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Democratic presidential candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)
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From the NSSF”

NSSF, the trade association for the firearm industry, is focusing on former Vice President Joe Biden’s radical antigun campaign promise to ban, register and confiscate the most popular selling centerfire rifles – the modern sporting rifle – sold in America today. Biden borrowed a page from the failed campaign of Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke to craft an agenda that would hobble Constitutionally-protected rights for law-abiding Americans.

“Joe Biden’s gun grab isn’t original, but is it is shockingly honest that they admit the end game. His campaign promise to confiscate guns rips the mask off the lie told by gun control for decades,” said Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF Senior Vice President and General Counsel. “Yes, they are coming for your guns. The Biden-Harris campaign literally spelled out how they would do this and would violate their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, but instead destroy it.”

biden beto gun control
(AP Photo/Richard W. Rodriguez)

The Biden-Harris gun control agenda proposes to ban the sale and manufacture of modern sporting rifles, or what the campaign terms “assault rifles” or “weapons of war.” In fact, these firearms are just semiautomatic firearms that uses 100-year-old technology and have been sold commercially since the early 1960s.

Semiautomatic firearms expend one round for each squeeze of the trigger, unlike the military’s automatic firearms that continue to fire automatically while the trigger is depressed. The Biden campaign is purposefully conflating the similar appearances of AR-15s and the military’s M-16 and M-4 rifles to confuse the American public.

Biden proposes that all 18 million-plus modern sporting rifles in circulation would be registered in the same onerous manner as automatic firearms and regulated under the 1934 Gun Control Act. That would require current owners to register these rifles with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), pay a $200 tax, submit fingerprints, photos, and complete duplicitous background checks for firearms they already passed a background check to purchase.

They would also be subjected to random and unannounced ATF inspection of their firearm and would be registered in a federal watchlist of firearm owners. Further, permits regulated under the 1934 NFA are already backlogged by more than nine months.

The Biden campaign has a plan for those who would choose not to comply. Those individuals would be given two options: be forced to sell the property to the U.S. government using their own tax dollars to do so or face forcible confiscation by law enforcement authorities. Conservative estimates would require $9-18 billion of taxpayer funds to subsidize this gun confiscation scheme.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris
Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden and his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

The Biden-Harris gun control plan would also ban the manufacture and sale of so-called “high capacity” magazines. His campaign website grossly compares hunting to the horrific murder of children, claiming the federal government protects ducks more than kids. This disgusting comparison is as wrong as it is appalling.

Murder is illegal, plain and simple. The value of human life is undeniably greater than that of animals. That’s why the industry opposes these limits because in a moment of crisis when defending one’s own life, arbitrary magazine capacity limits put law-abiding Americans at a disadvantage to criminals who, by definition, disobey laws.

Modern sporting rifles are commonly and lawfully used for hunting, recreational and competitive target shooting and home defense. More than 5 million Americans purchased a firearm for the first time in 2020, based on a NSSF retailer survey. Fully 40 percent of these new gun owners are women. The largest increase of any demographic is among African-Americans, which skyrocketed 58 percent over 2019. To date, more than 13.8 million background checks have been completed for the sale of a firearm, surpassing 2019’s full-year total of nearly 13.2 million.

NSSF strongly opposes these unconstitutional proposals of the Biden-Harris campaign and encourages all Americans to vote on Election Day to protect their Second Amendment rights.


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    • “The wish list of Jim Crow Gun Control democRat Joe. It is hilliaryrous.”

      You won’t be laughing if they win and do what they say they will…

    • barring massive expansion of ATF…(possible?)…the registration scheme is unworkable…of course they may not care…just making them illegal puts the worry on you as to getting caught with it…no more walking around with one at walmart….or even showing up with one at demonstrations…

  1. At least he has the balls to say what he wants to do! Trump speaks out both sides of his mouth! Remember trump cucks he was democrat anti gun most his life till his run for president!

    • Guess what cale15 IQ? I too was a registered member of the democRat Party once as we’re many who are no longer associated with the democRat Party.
      Who in their right mind wants to be in camp with slanderous, libelous, marxist, race baiting lint licking lowlifes like you?

      TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

    • Yeah Cale, it’s awesome… Joe can say the most racists comments and then let the media ignore and cover-up those comments for 50 years. The “Liberal” Elite get out of Jail Card, play it as much as you want.

      Marxist for Biden 2020

      • I never said I like Biden and yea he is a racist but at least he has the balls to say he is the enemy! Trump is like Bergdahl, he screws you from your own side! This is trumps atf doing this! Not the Biden’s and before you say they are leftovers from Obama guess what that’s trumps fault still!

        • “but at least he has the balls to say he is the enemy!”

          Which is why he had the balls to answer the court packing question, right? Oh actually, it looks like he cowardly passed on that one.

        • trump laid the groundwork for this with the bumpstock ban…now it’s simply a question of taking it to the next level…get the distinct impression neither side wants you to have guns…and yes, they can ..[and possibly will]…. do this…despite all the claims of disbelief

      • Thank you fake Miner, it is said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, thank you so much.

        But you blew your cover by posting a video, I never post videos, they are a poor source of facts.

        I understand you were serving your Lord Satan, and I think it’s important that we all recognize that fact.

        Beelzebub, Lord of the flies, sent one of his minions to light upon the head of his disciple, as a sign to the Satanists across the world.

        For any Bible-believing Christian, who takes faith in the signs and portents of Scripture, who knows we fight against the powers and principalities of the air, will recognize the blessing of Satan’s arch demon on Mike Pence, acolyte of evil.

        From the whoremonger Donald Trump, to Jared Kushner of 666 5th Ave., to Mike Pence who received the blessing of Beelzebub on national TV, all recognize the satanic allegiance of Trump/Pence 2020

        • God in the Old Testement visited Samson several times while he was in bed with a woman he wasn’t married to. But He still had a pkace for Sampson in his plan. Gee it’s like you never actually read the Bible and just cherry pick.

        • So you believe the Lord thy God is OK with adultery because he spoke to Samson while Samson was committing adultery?

          I see, by your logic that means that trumps triple adultery is A-OK with God because he is gods ‘chosen one’.

          Are you on aware of the 10 Commandments prohibition against adultery?

          Amazing self delusion structure, this sort of hypocrisy is exactly why I am an atheist.

          By the way, God terminates far more pregnancies than man ever thought about, check the numbers on ‘gods‘ spontaneous miscarriages.

        • Amazing self delusion structure, this sort of hypocrisy is exactly why I am an atheist.

          I’ve only seen 3 kinds of atheists.
          1) The atheists that religiously practice atheism to a dogmatic degree, that is spiritual in nature. Almost all of their atheistic “belief” relies on “faith.”
          2) The atheists that are both (1) above, and also nihilistic. Their nihilism consumes them. We are so small, the universe is so big. We have such short lives, and the universe’s life is seemingly infinite. Faced against the infinite, they fall into this rut believing nothing matters. It consumes them in the form of drugs and other impulsive pleasures that makes their lives miserable and extremely short.
          3) The mass murderer types that are (1) and (2) above, but also full of hate and resentment, subconsciously, towards the conceptualization and symbolism of God and the situation they find themselves in. These people are hollowed out by their own hatred and resentment. Instead of blaming themselves or even other people. They blame existence itself.

          Let’s hope you just stick with No. 1 above.

      • Miner,

        You are on a website called “thetruthaboutguns” which is a pro-gun site. You aren’t going to convince us guns are bad and we need to vote for Biden so he can ban and confiscate them. In fact, the vast majority of people who are going to visit this site, are also going to be pro-gun. And you aren’t going to convince them either. You are wasting your time. Wasting my time too, but wasting far more of your time than I am wasting my time reading your silly crap. You need to stop being a self righteous bigot, and learn to live and let live.

    • What you’re saying is, Trump can think, learn, and take new positions when he realizes his old ones were wrong.

      I’m not a fan of his, but John Maynard Keynes got it right about reevaluating in the face of new information.

