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The gunblogosphere lit up yesterday, after CBS aired a “shockingly positive look at women and guns” [above]. Yes, well, I don’t think so. The video above does not include the full report, which starts like this: “Well, good morning. There are a lot of studies out there that show women are taking up guns for many different reasons. Some are for self-defense. But there is another group who see it more as a sport, and the other day, I spent some time down in South Carolina shooting clay targets with women who say this is a lot more fun than golf.” In other words . . .

The network reporter’s intro immediately separates guns for self-defense from guns for sport. [Click here for a transcript of the entire report.]

Now you could say, who cares? We’ll take whatever pro-gun message we can get from the mainstream media. Or you could say, it’s the same old Fudd (guns are OK for hunting but nothing else) in a different wrapper. That the anti-gun media is dividing the gun world into “good guns” and “bad guns”; “good gun owners” and “bad gun owners.” Just like anti-ballistic billionaire bully boy Michael Bloomberg.

Note: I’m not making this up.

CRAWFORD [reporter]: You know, it is like you are talking about something that is completely different, completely removed from handguns and gun violence. I mean, these women see their sport as this great American tradition that they hope their daughters and their granddaughters will continue and that others will go out and pick up those guns as well.

See what I mean? Crawford’s talking about an activity “completely removed from handguns” because handguns – all handguns – are tied to “gun violence.” How shockingly positive is that? Nor am I surprised that this entire news package is based upon the magazine Gardens & Gun, which treats guns – when it even mentions them – little more than object d’art. A lifestyle accoutrement.

It’s great to see women shooting clays on the network news. But I’d rather see them defending their life and the lives of their loved ones through force of arms. And hear them talk about their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms as a bulwark against government tyranny. Suffice it to say, I’m not holding my breath.

[h/t JO]

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  1. Gun and Garden magazine was named after a bar in Charleston, S.C. It REALLY has little to do with guns. Or gardens.

  2. Aw it’s not that bad. To me anti’s liking any non cop or military gun is positive. Getting people to shoot anything is a good first step.

  3. The report may separate defense use from sporting use, but I still see it as a positive for guns in general. If a lot more women pick up the sport, it will be easier to get them to also embrace guns for self defense at a later time.

  4. Navy yard shooter? Shotgun
    Seattle Pacific Shooter? Shotgun

    Shotguns have gotten some bad press lately. Any video of people responsibly shooting guns in the MSM is a win. Most people probably don’t even listen to the reporter’s commentary.

    • And actually the Aurora Colorado shooter with a shotgun too. By every report I’ve ever read the AR-15 jammed the first few shots and the shooter threw it down and used his shot gun to kill the rest. Same with the Newtown nonsense, the shooter never used an AR-15. He used two pistols the whole time. The AR was locked in the trunk of his car. The stupidity of Liberalism knows no bounds.

      • There was a “Today” show clip the day after the Sandy Hook atack that identified handguns as the sole weapons used, but that has long since been discredited. The official report indicates all victims were shot with a .223 caliber rifle, with only the killer’s suicide being carried out with a handgun.

  5. Any positive gun story is a good story as they are far and few between.
    Get started with a say 410 she will move up.
    Hand her a 20 gauge and 1 shot, she will run for the hills.
    Hopefully without much encouragement she will then transition to a hand gun for fun or self defense.
    Crawl before you run is a good thing.

  6. That report’s a start, but I wouldn’t hold my breath either.

    And it does indeed have a rather upper crust flavor to it.

  7. All guns can be used to harm people with an idiot or a maniac behind them.
    Fortunately for everyone, maniacs are rare and idiots usually hate guns.

  8. “But I’d rather see them defending their life and the lives of their loved ones through force of arms.”

    Personally, I’d rather see them ready to do so than actually having to do so. But I do get your drift.

    Still I agree with most of the comments I’ve read so far; this is better than nothing.

  9. It’s not pro-gun, because that would be politically incorrect. It’s pro-woman, which is always politically correct.

  10. You take what you can get. One step at a time – it’s NOT “All GUNZ are EVIL” like we’ve seen so much in the MSM during the last couple of decades.

