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When Hizzoner reached into his pocket to pull out a spare $50 mil to jump-start his latest rights-abrogating enterprise, the miserably monikered Everytown for Gun Safety, he apparently didn’t spend much cash on a competent social media team. The heaven-bound former mayor made the faux pas of announcing his new “grassroots” anti-gun holding company before he’d tied up all of the social media outlets under the new org’s name. Oops. As reports . . .

An alert gun bully was quick enough on the draw to snag a Facebook page under the new not-so-household name. Clicking over, in the style of Shannon’s MDA frauds, the new site reports 4300 “members” (likes) in the first 24 hours.

When alerted to the presence of the page, a representative at Everytown for Gun Safety said that it wouldn’t be long before it disappeared from Facebook.

“Maybe they’d like to duel for it,” said Mark Glaze, the executive director of Everytown for Gun Safety. “I hear every person on our staff of 85 is a better shot than Wayne LaPierre. Or maybe a bidding war!”

Enjoy it while you can, gunnies. Odds are Zuckerberg & Co. won’t let this affront stand for long.

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  1. Well I would be betting that Zucky will catch a little hell if he lets the bully bloomy take this over. Won’t surprise me if he does though.

    • Maybe, maybe not. For example, the World Wrestling Federation lost the use of the ‘WWF’ name because the World Wildlife Fund had been using that acronym for far longer than Vince McMahon’s group had been. In this case it would seem that since King Mike’s group is brand new, and that they didn’t take the Facebook page yet, they have less chance of succeeding in a court battle. There are also thousands of existing FB pages that are copyright and trademark violations that are still very active, so that is also something the people running the Everytown page should know if FB tries to step in and make them give the page up. There’s precedent already if it should go to the courts, i.e. Facebook would have to take down a ton of pages as well.

      • There are also lots of versions of pages on FB. Blooming Idiot could choose several different page types to start his. Just for kicks, though, I started to local pages for towns in my area.

  2. “Maybe they’d like to duel for it,” said Mark Glaze, the executive director of Everytown for Gun Safety. “I hear every person on our staff of 85 is a better shot than Wayne LaPierre.”

    The threat of gun violence is never far from the minds of anti-gunners.

        • Technically this is a spelling issue, not grammar (says the spelling Nazi).

          A slip of the finger…there’s a gun parallel in there somewhere, but I can’t quite put my finger on it…

    • Their rage is barely controlled, and is likely to erupt at any moment. This is why we need to have a reasonable gun control law for progressives – make it a felony for them to even touch a gun. We should also make it a felony for them to own a vehicle, since they are likely to burst into road rage if they see a bumper sticker that they don’t like. “Scratch a progressive, wound a killer.”

      Just look at the photo of Obama when he saw his “Newtown shooting” gun control dreams die in the Senate – “his face was clenched with rage”. And the man authorizes the killing of American citizens without trial, using his “drone hit list”. How long will the killings go on, Mr. President? (Burst into a group sing of “all we are sayyyying, is give peace a chance…”)

    • Just announced yesterday and already a staff of 85? what did he do, raid the staff of MAIG? Or maybe he is slowly closing MAIG down; not being a mayor anymore, and without the free web services, he’s lost interest.

    • That is true. Whenever I see comments from them disagreeing on a 2A topic or other topic of public discourse they are invariably the ones posting death threats and other craziness when they run into a wall of logical argument against them.

      As I said, throughout history, lefties don’t hesitate to use coercive violence to get their way. I believe it has to do with their feeling that they are morally and intellectually superior such that they view those who oppose their views as less human than them. Therefore, their compunction to engage in threats and violence is removed.

      Not to mention that since many of them reject the notion of a higher spiritual power, they replace that intrinsic human drive towards religious beliefs with fanatical devotion to their ideals that would rival the Taliban. Whether those beliefs are anti-2A, saving whales or recycling their own poop in the compost pile out back.


      • Keep pointing out that those of us non-religious gun supporters aren’t as good as you religious people. I’m sure your self-righteousness will help the cause.

        • I didn’t say anything of the sort.

          I talked about how liberals fill the need for something spiritual in their life with “causes” that they pursue with the same fervor as very religious people. That’s why it’s hard to reason with them, the same as it would be if you tried to talk a religious man out of his beliefs.

          You can make all the logical arguments to him but you will not sway him because it has passed from the realm of logical discourse and into the realm of faith in his mind.

