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“Between 200 and 300 protesters gathered at the scene after the shooting, and conflicts broke out between officers and protesters, (Police Chief Jon) Belmar said. Four people were arrested for assaulting officers, and at least one officer was injured when he tried to get away from some sort of firework device set off on the parking lot, Belmar said. Protesters also threw some bricks at officers, Belmar said. Police used pepper spray on the crowd but did not use any tear gas, the chief said.” No, wasn’t the Ferguson melee in August. This one happened right next door in Berkeley last night. The difference: the above surveillance video – though difficult to make out at first – clearly shows Antonio Martin (standing in front of the officer’s cruiser) point a gun at the cop . . .

The video stops just before the officer draws and fires. Early reports don’t indicate whether or not the officer wore a body cam.

As the officer points his gun, he is backing away and loses his balance, Belmar said. As he fell, he dropped his flashlight and fired off at least three shots.

Martin (who was black) was declared dead by EMS on the scene.

(Belmar) also said the 9 mm gun found on the suspect had five rounds in the magazine and one round in the chamber. He also said the gun’s serial number had been filed off.

Belmar declined to release (the suspect’s) name at the news conference but said he had a criminal record, with charges including three assaults, armed robbery, armed criminal action and multiple uses of weapons since he was 17.

So…a much clearer situation than the Michael Brown shooting in which the guy in the morgue clearly provoked an armed response from the (white) Berkeley officer…all on captured on video. Hard for the “social justice” types to argue with this one, right?

Antonio Martin’s extended family was in shock early Wednesday, as they waited for details to unfold about the fatal shooting.

“This doesn’t make any sense for them to kill my son line this,” Toni Martin-Green said early Wednesday from her home located near the University of Missouri-St. Louis campus. “I am trying to be calm.”

Martin was the oldest of four children born to she and Jerome Green.

“He’s like any other kid who had dreams or hopes,” said Green. “We loved being around him. He’d push a smile out of you.”


St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCullough — who apparently did something to get on the wrong side of the universal Karmic ledger — has assigned one of his prosecutors to the case. Clarity of evidence or not, based on last night’s spontaneous reaction by hundreds of locals, you have to assume that if and when the un-named officer is cleared of any wrongdoing in this case, the reaction by “the community” won’t feature much restraint. Governor Nixon, please call your office.

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  1. There’s plenty of instances of police abusing people, like the anal cavity search in NM. But the case for police needlessly shooting and killing or “murdering” people is getting pretty thin.

    • Yeah, there’s plenty of bigotry and racism still in this country, I’m sure. So, why do the people whose stock and trade is to find it and point it out seem to have to make it up? Is it getting that hard to find?

      • I think what we are witnessing here gentlemen is the Leftists starting to eat themselves alive. Remember, these are the same types who just less than a year ago were screaming, “Only the police and military should have guns!!!” And crying for the police to start murdering gun owners. In many liberal hubs across the country they increased police power and gun control hand in hand. Now, seeing that policing requires shooting people who aren’t white gun owners sometimes, is causing them to flip into a mindless rage. This is best seen in NY, where the mayor, an extreme liberal, is now under fire from his beloved police army and his beloved “populist socialist liberal justice” crowd. This division may end up being beneficial to the gun rights movement as liberalism’s lunacy truly spills out into the open. I’m going to make a bet that soon they will even cry for the banning of police to use firearms. The irony.

        • Let it play out.

          And remember the thousands of cops that are doing a good job and don’t get attacked. Most of these cases are pure self defense, and play out exactly the same way a concealed carry holder situation would.

        • When I drive to work in the morning listening to WSB, I talk back to the radio. After hearing this story and about the protests that followed, I literally said out loud “I am staying on the sidelines in this fight”.

    • The race baiters purposely pick events that are clearly wrong to weed out rational sympathizers of other races. They are pushing the us vs. them mentality and having white people in the crowd hurts the narrative.

      • Its exactly for that reason that people are waking up to the notion of who the real racists are, and who believes in entitlement based on skin color.

        I think that it is finally dawning on a large portion of the population that the NAACP, NAN et al have remade themselves into a darker version of the Klan complete with lynch mobs, and their victim card is played out.

