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What better way to celebrate America’s birthday than by exercising one of its most cherished and fundamental freedoms? That’s exactly what the American public did in June, and continues to do, month after month. You, me, all of us bought another 1.1 million firearms in June, making it the 47th consecutive month of one million or more firearms sold according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s adjusted NICS background check totals.

As the NSSF’s Mark Oliva tells TTAG . . .

Americans have another million reasons to celebrate this Independence Day. More than 1.1 million times in June, Americans exercised their Second Amendment rights to lawfully purchase a firearm. That extends the streak to 47 continuous months that background checks for firearm purchases have exceeded a million.

This is notable because these figures buck the demands by gun control politicians to surrender rights. Americans choose differently. They choose, by the millions, to keep and bear arms. They are keeping alive then vision of our Founding Fathers that this would be a nation that celebrates the ethos of a responsibly armed citizenry.

Here’s the NSSF’s press release . . .

The June 2023 NSSF-adjusted National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) figure of 1,110,696 is a decrease of 19.6 percent compared to the June 2022 NSSF-adjusted NICS figure of 1,382,287For comparison, the unadjusted June 2023 FBI NICS figure 2,152,187 reflects a 14.8 percent decrease from the unadjusted FBI NICS figure of 2,527,308 in June 2022.

June marks the 47th month in a row that has exceeded 1 million adjusted background checks in a single month.

The second quarter 2023 NSSF-adjusted National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) figure of 3,654,134 reflects a decrease of 6.7 percent as compared to the second quarter 2022 figure of 3,916,986.

Please note: Twenty-four states currently have at least one qualified alternative permit, which under the Brady Act allows the permit-holder, who has undergone a background check to obtain the permit, to purchase a firearm from a licensed dealer without a separate additional background check for that transfer. The number of NICS checks in these states does not include these legal transfers based on qualifying permits and NSSF does not adjust for these transfers.

The adjusted NICS data were derived by subtracting out NICS purpose code permit checks and permit rechecks used by states for CCW permit application checks as well as checks on active CCW permit databases. NSSF started subtracting permit rechecks in February 2016.

Though not a direct correlation to firearms sales, the NSSF-adjusted NICS data provide an additional picture of current market conditions. In addition to other purposes, NICS is used to check transactions for sales or transfers of new or used firearms. 

It should be noted that these statistics represent the number of firearm background checks initiated through the NICS. They do not represent the number of firearms sold or sales dollars. Based on varying state laws, local market conditions and purchase scenarios, a one-to-one correlation cannot be made between a firearm background check and a firearm sale. 

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  1. I did my bit. Bought a pump shotgun. Before January 10th I was planning on a semiautomatic shottie. EFF ILL annoy.

  2. Does anybody still believe that gun owners are a minority in the US? Anybody?

    Thank you joe biden, dacian and miner49er for making our victory possible.

    • “Over 400,000,000 legal firearms;
      Over 1,000,000,000,000 rounds of ammo.
      If we were the problem,
      you would know it.” Tee from NRA Convention.

      “The problem is not guns.
      It’s hearts without God;
      Homes without fathers, discipline;
      Schools without prayer;
      Courts without justice;
      Politicians without Patriotism.”

    • “Does anybody still believe that gun owners are a minority in the US? Anybody?”

      The Left wold be *shocked* to discover how many of their own actually own guns.

      A typical way would look something like this :

      A parent or grandparent dies, and the family goes through the deceased stuff, and comes across a handgun. Even though they are dedicated Leftists, they decide to not say anything to anybody and stick it up on a shelf in a closet somewhere. They may even buy a fresh box of ammo for it.

      They rationalize this by saying to themselves that “It’s for just in case.” They don’t consider them selves hypocrites, since they obviously can be trusted with a gun, unlike every conservative who are just looking for an excuse to shoot someone.

      The (in)human brain can twist itself into wild gymnastics to justify something.

      But, yeah, I bet the real numbers are a bit over 50 percent, easily…

      • Never forget that anti-gun nut Alyssa Milano admitted to owning a gun for protection. I think a lady from The View show admitted to being a gun owner. Miner and lil’ d own guns. That’s probably why they found this site.

