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 AgitpropSubmission 4

By Justin S.

Submit your [Zhivago] doctored image to [email protected] with the word DA! (all caps) in the subject field. The winner gets a brick (500 rounds) of Thunderbolt .22LR. See all of the entries at our Facebook page here.

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  1. The problem I see with this (and a few other recent entries) is that this is EXACTLY how these groups picture us and the NRA. MAIG, MDA (or whatever the hell they are called now) would actually LOVE to create a poster just like this.

    Some of the first entries in this contest were good in that they pointed out the flawed efforts of these groups by making THEM look like the bad guys/dear leader.

    • Yes, but…the point of satire is to use your target’s own attributes to an exaggerated extent in order to make them look foolish, or preferably, ridiculous.

      Our point is that they WOULD use this propaganda, if they could and thought it would serve them.

    • Agreed. I get that WE may view the poster as satirical, but I prefer the posters showing the grabbers as the bad guys/gals.

  2. I’ll go ahead and tell you when children are not safe. Children are not safe when their parents are classified as criminals at the stoke of a pen with absolutely no forethought as to the consequences and without any time for debate, discussion, or public input, and further be subject to arrest and imprisonment for the mere earlier acquisition of property that was undertaken lawfully and in good faith. Property that never threatened anyone in the past, threatens harm to no one in the present, and will never be an imminent threat to anyone else in the future. Children are not safe when the next knock at the door could be a SWAT team serving an unannounced, no-knock warrant against a class of citizens who have done nothing to harm others, but have been summarily condemned as “armed criminals” even though they have committed no crime. No recourse. No due process. Constitutional protections need not apply. I know also for a fact that we’ve all definitely heard at least some of the horror stories about wrong-house raids gone bad. Beloved pets are often slaughtered and people die — and exactly and only the wrong people ever die. Sometimes, police officers die, too.

    But who is ever held to account? Nobody, that’s who. All that has ever happened, regardless of whatever the case you or anybody else could ever cite as reference, is that the officers involved are most often promoted and transferred to other departments and offices in a deliberate attempt to shield them from their wrong-doing. That’s it. In fact, I’ll even go so far as to dare them — I simply dare them — to try and find me just one occasion, just one, where that did not happen. But I’m not going to sweat it, because I know you’ll never find one. Never. Not even unto the day you die. And that is, for an unquestionable fact, because it does not and did not ever happen. Nor is that practice ever going to change.



    What’s actually dangerous to the public, and to the children with which those sexist, racist, anti-rights, and anti-Humanist gun-grabbers shield themselves with and use as props for their purely emotionally-driven and politically-motivated agenda, are these laws. And not just to the police officers who will have the misfortune of having to eventually enforce these laws, but to the law-abiding citizenry that you have deliberately and indiscriminately targeted with your asinine and ass-backwards policies. There is a bigger threat, from the gun control lobby and the police officers that they’re trying to force a feckless and impotent State to throw at us, to the citizenry than there is from the criminals that they are knowingly unable to manage with these edicts than there ever will be from the people that they know are otherwise innocent until proven guilty. They know you can’t target the criminals, and that is because the laws simply don’t apply to them. That’s why they are labeled as criminals in the first place. They cannot, under Haynes v. U.S., force them to register a goddamn thing. They cannot, under that same ruling, even force them to out themselves on any background check form.



    Target them.

    With legislation.

    But you don’t give a damn, do you, Mr. and Mrs. Gun Grabber? No. No, you don’t. Don’t even feign to pretend that you do, because you quite clearly don’t. You’re wrong, you know you’re wrong, and that’s all there is to it. That’s all there has ever been to it. That’s all there is ever going to be to it. Dot. Period. End of sentence. End of paragraph. End of story.

      • There isn’t a single pair of eyes that visit these boards that is, or ever will be, ready for that level of vulgarity. 😉

        So, I intend to keep my responses as cordial and as palatable as I can manage. This is world’s better than the a-typical threats we always and invariably get from the anti’s, what with their rather ironic and hypocritical fondness for firing squads and all that.

  3. I had to click the facebook link 4 times to get it to open due to the stupid ad popups.

    • It’s like TTAG searches for the worst possible pop-ups adds. I can’t open an article or reply to comment without being bombarded by 900 pop-ups. This is the Number 1 reason I don’t comment or read anything on TTAG as much as I used to. This isn’t the 1990’s anymore, anoying flash driven pop-ups will kill websites. Seriously guys, get it togther.

  4. So is the contest still on? I haven’t seen a new poster, mine included, updated to the facepage in almost a week.

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