Ukrainian National Guard soldiers (AP Photo/Francisco Seco)
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By Joe Bartozzi

America’s firearm industry is proving again that it is the arsenal of freedom. U.S.-based firearm, ammunition and accessories manufacturers are answering Ukraine’s call-to-arms to defend itself against the Russian unprovoked invasion.

NSSF has been on the leading edge of this response, working with officials from Ukraine and the United States to facilitate firearm and ammunition donations to repel the Russian invaders. Ukraine’s defense has mired down Russian attackers, repelled them from that nation’s capital city of Kyiv and are inflicting tremendous casualties on Russian forces. That is happening as U.S. firearm and ammunition makers are sending small arms and ammunition to supply Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy famously refused an offer from the United States to evacuate his country as Russian forces closed in on Kyiv. Several assassination attempts on his life, and that of his family, were thwarted. President Zelensky stood strong, recording a message for the world.

“The fight is here; I need ammunition, not a ride,” he said.

Send It

That was enough to spur the firearm and ammunition makers in the United States into action. Two days after President Zelensky’s call for munitions, Ammo Inc., announced the company would donate 1 million rounds of ammunition for Ukraine to defend their country. Less than one month later, Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence confirmed it received the million-round donation.

(AP Photo/Petr David Josek)

“This is a wake-up call for America, and why we have to have our Second Amendment… To see the people in Ukraine fighting — it’s terrible to see the lives that are being lost over there,” explained Ammo Inc. board member Richard Childress to Fox News.

Vista Outdoor, and their ammunition makers Federal, Remington, CCI and Speer, announced their own donation of 1 million rounds on March 8. Vista Outdoor noted that Ukraine was a long-standing ammunition customer and how critical it is for America that the Second Amendment exists to protect an individual’s right to keep and bear arms.

“It underscores how critical the Second Amendment is in America and highlights the importance of the ability of American Manufacturers to supply our allies with ammunition,” said Jason Vanderbrink, President of Remington, CCI, Speer and Federal Ammunition in a press release. “We have long supported Ukrainian armed forces and we will continue to do so in this global cause to unite for democracy.”

Relief Efforts

Several NSSF members privately donated ammunition to Ukraine’s defense, particularly those companies that previously imported Russian-made ammunition before sanctions went into effect banning all imports.

NSSF learned that Russian President Vladimir Putin is so concerned about Russian ammunition being shipped from the United States to Ukraine, he not only seized the 115 containers for the April shipments to the United States, but he also stopped shipments of primers and powder from Russia to some of his closest ties from the former Soviet Bloc. Putin fears Russian-made ammunition will be donated to Ukraine and sent back to his forces at about 2,350 feet-per-second.

rifle ammunition ammo
Josh Wayner for TTAG

Vista also launched relief efforts to raise funds for those Ukrainians displaced by the Russian invasion. Federal and Remington are selling Ukraine-themed t-shirts. All profits from the sales go to refugees in the war-torn country. The shirts will supplement the company’s donation and maintain awareness of the need for global support of Ukraine.

Terminal Guidance

It is not just boatloads of bullets. Arms makers are stepping up too and NSSF is helping to make those donations easier. NSSF published an alert to member companies of the needs submitted by the Ukrainian Embassy. That includes everything from 7.62×39 mm cartridges for AK-47s to complete sniper rifle systems and the state-of-the-art night vision and thermal optics that go with them. That was met by donations that are still coming in.

The Biden administration announced that 7,000 small arms would be included in an $800 million aide-package that was announced in March. One major firearm manufacturer informed NSSF that the Department of Defense is reaching out to major industry companies to secure small arms and ammunition for the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence. In fact, the Pentagon posted a Request for Information for arming Ukraine with everything from small arms to drones to heavy weapons systems.

That does not mean gun makers are on the sidelines waiting.

