New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Operation Choke Point
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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo red flag confiscation

“It’s just a massive assault on the Second Amendment.” That’s the evergreen reaction of New York Rifle & Pistol Association executive director Tom King at the news that the New York Legislature has rubber stamped a five-bill bundle of new gun control laws for the Empire State.

Among the measures that Governor Soprano will be only too happy to sign into law are bills that will outlaw teachers carrying guns and creation of an expansive red flag law that will allow school officials, family members and law enforcement to request a court order to grab a gun owner’s firearms.

(G)un rights advocates say existing state gun laws that can block gun sales to individuals deemed a threat by certain health professionals have proven to be difficult and costly for people – later found not to be a threat – to get their firearms returned. “I don’t want mentally challenged individuals getting a firearm, but this red flag law lacks any sense of due process,” said King, the NRA board member.

We don’t know what the record is for the fastest bill-signing following passage by a state legislature, but look for Andrew Cuomo to vie for the title when these hit his desk.

“No one wants to take guns from legal owners who are mentally healthy. We don’t want people who are mentally ill or past felons to have guns. That’s all this is,” the Democratic governor added.

The Governor’s assurances that no one wants to take your guns will no doubt provide a lot of comfort for New York’s gun owners.

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  1. I feel bad for Cuomo. It must be hard going through life when every time you smile you look like a Gremlin.

    No outdoor activities, no midnight snacks, no showers. Everyone hates you. When you get on a plane people shoot at you when you’re just trying to innocently ride on the wing…

    I’d probably be an asshole too.

      • Huzzah!

        Having grown up in New York State for the early years in my life, I am amazed at what has been happening there for many years. It is a completely different world than I grew up in.

        • It’s over. Most of these measures were proposed by the legislature every year but the barbarians were thwarted at the gates by a narrowly controlled Republican State Senate. This past November, the Senate finally fell. Forever. We’re going full-Califonia. Never go full-Califonia.

    • Not nearly as shocked as ALL firearm owners in the state of New York when they learn (too late) government’s position on firearm ownership and mental helath: firearm ownership is de facto “evidence” that the owner is mentally unhealthy. After all, no “sane” person would want to own firearms for any purpose, no matter how seemingly innocuous.

  2. Cuomo just put up a sign “Come shoot our students. You can get them if we don’t before birth.” Now if it becomes necessary they need to pas a law to permit it. The big Dummies should have left it up to school districts.

    • Sadly that’s possibly the intention so the claim can be made that it doesn’t go far enough and more infringement is common sense safety

    • Honestly, the proposal about teacher carry is sound and fury amounting to nothing. Right now it is only possible to carry on school grounds in NY with specific permission from the school administration. Guess how often that happens in the real world of NY schools and colleges. Hint: never.

      Not that I’m in favor or even agnostic about of any of these ridiculous measures. They accomplish nothing except to punish the law abiding and enable the law breaking. They are, in my view, evil.

    • That point is going to truly come when Cuomo and the rest of the downstate vermin try to pass a law barring armed law enforcement from being on school property. Other places throughout the country have done this, but to my knowledge (I could be uninformed) it hasn’t been done on a state level yet.

    • So…in new york, teachers are too mentally ill to carry guns while at work….but “school officials” can call SWAT on the parents of their students?

      If you cannot be trusted with guns….you should not be trusted with children.

  3. “We don’t want people who are mentally ill or past felons to have guns.” He will however defend with his last breath, the idea of allowing them, especially felons, to vote, especially for people like himself.

    • Ignoring, of course, the great stupidity of a bill that which outlaws what is already illegal under state and federal law, the possession of firearms by felons. Major redundancy going on here. Maybe they think that if one law is found unconstitutional, there will be a back up, making it virtually impossible to rid the state of all this nonsense.

  4. … school officials … and law enforcement

    So the government can basically self-justify. When the cops come to take your guns and you ask “Who said I was dangerous?” The cops say “We did.” And, of course, resisting (and we know how low that bar for what’s considered “resisting” can be) will be evidence that you are dangerous.

