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Howdy y’all. I’m now a Texan. As our house won’t be move-in ready for a couple of weeks, one of the first things I did upon arriving was load precisely 547 lbs of ammunition into a storage unit…

That’s right! 547 lbs means that two people (out of 1,206) guessed the weight dead-on in the contest to win an Aero Precision complete upper:

Levi Spriet was first to do so, and wins the grand prize: Aero’s M4E1 16″ .223 Wylde upper with the addition of a VG6 GAMMA 556 muzzle brake, Aero complete bolt carrier group, Aero flip-up sights and Aero ambi charging handle. Upon learning he was the grand prize winner, Levi said:

I would love to say thank you to Aero, I’ve bought plenty of parts from them over the last couple of years and they have always been great! Also, I came up with the weight of the ammo by using the WAG Theory, (Wild Ass Guess). And thank you to TTAG for setting up the give away!

Aharon fukuda also guessed the actual weight. As the runner-up, he takes home a VG6 GAMMA 556 muzzle brake.

Thanks to everyone who chimed in with a guess — a whopping 820 comments on here, 200 on our Facebook page, and another 186 on our Instagram page — and another big thanks to Aero Precision and VG6 Precision for providing the awesome prizes.

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  1. I’m about to be a Texan myself. Just accepted a job offer in Austin, and I’m moving in about two weeks.

    • There’s an austin guns related subreddit, there’s meets twice a month (lone star is more popular though)

    • I did enjoy how the guesses ranged from like 200 lbs to 2,900 lbs haha

      I was told by a neighbor that when people do contests like the “guess how many jelly beans are in this giant jar,” if you average (or find the mean/median of) all of the guesses it’s almost always dead-on the actual. My plan was to do this for all of the guesses on this contest, but once it passed 200 comments I gave up on that plan haha. Anyone want to type them all into Excel? Just looking at it, though, I think the average is pretty high of actual.

  2. I don’t want to guess how much ammo I have, but I know
    a) It’s more than I could carry, and
    b) It’s less than 547 pounds.

  3. Congrats!

    I think I guessed pretty close to that, and estimated each package based upon the shopping weights of what I bought over the years.

    It’s not hard, although dang expensive, to have a literal ton of ammo or more. It can certainly break shelves and tear cabinets out of walls if you aren’t careful. 230 grain .45 ACP weighs a bunch, for instance.

    • yeah really!!! I demand to see documentation of the certified scale that you used.

      I say your rectify this gross negligence by giving all of us a free upper with healthcare, free college and forgive all student and credit card debt….throw in a 60″ flat screen for good measure!

  4. I had the correct answer of 585 lb but this contest was obviously hacked by the Russians. Congrats, comrades.

    • Haha fair enough. I’m not sure one can ever become a “Texan” by living in/near Austin anyway 😛

      …in eastern WA and N’Idaho I grew up with horses, cowboy boots, wide open spaces, and guns. Heck, I can properly throw a lasso haha. It’s less restrictive to carry a firearm there than in TX. The wild west ain’t what it used to be here. There’s no 51% law, 30.06/30.07, etc etc in N’Idaho or even WA, permit-less open carry has always been cool, and getting a CCW is way easier than in TX. There’s more government in TX than I think most people imagine. Probably closer to the old image of the cowboy wild west in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Arizona… (I’m still SUPER excited about being a “Texas resident,” though, don’t get me wrong!)

  5. I didn’t win… Dammit… I guess I gotta go buy my own 547 lbs. of ammo now. Congrats you lucky ammo hogs lol

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