to others.


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