        • Sure, there are injustices based on … ah, everything. But why only the alleged or often imagined injustices against blacks are pointed out? Blacks are often the biggest racists of all – how about 90%+ of blacks voting for Obama only because he’s black – isn’t that racism? Oh, I forgot, only whites can be racists; blacks are immune, even when they are.

        • Interesting point Alexander. How about 100% of whites voting 100% for the “white guy” in every other presidential election. Blacks complain the most because they continue to have it the worst in this country. If you can come up with a single data point that would suggest otherwise I’d be eager to hear it.

        • C.Z., you’ll make a good statistician, if you’ll work for the government, that is. Apparently, according to your statistics, if only white guys were qualified to a particular job and only white guys were hired – that is an indication of 100% racism! If the government doesn’t hire you, you should definitely apply to Al Sharpton and Co. But wait, the white guys did in fact vote for a black guy. Unfortunately, he was (and remains) completely unqualified, but they did vote for him. At it seems that it’s not enough for you that blacks have become protected species, getting hired and promoted without sufficient qualifications (to their long-term detriment, as blacks holding any professional degrees or positions are automatically discounted) and playing the race card at every turn, it’s not enough that a huge percentage of blacks permanently do not work, not because they don’t have jobs, but because welfare pays more, not enough that government jobs are overwhelmingly filled with blacks as an extension of their welfare, including the presidency, but you want more proof? It’s not enough that I’ve given them my shirt; you want my pants too?!

        • I’ve got one point CZ: 5.85 million blacks are felons that can’t vote. 14% of the population is black. Turnout for blacks in 2012 was 67%. Obama could have at the very mathematical most got 9.38% of the popular vote from the voting black population. Obama got 51% of the popular vote total. So at least 41.62% of non-blacks in America voted for Obama. Take from that what you will.

          I find it funny how there is all this shouting of racist cops in the cities where Democrats have controlled and appointed police chiefs and commissioners for generations. And now they throw up their hands and join the crowds in shouting at something they control.

        • C.Z. – “If you can come up with a single data point that would suggest otherwise I’d be eager to hear it.”

          CZ, I don’t necessarily disagree with you that African Americans continue to face more racial bigotry than any other racial group in America, but your bar is set so low. I can’t let the idea that their are no single points where African Americans don’t receive preferential treatment go unanswered.

          Currently their is a lawsuit winding its way through court where an Asian American contends, and probably rightly so, that Asian Americans are held to a much higher standard for Harvard admissions than their counterparts to maintain a racial quota system for the student body. Here is the quote that demonstrates at least one data point where African Americans receive preferential treatment:

          “The lawsuit cites a 2009 study by Princeton sociologists that concluded that while the average Asian American applicant needed a much higher 1460 SAT score to be admitted, a white student with similar GPA and other qualifications only needed a score of 1320, while blacks needed 1010 and Hispanics 1190.”

          The full article can be found here:

          and the study cited in the quote can be found here:

          I think you’d have to agree that in education, African Americans receive preferential treatment in admissions. At least at Harvard although I suspect that this is true anywhere where a University considers the racial makeup of its student body important.

        • What that also means is that the same degree from the same university is understood to be worth less in the hands of a black graduate. The Affirmative Action is a self-defeating idea, in the long run. Just like all great socialist ideas – sound good, but boy do they stink when you get closer.

      • Whoa. I mean wow.

        That’s pretty extreme reasoning, even for Sharpton and his ilk. These guys depend on the media to get their story out and bring the money in, and they play the numbers. Filtering out the 92 percent of the population that isn’t black — that would be very costly for them, and for what discernible gain?

        • Haven’t you seen where white protesters in Ferguson were told to put their hands down? The race baiters don’t need to win popular support as popular support would prove them wrong by definition. Their job is to solidify the black voting block for Democrats. That’s all. No change. No answering the hard questions of an anti family culture, just validating their victim hood.

    • I just can’t believe it.. What has this country come to???

      Now a good young black boy cant even point a loaded gun at someone and not get shot for it. Usually by a racist white cop as in this case…./sarc….

