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Lori Lightfoot speaks. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)
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Disgraced Mayor Lightfoot from Chicago has a message for the Texas Governor. The anti-civil rights politician, the first incumbent Democratic mayor of Chicago to not be reelected to a second term in modern history, has made a real impression on the Windy City. While the citizens of Chicago elected an individual that’s likely to make Lightfoot seem like a law-and-order conservative, that doesn’t mean the current lefty who’s serving as the Mayor of Chicago hasn’t left a lasting impression on the crime-ridden city.

In a release, outgoing Mayor Lightfoot shared a letter she penned to Governor Greg Abbott, R-Texas. Chicago celebrates a 40+ year history as a so-called “sanctuary city” for illegal immigrants, and yet Mayor Lightfoot denounces the Abbott administration for transporting those illegals who are willing to relocate to her city.

Lightfoot seems to be renouncing Chicago’s open city status by writing . . .

“Chicago is a Welcoming City and we collaborate with County, State, and community partners to rise to this challenge, but your lack of consideration or coordination in an attempt to cause chaos and score political points has resulted in a critical tipping point in our ability to receive individuals and families in a safe, orderly, and dignified way. We simply have no more shelters, spaces, or resources to accommodate an increase of individuals at this level, with little coordination or care, that does not pose a risk to them or others,” writes Mayor Lightfoot.

This isn’t the first time Lightfoot has issued a letter admonishing a Governor who’d been fulfilling the wishes of the willing – people who want to relocate to a “Welcoming City.” Back in January, Lightfoot along with New York Mayor Adams, D-N.Y., sent a similar complaint to Governor Jared Polis, a fellow Democrat, for bussing illegals to both Chicago and New York.

Instead of sympathizing with a border state like Texas by getting onboard with efforts to stop the deluge of illegal immigrants into the U.S., Lightfoot doubles down on do-nothing, headline-grabbing politics…by sending a strongly worded letter. Rather than admitting that it’s time for the adults to step in and run things, Lightfoot resorted to deflecting responsibility and blaming Abbott for the influx of illegals . . .

“I know by your actions that you either do not see or do not care about the trauma these migrants have already faced and continue to suffer under the humanitarian crisis you have created.”

Lightfoot’s approach to this “critical tipping point” goes hand-in-hand with her default civilian disarmament ideology. Like so many other big city mayor, she advocates for open borders and adopts sanctuary status status while being, anti-civil liberties, anti-cop, and anti-law and order.

Lightfoot who pushed to defund the police – and then had to backtrack her stance – is no friend to civil liberties. Further, just comparing Texas and Illinois on gun rights tells us what we need to know about most of the other policies.

Texas, a permitless carry state, compared to Illinois, a state that went kicking and screaming into respecting law-abiding citizens’ right to carry for self-defense. Texas, a state that desperately wants a secure border, versus Chicago, the sanctuary that’s a “welcoming city.”

The “chaos” that Lightfoot accuses Abbot of creating is yet another diversion from the chaos that the Windy City has been sliding into for decades. The city hasn’t improved under Lightfoot’s leadership and it’s not likely to improve under its forthcoming leadership either.

The other problem that Lightfoot is neglecting is the policies of the Chicago Police Department. With an influx of illegals taxing the city’s systems, crime is only likely to go up. That’s not to say that the crime is coming with the immigrants, but rather as a result of Chicago being unable to handle it’s current problems, busloads of illegals adding to that won’t help.

Just this weekend alone, the City of Chicago Police Department has sent out at least three bulletins concerning criminal activity, two of which came on Sunday alone. Alert #’s P23-4-025 CA and P23-5-030 both cover armed robberies/strong arm robberies, amounting to five different incidents between 3:00 and 7:00 a.m. on April 8th, 21st, and 22nd.

As the CPD warned . . .

    • Be aware of your surroundings and unfamiliar or suspicious people in your area.
    • Walk with groups of individuals and do not carry large sums of money.
    • Do not try to rationalize or confront offenders, it could lead to possible injury
    • Park in well-lit areas and in areas where there is pedestrian and vehicular traffic
    • Notify neighbors of this crime pattern. If you see something suspicious, alert police immediately.
    • Call 911 immediately if you are a victim or witness to a crime and provide a detailed description of the offender(s) and involved vehicles.
    • Remember any unique physical characteristics (scars, limp, acne, teeth, etc…)
    • Never pursue a fleeing assailant, provide the information to the police
    • Never resist a robbery. Value your life over any and all property.
    • If approached by a witness to the incident, request contact information
    • Do not touch anything until police arrive.