  5. If they haven’t done so already, maybe New York can enhance their new ‘gun safety’ regs like Baltimore, which doesn’t allow armed police in their schools. Good thing. Now no one will be armed in those schools – except killers!

  6. So glad Tom Fudd King and the NYSRPA were available for comment, instead of actually doing something about.They make the NRA look like an effective organization. But the bigger picture is Tom King will always have a salary so long as NY laws stay tyrannical.

    • Indeed, the NYSRPA does nothing. I mean, it’s not like their court case (NYSRPA vs. NYC) just landed before and was taken up for cert by the Supreme Court. It’s not like that case is the first gun case to go before the Supreme Court since Heller, and could have monumental positive consequences for gun rights if the Supreme Court rules favorably. Nope, the NYSRPA is worthless, I guess.

      I assume you’re a fellow New Yorker – maybe you should chip in a few more bucks to SCOPE, they need the beer money. At least they make good yards signs and once hosted Larry Pratt at a town hall meeting. Man, that’s really helping the second amendment!

      • We’ve lived under the SAFE act for six years and the NYSRPA has done what exactly about that? We all went to the rallies, we all made phone calls, donations, wrote letters and emails; finally there was a lawsuit. But then they dropped cert after Scalia passed. Maybe that was the right decision at the time, but there has since been no further action.

        I am glad that a case involving NY rights is being taken up by the Supreme Court, but I have zero faith in the NYSRPA beyond that. I realize they don’t have the means to take up two cases at once, but the safe act compared to the monster that is the permitting system? It shouldn’t have been so hard to at very least severely limit the application of the safe act (arbitrary seven round mag limits, no compensation, no grandfathering, ex post facto, etc). I just hope they don’t screw this up badly, and then set precedence for the rest of the nation.

        Just because SCOPE is a group of blithering idiots (and they are idiots) doesn’t mean the next best option gets away without critique. I would rather give my money to the GOA for their fight on the national level, and Penske for a moving truck to get out of here. It is likely an unpopular opinion, but I have given up on NY. I’d rather my membership fees and donations fight for to protect the rights in places I want to escape to instead. The disease that is the mindset of NY and most NY’ers needs to be contained at its borders before the entire nation is lost.

        • Can’t fault you for leaving if it makes sense. Family and finance ties me here for a hot minute so will keep the contribution to the local pain in the commies ass going

        • CamoColton,

          I fully appreciate your frustration and I have been known to rant about firearm laws in my state — a LOT!

          Rather than ranting (which feels good and is ineffective), I encourage you to be effective. And that begs the question: what should you do that is effective?

          First of all, you have to define your situation. You live in a state where the majority of people are calling for unrighteous laws to limit/eliminate firearm ownership — and your politicians are happy to oblige. That limits you to three options:
          (1) Start a massive public relations campaign to improve public opinion of firearm ownership and cause a resulting demand for politicians to repeal heinous laws.
          (2) Move out of New York.
          (3) Assert your unalienable rights by force.

          Like it or not, that is the reality of your situation. Meanwhile, deriding the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association for failing to change the outcome of New York State elections or for failing to fix the make-up of the U.S. Supreme Court is unfair — such desires are far beyond the grasp of your local organization.

        • What do you want them to do? The courts aren’t interested. The politicians aren’t interested. The VOTERS aren’t interested. After SAFE Act there was an election. Had every gun owner voted, it would have been a blowout. Instead, turnout upstate was dismal as always and Choulmo easily won.

  7. The law-abiding citizens of New York must feel as though their state has been taken over by the Khmer Rouge.Individual rights no longer exist and all powerful state is one step away from confiscating whatever firearms remain there.

    • That is precisely how we feel.

      Wait… isn’t it time for someone to tell me its my fault for living here, that I brought this upon myself, that no one has any sympathy for me, and that I should just move already? Yeah, I’m pretty sure…

    • Given how lazy most of our state workers are and the unexpectedly high numbers of firearms in general confiscation is impossible. Now turn ins buybacks and rewards for informants….. yeah

      • Neither of those will work, either. Most communities in the beautiful, dying upstate are red. A liberal snitch in a village of 1500 people is going to be discovered and ostracized. I guess stuff like that could have limited success in places like Barfallo or Rotchester, but even those cities are dying and insignificant. Honestly I had very little emotional reaction when I heard of these new laws. The bulk of the SAFE Act has been ignored by everyone, including the NYSP. You’ll see people jammed up here and there with some of this stuff, but overall I don’t think much is going to feel different.