        • Honestly, I doubt dacian owns a gun. He’s a bit mentally ill and no doubt under current laws he’s prohibited. And he does nothing but preach against guns.

          miner, on the other hand, is a fascist to the core. He wants to have the only gun on the block. The power would be his and his alone.

        • I agree that lower d has some obvious issues. But I think he’s a genuine gun enthusiast. He’s always talking about old gun magazine articles. Miner will occasionally drop his political obsessions, and you can spot an actual person. He has admitted to owning an AR-15. I’m sure he has some full capacity magazines since it’s tolerated where he lives.

        • Dude. dacian was doxxed here. He lives in Canton, Ohio and I’ve seen his facebook. He is a very disturbed individual. His father was a gunsmith. No doubt dacian was exposed to firearms in his youth. But he is such an obvious liar and preaches full time for gun control I don’t see him owning one.

          miner is a fascist. Of course he owns a gun or two. He just wants to be sure that you don’t.

        • “Miner and lil’ d own guns”

          I don’t think they actually do. They both have expressed a level of ignorance on some things gun that even a novice is aware of.

    • We should also thank Saint Ruth Bader Ginsburg who decided that Hillary Clinton would pick her replacement once she was elected. Her lack of humility has done more to reign in the excesses of the federal government than the leftists will ever acknowledge.

        • Talking guns is one thing but the second a gun talker turns around and sides with years of democRats spewing blatant slander and libel about POTUS DJT and his voters the Gun talker becomes a shill. At least when minor, darcy et al speak it is clear where they are coming from.

          When someone talks guns and paints themselves as someone who would never lend a hand to democRats and proceeds to drop to their knees to service the democRat Party the name benedict arnold comes to mind…if oldsht doesn’t stoop again to attacking gender perhaps he can man up and tell this forum who he voted for in 20? And after his Trump and Trump voter bashing who if not Trump he sees himself voting for in 24?

          IMO…Independence Day is the day Jim Crow Gun Control joe and his ilk leave the White House.

        • Stop slandering me, little ‘deb’.

          I won’t tolerate it, and you are going get very tired seeing very unpleasant comments about you after every last comment you write in TTAG. You will likely cry.

          I’m tired of putting up with your lies about me… 🙁

      • “We should also thank Saint Ruth Bader Ginsburg who decided that Hillary Clinton would pick her replacement once she was elected.”

        Do they understand just how badly they fucked-up bowing to her demands to be ‘The One’? We so easily could have had President Bernie making the 3 SCotUS picks and ‘Heller’, et.all would be overturned right *now* “In the interest of public safety”.

        Our job now is to make gun ownership so common, so ubiquitous, that people will be appalled at the idea of being unarmed.

        We’re real lucky they picked the present to push their CRT bullshit, people’s eyes are opening as to what those sick performative displays really mean…

        • They used to say that they weren’t coming for our guns or kids. Now they’ve dropped the lies and admit that is their goal.

    • “Does anybody still believe that gun owners are a minority in the US? Anybody?”

      Actually, the only conclusion that is valid is that the number of estimated NICS checks for legal firearm sales declined, year-over-year. A 20yr chart would be interesting, but not conclusive.

      These articles on “gun sales” cannot distinguish between repeat, and first-time sales. Thus, we cannot presume that the majority of residents in the US own a gun. Nor is there data to prove otherwise. But most importantly, we cannot conclude that even a majority of gun buyers are what we would call POTG (i.e. 2A supporters/defenders). Of course, neither can the gun grabbers prove the opposite with the same data.

      On the plus side, government cannot use NICS data to measure the risk of trying to confiscate firearms on a wide scale.

      • I kinda like them believing only 30 percent of us is armed.

        It’ll make the rude shock of surprise all the more fun to watch… 🙂

  3. While my range is closed today, I did mount a Burris lpvo and red dot on my 18″ AR in 6.5 Grendel. Can’t wait to try it out!!

    • Was at the range yesterday trying out some .45acp loads I worked up. Today wont be much around here, just some minor chores.

  4. Liberals own guns too.

    Pew research says it’s about 2.5 to 1 ratio of republican/conservatives owning guns to democrat/liberals. 44% of Republicans. 20% of Democrats.

    Here’s some demographics on who, exactly, owns guns.