    • Had one anti gun tweeter post to me that the government should use drones to kill gun owners who dont comply with bans. She deleted that post within 10 minutes. So much for their faux concern for violence and children

  3. And of course you can start the following pages as well:
    EveryTown for Gun Safety – CA
    EveryTown for Gun Safety – DC
    EveryTown for Gun Safety – NY
    EveryTown for Gun Safety – HI
    Etc etc etc.

    I think this is a great opportunity to let the other side know what real gun safety is about, and make them question themselves “is this just another gun-control group? Where’s the safety part?”

      • FrontierNet
        United States of America 10 IN A
        Various international iSPs have cached: 3600 IN A
        IP WHOIS:
        Name, LLC
        Handle GODAD
        Street 14455 N Hayden Road
        Suite 226
        City Scottsdale
        State/Province AZ
        Postal Code 85260
        Country US
        Registration Date 2007-06-01
        Last Updated 2012-03-15

        Registrant Contact Information:
        Name: Registration Private
        Organization: Domains By Proxy, LLC
        Address 1:
        City: Scottsdale
        State: Arizona
        Zip: 85260
        Country: US
        Phone: +1.4806242599
        Fax: +1.4806242598
        Email: Email Masking [email protected]

        • And it seems is up and running.

          Results for Target:
          Created Date : 2009-07-08T14:30:29Z
          Updated Date : 2014-02-26T19:12:04Z
          WHOIS Server:

          NS-1139.AWSDNS-14.ORG |
          NS-730.AWSDNS-27.NET |
          NS-1819.AWSDNS-35.CO.UK |
          NS-486.AWSDNS-60.COM |

          Domain Name:EVERYTOWN.ORG
          Domain ID: D156604257-LROR
          Creation Date: 2009-07-08T14:30:29Z
          Updated Date: 2014-02-26T19:12:04Z
          Registry Expiry Date: 2015-07-08T14:30:29Z
          Sponsoring, LLC (R91-LROR)
          Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 146
          WHOIS Server:
          Referral URL:
          Domain Status: clientDeleteProhibited
          Domain Status: clientRenewProhibited
          Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
          Domain Status: clientUpdateProhibited
          Registrant ID:CR159430371
          Registrant Name:Registration Private
          Registrant Organization:Domains By Proxy, LLC
          Registrant Street:
          Registrant City:Scottsdale
          Registrant State/Province:Arizona
          Registrant Postal Code:85260
          Registrant Country:US
          Registrant Phone:+1.4806242599
          Registrant Phone Ext:
          Registrant Fax: +1.4806242598
          Registrant Fax Ext:
          Registrant Email:[email protected]
          Admin ID:CR159430373
          Admin Name:Registration Private
          Admin Organization:Domains By Proxy, LLC
          Admin Street:
          Admin City:Scottsdale
          Admin State/Province:Arizona
          Admin Postal Code:85260
          Admin Country:US
          Admin Phone:+1.4806242599
          Admin Phone Ext:
          Admin Fax: +1.4806242598
          Admin Fax Ext:
          Admin Email:[email protected]
          Tech ID:CR159430377
          Tech Name:Registration Private
          Tech Organization:Domains By Proxy, LLC
          Tech Street:
          Tech City:Scottsdale
          Tech State/Province:Arizona
          Tech Postal Code:85260
          Tech Country:US
          Tech Phone:+1.4806242599
          Tech Phone Ext:
          Tech Fax: +1.4806242598

          Looks like they’re being shy…

  4. ”wouldn’t be long before the page disappears from Facebook.”
    No longer satisfied with deleting posts and banning people? Had to step up the game?

  5. ”wouldn’t be long before the page disappears from Facebook.”
    No longer satisfied with deleting posts and banning people? Had to step up their game?

    • Bloomberg said he has $50mil to spend on “gun safety” at the grass-roots level. I say we call him on it and start submitting requests for grants and such to fund gun safety training and information for the general public. Eventually they will have to respond that “no, no, no. You don’t understand. We are not for safe handling and storage of firearms. We want more laws on citizens that have nothing to do with gun-safety”, or something like that.

  6. “I hear every person on our staff of 85 is a better shot than Wayne LaPierre.”

    That immature statement and attitude reminds me of many anti-gun liberals (from about ten years back) posting comments online teasing gun owners that the reason they want guns is really to compensate for having small dxxcks. The comments stopped when many pro-gun liberals and women began buying guns.