    Who knows, one day the MSM may wake up and realize they’ve been P0wn3D by the POTG.

  11. Speaking of separating sports guns from hand guns, the California Assembly today considered Senator (“Ghost Gun”)Deleon’s SB 53, a bill to impose an ammunition permit requirement on California shooters. As originally written, the bill would have required a handgun safety certificate ($25), a background check (another $25), and all purchases to be conducted in a face to face transaction with a licensed ammunition dealer who would be required to record identifying information of the purchaser and the ammunition purchased, with a required report to the Cal DOJ.(thus eliminating internet sales). Today, as the bill apparently was floundering from lack of support and perhaps a veto threat from the Governor, amendments were passed dropping the background check requirement (so that even felons can get them) and exempting those with hunting licenses from the face to face requirement (i.e., allowing hunters to purchase over the internet, but not plinkers, target shooters, and persons concerned with self-defense). The ploy was to get the FUDs to back the bill since it will not impact their ability to obtain “hunting” ammunition. I guess. Well, unsurprisingly, the amended bill heads back to the Senate.

    • Looks like the progtards in Sacramenro didnt get the memo from CBS on women shooters taking up skeet, trap and target shooting. Or the NICS info that upwards of 50% of first time handgun sales are to women.

      So, OFWGs with hunting licenses, DONT have to do background checks, register at LGS and can ored online, but
      Young Women, including new Uncle Joe Shotgun advice takers, DO have to pay more, DO have their privacy violated by State of CA?

      Why that would be a Democratic led ” War on Women!!!”

      Sexists!!!! Check your male priviledge, State Sen DeLeon, and Senate leader Steinberg!!!!

      Where is the Feminist Outrage, I ask you?

    • Nit: FUD is “Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt” while “Fudd” (as in Elmer Fudd) is the hunter type who doesn’t understand 2A and doesn’t care about restrictions as long as he can still hunt ducks and/or deer. I am sure you meant “Fudd.”

      • Yes, thank you, Steve, you are correct.

        I am blaming my fat fingers and the Kindle for any mispellings, re-formats, grammar errors, and pi$$ poor ability to reason, in general. Its Amazons fault, probably, cuz it goes thru the Cloud.

        Aint technology wunnerful?

  12. You are looking at Norah McDonald cringing… no.. almost choking on having to tell this story.. this woman HATES anything that goes boom…

  13. What every swinging jackass is missing is…..ITS NOT ABOUT F>>>ING GUNS. Every article, comment, video, and thought on this site is wasting bandwidth & brain cells. Drill down…IT’S ABOUT LAWFUL SELF DEFENSE AND HOW WHAT LOCAL, STATE AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENTS ARE DOING TO PREVENT CITIZENS FROM PROTECTING THEMSELVES FROM MURDER, RAPE & ROBBERY.

    Our governments have reduce the commoner to protecting themselves with a rock, stick or knife. They want you to struggle, they want you to feel pain, they want to empower criminals for the sole purpose of maintain their employment. This MUST and WILL end.

  14. TL; DR. Skeet is a gateway to gun culture, and we should encourage that.
    Physcologically, skeet is much easier for for new shooters than self-defense because it doesn’t require them to consider the possibility of having to take someone’s life. Many of us are already prepared for that, because of our life styles, but there are a lot of Americans who aren’t. These people benefit a great deal from seeing benign gun uses and are therefore more likely to be interested in guns. Once they make that first step, they’ll be more receptive to learning the true reason for the RKBA.
    And let’s not forget, if one of these ladies were in a situation where she NEEDS a gun, she’ll be more likely to keep hers loaded and ready to deply and much more7 likely to convince a few others to keep that shotty loaded and reaydy, “just in case”.

    • +1.

      TL:DR, we GunFolk need to focus on what we agree upon, not what divides us.

      I get that having conversations here at TTAG is enriched by the many MANY opinions of gun owners, and sometimes I suspect that clever old cannibal, RF, of stirring the pot, to see if we all will chew upon one another…

      Somehow this image of the iconic old editor speaking to the cub reporter comes to mind,
      updated for the blogosphere, of course, “page views, Nick, its all about the page views!”