    1. The demographics of gun ownership
    Understanding gun ownership in America is not as simple as knowing who does and does not own a gun. Some Americans who don’t personally own guns live with

    I’m a progressive. I hate guns, but, I own them. A lot of them. Over 50 guns and rifles.


    Republicans. The far right fascist part of the GOP is slowly taking that party over and when I get yelled at by some jerk in a mud-covered pickup with don’t tread on me and trump flags flying at a stop light “We have all the guns libtard” (I drive a small Honda with ‘liberal’ bumper stickers), I think: He’s right.

    They DO own all the guns. Or, at least, a 2.5 to 1 majority.

    So, let’s fix that. Democrats need to own guns too. Yes, it’s wrong and stupid, but, guns are not going away in America. Ever. We progressive just need to accept that.

    So, let’s normalize it. Let’s get Democratic lawmakers to stop demonizing guns and work with Republicans to create effective no-nonsense gun laws that do simple things like regulate them like cars. Register them, license for their use and require insurance. Set up municipal gun ranges in every city (paid for by the license fees) to train people how to use and own them responsibly. Teach kids about them.

    I took at concealed carry class in my state. That’s all that’s required to get a concealed carry license in Colorado. It was 3 hours of PowerPoint slides by some ‘NRA certified’ guy who owned a gun ‘tactical training’ company who spent 1/2 that time pitching his own classes for us to take later. I paid $65 for that ‘required’ gun class, sent the ‘certificate’ he’d signed to our local sheriff’s office, paid the state fees ($150) and bam, I get a license.

    Do I know how to conceal carry now? F**k no. It’s a joke. We need to fix it and make sure people with guns truly understand the responsibility of owning them.

    There were, yesterday (July 3rd) FOUR mass shootings in the US.

    Four. And that’s just the one’s I actually heard about.

    That all said, guns aren’t going away in this country, so, let’s embrace them. Seriously. Everyone including Democrats need to embrace them at to normalize this for all of us.

    I vote straight Democrat, every election, and will continue to do so. If Democratic lawmakers stopped going after guns, those single issue 2A voters? Many agree with democratic principles and would vote Democrat if only the party stopped being so anti gun.

    So my message to Democrats in office: Embrace guns and make it easy to own them AND safer to own them, and you’ll never ever lose another election. 5–10% of the single voter 2A people will switch sides and that’s all you need to stay in power. Forever and American society is healthier and richer when Democrats (who want to run governments) are in charge vs. republicans (who want to dismantle government).

    And to the radical right NRA and other gun groups, including all you gun manufacturers and support companies out there: Stop being so radical and support this agenda.


    Because it means MORE business for all of you. More customers who, today, want nothing to do with your products.

    Stop using fear and toxic masculinity to sell products and just make it ‘normal’ to have weapons, everywhere.

    Wasn’t it Heinlein who said an armed society is a polite society? Yea. I don’t know if it’s true, but, I do know we’ll find out if we take this approach.

    • “So, let’s normalize it. Let’s get Democratic lawmakers to stop demonizing guns…”

      Problem 1 – They will never stop demonizing guns. ‘You people’ are all-in on perpetuating that sham. It’s in your literally-fascist blood to do so.

      “…do simple things like regulate them like cars. Register them, license for their use and require insurance.”

      Cars aren’t a civil right, guns are. Just deal with it. That ship sailed.

      Registering them *always* leads to confiscation. The ones who want to go full Nazi are you people. Because you crave a list of who has what to confiscate.

      For a much clearer explanation as to why that’s a non-starter, read the Supreme Court rulings for Heller v. DC, and MacDonald v. Chicago. Then read the recent Bruen decision.

      ” Set up municipal gun ranges in every city (paid for by the license fees) to train people how to use and own them responsibly. Teach kids about them.”

      This we can agree on, especially kids training. The problem is, it’s you people stopping that from happening. Why, you ask? Simple – If guns are de-mystified, more progressive-leaning folks may discover they like owning them. Ooops.

      And that becomes a stickey-wicket when it’s time to round them up, like so many of you crave. Because no fascist has ever allowed the ‘little people’ to own the most effective tools to overthrow a tyrant… 🙁

    • The only gun law that matters is the Second Amendment. Repeal that, and you’ve got legislative authority to write all the gun laws you want. Until the SC is completely corrupted by progressives, you will not see a world in which criminal protection law* prevail.

