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An unidentified male student is in custody after opening fire in an art class at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas about 30 miles south of Houston.

Angelica Martinez, a 14-year-old student, told CNN she and her schoolmates were being evacuated at one point “like it’s a fire drill.”

“We were all standing (outside), but not even five minutes later, we started hearing gunshots,” she said. “And then everybody starts running, but like the teachers are telling us to stay put, but we’re all just running away.”

According to quotes from some of the Santa Fe students, the shooter was dressed in a black trench coat and carried a sawed-off shotgun and a handgun.

Avery Garza, a student at Santa Fe High School, told Costello that he knew the identity of the shooter, but could not reveal it. He explained that a fire alarm went off and he and his classmates exited the building.

“We heard popping noises,” Garza said. “Then we saw people running across the field, and they were like ‘Shooting, shooting, shooting.’”

Garza was with his friend, identified as Zack, who did not want to speak but allegedly witnessed the shooting first hand.

“He was in that class, and the shooter came in and started shooting. And he had a sawed-off shotgun and a pistol. And he shot a girl, and then pulled his pistol out and shot her in the head.”

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    • it must have been on Super 8, this is a very old movie, Joe McCarthy was in it, and he was right.

      I read the book, it was an old dusty copy by Karl Marx.

  1. There’s been at least 18 School Shooting Incidents since 1 January 2018, and I’m having a problem on why!/? Is there something NOT being relayed to the Child by the Parent, Teacher, Society, Love Interest, etc. Which requires a Child to go from a Firearm to resolve the Situation FIRST, without considering Other Channels of usage…

    • It’s copycatting. High school kids are super bad about this. School districts start to freak out when a suicide happens because it can trigger others. Well with all the constant exposure the kids are experiencing involving school shooting, what do you expect.

        • The peer reviewed science says it is copycatting, driven by wall to wall coverage of the shooters making them famous.

          “There’s been at least 18 School Shooting Incidents since 1 January 2018, ”

          And there have been 4,500 people murder by knife, gun, beating etch by prior criminals, 4,000 by person with ten or more arrests since then.,

        • They got the Weapons and Explosives from Somewhere! Most likely source, Their Parents. Who found it Easier to Hand them a Credit Card to Pacify them. Then spending time being Parents…

        • Half the country has weapons at home, and these shootings are statistically trivial among that set.

          What matters is where they got the message. They get it from the media.

    • and I’m having a problem on why!/?

      The motive behind school shootings IS the story of Cain and Able. That is how old this is. Older even. This is about the frustration of existence itself.

      And parents (especially fathers), need to provide guidance for their sons in this matter. A little encouragement in pursuit of the right goals, and good words in careful order go a long way.

        • Like many have said before…I grew up with guns in our gun racks in our high school parking lot. Everyone I knew owned guns YET this almost never happened.

          SOMETHING has changed..and it’s not the guns. SOMETHING changed around the late 1980s and early 90s and has only gotten worse.

          I will bet good money that 1)this person was known to be nuts 2)he had previous run ins with the law, etc and 3)Most importantly…he was on some type of psychotropic drugs.

          I think the drugs are a big factor here…..these types of medications didn’t exist until the last 1980s and with their massive increase of usage there is also an increase in mass shootings.

        • Secundius,

          Give me a Break! You’re willing to Blame Anything and Everything, EXCEPT the Underling Reason of what Pushing Children over the EDGE…

        • Secundius,

          Give me a More Plausible Excuse…

          How about you give us a more plausible excuse. You sit around shooting down everyone’s ideas with your pompous arrogant bloviations, while providing absolutely nothing, nothing, of a plausible idea yourself.

          Every couple of seconds, someone is getting murdered somewhere in the world. You tell me what the excuse is.

        • “Psychotropic Drugs have been around since 1943. Give me a More Plausible Excuse…”

          Semi auto guns have been around for 50 years longer and those are being blamed

        • Here in Montana, where virtually every pickup has a gun in the rear window, this almost never happens. Even so, ten years back we had a shooter at the local hospital. This is a town of 3K population, in a county of 7K. The shooter got one EMT on the way out of the ambulance barn before meeting a .357 slug from a bystander in the parking lot.
          Maybe that’s why it very rarely happens here?

        • While some psychotropic drugs like Thorazine were invented in the 40s these aren’t the drugs that are causing the issues. Thorazine and the like are anti-psychotic drugs and were prescribed to dangerously mentally ill people like schizophrenics who at the time were institutionalized. As a matter of fact, one could argue that most of the mentally ill(seriously ill) people who received these drugs were isolated in hospitals. So in terms of numbers there weren’t many people…certainly not people taking these drugs…walking around in the general population before the 1980s.