      Seruiously?? try to shoot a police officer and get shot yourself???

  2. Sure, there is police and law enforcement overreach, breaking into the wrong home and killing an innocent man, using weapons and vehicles given to them by Homeland Security and the military to conduct routine investigations, using SWAT teams to issue a warrant or subpoena and others.

    However, when a person pulls a gun on a policeman, what choice does he have but to defend his health and life? If the reports are accurate, the gun Martin drew against the policeman was recovered. If that is the case, Martin’s finger prints will be all over his gun and with the video, this should be a slam dunk case, but will there be fire bombings, threats against the policeman and his family, protests led by race baiters all across the U.S.?

  3. “He’s like any other kid who had dreams or hopes,”

    Well, maybe you should’ve taught him not to dream or hope he’d get away with shooting a cop.

    Amazing how every wanna-be thug who gets shot was really just an angel who loved the world and crocheted lace doilies in his spare time.

    • “Amazing how every wanna-be thug who gets shot was really just an angel who loved the world and crocheted lace doilies in his spare time.”

      That there, sir, is one of the best comments that I have ever read. You win the Intertubz for the day!

  4. The yahoo writeup said protesters were asking police officers why they couldn’t have Tased or pepper sprayed him instead of shooting him…….sigh…..

    Plus arsonists set a Quiktrip across the street on fire with hours of the shooting?

    These poor, poor, mistreated and abused people…..the cops, not the residents of the city that is.

  5. We have entered an era of insanity. It’s at the point they are protesting enforcement of laws period, not just the police. This is becoming more and more like a the beginning of a revolution.

    • Ok, read the following with a tinfoil hat, this jogged my memory on something. I’ve noticed this all sounds alot like what Charles Manson described in his insane writings. Black revolution, takeover of government, incompetent leadership, collapse of government. Only thing missing is the insane messiah cultist white guy waiting in the wings to seize power in the aftermath.

  6. “This doesn’t make any sense for them to kill my son line this,” Toni Martin-Green said early Wednesday from her home . . .”

    Oh, for crying out loud, the stupid kid POINTED A GUN AT THE COP! What the hell does she think was supposed to happen? For most of the protestors the rightness or wrongness of this won’t matter at all. They don’t care much about the kid or his family and even less about the cop who had to shoot somebody. There’s a larger public drama going on in which this event is just a very small part. We saw a similar thing happen in Ferguson where the residents’ interests in knowing the truth about what happened were just shunted aside by the race-hucksters, looters, and mass-media—until actual witnesses, most of whom were black residents of Ferguson, showed up at the grand jury hearing and told the truth about what happened in the confrontation between Brown and Wilson.

    • Moms are supposed to love their sons. Failing that, they should at least put on a show of loving them, particularly if they didn’t raise their kids with integrity. I have no expectation that the moms will be rational in these incidents. Besides, it’s pretty tough to sue police if you aren’t on record against them. Lawsuits against police are referred to as the “ghetto lottery.” Money talks.

      • In some communities parents would express shame that their son was a habitual criminal and had died pointing a gun at the cops.

        But no… nothing wrong with the community here… everyone who gets killed was just about to turn their life around. Seems like turning your life around is a death sentence, anytime someone is about to do it the cops come in, shoot them, and then plant a fake gun and video.

        • @Accur81- I like how you went reverse 3:10 to Yuma on us where Crowe says “even bad men love their mothers”. Love for the son, of course, along with a healthy dose of shame that he chose the wrong path is the civilized reaction. In the Black communities profits from criminal activities are a healthy supplement to tax funded welfare, and the criminal activities are only wrong when they are thwarted by the attempted victim. The room temperature thug was just misunderstood and his pointing a half-loaded, condition one pistol at the cop was just a peaceful act of protesting. The feral thug tried to put his “Hands Up” but the Cop shot and explained that to law abiding Americans “Blue Lives Matter TOO”.
          Thank you sir you seem to possess personal discretion and benevolence with a splash of vengeance, which I would consent to obeying not escalating if meeting in a professional encounter.