    • And your point is? Fact is, you don’t have one. Like most fans of socialism (aka Democrats), you just open your mouth and see what random thought emerges. To borrow a line from the Hangover, you are too damn stupid to insult.

    • At least he has the balls to say what he wants to do! Trump speaks out both sides of his mouth! Remember trump cucks he was democrat anti gun most his life till his run for president!

      A prior anti-gun democrat turned republican, is better than a current self proclaimed anti-gun democrat now.

      It’s really obvious which one I would vote for.

      And we all know trump speaks out of both sides of his mouth and says a lot of crap, and then his actions typically align with ours. That’s the obvious indication he is the best choice. Not his words – his actions.

  2. Oh wow. The Democrats are anti gun? I didn’t know that. Thanks for letting me know. So are the people at the NSSF voting Biden then?

    • Eff Joe Braindead and his sycophants,besides lunch and bodybags, when they try confiscation, come git em.

      • If Joe gets elected and the Libs who control him decide to go the confiscation route. I suggest everyone invest in funeral homes, caskets, cemeteries and refrigerated semi trailers. Because those business’s will be working overtime to meet demand.

        • silly talk….for the most part…might be a few Ruby Ridge’s…but that’s doubtful…nobody’s on guard 24 hrs a day or stays in their house forever…this is designed to be a long, slow process of attrition….want to parade in public with one?…better have your registration papers….which then sets you up for buyback/confiscation…yes, they can do this…only a question of will they?

        • “I suggest everyone invest in funeral homes, caskets, cemeteries and refrigerated semi trailers.“

          Yes, those are a great investments, with 210,000 dead Americans already and more coming, you should make lots of money, thanks to Donald Trump’s mismanagement of the pandemic.

          And healthcare professionals are suggesting guest hall may reach 400,000 within the next 3 to 6 months.

          It is unfortunate that trumps travel ban only prohibited Chinese nationals from mainland China to enter.

          His administration did allow thousands of Chinese nationals to enter from Hong Kong and Macau, in addition to tens of thousands of Americans and other nationalities returning from mainland China.
          His administration did allow thousands of Chinese nationals to enter from Hong Kong and Macau, in addition to tens of thousands of Americans and other nationalities returning from mainland China.

          And his high praise for chairman Xi, who he called a great leader who is doing a wonderful job of managing the pandemic, just demonstrates trumps inability to grasp reality.

    • That’s April 19, 1775, for any public skrewl-educated Millenials or Antifatards reading this page. Know your history, and know what happened to those who came before us and made poor decisions.

    • that was direct confrontation…this is designed to be a long, slow process…but with the same goal…

  3. I’d like to see the logistics of it all.
    Social workers going door to door.
    Billion dollar “buy-back” scheme with a Covid-hysteria ruined economy and millions of people screaming for their free everything.

    • Going to be interesting that’s for sure.

      You touched on the basic parts. People are angry, angry about having to wear a face diaper, angry at Trump supporters, angry at China (me!) angry at the economy, angry about everything, burning, looting, angry at BLM, Antifia, white people, old people, everybody is angry about something.

      So yeah, go ahead Democrats……throw some gun control/confiscation on the pile and watch what happens. smh.

    • The logistics are nonexistent. There will be no uniform enforcement. If passed, it would look like the first AWB or the ones in NY, CA, etc. One day it’s legal, the next day you’re an undiscovered criminal. But if you get pulled over and have one in the car or you get popped for something else, then you’re in trouble for it.

      It’s not about actually confiscating these guns, it’s about killing gun culture. This is a generational plan. It’s the same reason the left attacks guns via social media and news (but has no problem with rap videos showcasing wannabe gansters pointing glocks).

  4. Wrong. Joe will stand aside and submit to my authority shortly after taking power, and then I, the rightful true ruler of the New North American Federation will finally take my place at the helm.

    The People want ME DAMNIT! They just haven’t got it through their thick American skulls yet. I am destined to lead the Social Justice Warrior domination of the continent in order to restore the rule of oppressed minorities against you white imperialists.

    Now vote for me as I command you peasants to!!!!

    • Eric Swallwell, is that you? Did you do the whole transgender thing or are you just wearing your mothers dress and lipstick?