The finer points of the department’s advisories can be debated but it’s an indicator of how much crime has become a serious everyday problem in the city. Readers of TTAG understand the critical importance of being aware of one’s surroundings.

Governor Greg Abbott can be accused of many things by Lightfoot, but failing to take the bull by the horns isn’t one of them. In customary Texas style, Abbott recognized a partial solution to a serious problem and he grabbed it.

Lightfoot had no problem with the current administration’s open borders policy — and the effect it’s had on border states — until it started to affect her city. As Lightfoot said, the influx of illegal aliens “is not a state v. state or city v. city problem. The immigration crisis is a national challenge that requires national collaboration.” Maybe she should contact her influential friends in Washington and let that be known.

Image via Twitter (Lori Lightfoot)

It should be obvious, even to Chicago’s soon-to-be-former Mayor, that being a so-called sanctuary city isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be when that becomes more than just a political platitude and immigrants actually begin to arrive.

Base image via Wirepoints.org. Used with permission.

Yet as bad as things have gotten in her city, the best she could do to help her city was…write an angry letter. Suggesting citizens have the means to defend themselves never crossed her mind. Neither Lightfoot or the CPDPD will be rolling out NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home classes or United States Concealed Carry Association armed self-defense training to empower citizens. No one should hold their breath waiting for that kind of change of heart.

Here’s Lightfoot’s full letter to Governor Abbott . . .

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  1. Dear Former Mayor Lightfoot,
    You are cordially invited to fold your letter until it is all sharp corners, and violently insert it upward into you anal orifice.

    The American Public.

    • kind of surprising to hear all that Spanish over the PA at Chicago’s airports…makes you wonder if you’re actually in the USA….

    • “This is what sanctuary cities are for.”

      Damn straight, I don’t understand why she isn’t praising Abbot for his humanitarian efforts.

      You either are welcoming and accepting, or you are not.

      It’s about time Texas points out the rank hypocrisy to those in Chicago… 🙂

  2. Dump them on Sh!tfoot’s lawn.

    If being criminals is too traumatic for them, they could always find their way to the one place no one will ever trouble their stup!d fucking feelings again

    • F** no we don’t want them up here either. If the long dark Winters don’t get to them, the forty below Winters certainly will. We have enough thumb sucking liberals in South Seattle (Anchorage). We don’t need any more thank you.

  3. How could Texas be sending illegals? Homeland Secretary Mayorkas testified before the Senate that the border is secure, so there can’t be more illegals.

    • There aren’t any more “illegals.” See former Mayor Groot’s letters above:

      — individuals and families

      — migrants

      — men, women, and children

      — migrants

      — individuals and families

      See? No “illegals.”

  4. The Former Mayor Lightfoot should be aware that us Texas residents don’t give a $hit what she wants us to do, in fact we would much prefer to send every criminal alien down to Antarctica but Chicago is more like where they came from, a 3rd world $hithole. She should enjoy their company.

  5. “Remember any unique physical characteristics (scars, limp, acne, teeth, etc…)”

    If only there was some distinguishing characteristic which is common to the typical Chiraq felon/murderer.

    • “If only there was some distinguishing characteristic which is common to the typical Chiraq felon/murderer.”

      There is a distinguishing characteristic common to the typical Chiraq felon/murderer – they are in Chiraq where they can roam freely overall unhindered by their ‘welcoming’ Democrat controlled government.

  6. “and that real solution will never be the unilateral bussing of migrants to cities like chicago.”
    amen. that’s why they started flying them in.

  7. Virtue signaling lefties love their ideas when they’re just ideas. Once they become reality it’s a hard 180 on those ideas and everyone else is to blame.

  8. Blow it out your arse, you kweer beatch. It’s just fine for Red States to pay for a million illegals, but your precious blue shitty of Shitcago can’t shoulder it’s fair share? I would like to donate to the cause of shipping illegals to Shitcago, New Fork, and other blue shitties. You child groomers need some illegals – most of whom are much more intelligent than you are.

  9. Move her big mouth down to Mexico where she can live in a hut, eat Mangos and smoke Delicados Ovalados.

  10. I thought the border was closed. That’s what the Biden administration keeps telling us all.

  11. All of the cities in Ca have suffered the burden, and they keep coming. It has hurt our state, counties, and cities. It is about time that other states, that used Ca as a dumping ground for their non working residents, to should some of the load. If the truth be known, they haven’t been taking care of their own residents for decades.
    Clean up your own house before you ask for help or suggest that others should help.

  12. We need to start ending these people. She and those like her are a cancer that only be treated by removing and destroying it.

    • Are you going to set the example for everyone else, or hide like a spineless coward behind a name like “Oh, that wasn’t me”?