Adams Arms, a Florida-based firearm manufacturer, has already shipped 1,000 rifles to Ukraine and plans to donate at least 1,500 more. They also designed and sold their own t-shirts recognizing the bravery of the Ukrainian forces that rejected Russia’s call for surrender of Snake Island. All proceeds from that sale will go directly to the Ukrainian National Bank’s war funds. Just a week ago, Adams Arms, along with six other U.S. manufacturers, announced it is donating 10 state-of-the-art, semiautomatic sniper rifle systems along with ammunition to the Ukraine Ministry of Defence. The rifles, optics and ammunition are valued at more than $80,000.

Contributing manufacturers include Leupold and Stevens, supplying optics and mounts; Rise Armament, supplying triggers; Radian Weapons, supplying charging handles and safety selectors; Luth AR, supplying adjustable buttstocks; and Hornady Manufacturing, supplying ammunition.

Adams Arms President Jason East said, “It goes beyond altruism or corporate responsibility. As Americans, we cannot allow the kind of aggression Russia has brought forth in Ukraine. What’s that old saying? The only thing evil needs to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Well, we are doing something.”

KelTec donated 400 semiautomatic rifles to Ukraine. Adrian Kellgren, KelTec’s director of industrial production, made the decision after KelTec was left with an unshipped order worth $200,000 of 9 mm foldable rifles from a long-time Ukrainian customer who became unreachable after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Kimber Manufacturing, Inc. donated 200 handguns and 20 rifles to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces of Ukraine. Kimber provided 200 R7 Mako 9 mm pistols with 800 extra 13-round magazines, 10 Advanced Tactical rifles in .308 Win., and 10 bolt-action rifles in .308 Win.

Mission First Tactical donated holsters for the Kimber’s R7 Mako pistols and Tactical Rifle Cases for the long rifles. In addition, Mission First Tactical also donated 3,300 AR-15 magazines and 1,000 AR-10 magazines. Leupold & Stevens, Inc. donated 20 Mark 4 LR/T 3.5-10×40 rifle scopes, that were installed on each of the 20 Kimber rifles.

Own the Night

American Technology Network Company (ATN), a manufacturer of night vision and thermal vision products, announced it is shipping 9,000 night vision and thermal optics devices to assist the Ukrainian military against the Russian invasion. “ATN has committed to making an unprecedented effort in this endeavor and is committed to shipping these units in the shortest time. Night optics are critical to the successful defense of Ukraine from the Russian invaders, and we are confident this will be a large step in improving the capabilities of the Ukrainian forces in the field,” said ATN Founder and Chairman Marc Vayn.

ATN Thor 4 scope

Suppressor-maker Silencer Central, of Sioux Falls, S.D., is considering how it might be able to assist. Owner Brandon Maddox saw NSSF’s alert on how firearm manufacturers could assist Ukraine and while his company does not make rifles or ammunition, he sees a small, but quiet role for Silencer Central.

“One of the specific requests from Ukraine was suppressors, silencers,” Maddox said. “Sometimes when there is inner-city fighting and if it’s inside, noises are louder, so by having a suppressor shooting indoors it could bring it down where it is hearing safe, so whoever is actually doing the shooting it’s not going to blow their ears out,” Maddox said. Maddox also noted that suppressors eliminate muzzle flash, making them effective for night fighting.

Maddox said company officials are exploring avenues for the company to send suppressors to fit onto Ukraine’s rifle.

These voluntary efforts by U.S. firearm, ammunition and accessory makers demonstrate the importance and the value of a strong firearm industry, not just dedicated to protecting American freedom and Second Amendment rights, but those who are forced to defend freedom around the globe.


Joe Bartozzi is the President and CEO of the National Shooting Sports Foundation

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  1. What? Another $40 billion from the American taxpayer isn’t enough??

    This is nothing but virtue signaling.

    • Congress will give away $40b of our money, just like that. However, we couldn’t get them to spend $5b on a “wall” along the southern border to defend our own country.