      • “Did you do the whole transgender thing or are you just wearing your mothers dress and lipstick?”

        “He’s a lumberjack and he’s OK…”

      • “Did you do the whole transgender thing or are you just wearing your mothers dress and lipstick?”
        He just does that(cross dresses) on weekends!

    • Hey Reich Chancellor Harris,
      Is the rumor true that you will be announcing your revival of the 2016 “Madonna” incentive program at the debate tonight?
      Will you really perform oral sex on every person who votes the demtard ticket?
      I guess old tricks are the best tricks, huh you old hag. Wouldn’t be the first time you bobbed knob to advance your political carrier.
      Willie Brown knows what I’m talking about. Harris is just a home wrecking hoe when it comes to advancing her political aspirations.
      Good luck in the debate tonight, and don’t forget the knee pads. Never know when you may come across a dong that can advance your political carrier.

      • Please understand that James Campbell intimately knows all about suckin’ cock to advance in the workplace. Hell, he practically invented the truck stop blowey.

  5. He’d also ban America’s least favorite rifle, the AR-14, after challenging you to a fist fight in the parking lot.

      • that comes later!….they originally tried to ban pistols under the NFA…[aka Canada] 1934..but found the measure too unpopular…that may prove a much tougher nut to crack

    • Joe fights behind a barn, everybody know that. That is the only thing (lack of a barn) that saved CornPpop and his “baaaad boys”.

    • AR-18 is okay though, right?

      Damn, maybe we need an BR-16 now that I think about it. Not the same thing, totally legal.

  6. It should be noted that in addition to requiring that “assault weapons” be registered under the NFA at $200 a pop, Biden’s plan also calls for normal capacity magazines to be treated in the same manner.

    So: suppose you have 2 AR’s and a couple of modern pistols. You have 12 magazines between the two rilfes, and 6 for the handguns. If Biden gets his way, it would cost you $4000 to be allowed to keep your property.

    Needless to say, for many here the cost would be in the tens of thousands.

      • Oh, there would be massive noncompliance with such a law, granted. Dependent upon how much the “buyback” pays for weapons and mags, I would guess that many (most?) “casual” gunowners would turn them in. If they paid (just throwing out numbers here) $1000 for an “assault weapon” and $25 per magazine, the aforementoned gun owner might well go ahead and take $2450 after surrending his rifles and mags.

        Now, as for the more dedicated gun owners….that’s another matter, isn’t it? “Tragic boating accidents” will abound.

        • Hmm how much does it cost to 3d print and make functional a $25 turn in magazine? I sense a possible income stream for the crafty.

        • unless they ban private sales…that secondary market may take-off…just like it did for machine guns..and $1000 may be peanuts…can remember getting offers as high as $1800 for an AR back then…

    • Magazines are not serialized. Another problem to be solved I guess.

      Still not sure how criminals currently peacefully protesting are going to comply.

  7. Historically American civilians have had more guns and superior guns. Compared to the civilian police and the military.
    We had rifles. The government had smooth bore long guns. We had repeating rifles. The government was using single shot long guns. We had machine guns. For twenty years before the military had them.

    And we had our freedom all along those hundreds of years.

    Most civilian law enforcement didn’t have AR-15’s. They are too expensive for the local governments to purchase for the their officers. Or I should say they use to not have them. The Obama administration gave away thousands of select fire weapons to cops all over the country.

    “How the Obama [Biden] administration gives away military-grade weapons to local police”

    The Obama/Biden administration was very dangerous to your liberty.

    • I don’t think cost was/is the main reason for most law enforcement agencies that do not purchase AR15.

    • Do the police get those weapons because they’re highly trained professionals, or is it to help those incompetent racists hunt down young black men? Is this another bragging point for Joe?

    • One of the many lame arguments Gun Grabbers have is the framers of the Constitution never thought about firearms like the AR15, etc.
      The framers did not have to because all muskets used Black Powder and many citizens had it. Black Powder can be used for making Bombs that went KABOOM and bits and pieces of tyranical Red Coats went flying.