    • My first thought too–publicly bragging about checkbook size. A liberal would be obliged to ask: “What’s he compensating for?”

    • Some fellow TTAGer responded to that taunt by simply saying, (I paraphrase) “Yeah, unlike the grabbers, we aren’t able to fend off large thugs by wielding our enormous penises.”

      • “Enormous P***s” is actually a song by Da Vinci’s notebook in the Brontosaurus album, and a damn fine song at that.

        • Let’s not forget “Detachable P***s” by King Missile, too.
          (And you are correct about the DVN song 🙂 )

  7. Hahaha. Rookies! This was the first thing in my feed TTAG, thanks for starting my day off right.

  8. “Maybe they’d like to duel for it,” said Mark Glaze, the executive director of Everytown for Gun Safety”

    Cap and ball, or 1911…??? I’m very adept at either…

    • Flintlock pistols starting from unloaded. I’m sure they will be very adept at that particular discipline .

      • What discipline? You mean starting from unloaded? Do I have to unload on them before we start?

  9. Well this is likely to turn into a bbiigg litigation knife fight. If Facebook doesn’t just delete it all out of hand. Unless someone has already filed a trademark/copy-righted the name BEFORE this whole thing started

    • Yeah but when filing a trademark one has to prove that they have been and/or are using it before anyone else.

      • Actually, all they have to do is show that they are using it, not that they are using it before everyone else. All of the applications appear to have been filed on an intent-to-use basis, but I’mma bet the page went live before the hilariously faux FB page. Still, if the FB folks want to oppose the applications, they conceivably could force the Bloombergians to spend a bit more of that $50M. Either way, it’ll be fun to watch.

        • Here are the dates for
          Creation Date: 2009-07-08T14:30:29Z
          Updated Date: 2014-02-26T19:12:04Z

          Interesting that it was originally started in 2009. I wonder how much of the $50m went to a buyout…

    • Is there a procedure for objecting to the trademark application based on deceptiveness? The goods and services cited in these applications clearly have nothing to do with gun safety. The word “safety” doesn’t even appear in the long description of the goods and services.

      • It’s possible – the Trademark Act prohibits the registration of marks that are deceptively misdescriptive of the goods or services to which they are applied. However, that would be quite the fight over semantics, and Hizzoner has plenty of money to throw at lawyers to fight that one.

    • Looks like they will be spending a lot of that $50 mil on litigation of their service mark. Good luck with that.

      ETA: the application was actually filed Apr 3. But what does it cover? just the logo? “The mark consists of a miscellaneous design.” I am thinking it does not cover the phrase.

      • Actually, the second link above it looks like he trademarked the word Everytown. not a logo. It’s a character trademark. So that could be a problem.

  10. What is up with them corrupting the term “gun safety”? If they were for gun safety, Bloomberg would be donating that money to local ranges to give poor and low income people free training classes or adding Col. Cooper’s 4 rules to school curriculum. That is promoting gun safety. What they want is gun CONTROL. I hate dishonest people.

    • “What is up with them corrupting the term “gun safety?”

      Exactly. And he has just given an opportunity to further expose him for what his organization really is by putting all this into the spot light, and exposing people to what real gun safety looks like.

      I hope lots of people take advantage of the free publicity he his providing to remind non-gun owners about what real gun safety is.

    • Has anyone ever tried suing one of these groups for false advertising? The claims they make in their ads are patently and provably false. If they are forced to admit it in court and make their goals a matter of public record it would go along way toward making them go away, not to mention the financial burden of fighting cases in every state they work in (all 57, I believe, with one more to go).

  11. All of the legitimate grass roots organizations do start with a professional staff of 85 and a $50 million bankroll, don’t they?

  12. I don’t know copyright/trademark law, but can someone copyright “Gun Safety”? Or any of these other silly phrases being thrown around?

  13. Get some REAL gun safety content on it so you have a rational to use in defending against the slimeball.

    Start with link to Eddie Eagle

    Get ahold of NRA and ILA. I’m sure they have a “social disease/media team” that could build out the page. Swooping on the was a huge coup (dang that’s “violent” isn’t it). Now do something with it as a counterattack. In not good bet will loose it.

    Perhaps sell it to NRA for $1. Then their team of lawyers can defend their property.

  14. “Maybe they’d like to duel for it,” said Mark Glaze, the executive director of Everytown for Gun Safety”

    I’m your huckleberry.