    • They’re private companies donating their own stock. The fact you’re too stupid to understand that isn’t lost on anyone.

      • Yeah, donating to the people who paid Hunter Biden for a no show job (as well as Romney’s kid and the kids of a couple of other congrassholes), and laundered money for the big guy, and were the source of the whole “Russia Collusion” scam, and hosted more Fauci funded biolabs, just to name some of their greatest hits. Wonderful people to give aid to. I hope Putin remembers to flush when he is done there.

    • “Another $40 billion from the American taxpayer isn’t enough?”

      Enough for this week, but there’s always next week, and the next, and the next…

    • Do you have any idea of what the cost of guns and ammo is? The gun companies can’t provide the Ukrainians with the jets they need.

  2. Oh good. Throwing away more supplies on a battle between nazis and a wannabe tsar on the other side of the globe. Totes worth it.

    • There will be mountains of relevant urban warfare lessons learned that will be far more relevant than anything in the last 20 years to update our training with and ultimately at a lower cost than we typically get the knowledge. With that said it’s a mess all around and your assessment of the combatants is closer to the truth than it should be. The I think unintended consequences for this will be nasty down the road.

      • “There will be mountains of relevant urban warfare lessons learned that will be far more relevant than anything in the last 20 years…”

        Oh, a lot more than that. The tank is now dead, and I seriously doubt any more new designs will come about, unless they have active anti-armor missile defenses built-in to the design. Just strapping blocks of HE on the outside is no longer a viable armor enhancement…

    • By all accounts it’s not a battle solely between nazis and a wannabe tsar. I do not see Ukraine bombing Russia and neither do you. Russia is bombing Ukraine and its citizens who obviously need arms to defend themselves so kudos for the support from American Munitions Manufacturers.

      To really get some sense of what Russia is doing to innocent citizens in Ukraine…Rent a bull dozer, run over your home and set the remains on fire. You are now standing in ashes with nothing and all you can do is ask for help. The only people who will throw you a rope are people who can climb down from their ivory tower and see things from the perspective of others who haven’t a pot to pee in.

      • I don’t give a f* about what the Russians are doing to the Ukrainians. Why do Ukrainians’ problems take precedence over those of US citizens? There are plenty of people in this country who “haven’t a pot to pee in.” We as a country have no national interest in the Ukraine. Let’s solve our own God-damn problems.

        • Ultimately if Ukraine doesn’t get their grain exports back up and moving it becomes our problem rather quickly. Fertilizer issues too but different countries involved there.

        • SAFEupstateFML

          Maybe our “betters” should have thought about that before attempting to push Ukraine into NATO and the EU.

        • Many Americans said the same up until Pearl Harbor. The British and the Russians weren’t enough to defeat Hitler. It took the industrial might of the United States. Today, the Ukraine is fighting everyone’s war to do to Putin what should have been done to Hitler, Mussolini and Imperial Japan to prevent World War Two.

        • Jimmy that was absolutely part of the problem and I can only imagine the financial and other motivations our “betters” have in that county past the glimpse offered by Hunter. We are stuck holding the bag more often than not and I am planning accordingly. I fully expect some nasty shocks to our supply chain and infrastructure that would have been easily preventable and wondering how much of that is by design.

        • Amen to that! Things are not always as they appear. We need to tend to our own problems and let the rest of the world work out their’s. They tax us to death ( especially us self employed business owners) and send all of our fucking money to warlords and fake movie star presidents . Stack your weapons and ammo deep, we will need them soon enough.

        • Ukraine supplied about 13% of the world’s grain exports. It will become a global problem within a few months. That grain was supplying many countries across the middle east and Asia.

          Rising prices in your local supermarket is a symptom of the issue.

        • You are one delusion being. How bout not guzzling all the Russ propaganda Kool-aid?

          That is all.

        • “Many Americans said the same up until Pearl Harbor.”

          Yes, because Russia is poised to take over Europe after they finish with Ukraine. Then they’re coming for us, right?

