So there I was catching up on my recorded gun shows, driving Sam mad by yelling at the TV. “Why doesn’t the instructor to teach those OFWGs to crouch first?” I demanded at the supposed guardians of proper technique onĀ American Guardian. “First you crouch, then you draw as you move.” “They can’t move,” Sam pointed out. “They’re standing in a line.” “Well exactly.” As regular readers know, I’ve got a pet peeve about training to be a target. But there’s no arguing over the complete lack of trigger discipline on display in this episode. The above image is from the newbies’ dry-fire practice. More of the same and more after the jump . . .

And then there was a segment on cross-draw, a technique where you’re guar-an-damn-teed to laser yourself in the heat of the moment. A self-defense strategy that requires MAXIMUM trigger discipline. Which is precisely what the presenter-who-shall-remain-nameless does not display when demo-ing in-car cross draw.


  1. Trigger finger discipline is what I like to call “Non-Verbal Communication”. If I see someone using the trigger as a finger rest it makes me wonder what else they don’t know.

  2. I’d gladly pay a premium for a range where trigger and muzzle discipline were enforced with gunnery sergeant zeal. But business is tight, so many don’t want to risk the loss of a customer… But they can lose me.

  3. I was at the RI DEM range today for the safety meeting before they would issue us our range permits, and SAFETY was the main subject. The chief range officer told us that if there was even one serious incident at the range, that it would be turned into a corn field the following year. The people we met today were all great and I gave the two new guys some targets because they forgot theirs at home. I brought along all three 5oo’s just in case I was allowed to shoot them here, and I was thrilled that they were. The range officer is mainly into rifles and owns a few BMG’s (which aren’t allowed here) and he also owns the 8 3/8 inch 500. He showed me the 500 grain bullet for his gun before he saw any of my 500’s and he asked if I had ever seen such a big handgun bullet. After my buddies stopped laughing, I took out my lil blue box with the 350, 385,500, 600 and 700 grainers. He had never seen the 600 or 700 grain ammo before and he wanted nothing to do with shooting either of them. He said he’s to old to break his wrist with these super rounds. The new guy near me came with his friend and had never shot before, but was excited to see what the BONE COLLECTOR was like. I thought the poor guy was going to pass out after the first shot because it scared the S*** out of him. He thought the 38’s and 9’s were loud and then he found out what LOUD is all about. The range also offers skeet and archery, and the best part is that’s it’s all for FREE.


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