    • Although I am highly confident in my ability to out shoot anti gunners, I simply refuse to accept a dueling challenge. The disabled comments on YouTube videos and moderated comments on Facebook pages indicate that the typical liberal progressive is violently intolerant of opinions which are not like minded. If that violence is their go-to method of dealing with dissent, I still have the right to refuse it unless it threatens the personal safety of myself or my loved ones. They may envision “wild west duels” in their many twisted fantasies, but I do not. The use of lethal force is to be taken seriously, and reserved only for situations which require it.

      Put simply, I choose to exercise my 1st Amendment rights to protect and recognize the 2nd. The 2nd Amendment is for the protection of my life and the life of my loved ones.

  15. Standard tactic when you establish a brand, organization or what-have-you is to secure the website URLs as well as the major social media handles. The liberal set likes to claim mastery of this arena, but that’s a major fail right there, not securing the Facebook business page name.

    That being said, Zuckerberg is part of the same limousine liberal cabal that Bloomberg is, so you can bet this page is probably gone by now.

  16. To win the “duel,” simply run up the “like” count on the FB page as fast and as much as possible.

  17. Brilliant! We should all LIKE this asap. (I just did)

    Then we should all give the NRA an extra 10 bucks and match his 50 mil. Show him what grassroots is really all about.

    and also create as many orgs, websites, companies, etc – anything we can named Everytown – and dilute his stupid latest brand name to shit.

  18. Over 7300 likes. And many state specific pages are checking in.

    Holy hell this is the best thing I’ve seen in ages. This isn’t a social media war….it’s a social media slaughter.

  19. All that n the fans and 2A supporters are the bullies. You guys are ridiculous. Pro gun right folks know the safest shooters are the ones that are educated and aware. It’s the ones that don’t know what they are doing you need to worry about.

    • “All that n the fans and 2A supporters are the bullies.”

      Uh, no, it’s actually the anti-2A supporters are, always have been, and forever shall be the bullies. Period.

  20. So is this like Shannon using her home address to incorporate MDA? Isn’t she a “social media guru”??

  21. Nicely done!!!

    Social media savvy, they don’t has it.

    This is hilarious.

    It is going to make “Every town” establishing a reliable easily found presence on FB very difficult and Google search engine optimization such a “joy” for them.

  22. They may not be able to get this page back. I created one about another group and it has irritated them because I won’t reliquinish it (and they are lawyers!)

  23. I guess a “bully” could be used to describe someone that beats you to the punch and scoops you on a social media site…after all its for the kids…

    I generally accociate the term with someone that uses their army (or police) to humiliate and violate the constitutional rights of non-white males (stop and frisk)….for the children you know.

    Or uses the same organization to target and surveil US citizens based on non-Judeo Christian religious beliefs…for the children.

    Or his power to subject lesser mortals to his whims, no matter how intrusive…such soft drink sales or trans fat…for the children.

    I’m sorry…. I forgot were we talking Kim Jong-un or Bloomberg?

  24. I don’t do Facebook, but to expand beyond the state “chapters” and play off the Everytown name I would say the sites to register would be “New York for Gun Safety” etc.

  25. Looks like Bloomberg needs to take some refresher classes. When I was in college between 2006-2011 all the business classes taught that one of the first things to do when launching a start up was make sure you had the domain names and social media sites for the brand created and owned before launch so that competitors could not use them to undermine you.

  26. Grassroots

    “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” Inigo

    “Inconceivable” Bloomberg

  27. HE HE…sell the domain for $50000000! And who said Bloomberg is a financial genius?

  28. I would have liked to see him capitalize it properly…but other than that, awesome trolling!

  29. Let’s not forget the Demanding Moms and other lunatics had a con-fab just last month at SXSW titled “Disrupting the Gun Lobby with Digital Organizing.”

    The TTAG post about it described it thus: “they detailed ways their groups are utilizing social media and data mining to raise money and try to counter the gun lobby’s grass roots advantages,” among other nonsense.

    This is an epic fail by people whose resumes would lead one to believe they should know better.

  30. Liked the main page, Pennsylvania’s page, & started Everytown for Gun Safety – Pittsburgh last night. Not much content yet, but I guarantee the profile pic & background should chap some anti-gunner ass!

  31. Mark Glaze sounds like the gun bully to me. He is the one talking about shooting it out. What an idiot.

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