      *Disarm the public, and only govt, gangs and criminals will have guns, subjugating law abiding residents of the nation to those whose power emanates from the barrel of a gun.

    • Mr. Mooore . . . you are one confused Progressive . . . do you know that FDR said he was a Progressive . . . as did Hitler & Mussolini . . . fascists ALL.

      Guns are inanimate objects it’s the loons who kill, mostly leftist radicals like the new aggressive Tranny crowd. Most shooters are in Demokkkrat run cities that have been out of control for decades. LBJ destroyed the black family & now they are paying the price, fatherless kids joining gangs & raising cain.

      There is no “Radical” Right . . . just Conservatives who want less govt. fewer taxes, individual rights & freedom . . . does a “Radical” just want even more of that stuff?
      All Radical Regimes on the Planet have been produced by the Insane Progressive LEFT.

        • Better than being under Inmate Drumph’s spell. Our guy isn’t an overt criminal who tried to literally destroy the constitution on Jan 6.

        • Truther, First who is this “Inmate Durmph?” Never heard of him. Your guy, Obuma the Phony is a criminal. You see he falsified a Birth Certificate or cause it to be falsified. We call that Criminal Possession of a Forged Document?
          Then again, the American people want to know. Where was Obuma the Phony when four Americans were brutally murdered in Benghazi?

    • Much has happened since 2017.

      Those classes for concealed carry licenses are NOT training. They never were. That was not the intention or idea.

      Fear is being used by the left. To an extreme degree.

      The society in places like Chicago are armed and are anything but polite. But then criminals don’t tend to be polite.

    • If you identify as a progressive then you are in fact a fascist. You do the bidding of uber rich white men like gates, soros, zuckerberg and biden. Billionaires that do not believe in rights for the masses.

      The fact that you wish to regulate civil rights by requiring training and permission slips to exercise a right only proves you are a fascist.

    • when you come up with your ‘no nonsense’ stuff laws that criminals will obey let us know Miner49er.

    • “guns are not going away in America. Ever. We progressive just need to accept that.”

      that part…. is agreeable.

      y’all need to accept it, and abandone this old trick of ‘working together’ and ‘compromise’. That has been pulled on us before and the very first thing the Democrats did was exploit it to try for a ban and started pushing for more . You need to take that old tired thing and shove it.

      Every one of you ‘progressives’ are nothing by facists.

    • @Bill Moore

      stop trying to draw some distinction between left wing and ‘progressive’, saying you own guns and trying to put forth the BS you are spewing. Every one of you are the same and a gang of ignorant bullies and thugs.

      This should happen to every one of you left wing idiots, just like it happened to your pet army ANTIFA thugs, every time you idiots show up in rallys griping about constitutional rights like you have some sort of moral higher-end authority to bulldoze over the rights of other ’cause you ‘feelz and wantz’… . Texas Police Show How To Handle Antifa

      • Antifa (Progressives) out there violently fighting to trans the children. What a bunch of evil losers.

        • Truther, who cares? It happens to be the TRUTH. As a so called “truther” it is what you care about? Or do you?

    • sorry stupid, I want less government, why ??
      because I’m not a slave and don’t need government to run my life for me, unlike you apparently want.
      the United States is suppose to be a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

      but libatards like you think is for your government masters instead.

    • ‘work with Republicans to create effective no-nonsense gun laws that do simple things like regulate them like cars. Register them, license for their use and require insurance.’

      I have a serious question for you, Mr.Moore.

      Why are progressives so dead-set on gun registration? If you’re going to trot out the same, tired, old argument that it will solve crimes, Canada had mandatory gun registration, but dropped it after a few years due to it not solving crimes and the absolutely crippling cost (billions) that ended up solving only a small handful of crimes.

      And to say nothing as to how it could be weaponized against whatever political party that’s not in power.

      I really can’t understand how adamant they are on gun registration. If there ever was a real fascist who gets in power, progressives are gonna need those tools to depose such a totalitarian. Really, it’s far too risky to create a database of who owns what.

