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By Brady C.

Submit your [Zhivago] doctored image to [email protected] with the word DA! (all caps) in the subject field. The winner gets a brick (500 rounds) of Thunderbolt .22LR.

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  1. “To argue against any breach of liberty
    from the ill use that may be made of it,
    is to argue against liberty itself,
    since all is capable of being abused.”
    — Lord George Lyttleton

  2. Uuhh… that line’s from Zero Wing… a JAPANESE video game. Not Chinese… don’t think the people from Japan were communist…

    Still… funny.

    • HA!

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s been bothered by fonts… too many graphic designers in my family. 😉

  3. All of these have elements of funny, but I gotta admit…I can’t stop laughing every time I think of the “Look At This Baby.”

    Very cool, though. Lots of creative folks here. Good messages, too.

  4. I would vote win on this if “Look at this baby.” wasn’t so damned funny. I vote 2nd place (at least so far).

  5. They’re all great! Everybody gets a trophy.

    (No seriously, they’re all winners. I’d be proud to put all of these posters in my shop.)

  6. All of these have been good, especially this one. Minor nitpick: should be “all your *gun* are belong to us,” which is what makes it very funny.

  7. It sure is odd that I can post here and now, but cannot post on the Nevada thing? I wonder if that sob is jamming my iPad??? Oh well, he will never silence me for this country, these guys are going to be gone soon. If not, they will be overcomed by the republic.


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