        • and how much money do you donate every paycheck to the people in the US ?
          just wonderin’

      • “I do not see Ukraine bombing Russia and neither do you.”

        Ukraine has been conducting sapper attacks inside Russia on targets like fuel depots.

        The British ‘Special Air Service’ (SAS) (kinda like our Navy SEALS) has been training them on unconventional warfare tactics…

        • It’s thought those mostly have been conducted by the purported Russian Resistance. No one has stepped forward to claim responsibility, so it’s a little early to assign agency with no evidence as to who is the party involved.

        • @Ron

          True, it’s exactly what should be done. More so than has been.

      • Apparently Little Debbie here believes in following senile sock puppet Joe Biden into nuclear Armageddon.

        Personally, I would rather not follow senile Joe

        Keep believing the mainstream media and military industrial complex little friend. 🤪

    • It’s actually a pretty one sided conflict unless you’re a complete retard. Just because Ukraine has some nazis in its military ranks doesn’t mean they deserve to be subjugated.

      • Agreed, & thanks for being a voice of reason.

        Which alone by the way, is heavily offset by the great largess of fascists in the Russian ranks & government. What lesser flaws the UA has, it in no way justifies allowing the actions of the RU to go unchallenged. Doubly so if your bubble is railing against due to FJB supporting.

        Those arguing against, you might check your moral position, because you have none of good standing in siding with, or ignoring. Hypocritical, the cries of freedom for yourselves here while advocating for, or discarding wholesale the others being crushed under the boot heel of tyranny because they aren’t your countrymen, is extremely untenable & unbecoming.

        For the record, fk all the commies, socialists, the fascists, and all those who support them. Even obliquely.

      • May want to do a quick non google search of the Azov battalion. Yes they are neo Nazi and I think vice did a panic omg they exist special on them. Not to say that’s the entire government but he is correct in asserting they exist and are relevant.

    • Imagine filling your home with 1,000 cases of 5.56-.223 ammunition.

      That’s what a million rounds looks like… 🙂

  3. Nope, not gonna fall for this sheet of bumbling into another 10+ year war especially while being led by a senile geriatric that has F’d up every foreign policy clusterfark that he’s been involved with.
    One million times so when the opponent is a loose nuclear cannon.

    • How are we supposed to rebuild Ukraine if it isn’t destroyed first? It didn’t take them long to find another Afghanistan opportunity, excuse me, money pit. Plus, without this war, who would we blame Biden’s shatty economy on? The swamp only sees the upside to this situation.

  4. but those who are forced to defend freedom around the globe.

    Pffft. The only freedom that Ukraine has been traditionally known is the freedom to be a kleptocracy.

    I judge a war by it’s proponents and the current supporters happen to be a perfect overlap with the people that are arrayed against Musk and his Twitter takeover (aka the entire Left and the Uni-party). That tells me all I need to know.

    Some moron on TV yesterday (republican/Uni-party) talking about some huge bill going through congress to replenish all the old hardware being Ukraine with gobs of new multi-billion dollar harwdare for our storage. He said right up front that Ukraine was a great way to offload the old hardware and buy new stuff for us.

    Please I want to get off the crazy train.

  5. American-made armaments are being used by Ukrainians to kill Russians?

    Bravo. The only good Russian soldier is a dead Russian soldier. Same as it ever was.

    • Those privates aren’t bad people. They were just born into a different set of circumstances than an American private. Your rage is against the government of Russia but you celebrate by taking it out on their pawns who thought they were joining to make a living and defend their country. War is a racket.

    • Ukrainians do like Savage rifles. Many snipers bought them privately and are putting them to good use.

    • What other country invaded and toppled a sovereign country as a preemptive strike for their security? Oh yeah, that would be us, Ralph. Most of the people fighting wars for America signed up to defend our country. It isn’t their fault our country is led by immoral scoundrels. Now apply that logic to the Russian military. Do you know the difference between the logic used for our invasion of Iraq versus Russia’s invasion of Ukraine? Our invasion was based on a lie.