    • first they arm-up the cops…now they want to defund them…the plan didn’t match the agenda…instead of using all those new “toys” on you…[as intended]…the cops began using them on the “wrong” people who had taken to the streets to loot and burn…calling for a reset…

  8. I’d rather get shot and killed by a 22lr than a .223 and by a handgun or bolt action rifle than an “assault rifle.” That’s just Marxist common sense folks and if you don’t agree you’re a white supremacist.

  9. A handgun without ammo is a hammer, a long gun without ammo is a club.
    Let me fix that for you Slow Joe, you want to take my hammers and clubs.
    Come and take them joe. Best wishes from Texas. Just remembered that Jack Reacher statement…….YOU wanted this!
    Trump/Pence 2020!

      • Enjoy the election results in a few weeks loser.
        Enjoy that basement circle jerk/salad toss with Whiner49er and the rest of my fan club.
        Where in WV are you holding that party?
        Be sure to keep posting your comments on TTAG, giving Trump that landslide victory!

        • Blah. Man I thought you would upgrade your comebacks during your sabbatical from TTAG. Apparently I give you too much credit.

          Carry on, Keyboard Warrior!

      • yeah, really laughable.. if it weren’t so tragic…it’s happening to you…or, most likely will…without you truly understanding the methodology being employed…you’re so busy guarding the front door that you’ve forgot to lock the back one…..

  10. I guess he’ll need the police after all to enforce this and the national mask mandate. You’re too dumb to look after yourself, so Joe will make sure the federal government does it for you.

    • But it won’t be the current police. It will be a political police imbued with the power of Social Justice! Righting wrongs, even if they were centuries ago. Forcing oppressors and their descendants to pay for their crimes through reparations, property expropriation, forced labor, and execution.

      • you’re already hearing the subtle rumblings of how we should have a national police force…expect that to increase if they can’t bring the local police in line…all part of the plan, folks…

  11. He gets elected, enacts some kind of “buy back,” confiscation, likely go over like the NY state dictator, Cuomo’s so called SAFE Act. Very few people turned them in/registered them.
    People innovated to get around the dictator Cuomo’s rules and regulations.
    TTAG, had an sponsored ad for how to make your AR15 into a single shot, bolt action like firearm. That get around any “law?” It is a single shot. The bolt has to be pulled to the rear to load another round.
    BUT, depending on how Biden gets the law written, you might “resist” and not participate in the “buy back,” or turn them in. But will that rifle ever see the light of day again in fear of someone turning you in? How many Biden bots will be searching social media, for pics of people shooting their AR15s, and calling in anonymous tips to Biden’s goon squads (he likely have to set up special Federal agents to do his bidding, as most LEOs be like, “F-that!”) to go around and issue no-knock warrants to seize all those evil black AR14 rifles!

    • “to go around and issue no-knock warrants to seize all those evil black AR14 rifles!”

      Recall that we’ve been told it’s impossible to round up illegal aliens because there are just too many of them. How many scary semi auto rifles are there?

      • About a third of the country owns at least one gun. Probably 10 percent have significant stashes. They might have to turn Montana or the Dakotas into a prison farm. Every AR made is sold and most of the other evil semi guns are in private hands too.

        George Carlin called it.

      • Dude – there likely more illegals than evil black rifles – estimates are as high as 30 million(likely a lowball guess) illegals versus 15 million AR pattern rifles. OTOH, the rifles are a LOT easier to hide (or lose in ‘boating accidents’)

    • yep…it begins with “out of sight/out of mind”…the days of parading around with one may be over….many of these youngsters buying up all these AR’s and calling us “Fudds” aren’t even old enough to remember or have a clue what happened in the 90’s…if the left wins, it’s coming back…probably with a vengeance…disarming the people, neutering the cops, indoctrinating your kids, getting your neighbor to rat you out, devaluing property, day is night, black is white…get ready for that brave new world!………

      • …..and I forgot to add…God is not only dead,… he never existed in the first place….also high on their agenda…thus invalidating the whole premise of religion…..