  7. Here we go again…I bet you Jesse and Al sing about this one, and Holder personally investigates while Obama cries about Police SOP…

  8. So was the individual raising his hands to give up and then was shot down like a dog by the Police?

    Or was he pointing his hand(s) at the cop like he had a gun and was planning to shoot the cop?

    So let us all stand in front of a mirror and simulate the hand movements as shown in the video.

    Now, which answer do you think is correct?

    Oh, sorry; ideology and the “narrative” over reality is the answer.

  9. On the radio this morning, the reporter stated that the perp has one in the magazine and five in the chamber. I almost drove off the road laughing. ‘It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.’ – Ronald Reagan. Double that for uninformed reporters.

  10. There’s no doubt that this poor, poor youth, cut down in his prime, and Nike thief wannabe Jawaad Jabbar are trying on Air Jordans in heaven right now. Sniff.

    Here’s a message to all gangsta @ssh0les — do not draw down on a man who shoots better and faster than you do, or you will end up as dead as those two morons.

    • The label domestic terrorists can only be used to describe males who are Chrisitian, American, White, Conservative, Wide awake realizing the game is rigged, Unafraid of the men with guns who will try to silence them, and owners of guns before the duck boat accident.

  11. Come on guys, where are all the cop haters? This corrupt mercenary statist jack booted thug deserved to have the gun pulled on him, right? He should’ve kept his gun in the holster and gotten what he deserved, right? All cops are corrupt and routinely violate people’s rights, correct?

    For those who can’t figure it out, the above is sarcasm. Just trying to demonstrate and draw out the vile cop hatred that trolls this blog in the comments. This is a blog about the truth about guns, not police hatred/bigotry.

    God bless this officer, his dept and his family!

    • I think allot of those types are actually democrats in disguise. Or they simply got a speeding ticket once and were so butthurt by it they’ve taken to the net to vent their rage for social justice. Much like libturds do. The defunct irrational emotionalism that leads to a liberal line of thought can explain people like this. It’s science.

      • Slow down a bit… Yes, we have maggots multiplying in the streets, but that does not take away from the fact that the police forces have been militarizing for decades and are becoming a standing army within the country. And very often the police abuse is real; not against the maggots, but against normal law abiding citizens. And even in the questionable cases, like Eric Garner, why was police used to enforce the city’s un-Constitutional monopoly laws and taxation schemes in the first place? Of course DiBlasio blamed the police – would you expect him to blame himself? But the police should not be used (and should not allow themselves) to enforce city elder’s mafia protectorates.

        • Alexander, you can, very legitimately, criticize the over militarization of law enforcement. I am a LEO and I fight against it. I agree with you on that point. But the rest of what you say is broad brushing of all cops for the bad acts of a small minority of bad cops.

        • David, I am glad to hear that at least some (and I hope a lot of) LEO’s are against the militarization. As to the “broad brushing,” let me relay an example of my grievance, which, in general, is typical of many middle class Americans’ issues with their interactions with cops: During very icy conditions, an E350 that I just purchased lost traction on a very sharp exit ramp and spun into a ditch at 10 mph (solid ice). No injuries, no damage, except some to my van. When the first, older officer arrived, everything was businesslike – directed traffic, called the tow truck, checked papers. Then a younger officer arrives, 20-something, and proceeds to write me a reckless driving ticket and screaming at me as if I was his teenage son. You may say that this young punk was a bad apple, and I understand that bad apples happen to be in every profession. But why did the older officer, seeing this abuse, did not stop him? Was the Blue Line more important that justice? BTW, there was no basis for the ticket and it was dismissed, and when I described the encounter to the judge, he simply waved it off as outside of his responsibility. There is an inherent problem in this behavior. I understand, no one was killed, no one was hurt, no broken bones… But the officer was supposed to help me, he was supposed to have been working for my benefit, not abusing me. I committed no crime, did not brake any laws – what gave this punk the right to act that way and why did the other officer not intervene?

        • Alexander you are spot on. I’m more pointing this at the multitudes of people on the internet (here and elsewhere) that blast cops, and comparing them with the liberal socail justice rage crowd, who endlessly bitch about police abuses online like the police are the SS reincarnated, but have yet to lift a finger in real life at their own city council on the matter.