        • Generally agree with the village dynamic my worry is more the built up area around Albany/Schenectady/Troy where I could absolutely see paid snitches working overtime.

        • Haha liberal snitches.

          My biggest problem with SAFE, other than every single bit of it, is that it’s enforceable through the local gun store. Yeah, Individuals aren’t complying all over the place, but stores have to stay in business, meaning they do comply in terms of not selling restricted items, etc. This is the pain point for me as an enthusiast and collector, and the friction here is when I most see and feel my rights being eroded. The other erosions are less directly visible, though not any more tolerable, obviously.

    • My name for the Demorat Socialist party, of which Gov. Soprano may well be the most odious example (but I’m willing to discuss that) is the Amer Rouge.

  8. “No one wants to take guns from legal owners who are mentally healthy. We don’t want people who are mentally ill or past felons to have guns. That’s all this is,” the Democratic governor added.
    Yes you do. You’re a megalomaniac who believes you have some god-given right to tell the rest of us how to live our lives. Out of one side of your mouth you talk about “gun violence” and out of the other you celebrate killing perfectly viable children. Just your face shows me that you are the prime candidate for being red-flagged.

  9. To the People of the gun who can and want to leave NY. You are more then welcome here in Florida. The rest of you from NY that have moved here already. Well, your Not welcome here. We wish you to get the f%&k out of here and take your libitard ways back to your hell hole of a state .

    • Back at you friend though for most of what is relevant to this site keep going past us to New Hampshire or Maine.

    • I am sorry the blowhard idiots from NY are ruining the good states. My only hope is I can escape this place soon, and be a positive asset to furthering rights in a state that doesn’t treat me like a second class citizen.

    • I mean for f*cksakes – you want to escape crippling property taxes, regulations and losing half your pension to NYS, but then feel obliged to push your idiotic political beliefs on a new state that wants nothing to do with such things? How ungodly arrogant does one have to be?

        • It’s a bit of exaggeration on my part, but still one will take it in the pants if they retire and stay in NY.

        • Gotcha Colton and yeah when retirement comes along we may keep a cabin by the lake in NY but would have our primary residence elsewhere.

      • That in a nutshell is the problem. North Easterners flock here to Florida to retire. Weather golf outdoor activities. Great state to come and die in. No state Income Taxes too.
        But they also bring their diseased attitude here and when they vote…………..dam they vote Libitard and try to change here to what they left. Ridiculous to even think we, those who were born here don’t want that here.
        Fucktard is the word alright.
        Sorry for getting mad here. But my once beautiful rural area is now Long Island but hot.
        And I have nowhere to run to. To get away from the destruction of my way of life.

        • I hear you. I fled California before it really started going down hill, but the same leftist rot is gaining ground in my adopted state of PA. Stay or flee again? And if flight is the choice, to where? How close did that window licker “Beto” come to winning a Senate seat in Texas? Someone arguably even worse just won a Senate seat in Arizona.

  10. A marginally smart man (Mario), gave birth to a whole bunch of entitled rich kids who rode coat tails to fame (Andrew & Chris).

    This is why political dynasties are so corrosive.

    • Over here we are waiting to see if that snake in the grass Gillibrand becomes a serious 2020 contender. Especially if the rumors of Mayor Corning being a secret relative have any merit

  11. When generations of kids had their civil rights education destroyed, it became easy to pass this type of law. Because no adult introduced guns and 2A education to them in school all those years ago. Now as adults they are use to and accept not having gun civil rights.

    And they are now comfortable with possibly having their own children murdered in a public school.
    And no teacher who volunteered to carry and be trained, there to stop it.

    Based on my research I believe every high school in America had a rifle team. Many had a rifle range on campus. New York City had them as well.

