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Raven B. Edwards (courtesy

“A man who was attacked by two other men in his home early Monday shot one of the men, killing him,” reports. “The homeowner, William D. Jolley, 42, told police that a woman, Raven B. Edwards, 27, of Cynthiana, contacted him via social media and asked to come over to his home on Monroe Lane in Cynthiana.” So Raven, some 15 years Mr. Jolley’s junior, contacted him, eh? Through an unnamed website, eh? And agreed to pop over for a quick introductory . . . drink. At 1am. Here’s the before-action after-action report . . .

Soon after Edwards arrived, she went outside and came back with two men who came inside too, according to a news release from state police.

The men, Marcus L. Gross, 28, and Larry J. Nolen, 26, both of Cynthiana, attacked Jolley, police said.

Jolley fired several shots and hit Gross. Gross and Nolen fled, and Nolen took Gross to Harrison Memorial Hospital.

Gross was pronounced dead at the hospital.

So, result. One less bad guy roams the Bluegrass State. Still, the incident highlights an important point for gun guys: don’t forget to maintain OpSec with the members of the fairer sex (i.e. don’t let the small head think for the big head). And keep your powder dry. So to speak.    [h/t JS]

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  1. Wow. I wonder of all that excitement got him out of the mood? With all of that, gun play, dead guys, a BJ and more, I’d say he got his moneys worth!
    I’d be getting a hold of her again and telling her, “thanks for great time, we have to do that again. Oh, and by all means, bring more of your friends!!

  2. ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring except some stoopid horn dog on Craigslist ordering hookers way past the witching hour when nothing good happens. At least the stockings and pistol were hung close with care, as he shriveled up quickly when the thrill was not there.

    Play stoopid games, win stoopid prizes.

    Merry Christmas TTAG!!! I need more of the Kennedy Family egg nog. Not much egg, but plenty of nog!

  3. I’m dying to know! Did the dude get laid before the shit hit the fan? If the broad had been smart, she would have left the door unlocked when she came back in, and the two dudes could have waited till the guy had his pants down with pistol not at the ready, before they came in.
    Of course, this won’t work for the perps if the guy wears a shoulder holster with pistol intact. while he’s doing the “deed” Lot of ways to go here, good thing it went the right way!

  4. Only at a hotel? An incident strikingly similar to this one happened in my little town, at a no-tell hotel. They must teach the technique in prison.

  5. He could be charged with some form of manslaughter, since the incident took place during the commission of a crime (that he was a part of).

    It would take a ball-busting DA to bring charges, but it isn’t impossible.

  6. What happens in ‘Nam stays in ‘Nam; what happens in Korea, stays in Korea.

    ‘Nuff said.

    Don’t play this shit at home. Keep your ‘powder’ dry.

  7. Why is the victim named? They never do that with rape, because of the intimate/private/humiliating nature of the crime. It’s the same here. There ought to be a law…


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