        • “But why did the older officer, seeing this abuse, did not stop him?”

          Because the young cop was performing a role . . . more for his benefit and for the benefit of the older, more professional, cop who, no doubt out of loyalty, decided that there was nothing to loose by letting the kid scream and rant—than for you. Cops are given “training” (and I use the word loosely) in how to exert control, use a “command voice”, make sure to have the upper hand, etc., etc. in all situations. We saw something similar happen in Houston awhile back when a cop got videoed making a complete fool of himself while fellow officers stood buy and let it all happen. So what happens when you have a 20 something newbie cop, perhaps a bit insecure, perhaps with a low self-image . . . maybe potty-trained at gunpoint and still really, really angry about it all? (/sarc) You get fakey-do low comedy from some half-trained, not-very competent kid who really has no idea how to do his job, even less of an idea how to deal with the public, and who want’s to show off for his fellow officer.

        • Yes, that would indeed be a good training for the young recruit. My only problem with that, of course, is that I used to think of myself as a citizen, not a guinea pig. This little training session for the young punk would have cost me over a thousand dollars in the ticket cost and the insurance charges. But, he had good training…

    • David K,

      An inconvenient truth about guns is that nearly all police officers use their guns to violate our Natural and Constitutional right to have guns on our person for self-defense.

      But don’t take my word for it. Go stand on a busy street corner in Chicago, Los Angeles, Newark, Baltimore, or New York City with a visibly holstered revolver on your hip and tell me about the hundreds of nice police officers who give you a smile and thumbs-up as they drive by.

      When we get to the point that only 1 in 1000 police officers in the entire United States arrest and/or shoot us for simply having a revolver visibly holstered on our side, then we can talk about cop hating trolls.

    • The so-called “cop haters” want only to see cops treated the same as the rest of us. When they throw a flash-bag bomb into a baby’s crib or break into the wrong house or shoot a dog or arrest an open carrier where OC is legal, cops deserve to be ridden out of town on a rail, or prosecuted, or both. But just like us peasants, they do not deserve to be shot while sitting in their radio car and they do not deserve to have a gun pointed at them like the cop in this video.

      Got it, bright eyes?

      • Because we need to see just how warped their thinking is. Most of the cop haters I see here in the comments have had some kind of bad, even terrible, experience with bad cops here or there (always anecdotal, never empirical). They then use these bad experiences and broad brush paint all cops, or a majority of cops, as doing this type of behavior routinely. When you see these comments, just replace cops with all gun owners, and you’ll see just how wrong and unfair it is. Also, I say haters, because you can see the hatred dripping off of some of their words. Cop/police hating has become one of the top pastimes of social media/internet. It really bothers me to see it coming from “the people of the gun.” I know the gun culture is better than this. When I see cop hate like I’ve described above, I will call it every single time. They can try and sell it, but I ain’t buying. And I don’t believe that the majority of TTAG readers are buying it either. Criticism of the police and questionable police tactics and calling out bad behavior by cops is legitimate and needed. But let’s keep it to just that, criticism that tries to solve the problems, not this bile cop hate.

        • So there ‘good guy’, when was your last arrest of a dirty cop? Everybody knows there’s one on your squad, let alone platoon. Got him in cuffs? Yeah, I know you haven’t either.

        • David you started off in defensive mode looking for confrontation, which is what some Americans are done tolerating from the police as it is not your job to intimidate and harass us. I want respectful encounters and not being treated like police have to treat criminals. You are right that I almost have some hate in my heart for the police but, alas, not in my nature as I am the frog who will give the scorpion a test ride as the frog is armed . I have strong disgust in any man that thinks he can be disrespectful and place in danger another citizen, and pretend to justify it as protecting and serving. I want protecting and serving with yall returning to being public servants which entails being accountable for actions against the public. Police used to be held to elevated standards unlike now where they are above the law of we common folk proven by the abundance of administrative leaves over prison time. Police were and are respected because they showed respect for fellow citizens not contempt for us so called civilians, which is the designation for non US Servicemen.