        • Quote me where I said Russia was justified, Ron. Who’s the retard again? Pay attention to what’s in front of you instead of listening to the voices in your head. Now that you’ve quelled the voices, see if you can figure out the point of the comment.

    • Yep. 20yr old pay the price for their parents endorsing and supporting POS “leaders”. Anytime anywhere. When the 20yr old russian privates get a clue and revolt (as they did in 1917) THEN you can cry a river snowflake.

  6. If they were not hypocrites they would have helped the Iraqis and Afghans fight off the foregin invaders who rounded up guns

  7. Trillions in handout spending drive inflation through the roof.

    Nevertheless, firearm and ammunition prices grossly outpace inflation.

    Manufacturers rationalize this as “necessary due to market conditions” while spending customers’ money on handouts.

    All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for people who know what is right, to choose instead to do what is “nice”.

    • “Trillions in handout spending drive inflation through the roof.”

      Correct. It isn’t low interest rates, which begs the question, why are they changing course on interest rates instead of spending? Answer: because higher interest rates hurt you, and less spending hurts the powers that be. They’d rather hurt you. The Puppet Administration has become so brazen, since we don’t have a functioning media to call them out, that they literally promoted (and continue to promote) the idea of spending more money to help inflation. It’s bizarro world courtesy of the drooling Puppet of a leader we have, and the sheep who do as they’re told.

      • You make many excellent points, and I agree that artificially low interest driven by Fed funny money didn’t cause inflation per se, but what it did is murder the whole concept of savings. Nobody wants to go back to the days of ridiculously high mortgage rates, but it might help to return to the days when you could envision a retirement nest egg amount you’d need to save before you could live off the interest. Now that simply doesn’t exist. Even as rates rise, Bidenflation means savings hemorrhage real value over time.

        • We could still have a nice investment retirement if a) they stop making the economy so volatile, and b) they stop spending like crazy and causing inflation. These are the problems caused by the Federal Reserve which was created to avoid having those problems. Here’s a nutso idea: abolish the Fed, and let the market set the rates. Return to the gold standard. Then have the federal government, not only live within it’s means, but make EVERY SINGLE policy in support of helping the well-being of American citizens. Hey, a guy can dream…

          Higher interest rates would be fine without crazy inflation. It would incentivize saving and disincentivize debt. A 10% risk free ROI would be okay with sub 2% inflation. It’s pointless with 10% inflation. With our real inflation nudging closer to 20%, we’re all going to lose. FJB.

  8. Who is this virtue signaling for? We don’t care. Freedom in America is dying and the only threats to our way of life are in Washington DC. It’s a bummer that civilians are suffering over there but it is not Americas problem. We have a whole lot of new shooters that can’t get the supplies they need and can’t afford to shoot what they do have.

  9. Funny how ammo prices have never been higher but these factories have no problem giving away thousands and thousand of round of ammo without problem. How about you reduce your ammo prices to normal!

    Americans: “We need to stop getting involved in other countries and take care of home.”
    Americans: “The government isn’t doing enough, we are sending our own personal money and equipment to another country over seas that is in conflict!”

    There’s conflicts around the globe, the media gave this one full attention to distract from one of the largest failures of presidency in recent history. COVID ended so now they got to get people obsessed with something else outside of the mess they created.

    • “Covid has ended”…. haven’t you heard, they are now just discovering a new SuperStrain that will infect one third of the American people. When? Right about the time of midterm elections…. this is my shocked face. 😲

  10. WTF !!!
    They can’t keep up production for domestic demand and they give it away.
    To a shady government, fighting a war that we have no business in.

      • I feel great sympathy for the people of Ukraine. None whatsoever to their “leaders” who bribed Hunter n “the big guy”. I’ll bookmark those ammo manufacturing dudes and buy something else l(if possible!) Another Dim debacle aided & abetted by republitard cronies…

    • AQM
      You know they will.