          MODERN psychotropich drugs which focus on treating depression and anxiety I believe may be a real cause or contributing factor to these shootings. The top five are Prozac(invented in 1987) , Zoloftl(invented 1991), Xanax(1981), Lexapro(2002), Celexa(1998), and Wellbutrin 1985.

          Almost ALL these shooters were on or using one of these 25 medications. Not only were these medications just not around in the decades preceding the 1980s those that were similar were in no way as widely prescribed as they are today….not by a long shot. You go see a doctor now and say you are mildly depressed and you will be offered a prescription to one of these meds.

          How may kids in the 1950s, 1960s, or even 1970s were any type of psychotropic meds? I’d bet very very few. How many today? By some accounts 8 million!

          Again..not saying this is a definitive cause but something has changed since the 1980s. And to argue that massive increase in use of these drugs isn’t one of them is ignoring plain facts.

          A quick google search will show you how the rate of use of these drugs has gone up an insane ammount:

          “the rate of antidepressant use in this country among teens and adults (people ages 12 and older) increased by almost 400% between 1988–1994 and 2005–2008.”

          Now correlation isn’t causation…but it certainly is something we need to look at. Yes..there are some plainly schizophrenic or severely mentally ill people like the the Newton shooter…or people with physical brain issues(Charles Whitman and his brain tumor) who would have shot up places without meds. Most murderers in a way are actually rational…at least in the sense they are acting for rational reasons…ie for money or prestige(like gang banger or criminals)…or jealousy(killing an ex girlfriend, etc)…they kill for a reason even though that reason isn’t a justification. But many of these shooters are normal or close to normal and yet SOMETHING in their brain chemistry makes them become not only suicidal….but homicidal. And their reasons are either never known or none can be found.

          What is interesting is the the side affects of many of these drugs is homicidal thoughts and violent actions. Again..a quick google search will come up with a ton of info on this

          While these side affects only occur in a small amount of people when you have 1 in 6 people in the US on one of these drugs that still means a hell of a lot of people experiencing these side affects.

        • agree John Brennan. i had a breakdown due to pushing 80-100 hours a week for 2 1/2 driving taxis without a break. before the breakdown i had been regarded by many customers as a walking street map. after you could tell me something and 5 minutes later it was forgotten…. even something important. doctor put me on zoloft. 3 days in i found myself imagining what it would be like to put the kitchen knife through my housemates chest…who i got along with very well. threw the meds in the bin and took whatever foods i had that i could eat without cooking to my room and water and locked myself in there for a week to dry out. never thought like that before or since. i only recognized what was going on because i had heard of these sort of side effects many times before

    • The media is saying 22 but only like 6 have been ‘school shootings’ as we understand them.

      One of them was a bus getting hit by a BB gun.

    • Well it certainly looks that way I would not discount the firearm owners in the US giving up their most important right because without that right the remaining rights would disappear overnight.

    • Yeah get bent looser. Gun rights are for people with a spine, not some weak willed pile of crap that can’t take a little bad press. How much press do we now have about the Vegas shooting? What, you get a mention when some activist makes a speech?

    • Rights are rights, even others top recognizing those rights. Time to tool up the shop and build whatever I want.

    • Yes, because a few people abuse gun rights to create violence, mayhem and murder, those rights should be denied to everyone.

      But not really everyone – only to those who follow the law. No gun control law ever affected the behavior of criminals, terrorists or mental defectives.

      Funny how that works out. But not funny ‘ha ha’.

    • Grace, don’t you mean Fourth, Fifth and Sixth, and in fact First amendment rights at toast? they contribute a lot more to US murder than the Second amendment does.

  2. Probably another person the FBI had their eye on to make sure something like this would happen. The left wants gun control in Texas as well, and they’ll do anything to get it.

      • Multiple generations of: demonizing America and American traditions, women raised families where there’s no father to keep the little shits in line, panicky single helicopter moms who freak out about boys being boys and turn them into zombies through prescription meds so they can get back to their daily diet of Chardonnay and xanax, a sensationalist society where fame is seen as a measure of a persons worth, a leftist infiltration of this government where they create crises and let things happen so they can stand on the graves of dead kids and wave bloody shirts to push for disarming patriotic American citizens, and diluting our culture with massive immigration from shithole countries by people who will never assimilate.

