Primary Arms SLx 1-8x24 FFP
Courtesy Primary Arms
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Primary Arms has just released the new SLx 1-8x24mm FFP Rifle Scope with their ACSS® Raptor 5.56/5.45/.308 Reticle (MPN: 610098). This optic builds on the beloved SLx 1-6x24mm FFP Rifle Scope that stood as the flagship low-power variable optic in Primary Arms Optics’ SLx product line. Priced at $479.99, the new SLx 1-8×24 FFP Rifle Scope provides a lightweight, affordable rifle scope that shines from point blank to 600 yards.

Like other Primary Arms scopes, the SLx 1-8×24 FFP Rifle Scope delivers premium features and quality construction to an affordable price point. One of the most notable aspects of this scope is the magnification range itself.

Courtesy Primary Arms Optics

This 8x ratio offers the SLx 1-8×24 FFP rifle scope an edge in engaging long-distance targets with greater precision, while the 1x minimum maintains speed in close quarters. In addition, the scope features high quality glass for greater image clarity, improving the user’s visibility on target. Combined with the first focal plane ACSS Raptor 5.56/5.45/.308 reticle, users will be able to clearly discern and hit targets out to 600 yards with ease.

“The new Primary Arms SLx 1-8×24 FFP rifle scope brings the wildly popular ACSS Raptor 5.56 reticle found in our 1-6x24ffp to an even higher magnification scope,” says Bert Sheets, Primary Arms Optics’ Director of Engineering. “This optical system is a completely new from the ground up front focal plane design that emphasizes low distortion and accurate 1x magnification combined with a crisp clear sight picture at 8x.”

The SLx 1-8x24mm FFP Rifle Scope with ACSS Raptor 5.56/5.45/.308 reticle is now available from For those looking to get more time at the range in 2020, this scope is the perfect way to elevate your rifle with a versatile optic that can stand up to any task. SHOT Show attendees are encouraged to come see the new scope and full product line at the Primary Arms booth #10372 on the main floor (Level 2) from January 21-24, 2020 in Las Vegas, NV.

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    • The trouble I have is that there’s not really a middle ground in these reticle designs. For my part, I would be happy with one additional horizontal line. Zero the center of the scope to 50/200 and then give me an extra line for something like 400 and that’s about as far as I’d ever want to reach with a 5.56 shot.Then maybe add the horseshoe for low magnification, quick acquisition stuff at closer ranges (I have astigmatism, so 1x magnification optics are something I very seriously consider).

      Seems like you either get a very simple duplex reticle or your entire damned view window is filled with various etchings and illuminations for the phase of the moon and how long it’s been since the grass was mowed. Too much.

  1. I’m sure there is a quality comparison somewhere, but allow to be lazy, how does this scope compare to a similarly priced Vortex?

    • Personal experience with some of the primary arms compared to vortex. Vortex tend to be mildly clearer, but my next 1x Prisim scope will be the Cyclops w/ acss. Someone above said busy reticle, but I’m willing to try it out.

      • I think the Vortexes (Vortices?) in this price range are second focal plane (reticle is a fixed apparent size) whereas the PA scope is first focal plane (reticle expands and contracts with zoom).

        Generally SFP scopes tend to be a little clearer than FFP scopes, so that might be part of the difference noted above.

        Re the lack of a parallax knob, c’mon, this is a LPVO, not a km+ long ranger.

      • I wouldn’t call the Raptor version “busy” by any means. For a BDC reticle it’s very simple. The regular ACSS can be a bit busy, but it’s very intuitive to use. If you tend to shoot at man-sized/military-esque targets the ACSS reticles areas handy as they come.

        I’ve got one of their 4-14 FFP scopes on my AR-10 and LOVE it. They’re a definite bargain at their price-point. Yeah, there’s a bit of haze to it, but the glass clarity has never been an issue for me.

        • I just bought one, haven’t mounted it on my AR-10 yet. I for one like the ACSS reticle, as it gives in the lens ranging ability. It is well reviewed by buyers and reviewers. No, it does not have the optical clarity of other scopes, but it doesn’t cost a grand either.

  2. I’ll Take My PVO Leupold VX-R Patrol 1.25-4x Firedot Reticle Over the Primary Arms and the Vortex Scopes Anyday!!!

  3. I really like your article. It’s evident that you have a lot knowledge on this topic.Your points are well made and relatable. Thanks for writing engaging and interesting material.

  4. The SFP 1-8x version is pretty good for the price – one is currently my 18″ stainless AR-10.

  5. I have standardized on the PA ACSS reticle. Give it a little thought, the cross bars are based on 18″ width at each distance. How long is coyote? A Deer? A Hog (well, they can be enormous but usually there are more normal sized ones around) this is for target distance estimation.

    And it by damn WORKS! Have estimated and the one-shot a coyote at ~200 yards with my 1×6.

    These sights are tougher than anything I have tried around this price point, and I have broken and returned for repair a Vortex just by having it drop of the tailgate. My scopes are not sage queens.

    Currently run 2 ea. 2.5 SLx, one 3x SLx and have had a 1×6 on my AR for several years, it drives tacks. The others are on various other carbines. I would not hesitate to put this 1×8 on any reasonable deer rifle and take it out to 600+ given a bit of range time and a larger ammo budget.

    I may be putting the 1×6 on the market after the Shot Show because I will likely be taking a drive over to the Houston area to pop the 1×8 on my tack driver AR and see what kind of eye relief I get for 1x action. That is always the deciding factor for me because no matter how good I might be at 300+ the most critical need will probably be sudden, unexpected and personal for this sort of optic.

    One other note – they make an assist ring to make turning the mag ring easier, get one with the optic, these are not loose mag rings, the scopes hold zero for years IME and one reason is they are built to tight specs.

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