      What I like about TTAG is the wide-ranging take on the gun-culture, everything from caliber wars to Zombie Wars, and the Culture War (h/t Ralph), to the Long War,

      and especially, and what makes TTAG rare and valuable, is the highly interesting comment conversation- most diverse, new and the experienced gunfolk here, AND one of the most well-curated “places” online, IMHO, in the gun blogosphere, which is especially remarkable, or I guess I should say, reassuring, as its largely self regulated, by the users here.

      And in addition to the Hemingway quote, may I recall our Founding Fathers words of advice,
      when dealing with the Elites, Those Who Know Whats Best for Us Little People, and their propagandists,
      in the StateRunMedia:

  15. Be cautious about sacrificing good, for perfect. The anti’s whittled away our gun rights inch by inch, so it will most likely have to be reversed in the same fashion, a little bit here and a little bit there. Last I heard, a sporting clay gun can serve as a home defense gun if needed. Who knows, we could get a Moms Demand Arms for Defense instead of…..that other moms group.

  16. There are several women who shoot alongside men in my bullseye pistol league. Women, competing in a sport, with handguns. Of course they would never cover a story like that.

  17. I’m with Robert on this one. I’d much rather have seen something on self-defense (remember Lubey’s?).

    But what really irks me is how far the whole “debate” has deviated from the very purpose of the RKBA – as a bulwark against the rising tide of tyranny!

    The Founding Fathers weren’t all that focused on defending your home and family against thugs – they were about defending the Constitutional Republic against domestic enemies, which the country has become infested with!

  18. Calling that clip pro-gun is like calling a tandem jump skydiving. It’s like Oh, it’s OK to go to the shooting gallery, but don’t say a word about self-protection or protecting the Republic from tyrants.

    In fact, I’m a little disappointed at how far the “debate” has deviated from the real purpose of the RKBA, which is “when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government…” —

  19. Ah, Grasshopper, listen… what is that sound you hear? Is it the wind? Is it a cow fart? Is it…
    the sound of progtard heads exploding, as the StateRunMedia (CBS) is forced to admit a GUN TRUTH….

    Women like Shooting Guns! And as a departure from the State Run Truth,
    I am tickled to note that reporter Vinata admits her Vajajay is hot for Jen while shooting guns…
    (OK, ok, you cowgirlup types, I made that last part up…she only said she looked sexy…, and
    seriously, that part was edited out- you had to look at the original source…
    the CBS producer says, we can’t be having our reporters depart TOO FAR from the manufactured message, after all….) Now its only OMG OMG SOME GUNS BAD, but some guns sexy…
    (for wymen on wymin. Oops, did it again, mispelled the feminist version…)


    PS: thank you Steve, you fly specker you-

    And for RF, sorry to poke a mote in your GUN BLOGGER GOD’s eye, but
    I respectfully disagree- and of course, you would be stirring up the pot anyway you old cannibal, but…my point:

    IF, progtards seek to divide and conquer, per Alinsky Rule #1
    (read the book- Grasshopper,

    not object in our HD GURU superiority for defining what is the ONE TRUE WAY to OWB (or was it IWB) instead of purse, …heh, you get my drift I hope…

    or go all BlackRifleFanBoy against the poor old FUDDs…

    But instead, UNITE, all GUNFOLK, as one- black/white/other, Straight/Gay/Other, Christian/Jew/Other,
    and not engage in the Great Tradition of the Circle Jerk, oops I mean, Circular Firing Squad
    (for that is reserved only for the most holy of discussions, what is the ONE TRUE CALIBER),

    AND FIGHT THE STOOPID against all Progtards, and their StateRunMedia ThoughtPolice Enablers…

    (and here Grasshopper, one must recommend
    1. Horowitz, the Ninja Master of All Anti-Progtards:

    2. For you Millenials, and COD boys, ie: TL:DR
    read the Masters most accomplished Student and BlackBelt of Conservative Truth, Ben Shapiro:
    (hit the popup and get a free ebook)
    “How to Debate Liberals and Destroy Them”,

    you can thank me later…:)


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