  13. Dude: Jane Byrne was mayor of Chiraq from 1979-1983.Failed reelection. She was awful but way better than the once & future hobbit hobgoblin. Lightweight is the worst. Well except for the Marxist elected by the teacher’s union. Oh well!🙃

    • The first female mayor of Chicago, Jane Byrne, is how residence lost their gun rights in Chicago illinois. She is responsible for making it extremely difficult to get a gun in the city. I’m sure you know this already. But most people who don’t live in Chicago or Illinois don’t know the history.

      I followed the news back then very closely living in CA. I remember when she moved into the public housing project. I believe it was Cabrini Green. She spent about 20 terrifying days and nights in that building. Apparently the criminals there were trying to give her “a nice warm welcome”.

      By setting off firecrackers and, fireworks all night long. And firing guns into the air continuously. As a connected wealthy white woman, she was able to leave and move to a safer place. However she took away the only legal way for the law-abiding residents of that housing project, to get guns to protect to themselves. From the very same criminals that she was running away from.

      She’s the kind of white liberal woman who is ruining this country.

      From 1982

      “Byrne proposes gun control ordinance”

      “Dick Ulekowski, president of the Illinois State Rifle Association, warned enactment of the ordinance would lead to a ‘crime wave.'”


      • ISRA was all in for the evil FOID card. Wouldn’t give the fudds a nickel! Moved to Chiraq in 1983 & stayed with my brother. Great place then…

  14. “…a strongly worded letter.”

    Gov. Abbott is probably shaking in his boots. (from laughter)

  15. “Never resist a robbery. Value your life over any and all property.”

    I have an alternative option to suggest- why not make it so that robbers have to decide whether they value their lives over that of someone else’s property?

  16. In other words, you live on the southern border, it’s your problem not ours. They are welcome of course, TO YOUR STATE.

  17. Typical of the Marxist/Progressive/Dementiacrats. Always the results of the bad policies and agendas are someone elses fault. If just once the idiots would think beyond the feels good politics and consider the actual consequences of their actions they just might be able to deal with some of the problems they create.

  18. If it weren’t for everyone else, I guess Chicago would be paradise. From what they tell us, all their guns come from Indiana and all the illegals come from Texas. Maybe Chicago should just secede from Illinois and then secede from the U.S. and then they could control their own borders and life would be nothing but rainbows and unicorns and deep dish pizza.

  19. Bud Abbot is a rabid Nazi racist and an Immigrant and Latino hater. The asshole yesterday ran off his big mouth off and called the victims in the Cleveland, Texas massacre illegal aliens (WHICH THEY WERE NOT THEY WERE HERE LEGALLY) When Abbot the racist asshole was called out on this he ignored it showing how much he hates Latino’s. Adolf H would have been proud of him. Show me the difference between the two? There is none because the WWII Nazi’s banned abortion too.

    Texas is a hotbed for gun runners who run second hand guns into Chicago all of the time as proved by Law Enforcement tracings.

    Remember also that the city of Chicago is a lot smaller than the State of Texas so who is better able to care for immigrants? Its not rocket science.

    Several years ago poor Texans froze to death in the icy cold of winter while Ted Calypso Cruz and his family fled to Cancun and laughed while people froze to death. It turned out Republicans in Texas were too damn cheap to get on the National Electrical grid and their “cheap ass do it yourself grid” failed when the system got overloaded due to very cold weather.

    Sixty Minutes did a special on hell holes like Texas that have banned abortion showing that many doctors are too frightened to do exploratory surgery when women have problems in pregnancy and and ordinary cyst is often left alone when it cannot be determined whether it would result in the end of a pregnancy if it is removed to save the woman’s life. The jackbooted Republican attitude is “Let her die in the street like a dog”

    • “Bud Abbot”

      He’s dead, Jim.

      “… like Texas that have banned abortion …”

      Abortion isn’t banned in TX, liar.

    • Your “You can take care of the immigrants” position and rabid abortion stance are very ugly.

      Fitting for an ugly person.

  20. I hope Texas and Florida keep sending illegal migrants to these red communist regions of the United States. Since they support open borders.

    • Dems support the proverbial border wall around their own towns. Unfettered illegal immigration is righteous as long as other states have to bear the brunt. It’s almost like everything they say to support their positions is 100% BS. Do their voters lie to themselves, or are they too dumb to notice? Democrat voters feel free to chime in here.

      • To Dud Brain our rabid racist Latino hater.

        quote———Unfettered illegal immigration is righteous as long as other states have to bear the brunt.———quote

        Distortion and an outright bullshitting racist lie (as usual). Cities do not have the financial ability to support immigrants as well as an entire state does. And you racist pig immigrants came here to get jobs and that is exactly what they do once they get their work permits.