          “They then use these bad experiences and broad brush paint all cops, or a majority of cops, as doing this type of behavior routinely. When you see these comments, just replace cops with all gun owners, and you’ll see just how wrong and unfair it is”-

          Generalizing can be hurtful if a person is narcissistic enough to have their self identity dependent upon what strangers think of them, but rational people don’t care enough to think twice, and most definitely don’t draw a weapon on them. A cop can be a gun owner, but not all gun owners can or would be cops, and all gun owners know that it is the individual behind the gun that is the tool of violence. Hence gun owners are personally responsible for every round fired especially the fatal ones, and that is the accountability we want from the police. Armed citizens can’t brandish their weapons or aim them at people just because they are nervous of the other human in front of them and say it is officer safety. We want police to arrest the bad apples and when cops break the law We the tax payers should not foot the bill as that has proven to not be deterrent. I as an armed American don’t want to be shot dead exercising my rights over somebody being afraid of guns like John Crawford III was in an OPEN carry state. I also don’t want the presence of my personal defense tool to be used as an excuse to use deadly force because the cop was offended by questioning of his abuse of authority. A cop in this day and age of police impunity can say I drew on them, and blame me for him murdering me, but thankfully those that know me would disprove that fact to no avail in the state favored institute of justice, as it is a sin to me to hurt innocent people, especially jerks.
          I want equal justice for all and if this current system can’t provide that lets re-institute another one that will.

  12. Bad choices, stupid people. The protests demonstrate the “victimization of the underclass” theme the elites and political class are using to advance their agenda and the result will be more emboldened kids who feel they have been given a free pass to point guns at police; and this is the tragic result. This lunacy has moved to a new phase of anarchy.

  13. but said he had a criminal record, with charges including three assaults, armed robbery, armed criminal action and multiple uses of weapons since he was 17. “He’s like any other kid who had dreams or hopes,” Sounds like any other well adjusted outstanding young man in the community.

  14. I think they should have been more forceful with the crowd… once the crowd starting throwing things.

    Good shoot, no doubt about it.

    And the media article was terrible. “Born to she?” Man, bad grammar in a comment is one thing. In an article?

    Oh, and must we immediately interview family members? I know a mother whose son did a bad thing who actually acknowledged that fact and did not blame anyone else for how the police had to treat him. But I think if you had gotten her to take a position 15 minutes after her son was killed, she would have been emotional and sounded more like this mother. And in taking a position, she may have continued blaming the police because that is how people are, once we take a position, we have a compulsion to hold it.

  15. I don’t THINK this will get any traction. The mayor said it was a good shoot and he also stated the majority officers were him. Unlike the vast majority of cop shoots in Chicago “he had a gun” there is actual proof. Whatever TTAG people-be prepared as this BS can happen anywhere…

    • Makes you think though. The people who were demanding that Darren Wilson be indicted, saying that there was no reason for witnesses like Johnson to lie…

      This officer is very lucky there was a video available. The lynch mob was getting all formed up, ready to pounce and say the police had planted the gun. Mama talking about how her baby didn’t have no gun, he was just going for a walk and the cops shot him down like a dog.

      Bet that every officer at that department who has a body cam will be wearing it the whole shift from now on.

    • There was actual proof that Vonderritt Meyers had a gun, too; and that one has had ridiculously long legs.

      I’m just glad that my project is over, and i’m out St. Louis. Of course, I’m off to death-over-sneakers land (Dayton) next…

  16. It looks like he is aiming a gun but it is hard to be sure from that video. If the account is accurate (which seems very likely) then it is a good shoot regardless of who these people were.

    The idea that cops should lose rights is as outrageous to me as getting extra rights. There are plenty of legitimate concerns but most of the incidents getting heavy coverage and being protested do not qualify. At least they don’t all fit into neat little boxes where placing the blame on cops is appropriate.

    “Protesting” this one manages to take the level of absurdity even higher. It is every persons natural right to respond to a deadly threat with deadly force and anything that takes attention away from things that actually need to be changed is not good.

  17. Why do the police shoot black “teens?” The answer to that depends on the incident, but I have a counter-question. Why does the black community and it’s avatars think it’s reasonable to automatically form a mob and start lighting shit on fire and throwing explosives whenever a cop shoots a black guy, regardless of the justification? Why is it that the same figureheads that say they are against violence don’t seem to care much why this 18 year old black MAN continued to commit crimes and tried to kill a cop? How much violence has to occur before we stop calling this crap “peaceful?”