        I could go on.

        • This. Biggest part I see is fatherless homes. That, and the degree in which everything that was good 30 years ago is now racist, hateful, and terroristic.

        • I see the problem as “parenting” and “doctoring” by prescription drugs.

          funny how we’ve always had the social problems that these kids are encountering (amongst each other) in lots of ways, but today, you tweak inhibition in the same way you tweak hyperactivity / bi-polar ‘symptoms’.

          It’s strange how none of those prescription drugs mix with alcohol, but no one tries to connect the dots between those prescription drugs and when the child first starts ‘trying’ / ‘using’ alcohol. Pair that up with growing pains and normal social anxiety at that age, and you [MAY] get a ‘shooter’.

        • Good start. Definitely something wrong with these kids. They’re the ones doing it to each other and blaming everybody else.

    • I wonder if this one will also have been on a ‘diversion program’ that kept him out of jail/mental hospital

      Beto’s ‘home’ turf; prepare for a full court press in an attempt to ride gun control to a senate victory over Cruz. He’ll fail, but not before he’s annoyingly everywhere.

  3. What is so complicated ? Put armed officers at all entryway , at all schools. Put metal detectors at all entries. Screen our children as they enter . after all they are our future. Protect them. Problem solved. Or can we not afford these simple measures in this great , wealthy country ? We find funding for bombing other countries , building trillion dollar war machines. We can’t find a way for each and every school district to fund these measures ? Yet our politicians spend how much on vacations etc. Our political system is broken. Fix it , problem solved.

    • Too expensive. And no, cheaper-than-15,000,000$ school houses won’t free up enough cash to pay them 😉

    • MORE mindless TSA theater in this country is your solution to something? Sure if it makes you “feel good”. NO thanks snowflake.

      • Not “theater.” I tis proven effective. Right now same demographic same background crime rate schools with armed police, SRO, administrators, teachers or other staff have lower sexual assault, rape, robber and homicide rates than without.

        the issue is not stopping all violent crime and murder in schools, but a good number of them. We don’t say having police in society at large is a bad idea since they don’t stop all crime.

        Do you say any and all policing anywhere is “theater”?

      • More competent people with guns guarding children is never a bad thing. Expensive? Maybe, but it would be downright economical compared to the national “buyback” some loons on the left are demanding. Letting staff and visiting parents with CCW permits carry on campus would also be great, but I’m not holding my breath.

        These murder spreess will continue until they stop being effective. They’ll stop being effective when armed intervention is fast enough, often enough, to reduce the body count to where it isn’t newsworthy.

    • Statistically school shootings have been on the decrease since peaking in the 1990s. We don’t need to turn our schools into prisons.

      • True. US overall gun murder rate fell 57% since the 1990’s peak, and homicide of the 5-22 year old “student age cohort” has fallen 65%. School shootings are down too.

        I was watching the “student” march on Washington back in March (all organized by adults working for the gun control fronts) and a 40ish mother got up there and said there was so much less danger when she was in high school. That is outright flat earth; when she was in high school, murder rate of students was 300% higher than today.

    • All that such a scheme would accomplish is to move the target from inside the school to the line for the checkpoint.

      For such a thing to be useful the schools would have to be redesigned to accommodate such security.

      • No redesign is needed. right now same demographic same background crime rate schools with armed police, SRO, administrators, teachers or other staff have lower sexual assault, rape, robber and homicide rates than without.

        When NRA proposed federal support for armed staff, Obama laughed it off. The media compared schools with vastly different local crime rates and said there was no difference. But comparing violent crime in 90210 type schools without guards and inner slum schools with massively higher local crime rates with armed guards or cops is not a legitimate comparison. When you compare otherwise similar schools with armed guards, violence is lower.

        It is kind of a red herring to say you need to redesign schools, the issue is not stopping all violent crime and murder in schools, but a good number of them. We don’t say having police in society at large is a bad idea since they don’t stop all crime.

        Celebrates and politicians have armed guards — despite the clear data showing they are actually at much lower levels of violence victimization than the average citizen. many banks and other institutions have armed guards, so do lots of federal, state and local office buildings to protect government bureaucrats and workers. Why would we have less protection for kids?

  4. I know on an intellectual basis that one spree shooting is what it is on its own circumstances. Still, it’s very difficult not to feel more outraged when it happens within all of a half hour’s drive of my office.

  5. Extreme Left Radical politicians and THEIR collaborators demanding or passing anti-2nd infringements…in… 5….4…3….2….1….