      Was thinking same. They all get a check mark in the f off column. Glad I reload most normal flavors and have a decent stock of brass and supplies.

  11. Oddly, when Russia was the Communist U.S.S.R., the danger of escalation leading to nuclear holocaust prevented the West from taking action. Evidently, nukes are only really scary if the Communists have them, like in North Korea. Or if religious fundamentalists were to get them, as Iran is attempting to do. Otherwise, nukes aren’t really so dangerous at all.

    Please donate 9mm nato, American eagle 45 acp, 357 magnum Fiocchi 125 grain jhp and Federal 5.56 m193 generously to ME..So I can train for my possible mission to The Ukraine..It would be deeply appreciated…FREE THE UKRAINE!

  13. Simply put
    Ukraine should have never gave up its nukes and the top of the line bombers to get them to target!

  14. America’s Firearm Industry Pitches In to Help Ukraine Defend Itself Against Russian Invaders Americans by producing more primers & powders for reloading.

  15. I’m glad we have a strong and robust “military industrial complex”. That has the financial ability to donate weapons to another Society so they can protect themselves. And a military industrial complex that provides plenty of weapons and ammunition for the American civilian population.
    As it was designed And intended to do so by the founding fathers.


  17. Helping a dictatorship
    Yeah that sounds real American. Idiot guilt trips cause some politicians wanna launder money

    • I want fund tracking of every penny spent. Should I hold my breath?

      How much of this funding for Ukraine is a loan? Is any of it a loan? We don’t just need it paid back with interest. We need it paid back with the interest being placed on the American tax payers. You guys know we’re borrowing this money we’re giving away, right?

      • I was thinking the other day that defining “human rights” as a “vital US interest” eliminates strategic thinking from strategy, demanding an emotional overreaction to every sob story on TV as long as there’s an American penny left to tax.

        Then it hit me that there is not an American penny left to tax, even for the government obligations currently defined in law, and that it really translates to . . . as long as China has a penny left to lend.

  18. I own some land here in the states, it was being invaded by them damned pootie ruskins.
    It was a bloody battle, however I persevered and ran them off. I’m not quite sure what the retreating said, it sounded a lot like ” We’ll be back, and we’re bringing bigger blombs and more tanks next time.” So if any emu nition companies want to send me a couple million ballits and gunms I’d appreciate it. It wasn’t easy defeating them the first time, I’d hate to waste my PerpetualFussionUniverseEndingNuetrinoBlomb on a bunch of ruskins.

  19. Here you have a group of like-minded individuals and like-minded Private companies. Who have come together under a common belief system. For a common cause they are all willing to work together, toward a common desired outcome. All without government participation as far as I can tell.
    It all sounds very libertarian to me.

  20. “Ukraine’s defense has mired down Russian attackers, repelled them from that nation’s capital city of Kyiv and are inflicting tremendous casualties on Russian forces.”

    You are seriously hallucinating. You need to stop reading MSM.

    Two facts: Much of the war analysis quoted by the MSM comes from the ISW. You know who runs that? Victoria Nuland’s sister-in-law. It’s a neocon front.

    The second fact is that most of the rest of what you read comes from a “CIA information operation” which feeds Ukrainian propaganda to the media.

    Just look at the available maps to show what is happening. More territory every day goes to Russia, while Ukraine begs for weapons, no matter how old, from everyone. A country which is “winning” does not need to do that.

    Anyone who believes Ukraine is causing Russia “heavy losses” is going to be really butthurt when the 60,000 Ukrainian troops in Donbass are annihilated or captured over the next month. The Ukrainians are taking 500-1,000 losses per day, so it will take about a month. Unless they collapse sooner which is quite possible, since their forces are being much more than “decimated”.