    They don’t care about the truth. They don’t want peace, or justice- unless by justice you mean the ability to do whatever they want, whenever they want. That’s what they think white people have been doing, so now they want their turn. They think they’re entitled to whatever they want and will use any excuse to do it. So does society let them? If you’re the kind of liberal who makes excuses for the guy that mugged you, I guess the answer is ‘yes.’

  18. It’s not the militarization of police. Just look at the beginning of the clip. Two black guys standing outside the store minding their own business, they walk away and a cop pulls up and stops them. WHY? Was he a suspect, did he have a warrant, did he evil eye the cop. Also did you see a gun, I didn’t, was he pointing a finger call the officer a bitch? Did the cop get lucky and the man actually had a gun on him or was the officer shit less at a hand raised.

    EVERY cop does one thing and one thing only in the performance of his job. Every citizen is SUSPECT until cleared. Stop for a minor infraction, all questions are geared towards finding out if that person was a convict, felon, or has a warrant. The object is to control the citizen no matter the circumstance.

    I suspect the black community had enough of police interfering with their lives, pointing guns in their faces, doors bashed in, full SWAT teams employed for minor drug warrants. There will be a tipping point, and it will not be the one v one, but armed men who had enough and show the boys in blue a full on fire fight and marching to PD headquarters and raise it to the ground.

    • “but armed men who had enough and show the boys in blue a full on fire fight and marching to PD headquarters and raise it to the ground.” – that would be quite interesting to watch, but not nearly as interesting as watching the black community exterminating itself within weeks of not having cops to control it…

    • Apparently the store called to report a shoplifting (an actual shoplifting, not a robbery this time). Turns out it was the dead guy’s friend next to him that apparently stole something.

    • Stand corrected, the shoot was good, say again the shoot was good. If someone points a pistol and doesn’t have the balls to shoot an officer, while trying to cover your friends criminal ((shoplifting) activity, then you get what’s coming. Also note how shoplifter glides next to couple with baby (to look normal) and his partners loose duce combat spread, splitting the officers attention. Look on the white pants when his friend makes his move: priceless.
      Demonstrates is stupidity of a human being thinking that pointing a gun at law dog somehow earns a S on your chest. I think his weapon either jammed or no round in the chamber.

  19. “This officer is very lucky there was a video available. The lynch mob was getting all formed up, ready to pounce and say the police had planted the gun.”

    I have an on going problem with the current close relationship between cops, prosecutors, judges, and politicians. When you see an obvious double-standard being used, where prosecutors and judges excuse police actions while trying and even sending private citizens to jail for the same thing, our legal system is in deep trouble. That said, I think it’s only a matter of time before an LEO who is entirely in the right is pilloried in a politically driven Trayvon-style trial that might well end his career and send him to jail. When the legal system becomes politicized, justice goes right out the window.

  20. 16V: I’m a Fed LEO, who started out as a cop in the Army. I’ve put dirty cops, Feds, lawyers, doctors, CPAs, CEOs, high ranking corrupt fire fighters, politicians, drug traffickers/cartel money launderers, hit men, gang bangers, mafia members and a lot more in prison in my 20+ years as a LEO, so talk that crap somewhere else buddy.

    JasonMfromSD: whatever, you still keep labeling all cops a certain way and that says a lot about you. At least you admit you have hate in your heart for cops. That’s honesty and I respect that. And before you even go there and broad brush cops as always lying under oath, as has been done in these comments lately, I’ve faithfully sworn many oaths to uphold the constitution and the laws of this country, and continue to keep those oaths faithfully. Say whatever you want, but I will call BS on the arm chair QBs who want to take their bad experiences with LEOs and fraudulently extrapolate that to all cops. Their are bad cops, even horrible, criminal cops, but stop making these generalizations that you know are false. I could give two craps about what you think of me, I’m just standing for the truth, in context, with perspective, here on THE TRUTH ABOUT GUNS.



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