  6. Today I’m buying and new gun and ammo, then joining the NRA to protect myself from these wacko kids.

  7. Hmm, I was going to buy another pump shotgun today. Now, I’m rethinking that and contemplating a SR-25 instead because even though the shooter might have used a shotgun, they are going to go after semi-autos first.

  8. The marches had finished and the Parkland kids’ media agents weren’t getting any more bookings, Shannon wasn’t in the 24 hour media cycle, so here we go again, more to come, on into the elections! I won’t say the individual actions are a conspiracy, but definitely the collusion that will follow in the seconds/minutes of aftermath will certainly be a well-funded, organized, weaponized conspiracy.

    Interesting note, the murderers of several recent events seem to not be offing themselves, not sure if they intended to try and failed or maybe weren’t intending to end in suicide, I don’t know if that means anything.

    I thought we had fixed this with FixNICs. Guess Rubio needs his red flags too.

    • William Cooper wrote ;

      American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against firearms. Using drugs and hypnosis on mental patients in a process called Orion, the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire on schoolyards and thus inflame the antigun lobby. This plan is well under way, and so far is working perfectly. The middle class is begging the government to do away with the 2nd amendment.Author’s Note: I have found that these events have indeed happened all over the country. In every instance that I have investigated — the incident at the women’s school in Canada, the shopping center incident in Canada, the Stockton, California, massacre, and the murder of Rabbi Meir Kahane — the shooters were all ex-mental patients or were current mental patients who were ALL ON THE DRUG PROZAC! This drug, when taken in certain doses, increases the serotonin level in the patient, causing extreme violence.

  9. Why don’t we (the United States) blame it on the “Fluoridation of Water” too. One problem though, Fluoridation of Water started in 25 January 1945. And I don’t recall ANY School Shooting within the First 10-years of the Implementation of the program. Or even in the Second, Third, Fourth Ten-Years of Implementation…

        • Yeah? Well don’t shoot the place up and then come here and ask for the underlying excuse why.

        • Secudnyus, all of yoyur statements directly aboce and further up are strawman arguments. Who is blaming fluoridation?

          We know from science that psychotropic drugs have been increasing in use and are a common thread in a huge number of these these (columbine, Sandy Hook, Aurora, and most others) and that the main factor is copycatting since this is a way for people driven by feelings of insignificants to get famous because the media abets that interest with wall to wall coverage making the shooter famous

        • @ Secundius

          You could be humping ole Abe Lincoln’s neck at his Memorial in D.C., that wouldn’t make you “from here”.

          We don’t need anyone with US, that isn’t ‘with US’.


        • Thank the media for making the villains famous and Michael Moore for making them famous and sympathetic “victims.” the two apparent shooters were copying columbine

        • I know why they did it. They had a nightmare about this guy named “Secundius” asking them pointless questions for an entire night. When they awoke, infuriated that their existence would provide this scenario to them, they went out to kill as many as possible followed by themselves.

          Perfectly plausible and reasonable explanation.

        • Everytown, “Moms need action” supporters, and the student groups fronting those lobbies, are already busy using this to push an AR-15 ban. It appears to have been done with shotgun and the most popular type of pistol likely in half of all US homes.

          Talk about mindlessly blaming and pushing for laws that have nothing to do with this shooting and won’t prevent a single death.

    • flouride is one of those toxins that builds in the system over time and is hard to get rid of plus the only way it helps teeth in any way is if it is pure flouride as the dentists use (as opposed to the toxic waste used in water treatment) and even then ONLY if it is applied directly to the enamel of the teeth with no spillage onto the gums.

  10. Second suspect detained, and reports of explosive devices found in and around the school

    Dressed in black with guns and bombs sounds like a Columbine copycat. Quite a bit of media coverage on the anniversary last month.

  11. I joined the NRA yesterday and picked up a Mini-14 today. Better do it now before these little shthead brats ruin it for the rest of us.

  12. Reports now a student saw the shooter in the hallway shortly before the shooting started –

    Here’s the news – The student reported the shooter was wearing a TRENCH COAT…

    Columbine glory seeker, but they have him alive.

    “Student Damon Rabon told CBS News that he was in a classroom one door away from the shooting. He said he saw the shooter in the school hallway. “He had a black trench coat on, a sawed-off shotgun with a pistol grip and I think something sharp on this chest,” he said. He added that his teacher pulled the fire alarm “to let everyone know to get out of the school.””