    But starting in the 1970’s anti civil rights politicians, Liberal Democrats, started to end civil right education and the firearms teams. Some schools even had hand gun teams as well.

    • I grew up on Long Island in the 1960’s and the high school had a rifle team. Friends’ parents had guns in the house. No-one cared. And none of us even thought about touching the guns.

  12. Yeah, let’s take guns out of our NY schools, and then advertise it. He just set them up for a massacre and he should be held accountable…aiding and abetting.

  13. More Outrage !!! The US Constitution/Bill of Rights are compromised again in another state! Nothing more than DemoCommies and some RINO Globalists redefining the Bill of Rights, eliminating proper checks and balances to effect the 2nd Amendment…Creating Constitutional Infringements…ALL politicians that took part of this (and in other RED FLAG LAW states) SHOULD BE IMMEDIATELY dragged out of office in chains for such “Treasonous” Constitutional Infringements against the U.S. citizenry!!!

  14. “No one wants to take guns from legal owners who are mentally healthy. We don’t want people who are mentally ill or past felons to have guns. That’s all this is,” the Democratic governor added.

    “Yeah. Sure. I believe you, Governor.” ::: backing slowly away while feeling around for AR-15 :::

    • Or, “Yeah. Sure. I believe you, Governor. OK, going boating with my entire collection now. Gee, I hope I don’t lose them!”

  15. The simian governor has done it again. So much for the 4th amendment; his father would be ashamed of him.

    People tend to forget the 2nd amendment was put in place to protect citizens from a tyrannical government.

    Where is the great defender of the people…the ACLU…when despotic legislation is proposed?

    • BB that is highly offensive…… I mean what did those poor apes do to be compared in the same phylum with that slime?

    • The ACLU has never supported the Bill of Rights. Anyone who says they have is either a liar or has been duped. Or a useful idiot to the Socialist Progressive cause.

      • For a long time, they were at least pretty good about defending free speech. Now, they only support free speech for leftist favored groups and not for everyone, completing their full transition to the dark side.

    • Cuomo as a simian? It’s not so inaccurate as you might suppose. Careful examination of various photographs, of which there are many given the man’s narcissism, of the outstretched hands of Andrew Cuomo show that his right hand has what is commonly called a ”simian crease”. I’ll let you Google it yourself to discover what it is, but people who are unfortunate enough to be afflicted with Down’s syndrome often have both hands possessing a simian crease. Quaere as is said in the law what it may mean if you only possess one such hand.

  16. If you look up “grinning idiot” in Webster’s there has got to be a picture of that guy.

  17. so the party of cheering for baby killing in new york now thinks they will be able to convince gun owning folks there that the state isnt on a long term mission to eventually take all their guns away
    good luck with that
    every day that goes by its becoming a better and better argument that theyre not our countrymen anymore
    they made their break from us quite clear during the last 3 years
    the feeling is pretty much mutual now
    theyre sowing the wind not us
    they will reap the whirlwind not us
    theyve called good evil and evil good for too long now not us
    woe to them

  18. Looks like ‘SWATting’ will soon be legal in NY.

    It would be a shame if somebody ‘red flagged’ the Governor, or the tyrant thugs of the NYS legislature…

  19. He sure does have a face that would be fun to kick. It would wipe that silly look off, that’s for sure.

  20. One more year and I am bailing New Yorkistan for South Carolina (retiring from civil service and the National Guard). I feel bad for my pro 2A brethren but I can’t take this Libtard state anymore. Ayatollah Cuomo will compete with West Coast Demtards and Socialists to bring New York further left and down the drain.

  21. It’s really a shame what has become of New York. The New York I grew up in was as conservative as any place you would find. The Socialists from the city have taken over. If you look at a map of the counties that were against the Safe Act the number was overwhelming, but the population is so dense (both literally and figuratively) in the city that there isn’t much upstairs can do about it.

    New York is a beautiful state, but Cuomo and his ilk are destroying it from within. I have deep family ties and a good job here in New York and I would hate to leave, but I now have to start weighing my options because it’s more than just our Second Amendment rights, it’s the complete liberal way of life they are imposing on all of us. FUAC!

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