    • Most of civilian AR15s are much better than mil spec government issue M16/M4 except for the giggle switch. Nascar car has not much in common with showroom car, except that they are both four wheels on steel body propelled by internal combustion engine, make and model stickers notwithstanding.

      • NASCAR was a lot more fun back when they actually drove stock cars…hard to relate to these camouflaged tanks….and govt. guns…liked those used in the Army..tend to take lots of abuse…and are rarely as well cared for as those in private hands…

  12. If sleepy Joe gets elected (not likely) and does attempt to confiscate firearms, I pity what comes next. This will trigger a revolution. it wouldn’t surprise me if large groups of armed patriots hunt down politicians. What would a police department do against 400-500 armed patriots. After the first 10 or so all out firefights there will be no confiscation.

    • quit dreaming…there may be incidents here and there, but the vast majority of the public only care about themselves…they’re tearing your house down…the only difference is they’re doing it one brick at a time….

  13. Many people who don’t turn them in can probably be easily identified. I imagine that they would use that knowledge mostly just to go after those that are doing something else that bothers them. Making up probable cause isn’t hard. Life will become more dangerous for any prohibited weapon owner who irritates the Dems. That will likely inhibit at least some from speaking and acting contrary to Dem interests. It is still quite a win even if there is massive non-compliance because many of their opponents are now felons that can be intimidated or harvested at any time.

    • That is kinda what I was implying when I said, “But will that rifle ever see the light of day again in fear of someone turning you in?”
      It might not be enforceable, but the fear factor of becoming a felon just might be as good as a out right confiscation. That AR15 just might become a safe queen.

      • Not to mention when it is handed down to the next generations, some Karen will make sure to let the authorities know because she is “protecting her family from those evil guns”. Just think what “might” happen!!!!!!!

      • probably a lot of illegal automatic weapons stashed in farms and ranches around the country…ATF has never made a concerted effort to get them…[except for obvious cases like Waco]…but that sword is always hanging over you…..

  14. Remember abortion lovers charged the right to life protesters with RICO but rioters get free bail!!! Liberals cherry pick the laws.

    Many Democrats, judges, liberals, district attorneys and college professors need to be met at the doors of their houses for all the destruction they’ve caused the Democrat run states of this nation. And be forced to leave or be jailed. They hate America, they hate the constitution.They support creating millions of laws then cherry pick who and which laws will suddenly be enforced whenever they feel like it. It’s easy to pick and choose who to throw in jail when you create millions of laws. Just make a lame law against who rise up against your socialist agenda. People go to college only to learn a trade. But they get indoctrinated and brainwashed into marxists instead. They are all Antifa, (BLM Marxists) or non-combative enemies are they not? You do not deserve to live under the constitution if you are not willing to defend the constitution as written. Shall not be infringed means never taken away by law. Why are they still here? In Israel when you attack the nation with terrorism the top terrorists are targeted executed and dealt with. In America they become college professors, politicians and media celebrities who are the only enlightened and entitled ones to have armed guards. They get Protection you dont. They can use guns in riots and defend themselves but your brandishing and go to jail. Rittenhouse is proof they hate us.

  15. He can ban it in his part of the future former USA, I am keeping mine in other part of USA where Marxist Democrats will be kept out at the future border.

    • but they keep infiltrating…until you find yourself outvoted…is that part of the plan?…maybe, maybe not…but it seems to be working as red states slowly turn blue…..

  16. I forgot
    The Obama /Biden administration also supplied guns to the Paris terrorist’s who killed nearly 200 people and also slaughtered rock concert fans. Some of who had their sex organs cut off and stuffed into the body cavities of other attendees. If anyone asks I will send you the link. For all the gory details.

    “Gun Used in Paris Terrorist Attacks Provided by ‘Operation Fast & Furious’ “video 2 min long

    • That is surprising since it was reported that many of those weapons were fully automatic(which tells me they came from the Middle East’s war zones).

      Fake news from the Right is even worse than fake news from the Left. Why should the Right stoop to the same level as the Left?

      • Yeah, the US Government and LEO have NO access to automatic weapons.🙄
        US Companies like Patriot Ordnance Factory (Arizona) produces 100s of full-auto ARs annually you idiot.
        Here’s your dunce hat, go sit in the corner. Keep your thoughts to yourself.