      If you want to make a real impact on gun crime, they need to hold accountable those doing the majority of the slaughter, primarily in the inner city neighborhoods. You and I both know why they will NEVER do that, because the prisons will be stuffed to the rafters with people of color.

      The only thing law enforcement needs to do if they discover a gun during a traffic stop, is run the name of the person carrying that gun. If they aren’t legally-prohibited from owning a gun, the cops leave them the hell alone. The VAST majority of gun crime is committed by people legally prohibited from owning a gun.

      Why are progressives so adamant about gun registration? Canada proved it to be ineffective, so solving crime obviously isn’t it.

      • Background checks are a universal thing now. I’m not sure what “gun registration” you’re talking about, but every time you file a DROS, you’re essentially registering your gun.

        You seem, like so many commenters here, to be someone who says “gun crime is committed by criminals” as a way to argue that laws don’t work, but then you offer no solution or ideas as to how to thwart or reduce gun crime. “Just stop the bad guy” is not a solution. How are these people getting guns if they are not legally permitted to do so? Further, most mass shootings are done with legally purchased firearms.

        Instead of picking apart the people who try to find solutions, why don’t you do some of the work? Use that noggin for something other than bashing Budweiser against it.

        • “You seem, like so many commenters here, to be someone who says “gun crime is committed by criminals” as a way to argue that laws don’t work, but then you offer no solution or ideas as to how to thwart or reduce gun crime.”

          What “solutions” do you offer? Be specific so that we can pick apart each one. And if you can’t put up with some impolite remarks about your ideas, perhaps this is not the forum for you.

        • Truther, What? Are you frickin kidding? Lefties have been trying to sell “gun registration” on the American people since I can remember. Apparently, you have not been paying attention.
          You bet your posterior that “gun control laws don’t work”. You see criminals don’t obey the law to begin with. And we certainly have made proposals that are a reasonable solution. It’s called incarceration of the criminals and confining the mentally ill who are a danger to themselves and others. It’s really that simple. but with Lefties simple is not feasible.

    • Man, the comments here show exactly why this country is in political shambles. Rather than work with people on the left, they demonize us, all while supporting a criminal who has literally tried to thwart the free elections in this country. People like to cite the Supreme Court cases, but they have no clue what they actually say. The 2A is not absolute, just like any other amendment to the constitution. People need to leave their grandmother’s basements and touch some grass for a change. You claim to follow Jesus but don’t partake of any of his teachings.

      The short of it is that if we want to end this war on guns, we need to work together. Being dickhat racist extremists is not going to help anyone.

      • “The short of it is that if we want to end this war on guns, we need to work together.”

        How are we supposed to “work together” with leftists who want us disarmed? Nope, not gonna help them.

        “Being dickhat racist extremists is not going to help anyone.”

        That’s the way to promote “working together” — call your opponents names.

        Being a general dickhat extremist seems to work for you. Keep at it.

      • Truther, the country is in shambles because you Leftists have decided that you don’t want to follow the Constitution as written. You want to make things up as you go along. Hey, if you want to amend the Constitution, have at it. If not, learn to live with it as WRITTEN.
        Demonizing you Lefties is what you people have been trying to do with us for the past fifty plus years. you may not be old enough but I remember LBJ demonizing Barry Goldwater.
        You bet your posterior we like to quote Supreme Court Cases and we damned well know what they say. Problem is you people don’t. As to the 2nd A, what part of “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” don’t you understand? Or is English your second language?

  5. If you are drinking beer, eating hot dogs, playing baseball, free to keep and bear, and worship your God, pursue your dreams, enjoy the fruits of your own labor,. thank old white guys with fear of God, love of family, courage to be personally responsible, put it all on the line for what they believe in. They weren’t gender confused trying to determine their pronouns, killing their unborn, afraid of scary features on their firearms, unhinged because a kid said a prayer at school over the lunch his two-parent family worked hard daily to provide for him, didn’t believe inanimate objects did bad things,……

  6. I bought four new to me firearms in June. Only one was “brand new”. That was the only one on paper. The others were private sales of firearms already in circulation. Do they count?

    • “The others were private sales of firearms already in circulation. Do they count?”

      What guns are you talking about? 😉

    • That’s the beauty of it. The million is only guns they know about. I’ve always said that every person should have off the books guns that are stored off site just in case.