    Ukraine is sending “Territorial Units” to the front. These units are poorly trained and poorly equipped units which were intended as regional “National Guard”-type units. I read today a report that a high percentage of them desert on reaching the front or before. In any event, they last five minutes against Russian contract soldiers backed by overwhelming artillery, missiles and air power.

    The US is fighting Russia to the last Ukrainian – and with the reports of a Polish incursion into Western Ukraine being planned – to the last Pole, apparently. After that, it will be the last NATO soldier.

    • “The US is fighting Russia to the last Ukrainian”


      An invasion of Poland would be different. An attack on Poland would be an attack on us. Why would Russia want that?

      “…when… Ukrainian troops in Donbass are annihilated or captured…”

      And who would be responsible for that? We would. We are war enablers. What happens to the weapons and ammo we sent? How much will bypass the military and go straight to the black market?

    • “The US is fighting Russia to the last Ukrainian”, good, depopulate first, we’ll have somewhere to send the millions of crimmigrants that have invaded the USA as of late. Dump those pieces of crap over in Ukraine, Putin will know what to do should they rush his borders.

  21. It’s hilarious, but sad, to see people being manipulated into having patriotic pride over a country they never thought about a few years ago. This isn’t a fight for freedom or democracy. It’s a fight over control of a vassal state, and a push for regime change in Russia. We’re using the Ukrainians to wage war against Russia. The really funny part is the anti-imperialist Democrats are suddenly all in on the American Empire.

  22. The fact that people still havent figured out how much of a scam the MIC and all their neocon garglers are running on the taxpayers right now says everything we need to know about the state of this country.

  23. Russia is a trash country and wholly responsible for the infection of communist leftism in the west we now face.

    The Russian state deserves nothing less then full destruction and in its place the land can be given to its surrounding neighbors.

    • I’d take Putin over the cocaine addict stooge of Schwab & Schwartz (“Soros”) any day.

        • “Putin supports the Left” eh? I’m sure that comes as a surprise to the l€sbi@ns of American punk band Pu$$y Riot who were arrested, charged, tried, convicted, and imprisoned for disrupting Orthodox Catholic church services in Russia.

          There CAN be no “good guys” in a conflict eg. Stalin vs Hitler. I’m just left wondering where all the handwringers were since 2014 as 14k+ residents of eastern Ukraine, many of Greek descent, were systematically exterminated by Reich Chancellor Voldomoyr Zelensky’s Azov battalion’s “SS” stormtroopers.

          Putin hates, Gyorgy Schwartz (George Soros), Jihadist moslems, sexual degenerates, and Nazis, that’s good enough for me to not take a side in this conflict.

        • Teddy Kennedy’s Oldsmobile Mechanic, Horse pucky! Putin if in the Leftist-Socialists back pocket. The Left just pretends to be against him and his henchmen. Putin and Soror along with the Fascists are blood brothers. You all use the same tactics.

  24. There are a LOT of morons on this board that need to learn to read and learn “civics” and American history. Rather shocking that the leftist loons are even dumber. Then there is Obiden.

  25. “F” Ukraine. The fact Democrats and RINOs agree on something, in this case “Ukraine”, makes me all the more uneasy/infuriated. The funding, billions of our tax dollars, for Zelensky’s reich will result in kickbacks from the military industrial complex for the RINOs and their cronies and of course the bill will as usual include corruption ridden social welfare programs benefitting Democrats and their family/stooges.

    • The Russians are exterminating themselves at a fantastic rate and good riddance. Nasty race of greasy untermentch. After the land is purified of them it can be repopulated with a superior race.

      • “A” for “Azov” right? “Russians exterminating themselves”? Laughable, I don’t see Rush-Sha’s cities in ruin nor their citizens fleeing by the millions. But hey you keep shilling for Ukraine as I’m sure you’re on the list to import one of those young “war widows” or underage orphans (of either gender) for “companionship”.

  26. Everytown USA donated pamphlets on gun control to Ukraine. Even the Russians laughed.



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