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From Apex Tactical . . .

Apex Tactical Specialties is pleased to announce a new budget friendly polymer version of its Action Enhancement Kit for the Gen 3 and Gen 4 Glock model pistols. The new Polymer Action Enhancement Kit will be available soon for an inflation-beating MSRP of just $90.00.

Offered with a Black, FDE, Red, Purple or Blue polymer trigger body mounted to an Apex Gen 3 style trigger bar, the new kit delivers the same great performance that has made Apex the top-selling aftermarket trigger upgrade for most Glock models. When installed the kit will reduce trigger pull weight by approximately 1.0 lb., reduces pre-travel, overall and reset distance and provides a smooth uptake with a crisp trigger break.

The full kit features an Apex designed polymer trigger body, with center mounted pivoting safety, mounted to an Apex Gen 3 style trigger bar, an Apex Ultimate Safety Plunger, and an Apex Performance Connector.

This new kit is for use in the following Gen 3 & 4 Glock pistols: G17, G17L, G19, G22, G23, G24, G26, G27, G31, G32, G33, G34, G35, G37, G38 and G39.

Like all Apex trigger upgrades, the new Polymer Action Enhancement Kit for Gen 3 and Gen 4 Glocks has passed Apex’s extensive battery of drop-tests conducted in 27 different impact orientations from six (6) feet onto concrete.

The new Apex Polymer Action Enhancement Kit will be available for order from on Monday, May 30th. The new kit will also be available through a number of Apex’s stocking dealers and distributors.

Retailers and wholesale distributors that have not yet ordered and wish to stock the new trigger kit can contact Apex at [email protected] or (623) 322-0200 for pricing and quantity availability.

Features and Specifications:

– Reduces trigger pull weight approximately 1.0 lb.
– Reduces trigger pre-travel, overall travel and reset distance
– Reduces trigger pre-travel, over-travel and reset
– Provides smooth uptake and reset
– Delivers crisp trigger break
– Maintains factory safety values
– Easy to install

– MSRP: $90.00

For more information on parts from Apex Tactical Specialties, visit, like Apex Tactical on Facebook or follow @ApexTactical on Instagram or Twitter. Instructional videos on the installation of Apex parts are available on Apex’s YouTubeFull30 and GunStreamer channels.

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  1. Meh. Neat but I wouldn’t get one.

    Glocks have… predictable/consistant triggers across all their pistols. So much so that I’m used to any cons they may have.

    Then again that’s just me.

    • Depends. Of the multiple Glocks in my own collection, all work superbly (as you state), but two were inconsistent, with one of them being downright horrible with a pull that increased over a span of its first 500 rounds to more than 12 pounds! I replaced those two with DAT Overwatch triggers and polished safety plungers, and they perked right up and behaved well.

        • All Polymer80s I built with full OEM Glock parts, so that only the frame itself is (was?) P80. However…before you squint your eyes, one of my friends who has genuine factory Glocks swapped some parts with a couple of my guns to help troubleshoot his own issues. The parts we swapped behaved exactly the same on both frames, whether P80 or Glock, and in the case of the worst Glock trigger I had, it was determined to be the actual trigger.

          Gen 3 G17s in this case. I had a minor issue with a G19 as well, but fixed it by putting in a 3.5 lb bar and polished plunger. Didn’t have to swap the trigger.

          Three of my P80s’ triggers (OEM Glock) have performed perfectly since installation, through hundreds or (in one case) a couple thousand rounds. YMMV.

        • FWIW, I could only build up until mid-2018, when our CA law changed to prohibit building without first “registering” with CADOJ, and that’s something the Haz household wants to mess with. So my Glock parts were from four years ago and the couple of bad ones might have been due to manufacturing issues since corrected.

        • Ugh.

          That’s something the Haz household doesn’t want to mess with.

          That’s what I get for working on two PCs at the same time and trying to multi-task…

    • I have a few Glocks. They’re so reliable it’s almost boring. The triggers could be better, but I shoot them okay. Besides, you can’t beat a Glock around salt water.

      • Glocks absolutely have a place in warm, wet climates like Florida summers.

        If only Glock made one where the trigger pull did all the work in cocking the striker, I’d be more comfortable carrying one appendix…

  2. tempting
    but i already did the free 10 minute trigger bar plunger and connector polish job as seen on youtube on my gen 3 glock 22
    the trigger feel is much better now as a result and im happy with it
    ill probably save the 100 bucks on the apex trigger
    and use than money to put an olight pl pro on it

  3. Nevermind Glock….they are already perfect.

    I was already looking at Apex for S&W triggers based on a suggestion from someone else here.

    • “Nevermind Glock….they are already perfect.”

      I’m not delusional enough to believe that bullshit.

      They absolutely are good enough for a bone-stock, pull it out of the box and just use it pistol…

  4. I’ve got a few of these, the Apex Glock triggers are not any better or worse than others. However their S&W M&P Forward Reset Trigger and Sear Replacement is one of the best triggers I have ever had the pleasure to use! It seriously has me debating to convert my competition pistol from Glock to S&W.

  5. I have one Gen 3 and the rest are 2s, except the inaccurate G44.22. The one Gen3 has been converted to .357sig and snappy. I might look into this model Apex, but I don’t really spend time with the .357sig.

    • Thank goodness it was a homeless man and not a high muckey muck, Dunn would have done life.
      All men are created equal.
      Lady Justice is blind.
      Yeah right, show me the money OJ.
      Stealing sht could get you shot and in this case it did.

    • now ya know why deadly force applied to only theft of property is not self defense.

      “Video surveillance at the store showed Lopez grabbed a hatchet and attempted to conceal it inside his clothes.

      Dunn came out of an office armed with a Glock pistol and confronted Lopez. As Lopez tried to flee through a glass door, Dunn grabbed him and then shot twice into his torso. Lopez died at the scene.

      Dunn’s defense team claimed the shooting was justified under Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law. But in March 2021, Judge Donald Jacobsen dismissed that argument.”

      Grabbing a fleeing shoplifter, holding him, then shooting him, is not self-defense/”Stand Your Ground”.

  6. 99% of the problems with the Glock stock trigger is in the minds of the person using it, and it is there where the aftermarket parts industry for Glock triggers and gimmicks for Glock triggers thrives.

  7. Ghost connector is $20.
    Trigger spring, plunger spring and striker spring are $15.

    Don’t waste your money on this overpriced crap.


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