        Immigrants lower the price of your fruits and vegetables because lazy, shiftless and indolent Americans refuse to do the backbreaking field work to harvest these crops. Immigrants process most of the meat in our slaughterhouses and again work for lower wages than Americans do.

        When immigrants accumulate enough money they are far more likely not only to start a business but be more successful at it than the indigenous population, If you were a product of higher education you would have learned this in History and Economics classes as this phenomena pertains to all countries that take in immigrants not just the U.S.

        And by the way here is just one example of tens of thousands you Moron. The cell phone was invented by the son of a Syrian Immigrant and that invention brought billions in profits to the U.S. And remember you racist pig it was your Lord God Herr Drumpf that banned Syrian immigration into the U.S.

        The U.S. became an industrialized powerhouse and innovator because of immigrants, not because of racist hillbillies like you who spread lies and hate about them.

        And you racist hypocrite if you look far enough back in time just where do you think that your ancestors came from, the planet Krypton???? No, they were immigrants to this country but you are saying I got here first so fk everyone else.

        And lastly you idiot in case you have not noticed we have a labor shortage in this country.

        • Hey, asshole dacien, you missed the important part of Dude’s statement:

          “Unfettered illegal immigration is righteous as long as other states have to bear the brunt.”

          No one has said anything against immigrants. We don’t support law-breaking immigrants.

          If you doubt me, just ask my wife. Naturalized US Citizen since 2006. She is furious that she had to hire an immigration attorney after being threatened twice with deportation by immigration officers while so many others just walk across the border and start receiving benefits — that are paid for by her tax dollars. (She was a taxpaying green-card holder for 20 years before obtaining citizenship.)

          Why can illegal aliens break all the rules and receive praise and benefits, while she had to do it the hard way — the right way?

        • If cities do not have the financial responsibility for supporting immigrants then bringing them elsewhere just makes sense. No city in Texas has that responsibility.

        • to The man with no brains

          quote————-“Unfettered illegal immigration is righteous as long as other states have to bear the brunt.”———quote

          It is you who missed the point altogether. Republicans have blocked every effort on immigration reform. We have several million Daca children, many who came here as infants who cannot get citizenship because of the racism of Republican Congressmen wishing to appease their racist base.

          Republicans have blocked Federal funding to help immigrants so the cost is either dumped on the states or hillbilly states ship immigrants into big cities in other staters to make a racist political statement.

          And another strange phenomena I have noticed people (like Trump and a former Fox newscaster ) who are rabid racists out of subconscious guilt often times married immigrants.

        • Prndll — Chicago advertises itself as a “sanctuary city,” but this is more evidence that they don’t “walk the walk.”

          Chicago’s response to a growing immigrant crisis has turned police stations into makeshift shelters where asylum seekers have been provided with expired meal rations and where infections and infestations are a common problem.https://www.fox32chicago.com/news/expired-food-infections-infestations-reported-at-cpd-stations-serving-as-makeshift-shelters-for-immigrants

        • “And another strange phenomena I have noticed people (like Trump and a former Fox newscaster ) who are rabid racists out of subconscious guilt often times married immigrants.”

          dacien, you’re a raging, flaming asshole! Of course, we all knew that.

          I only wish that you were saying such in front of my wife. She’s 5-feet, 4-inches of unadulterated rage and fury when she is finally pushed past her breaking point, which takes an awful lot.

          But once that breaker trips, she becomes a real-life version of the Tasmanian devil — a small, yet incredibly intense spinning whirlwind that utterly destroys everything in its path.

          You know what I’ve noticed? That the people who scream the loudest at others about racism — are the biggest closet racists themselves. It’s called “projection,” and you’re a textbook case.

        • “lazy, shiftless and indolent Americans refuse to do the backbreaking field work”

          Only because the Dumbocratic Party fights to subsidize the lazy, shiftless, and indolent at their hardworking betters’ expense. If the choice was work, or starve and die, many more would work – and for the few who chose idleness and starvation, that is also their right.

        • @d

          “…Daca children, many who came here as infants who cannot get citizenship…”

          A simple answer for your simple mind…they are NOT citizens.

          They were NOT lawfully admitted. They do NOT derive (nor deserve) Citizenship just because their parents smuggled them into the USA at an early age. Under the Law they have no claim to any status for being “given” US Citizenship.

