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“Massachusetts has the lowest rate of gun deaths in the county [sic] & can serve as a model for the federal gov’t to develop policies to keep schools safe. @RepKClark & I surveyed MA educators & have a series of recommendations for @BetsyDeVosED to help stop gun violence in schools.” – Senator Elizabeth Warren peddling inaccurate data via Twitter

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  1. Crazy-eye PocaFalseness at it again, dried up prune thinks she is relevant. Go bake muffins for the gran grans.

  2. Come on now, don’t you remember new new math is what is taught now?
    I remember back in I think 9th grade when they told us new math was what we were going to be taught. You work numbers a new way now, C= 1 might equal A – T but that would be a cat and cat equals nothing since it is an imaginary cat? Or some such nonsense. Whatever it was they dropped it quickly and went back to old math.

    In new new math all numbers are imaginary, zero has the same weight as the highest number and you can say 12 equals 0.

  3. The Face of New Age Authoritarianism…Better yet, coming direct from “The People’s Republic of M–Assachusetts…Within its “iron curtain”, A ‘Socialist, Utopian Police-State…’

  4. Goddamn, politicians from my state are so dumb.

    It’s entirely anecdotal, but neither I nor anyone I know votes for these people. Gotta wonder how they all get their offices.

      • You’re right!!!! The dead have been voting in Illinois for decades and decades…it’s how all the criminal politicians like Mike Madigan in state government have run the state for 30+ years! Our current governor in Illinois is the only one who has tried to put an end to this kind of activity but when these people either control the state or have been arrested and convicted(which MANY Illinois politicians have been subjected to)their tentacles are far-reaching. The dead continue to vote, as do ILLEGALS and criminals and I despise these politicians who have allowed the US to become a laughing stock, both at home and abroad!

        • 94K dead people from Durham, NC put old Roy Poopermouth in office. He was loosing badly until the 94K got woke up and went to the polls. No wonder they fight voter ID so much; dead people photograph badly.

      • Calvin Coolidge graduated from Amherst College, practice law in Massachusetts and served as Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as well as several other elected offices in Massachusetts. His actions as Governor in the 1919 Boston Police Strike set precedent for President Reagan’s handling of the PATCO air traffic controllers’ strike.

    • Come on, one can’t try to analyze the numbers too far.

      But then the the pro-gun side lumps in the higher crime rate area’s to counter her statement, so she is NOT the only one trying to put up a BS headline.

      “No, Elizabeth Warren, Anti-Gun States Do Not Have The Fewest Gun Deaths” But is that what she said?

      • Ummm, Senator Warren lies and you attack gun owners? Swallow bud, some of George Soros cream is dribbling down your chun

  5. Hmmm…I don’t twitter. Does she go on to explain how having a low rate of suicide with a firearm makes them uniquely qualified at address school security? Asking for a friend.

  6. I actually like Warren, if it were not for the 2nd amendment concerns, I would vote for her in 2020

    She has the best work ethic in Washington

    • Eh – she’s a Marxist/Communist. Even if she let you have your guns, she would eventually take the remainder of your property for the “common good”.

      We need more candidates that are willing to cut and close federal agencies until the federal government fits back into the enumerated powers in the constitution.

      That’s the only work ethic that matters to me.

      • Hey commies work very hard at obtaining and retaining power. Being “Big Brother” isn’t as easy as it seems.

    • I’m not convinced that getting the trains to run on time is such a promising trait in a politician when, had she her druthers, those trains would deliver us all to death camps.

  7. Chief Spreading Bull should visit Trenton, Newark, Camden and Paterson NJ. We have tons of restrictive gun laws here – and gun deaths are as prevalent as ever in these cities.