        • Yo, you’re that geezer what threatened to ‘Dox’ Miner49er. So, what’s the deeeee-lay, 🤡?

        • No need, the forum has seen him for the clown he is. TTAG also calls him out EVERY SINGLE TIME he posts. The pathetic little trolls who pop up here with IP address near Whiner49ers WV location? Just icing on the cake.
          All that needs to be said is….TRUMP/PENCE 2020 loser.
          Oh, and genXers with children in their 20s are “geezers”?
          Enjoy that basement little butt monkey. Don’t sling too much poo when Trump wins in a landslide due to retarded trolls like yourself.
          Did I mention, Trump/Pence 2020?

      • the far right can really get bizarre…which isn’t helpful…those guns probably came from the Balkans where they are plentiful…and can be easily moved throughout the union….

      • Hey Truth in Action.
        When someone makes a retarded statement like… “that many of those weapons were fully automatic(which tells me they came from the Middle East’s war zones” in order to dispel the chance Obama/Biden provided weapons (they were caught doing it at the Mexico border with deaths involved), I’m pointing it out as totally retarded.
        So go fu*k yourself right back at ya.
        The US government has access to thousands of automatic weapons, on EVERY continent.

  17. I am The President, I shall ban whatever I wish. Actually Mr. President( whomever u r) it doesn’t work that way,,,,,yet.

  18. I harbor no delusions about Biden’s malevolence on this issue nor the dangers of a Democratic president and Congress. We have to fight with all of our might to prevent them from winning. That said I think if elected they will be in no hurry to enact new gun control measures. They are going to have a number of higher priority items on their agenda. In addition I think Biden and the Democrats realize that instituting new gun control would be a very costly battle for them politically.

    • The Dems will make a big show of the gun control legislation being introduced along with press coverage of Creepy Joe signing the approval. Shotgun Joe will then mouth empty platitudes about this great day in America where crime will cease and the streets will be safe for all.

      And this is smoke and mirrors to obfuscate other things they are doing.

  19. If Creepy Joe Biden want so busy molesting little girls, he might peruse the crime data compiled by the FBI on weapons used in homicides. The number and percentage of homicides that are committed with rifles of any type has been on a steep decline for half a century. Only 2% to 3% of homicides are committed with rifles. The extremely detailed database compiled by the FBI of virtually every firearm used to murder police officers records not just the type and caliber of the firearm but the manufacturer and model. Creepy Joe would also discover that far more police officers (over 350 last time I counted) have been murdered with the politically correct shotguns that he recommends for self defense than have been murdered with AR-15s.

    • He and his puppet masters know all this well. Gun control is never about crime. That is just what they sell it under. It’s always about getting power from the people and to empower themselves. Why else would they go crazy about the kind of rifle that is used in less than 2% of murders, but is most useful in militia service?

  20. “and complete duplicitous background checks for firearms…”

    Duplicitous? I don’t think that word means what he thinks it means. I mean, lying on those forms is a felony, after all.

  21. He will try. I doubt he will get there. Had you people not supported Trump in the 2016 GOP Convention, we would not be here now.

    Judge Barret is one hopeful defense against new gun laws. Before Trump and a number of Republican Senators got COVID-19 I’d of said we were in a good position. But Trump, because you fools picked him, spewed his spittle over a bunch of people including those senators.

    In 15 days there’s supposed to be a confirmation hearing. Could have a vote the same day, no reason why not.

    Except that idiot Trump and his spewing disease laden spittle means we could be down the number of senators needed to succeed.

    The critical need remains getting rid of Trump. His downfall may drag more than himself though, and that is indeed something to worry about.

    • Fool. hillary would have been in office if not for Trump. If no one could beat him in the primary how could they have taken hillary?

      You are either a full on pro leftist troll or a full on retard. There can be no middle ground for someone as dull as you.

      • Cruz or Paul might have won had they got the party nomination. We’ll never know now though. It is very good that she lost though.