    Get your Mossburg Shockwave now before they get banned…

    • He added that his teacher pulled the fire alarm “to let everyone know to get out of the school.”” . . . and into the kill-zone, like Parkland.

      This is a FLORIDA PROBLEM.

  13. First off this type of shit is tragic and totally preventable. There was nothing sweet about the schools I’ve been to and metal detectors, high fences and police officers were standard. Makes me wonder if I should home school mine (seriously). BOA and other banks have an open carry security guard or po’s at the door why not schools?

  14. Shooter name: Dimitrios Pagourtzis,

    … and that’s the last we’ll hear about that.

    • That’s a Greek name. Greeks are Christians and sorta white-ish. That fits the Dem narrative just fine.

      • The Demo narrative is laughable, anything but blaming the media lionizing and making these copycats famous with wall to wall coverage.

        Meanwhile this week hundreds of Americans were murdered by persons with ten or more arrests — thanks to Dem policies.

      • Not certain how mass school murder with a “Joe Biden endorsed” for every home shotgun, fits the Democrat narrative.

        Of course the largest school shooting by an individual in the US was by pistol and not AR-15 either, but that is why the gun control lobby avoids highlighting that shooting in any detail.

      • So he copied both Columbine and Aurora (booby trapped home), and had some statements evoking communists, nazis and kamikaze (essentially a jumble that distilled to nothing other than provoking). FYI I am not an expert but the medal looks like the medal used not just for 10 years of Nazi rule, but 75 years of German military decoration.

      • Also a peace sign on his cap in one photo and a hammer & sickle pin on the coat. This kid’s only allegiance was to crazy.

        • Just looking now I see over 80 press mentions and tweets by working reporters of the German medal — and only two press mentions of the Hammer and Sickle clearly visible in the same photo. Should be interesting metric as the day goes on.

  15. Already getting ton of tweets and other social media messages saying AR-15 needs to be banned and confiscated: even though this looks to be Biden recommended shotgun.

  16. At this time one big question is , Where did a 17 year old get all the weapons? Many previous mass underage murderers simply get them from their parents who leave weapons out and not locked up because there is no Federal Law mandating safe storage like every other civilized nation on earth has and has had for decades and decades.

    So far the talking heads on CNN who purport to know everything about nothing have never even discussed ‘safe storage laws”, only gun ban laws.

    • Safe storage laws are unenforceable without gutting the 4th amendment and privacy in general.

      I’m all for holding you responsible if someone who has legal access to your home gets hold of a weapon that you know they shouldn’t. Have kids in your house? Lock them up or don’t be surprised if you’re held responsible for the outcome.

      Blanket ‘safe storage laws’ are tyrannical.

      • to Sian

        quote———————————-Safe storage laws are unenforceable without gutting the 4th amendment and privacy in general.

        I’m all for holding you responsible if someone who has legal access to your home gets hold of a weapon that you know they shouldn’t. Have kids in your house? Lock them up or don’t be surprised if you’re held responsible for the outcome.

        Blanket ‘safe storage laws’ are tyrannical.———————-quote

        History has proven you 100 per cent wrong as the other industrialized nations all have such laws and their child death rates for accidental shootings are way lower and they do not have nut case kids shooting up schools on a weekly basis either.

        As far as the 4 the amendment no constitutional right is unlimited and they were never meant to be either. Just as you cannot yell fire in a theater to see people get hurt in a stampede to prove your freedom of speech rights you should not be allowed to kill children to prove your 4th amendment rights either. Courts do what is best for the public safety and they vote with commons sense or many times with public opinion and they just ignore the constitution and have been doing it since he constitution was first implemented. Its nothing new. When people start yelling about Constitutional rights I tell them they can wipe their ass with the Constitution because it was never meant to be written in stone and devoid of all concerns over public safety and well being.

        • We should pass laws that make it illegal to murder people, misuse their 2nd amendment rights to bring death and misery to innocent citizens, and misuse their 1st amendment rights to spread bullshit regarding our constitution and bill of rights. never blame the law abiding for the crimes of the criminals. Stop your b s and add up how many laws this a-moral miscreant broke that are already on the books. If this demon could not have gotten firearms, he already had explosives and could have used the Molotov cocktails with terrible consequences. Evil will do evil no matter what the law says. The only remedy is moral compass, look this up before you spout off your socialist manifesto.

  17. Sorry I’m late…just saw 4star Deadpool 2(deliriously entertaining). And didn’t kill anyone even though I had a gat in my pocket. I’m not giving up a damn thing😡


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