  8. You might want to publish a retraction on this, as much as I detest Elizabeth Warren, she is correct –
    Based on the most current reliable numbers (CDC, FBI, and Census Bureau – 2016). Massachusetts does indeed have the lowest gun death rate in the country, at 3.4 per 100,000. (1)

    Firearm HOMICIDE rates are a different story. According to the Census Bureau’s 2016 population estimates (2) and 2016 FBI crime data (3) Massachusetts has the 16th* lowest rate. Of note, as well, is that all of the top 10 states with the lowest firearm homicide rates allow some form of open carry (Let me know if you want a full report)

    (1) “CDC • National Center for Health Statistics Firearm Mortality by State: 2016”
    (2) ” United States Census Bureau. • Annual Estimates of the Resident Population for the United States, Regions, States, and Puerto Rico: April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2016″ (XLS) –
    (3) “FBI Uniform Crime Reporting • Crime in the U.S. 2016 • Table 12 • Murder • by State, Types of Weapons, 2016” –
    *Possibly as low as 14th – The FBI didn’t publish numbers for Florida and Alabama provided incomplete incomplete data of murder weapons.

    • Xaq Fixx,

      Good catch on Senator Warren’s play on total deaths with firearms (highly inflated because of suicides) versus murder with firearms.

      When it comes to the murder rate (with firearms as the murder weapon), Massachusetts’ neighbor Vermont beats them hands down.

    • So? Kansas is tied for the lowest rate of shark attacks. Does Kansas have anything to teach the coastal states about shark attack mitigation?

      Warren knows that legitimate statistical analysis, especially is a social science like criminology, is going to be multivariate. That is, there will be additional relevant factors that help explain the result. There are moderating and mediating variables, for example.

      She’s pointing to gun laws as a mediating variable, but ignores the population’s age distribution as a moderating variable. In fact, her state scores much lower and has so for many years when the gun deaths are age-adjusted. She knows all that, just like she knows conflating suicides with homicides can further muddy the waters.

      She may be technically correct on her specific claim. However, in misapplying that factoid and leveraging it as credibility for making recommendations to reduce gun violence in schools nationwide, she wilfully deceives the reader. She is committing the lie of omission, rather than the lie of commission. Either way, Chief Lies on Applications is a liar. Again. Still. As Farago always loved to say.

  9. shes a democrat

    her lips are moving

    it means shes either straight up lying

    or shes just clearly wrong

    this is not a good situation

    the current opposition party in america is mindless clueless and cannot be trusted

    if the party in power loses its way


    there will be no stopping them

    it does not bode well for those who champion freedom liberty and the idea of limited government especially at the federal level

    our shame in all this is that we have failed to deliver to our children a country that isnt worse off than what our parents delivered to us

  10. * Creeping Socialism MUST be stopped Cold !
    States are passing laws that ELIMINATE Due – Process. Democrats and many Republicans as well have decided that they will allow ” WE The People ” to be deprived of our Rights and Property just like they are trying to do to Judge Kavenaugh.The anti-gun groups are leading the charge…. Like Mass. Florida & Vermont RINOS Betrayed voters — Pennsylvania Senate is about to VOTE on HB – 2060 and HB – 2227 on Monday , Oct 1st.
    ( N.R.A. decided to stand down , again )



    These laws will KILL The Constitution as plainly as a declaration of war.
    ( If they will allow mere allegations to DESTROY Kavenaugh , they will do it to ALL OF US !!!! )

  11. Uh, she’s right and TTAG is wrong; from the article: “The only way Warren’s statement is true is by including gun suicides…”

    Which makes her statement true. Her tweet didn’t say “gun homicides” it said “gun deaths.”

    You’re not proving dishonest politicians to be liars by being dishonest yourself.

  12. A little off the subject, but I had a rare thought ( incredible). If obtaining an I D is too burdensome and a way to keep minorities from voting, then obtaining a permission slip ( permit) to carry should be judged by the same rule. Voting and bearing arms are both constitutional rights.

  13. Well compared to a few states, Alaska, Texas, Montana and others Massachusetts is a ” county”. Not sure about her math , I’m assuming her spelling is as good

  14. The Injun Princess failed to note that Massachusetts has a very high rate of tomahawk and bow-and-arrow deaths.

  15. New Hampshire, our neighbor to the north, with no gun laws, has the lowest HOMICIDE rate in the country.

    MA has a higher homicide rate. But a much lower suicide rate. So she is playing tricky with the term “gun deaths” by including suicides.

    I’m of the mind that people have a right to kill themselves. Its sad. But its their right.

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