        • To the Old Montana rabid racist

          quote——— They do NOT derive (nor deserve) Citizenship———-quote

          Herr Hauptman you are sick piece of racist filth. These children cannot even speak Spanish. So what are we supposed to do dump them off in a foreign country they have never even lived in.

          Listen now Her Hauptman these children are now adults and have been responsible Americans with responsible jobs. Some have become teachers, nurses and even doctors. All a great asset to our country. I cannot tell you how much I despise Nazi filth like you. They do indeed deserve citizenship and filth like you should be deported.

        • So now you are quoting Fox News propaganda. Only a complete moron would believe the racist filth Fox News promotes every day. The story about disease in Chicago Police stations would not even fool a retarded piss ant. Remember genius boy the Police work there everyday so your Fox News propaganda story is laughable.

          It is true that a few immigrant families took shelter there but the police were in contact with the humanitarian organizations that were struggling with an overwhelming amount of people at the time and yes they did find them places to live. There were no outbreaks of disease and other horrors the racists at Fox News lied about.

          Once again your sick racism is there for all to see. I often wonder what kind of depraved family life you led as a child that convinced you to have such hate for people who you perceive to be different than yourself. The real laugh is that you probably go to church everyday and claim you are a true Christian (for white people only of course)

        • dacien asshole — did you work in a movie theatre?

          You’re an expert at projection, you waste of flesh.

        • And you can’t frickin’ read, either.

          “So now you are quoting Fox News propaganda. Only a complete moron would believe the racist filth Fox News promotes every day.”

          Fox32, a local Chicago TV station, picked up the story from …

          Published May 2, 2023 6:35AM – Chicago Police Department – Sun-Times Media Wire

          Elvia Malagón’s reporting on social justice and income inequality is made possible by a grant from The Chicago Community Trust.


        • “Hey, asshole dacien, you missed the important part of Dude’s statement:”

          You expect lil d to offer some sort of nuanced, thoughtful reply? LOL! All he knows to do is repeat left-wing talking points and call people names. That doesn’t require thought. When they resort to name calling, you know they have nothing. Notice how he did that from the beginning. I suppose I should have been more specific. Non-mentally ill Democrat voters feel free to chime in here.

          And yes, they always conflate illegal immigration with legal immigration. And yes, they’re always pushing the lie of open borders making us wealthier. That’s why every mayor in the country is fighting over who gets them, right? Wait, you mean the opposite is actually happening? Interesting…It’s almost like they’re lying to us. At least my question was answered (answer: too dumb to notice).

        • “If the choice was work, or starve and die, many more would work”

          Umm . . .,
          Something Democrats like to ignore is that many more Americans would do the work immigrants (both legal and illegal) do, if the pay was better. The jet set champagne so_shall_lists are on the side of the capitalists who love the cheap labor. The typical Dem voter, who is always complaining about a “living” minimum wage, will pay illegal immigrants to clean their house, mow their lawns, etc. Then they tell us we need more illegal immigrants because Americans won’t do their dirty work for them. Of course they would if you would pay them more. As usual, the irony goes over their heads. (answer: too dumb)

        • Dude,
          But it all gets back to welfare. The bare minimum outcome (getting by) is the just and natural result of the bare minimum input (unskilled entry-level drudgery). Guaranteeing a living wage for processing O2 into CO2 while having opposable thumbs drives up the margin cost of actually getting off the couch. We could drive up prices (even further) by bribing slackers with a comfortable middle-class income (what should be the just reward of pursuing a profession, skilled trade, leadership responsibilities, entrepreneurship, etc.), but that’s just communism laundered through the private sector.

    • Hey MFr ! ! !, Dont Gock Block me I saw her/it(kinda looks like a carp with a gars beak run up its ass) first!

  21. Lightfoot: “We simply have no more shelters, spaces, or resources to accommodate an increase of individuals at this level.” Neither does Texas or the other border states.

  22. Don’t the morbidly obese governor and the Islamist Obama have nice mansions in Chitcago?
    I’m sure there is lots of room in those, and being all in favor of illegals, they would of course be glad to share the space, right?

    • Sounds good when they say it, but when it comes to the doin…notsomuch.

      Its the same as the “green” energy soliloquy that they’re constantly spouting, no cash bail etc etc.
      It’s fantasy.

  23. If Biden will stop the flow at the border, Abbot will stop the flow to sanctuary cities.

    Pretty simple math.

  24. I hope he keeps sending em. These people like to talk the talk they can walk the walk. The wealthier the lib area the better.

  25. She’s right, we shouldn’t be dropping them off willy nilly in Chicago. They should be dropped off in her front yard.

  26. POS mayor excluding other nationalities, but taking fed dollars for being a sanctuary city!!! Loser!

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