      Show you how twisted it is here in CA I know a true liberal, they are almost extinct these days, who owns at least 4 guns that have no paper trail to him.

  7. Geoff’s words are worth repeating:
    “Our job now is to make gun ownership so common, so ubiquitous, that people will be appalled at the idea of being unarmed.”

    • If you want to see some truly astounding mindnumbing prog stupid it on guns, go to LinkedIn. For a supposedly “business” site the number of radical spewing moron leftists is astounding.

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  9. When I first read the headline, I said to myself, “when is June the 47th? Why not just say ‘July 17th?’ ” Silly me!

  10. “During my twelve-and-half years as a member of this body, I have never believed that additional gun control or federal registration of guns would reduce crime.” -Senator Joe Biden, 1985

    Forty-one percent of Republicans own guns.
    Thirty-six percent of Independents own guns.
    Sixteen percent of crybaby DemocRATs own guns.
    You want a civil war? Really?

  11. Wow, Her Husband Can’t Have A Gun Because She Doesn’t Want Home Invaders To Die.

  12. 47th month of 1 million guns bought. Something you mofo’s who want to grab these guns need to remember.

  13. Gunman Behind Philly Massacre is BLM Supporter…. and Transgender?

    Kimbrady Carriker, 40, was arrested late Monday evening for fatally shooting 5 people and injuring two children in the Kingsessing neighborhood of Philadelphia.

    Carriker, described as a 40-year-old male, was wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying an AR-style rifle, a handgun, and a police scanner.

    It appears Kimbrady Carriker is a transgender or a crossdresser based on photos posted to his Facebook page. — Gateway Pundit

    • Have no fear! They arrested somebody who fired *back* at the shooter! And the police fired zero rounds!

      O happy day!


  14. Armed Las Vegas worker stopped likely mass shooter in his tracks: expert

    A gunman wearing a helmet and carrying an “AR-15 style rifle” was caught on camera at the entrance of an upscale Las Vegas apartment complex before an armed employee of the building opened fire and stopped him in his tracks.

    Questions on how the incident played out remained unanswered for days as media coverage was minimal despite the worker having foiled what appeared to be a mass shooting attempt, Heritage Foundation senior legal fellow Amy Swearer claimed.

    “Normally when you have some sort of video like this, especially when it’s what appears to be an active shooting situation, that’s something that makes national news. I’ve never seen that not pick up steam of some sort,” Swearer told Fox News Digital.

    “What’s bizarre here is the hand waving, ‘Nothing to see here. Move along, folks,’” Swearer continued. — NY Post

    • The suspect, identified as Andrew Warrender, walked toward the main lobby of the apartment complex at 3:13 p.m., according to the arrest report citing surveillance footage, and allegedly shot his weapon at an employee.

      Warrender then walked toward the front entrance to leave the apartment complex, but was shot by the employee. The employee held Warrender at gunpoint with his Smith & Wesson 9mm handgun until police arrived

      Of course they aren’t talking about that. It doesn’t fit their narrative.

    • Isn’t Nevada an open carry state?

      Or is Vegas a ‘special snowflake’ city where civil rights go to die?

  15. You’d think that at some point the libs would just give up on this one. The more they pout and cry the more guns Americans buy. Shut up and buy body armor. It’s way more effective than that cloth mask you’re still wearing.

    • With over 400million gunms in America .giv has by now assumed they can not ,if in fact theoretically .giv would want to become tyrannical, take the Republic by armed force. No, coronavirus 5.0 is there to take care of that.
      What the hold up is , is The Powers That be just ain’t got AI and robotics where they need them. Once they get that going there will not be a need for people like me or anyone else reading this.
      Marx was correct , there is value in humans labor. When the drone is no longer needed he is pushed from the hive.
      Not only mask but Hazmat suits too.

      • They want to make people obsolete and dependent on the government. That’s how they’ll control us. They’re already contemplating what to do with all of the “useless” people in the future. According to Yuval Noah Harari (left wing thought leader): “How will they find some sense of meaning in life when they are basically meaningless, worthless? My best guess at present is a combination of drugs and computer games.”

        Notice how he views lives as meaningless if they aren’t producing for him. They don’t see inherent value in life.

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