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By Michael L.

Submit your [Zhivago] doctored image to [email protected] with the word DA! (all caps) in the subject field. The winner gets a brick (500 rounds) of Thunderbolt .22LR.

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      • Yeah it’s empty, but the guy weaving the magazine in the air, his head is empty too. There is a lot of resemblance to the guy in office too. Maybe the crooked guy in the doj, hmmm. Be ready my friends these pr_ _ _ _ s that are in office are dangerous. Watch your backs, we all have to be up a notch!

    • I thought so too. I tried changing the face (you can probably guess who’s face) but the original communist poster face looked better, and quite a good resemblance.

      • You mean you didn’t modify it to look like Obama? Holy crap, uncanny resemblance!

        Subtitle is genius also. Points out that people who are anti-gun are only against guns being in the hands of you and me. They are actually very pro-gun in favor of government having all the guns.

        I think that explains why the so-called “antis” are so very prone to making threats of violence. They support the agency of the initiation of force, whereas we only seek to defend ourselves from it.

  1. “… and tediousness its limbs and outward flourishes.” Love that quote so much that I have forced my 5 children to memorize it. Also love the quote “Language is the dress of thought.”


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