      • At best a Fudd who hopes his Biden approved Remchesterby and duck gun will allow him to escape “people’s justice”.

    • President Trump beat all the other candidates including Ted Cruz….

      Which one of those could have beat Clinton?

      You won’t answer…so never mind.

    • That terrible disease knocked the old fat guy out… for almost four days. Time to lock up the country again.
      Can you find just one thing that Trump did right? Come on, ONE thing! Or are you just foaming at the mouth, hate driven blind man?

    • If not for Trump there would be no Amy Coney Barrett nomination and unless you haven’t realized the obvious it is very, very likely that the Barrett announcement was seeded with Covid-19 by some Democrat operative attempting to infect or possibly assassinate the President and delay the confirmation. FOOL!

      I do not suffer fools and trolls well so consider this my last communication!!!

    • Wow, TTAG is thick with troll posts under new user names.
      I guess the Bloomturd/Soros checks cleared the banks today.
      Trump/Pence 2020!

      • They are desperate. But really, they should know better. The DNC knows they cannot beat Trump this go round. The proof in that is their candidates. They had to sacrifice somebody so why not their biggest losers?

        Why the trolls haven’t figured this out yet is beyond me. Chronically stupid, I guess.

  22. And (naturally) once Biden and his ‘progressive’ cohorts manage to ban, forcefully register, and ultimately confiscate so-called ‘assault weapons’ and ‘high-capacity’ magazines, they will: (1). Ban, forcefully register, and ultimately ‘buyback’ all remaining semi-automatic rifles, shotguns, and pistols (regardless of ‘features’ or magazine capacity). (2). Ban the sale and possession of remaining detachable box magazines (regardless of capacity). (3). Ban, forcefully register, and eventually ‘buyback’ all remaining handguns (i.e., revolvers). (4). Implement 5-round, and eventually 3-round limits for all fixed magazine, manual-action rifles and shotguns. Etcetera, etcetera, ad nauseum…. puke!

  23. Depending on the results of the election, I may or may not have a boating accident scheduled for late November. That will take care of any “confiscation.”

  24. T
    From THEIR cold dead hands…as mentioned the po-leece couldn’t handle BlackLootersMurder or Antifools. And a 17 year old kid stopped everything in Kenosha. I won’t comply!

    • We The People will never have a monopoly of violence, nor were we meant to. The 2A is about maintaining parity between the people and the gubmint. We The People with a monopoly on violence is more commonly referred to as a mob.

  25. Sorry to say but Biden Will win. Trump is doing/saying stupid shit contributing to his loss. Surprised his campaign isn’t blasting the airwaves full of negative issues such as this and many others about Biden/Harris. Trumps attitude and ignorance will kill his chances. His campaign manager needs to Hammer the issues Strictly and convince people of the outcome(A lot of bad things) under the Biden/Harris banner that’s gonna happen. Besides he can direct the ATF to do certain things , but still have to get congress and the supreme court to rule on things to make thing happen, doubt that’s ever gonna get done. and the Owners of ar’s will never give them up anyway so, pfft.

    • Trump has proven…at be a stopgap…if he somehow wins, that will go on a bit longer…but the forces in play here are relentless…and they’ll never stop…if Biden wins, the real battle may well develop within the democratic party as two factions vie for control…gun owners should start planning for any eventuality……

  26. Im glad someone figured out that Democrats and Joe Biden (he is the democrat party after all) is anti-gun. We may have never figured that one out.

    • the plan is simple…but a little risky…buy all you can…any way you can…and hide them everywhere you can…keep your mouth shut and maintain a low profile…[which seems to be hard for some in here]…..register a few..[for the cover of legitimacy]…always leave a few out for the cops to find…which seems to satisfy them…simply do not allow yourself to be disarmed….think the French “resistance”…because it may come to that…..

  27. I see a scenario where most or all guns are banned. In the event that you need the police, you will rethink calling them based on what you may or may not possess in your home. If you defend yourself, your home will become a crime scene and searches will be immediate and thorough.
    In my opinion all this would lead to a decrease of police cooperation by the general public, and a situation where crime would have no risk or penalty.

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